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W Jun 14, 2021 Review updated:

eBay stopped processing seller payouts via PayPal in favor of obtaining direct access to seller bank accounts. My bank will not permit direct access for security reasons. As a result eBay has been holding $155 in sale proceeds since February.

I apologize if the below is hard to follow but it depicts my extensive unsuccessful efforts to resolve the issue directly.

From: Bill Mackowick
Date: June 10, 2021 at 12:03:29 PM EDT
To: [email protected]ebay.com
Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]
Reply-To: Bill Mackowick

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected]ebay.com
To: [protected]@aol.com
Sent: Sat, May 22, 2021 9:03 pm
Subject: RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]

RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]
Your suggestion is not helpful as the options you listed are not available (see below). The scanned voided check provided is in your possession, however you refuse to act on it. I am getting the distinct impression that ebay is deliberately trying to avoid making good on my payouts (over $155.00 since February). Numerous attempts to update my account info have been unsuccessful due to security measures on the part of my bank.

Please do not advise me again to update my account info online as it does not work. I am willing to mail a physical voided check to an address you provide. If this issue is not resolved promptly I will be forced to take it up with appropriate consumer protection authorities. I think you will agree that the number of contacts under the above SR# have been excessive and unreasonable.

I look forward to your response.

Hello William,

Thank you for your reply email about the documents.

We appreciate that you are trying your best to resolve the issue and thank you for sending us the photo. It is advised that you should not upload any document here as it contains personal information. Please know that you will need to upload this document by clicking on "Update account details". Let me help you with the steps.

1. Click on "Update account details" from the red banner displaying on Seller Hub page.

2.. On the next page, click on "Update business information" NOT AVAILABLE
3. On the next page, click on "Upload supporting documentation" and upload the same document here. NOT AVAILABLE

Once you have submitted the documents, our team will review, and if they need anything they will get back to you.

I trust this information is helpful. If you have any more queries or concerns, please reply to this e-mail. We would be glad to assist you.

Kind Regards,

Moksh R.
eBay Managed Payments Customer Support


Sent: 5/22/2021 3:21:39 PM
To: [email protected]ebay.com
Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]

Sent from my iPhone 7> On May 22, 2021, at 11:20 AM, WILLIAM MACKOWICK wrote:> > > > > > Sent from my iPhone 7> >>> On May 20, 2021, at 10:45 PM, [email protected]ebay.com wrote:>>> >> >> >> RE: Fwd: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>> >> >> Hello William, >> >> Thank you for writing to eBay regarding Payouts.>> >> William, I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience faced by you. I can see that your bank isn't allowing you to link the account with eBay. I understand that there may be some genuine reason for that. Please be assured that your documents are safe and will not be shared with anyone. You can upload your bank statement to verify your account. Our team just needs to make sure that the bank name, your name, and account number is visible in the statement.>> >> If you are still not comfortable providing the bank statement, you can upload a void check. That will work, also. Please know that to process the payment to the correct account and to comply with government regulations, we need this information from every seller before we can send you your payouts for items you have sold on eBay. We are asking for these documents just to make sure that you get your funds in your correct account.>> >> You will be able to upload the statement by clicking on "Update details" which will be in red banner on the "Selling Overview" page or in Seller Hub..>> >> You may open the below link to check what details and documents are needed for a smooth transition and payout to the bank.>> https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/getting-paid/submitting-updating-information-managed-payments?id=4792>> >> You may open the below link to check the how your data is safe with us.>> https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/service-and-payments/managed-payments-on-ebay.html#your-data-is-secure>> >> I trust this information is helpful. If you have any more queries and concerns, please reply to this e-mail. We would be happy to assist you.>> >> Kind regards, >> >> Saurav>> eBay Managed Payment>> >> [THREAD ID: 1-45AYAKAO]>> >> >> From: WILLIAM MACKOWICK >> Sent: 5/19/2021 12:24:41 PM>> To: [email protected]ebay.com>> CC: >> Subject: Fwd: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>> >> >> Please respond!!>> >> Sent from my iPhone 7>> >> Begin forwarded message:>> >>> From: Bill Mackowick >>> Date: May 4, 2021 at 1:56:13 PM EDT>>> To: [email protected]ebay.com>>> Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> Reply-To: Bill Mackowick >>> >>> >>> >>> My bank is not willing or able to allow ebay access to my account for security reasons... please forward a check to satisfy the payouts>>> >>> Payout [protected] $101.88>>> Payout [protected] $ 53.24>>> Total $155.12>>> >>> -----Original Message--->> From: [email protected]ebay.com>>> To: [protected]@aol.com>>> Sent: Thu, Apr 29, 2021 9:19 pm>>> Subject: RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> Hello William, >>> >>> Thank you for contacting eBay Managed Payments. My name is Calvin and I will be assisting you today with your query.>>> >>> I appreciate the security concern and I would have thought the same if I were not familiar with what is going on now with eBay. Please know that you are not giving access to your bank account, you just need to add it to receive the payments from us for items you sell. It is the same as when you link your card or bank account with PayPal. I assure you that your details are safe and secure. Please note that eBay is not getting any unauthorized access to your bank account and these details are required for each and every seller who is in managed payments as we make sure we send the payouts directly into your bank account.>>> >>> As eBay and PayPal have separated as one company. PayPal is no longer a processor of your buyers' payments.. eBay will be processing your buyers' payment methods and sending the funds directly to the checking account you file with us. Managed Payments is the new way to do business on eBay. eBay has been managing payments for sellers since 2019 and will continue registering all sellers this year. Since eBay is processing monies worldwide, we must comply with the government regulations in place. Every seller provides us their bank account for us to send the payouts to for your sold items.>>> >>> Let me share some benefit of being in Managed Payments:>>> >>> • Managed Payments help sellers streamline their business on eBay and simplifies the end-to-end experience for both buyers and sellers.>>> • As a Managed Payments seller, you will have everything you need to sell and get paid, with reports, fees, protections, and support all in one place..>>> • Your buyers will have more ways to pay, and you will receive your payouts directly in your bank account so that there is no need to transfer from PayPal to your bank account>>> • You'll no longer have to pay PayPal payment processing fees and no more separate monthly fee payments.>>> • Access everything you need, all in one place: consolidated fees, customized reports, refunds and returns, labels, simplified protections, and tax documentation (Form 1099K). If you use third-party tools, there should be no change to how you use them.>>> >>> Feel free to open the below link to check what details and documents needed for a smooth transition and payout to your bank.>>> >>> https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/getting-paid/submitting-updating-information-managed-payments?id=4792>>> >>> Feel free to open the below link to check how your data is safe with us.>>> >>> https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/service-and-payments/managed-payments-on-ebay.html#your-data-is-secure>>> >>> Feel free to open the below link for more details about eBay Managed Payments:>>> >>> https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/getting-paid/introducing-managed-payments-ebay?id=4795>>> >>> >>> I trust this information is helpful. If you have any more queries and concerns, please reply to this e-mail and we will be glad to assist you.>>> >>> Kind Regards, >>> Michael Calvin, >>> eBay Managed Payments Customer Support>>> >>> >>> >>> [THREAD ID: 1-42Z0270C]>>> >>> From: Bill Mackowick >>> Sent: 4/29/2021 9:49:26 PM>>> To: "[email protected]ebay.com" >>> CC: >>> Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> It appears that the initial problem with sending payouts as well as the continuing difficulty with updating my bank account info is that my bank (to their credit) perceives ebay attempts to access my account as possible unauthorized and/or fraudulent action and is blocking access to protect me.>>> >>> You are holding the proceeds from two sales amounting to over $150.00 which took place in February. My bank is not willing or able to allow ebay access to my account for security reasons. >>> >>> I am getting the distinct impression that ebay intends to hold my payouts as ransom in exchange for direct access to my bank account. In my opinion this is extremely inappropriate, unprofessional and possibly illegal.>>> >>> I request that you release my payouts to my paypal account as was done in the past. If this is not possible please forward a check to satisfy the payouts at the earliest possible time. >>> >>> Please advise as to how ebay intends to resolve this situation.>>> >>> billmack3>>> >>> >>> >>> -----Original Message--->> From: [email protected]ebay.com>>> To: [protected]@aol.com>>> Sent: Mon, Apr 26, 2021 11:14 pm>>> Subject: RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> Hello William, >>> >>> Thank you for writing back to eBay Managed Payments. My name is Shilpi, and I would try to assist you today in the best possible way regarding your concern.>>> >>> William, I have reviewed the details of your account in regards to your concern that you have shared in your email. I found that, you have successfully deleted the previous account details, now to get your payouts released I would request you to add a new bank account details (checking or a checking + savings account of a physical bank). As we are unable to send the payouts into your old bank account, I would suggest you to add a different account from the previous one. To update the bank account detail, kindly click on the link mentioned below:>>> >>> https://kycremedyweb.ebay.com/remedy-hub?reqinput=AQADAAAAUDRvGH6xiGlGwrw%2F9781tk3SSFWu9O9d5wb8c7c8Xgn2mwGsfPCA8VlH4%2F%2B19n%2BzJIXG%2FmqJYVfn8hZTmN7XJjZx%2Bu3UqsL5InOBZ%2FO87fev&ru=https%3A%2F%2Fmy.ebay.com%2Fws%2FeBayISAPI.dll%3FMyEbay%26gbh%3D1%26CurrentPage%3DMyeBayAllSelling%26ssPageName%3DSTRK%3AME%3ALNLK%3AMESX%26ebay-mobile-status%3Dsuccess>>> >>> Also, I would request you to upload the documents such as a void check, bank account statement or micro deposit details for the verification process. Generally, it takes 3-5 business days to verify the details from our relevant department. Please do not worry, rest assured your money is safe with eBay.>>> >>> I trust the information shared above would be able to help you understand and resolve your concern.>>> >>> In case, if you require any further assistance or clarification for any other concern apart from this, please feel free to contact us again here on the email customer support or you can also contact us by initiating a new chat session; our Live Chat is available 7 days a week. I wish that when you join us, we are connected again so that I get the opportunity to assist you.>>> >>> Kind regards, >>> >>> Shilpi C.>>> eBay Managed Payments>>> >>> [THREAD ID: 1-42MJI64R]>>> >>> From: Bill Mackowick >>> Sent: 4/26/2021 6:06:18 PM>>> To: "[email protected]ebay.com" >>> CC: >>> Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> Attempted to follow instructions given but unable to delete bank account without adding one (the same one). Two payouts amounting $155.12 are being held plus buy/sell transactions are disabled. See screenshots attached...>>> >>> >>> -----Original Message--->> From: [email protected]ebay.com>>> To: [protected]@aol.com>>> Sent: Mon, Apr 26, 2021 2:54 am>>> Subject: RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> RE: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> >>> Hello William, >>> >>> Thank you for writing to eBay with regard to unable to update the bank account.>>> >>> William, I appreciate your time and efforts in providing and updating the details. I am sorry to learn that you are facing with the error. Please do not worry, here, I request that you please try to delete the existing the bank account and then try to add new one and if you still face any issue, please get back to us with the screenshot of the error you are facing.>>> >>> Let me help you with the steps how you can delete the bank account:>>> >>> 1. Click on My eBay>>> 2. Click on Accounts>>> 3. Click on Payments>>> 4. Click on Delete just below to the bank account>>> >>> Once it done, please use the same steps and add a bank account from the same page. Alternatively, you can also hover the cursor on My eBay and click on Selling. On selling overview page, you will see red banner and click on "Update account details" to update the bank details.>>> >>> I trust this information is helpful. If you have any more queries and concerns, please reply to this e-mail. I would be glad to assist you.>>> >>> Kind regards, >>> >>> Saurav>>> eBay Managed Payment>>> >>> [THREAD ID: 1-42JWYR27]>>> >>> From: WILLIAM MACKOWICK >>> Sent: 4/26/2021 2:41:34 AM>>> To: [email protected]ebay.com>>> CC: >>> Subject: Re: Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>> >>> No response has been received to this interaction. Two payouts totaling over $150.00 have not been received. Repeated attempts to update my info have been unsuccessful.. I am unable to engage in any transactions. This situation is unacceptable and represents a total lack of customer service. Please respond.>>> >>> billmack3>>> >>> Sent from my iPhone 7>>> >>>>> On Apr 12, 2021, at 11:17 PM, [email protected]ebay..com wrote:>>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> Interaction evidence SR# [protected]>>>> >>>> >>>> Hello William, >>>> >>>> Interaction: [protected]>>>> Reason for calling:>>>> 2 payouts returned.>>>> April 12, William was asked to update the back info>>>> Action taken:>>>> Account was hard verified, William tried to update the bank info nevertheless the system displays a message:>>>> We are unable to pay to the old bank account.>>>> I added the account of william to the alert so the specialized team can star working ot get the issue solved.>>>> This restriction is impacting the action the mm as a buyer and seller at the same time on his account. please manually review as soon as possible. >>>> I suggest William to create a guest account so he can purchase the item.>>>> >>>> Thanks, >>>> eBay>>>> [THREAD ID: [protected]]>>>> >>>> >>>> eBay Document ID: [protected]>>>> eBay is committed to your privacy.


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    John Strom Jul 19, 2021

    E-bay's Customer Service has hit a new low. We can no longer call them and the've demanded I give them access to my bank account so they can pay me. I requested either a check or credit my credit card. I USE to be a big supporter of e-Bay. No longer. Whomever is running things now - total arrogance.

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  • Ev
    EvanDoesNotLikeFeebay Jul 02, 2021
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes this looks like standard "customer support" from ebay. Repeat the same poorly constructed, scripted lines and talk in circles. I can tell you fir certain, from personal experience as an ebay seller, that "Calvin" straight up lied to you about managed payments:

    "Please know that you are not giving access to your bank account, you just need to add it to receive the payments from us for items you sell. It is the same as when you link your card or bank account with PayPal."

    I went through a very ridiculous NAD dispute with a seller who in fact had buyer's remorse because he did not read the listing to understand the item was being sold for parts. He lied in the dispute, but I accept item return because I know ebay will side with the buyer. I know this because ebay told me they will, as the buyer would complain to their bank/cc company and keep the item as well as the money (thanks ebay, why am I paying you 12 - 20% again?). I tell buyer to pay return shipping after accepting return and a few days later I get the item back. I then file two appeals, both of which are denied (in one of the appeals the customer support agent agrees the buyer abused the NAD system but tells me ebay will do nothing about it and I am SOL. I would later find out that neither of the appeals was ever filed by the agents, denying me my right to appeal). I decide I'm going to eat the $80 it cost me to ship the item and keep doing business as I had done on ebay for two decades, but my actual job was picking up so I took a break on ebay.

    Fast forward 6 weeks from the end of the dispute, an unauthorized $84 ACH transfer from ebay hits my bank account (I was coerced into switching to managed payments last fall). This was ebay stealing $84 from my account to "cover the cost of return shipping" for the buyer who filed the fraudulent NAD. The buyer did not ship the item back through ebay's global shipping scam system, but posted it privately and did so for significantly less than $84. Here's where I start contacting customer support constantly, hoping that I would find someone, anyone who worked for the company with a firm grasp on English and the ability to actually help me. I finally (after many attempts) was connected with a manager who could communicate and seemed to know what he was doing. After some back and forth with the manager, I learn that my two appeals to the fraudulent NAD had never been filed. Both agents I spoke with had jerked me around in their responses without ever filing the disputes. The manager claimed there was no record of them in the system. Funny, because I had case numbers to cite and kindly pointed out to the manager that both disputes were in my message history, which he could clearly say. He told me the deadline for filing a dispute had passes, there was nothing ebay would do for me, and oh by the way I owe them $84. Also found out that ebay never refunded the final value fee for the item (almost $40, and this is standard with ebay, you always have to check these things). As a way to trying to placate me, they refunded part(?) of the final value fee... no reason given as to why I was only partially refunded. The manager hung up on me when I informed him I would be filing consumer complaints, accusing me of attempting to strongarm him into making a decision he couldn't and wouldn't make. At this point all I am asking for is for them to stop trying to steal $84 from my account over an item which already cost me $100+ in shipping and fees. I think I was being pretty reasonable considering that I had just been informed that neither of my disputes to the NAD were filed and that I had been denied my right to appeal as a seller.

    I was left with no choice but to go to my bank, provide my evidence to my bank, and file an unauthorized transaction dispute. This got ebay's attention.

    They contacted me repeatedly to let me know they'd be coming for that $84 in the next 3 days even though I informed them in no uncertain terms that they did not have my permission to do so. They made it impossible to change or unlink my bank account due to their poorly designed system and outright refusal by customer support. My only option was to close my bank account I'd had for two decades to block ebay from going into it without permission.

    This set a series of even in motion. Ebay attempted to transfer $84 via ACH from my bank account and failed as the account no longer existed. I immediately began receiving messages to my ebay account and my email telling me to pay or else there would be consequences. Within a few days the messages became more threatening and my account was increasingly restricted. I had already cancelled the few good til canceled listings I had up, as there was no chance ebay would get another penny from me after the way they handled my case.

    Ebay is now threatening to send me to collections over $84. That's how faceless corporations do business, I get it. Doesn't matter that I have made them thousands as a buyer and seller. Doesn't matter that I had almost 300 feedback with 100% positive score. None of that matters to the greedy, amoral corporation which is aptly referred to as feebay.

    I filed a complaint through the BBB with ALL of my evidence (ebay has had the complaint for a month and has yet to respond but is allowed another three weeks to do so) as well as contacting other consumer protection agencies and warning everyone I know to stay far away from ebay. Ebay won't ever get a penny from me, they can send my account to collections. I only pay companies who actually uphold their end of the contract I sign with them. Ebay failed miserably to uphold that contract and had multiple opportunities to make it right.

    I'll add this as well: ebay managed payments is contracted to the company Adyen based in the Netherlands, the cyber crime capitol of the world (I'm not trashing NL, my wife is a Dutch national, and Holland is a wonderful country). Ebay and Adyen have stated they require customer information (bank accounts, credit cards, SSN, identifying information) be stored on Adyen's servers... in a region notorious for cybercrime, where massive hacks and data breaches regularly occur. I've had my identity stolen enough times to know that I don't want a broken company like ebay, or a startup like Adyen, or ANY business entity to store my financial and personal information on their vulnerable servers.

    This message went longer than I intended, but I believe it is important to share this experience with others. I'm reading endless horror stories on consumer complaint boards. My hope is that our experiences can help others avoid this unscrupulous company.

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  • Ev
    EvanDoesNotLikeFeebay Jul 02, 2021
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @EvanDoesNotLikeFeebay Apologies for the typos. I knew I shouldn't have written this all out on my cell phone.

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    redbird2979 Jun 18, 2021
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ebay continues to make their service less and less. Now they have apparently done away with the ability to see previous sales. This is a valuable tool when listing something for sale and has been a part of ebay for a long time.

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