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advertising deception

Where do I begin with Half.com?

First, I bought a book from one of their sellers for several of my college courses. I usually purchase my books from campus, Amazon, or Alibris, but I thought I’d give them a shot, specifically because they were listed as an option on my colleges bookstore for used books, and also because I read their buyer protection plan. The plan supposedly guarantees that your order will be in as described condition or Half.com will refund your money. The policy also does not explicitly state that they require the book to be returned. I will never buy from them again, and here is why.

All of my books came in good condition except for one: my Developmental Psychology book. It was described as in very good condition with some highlights and no markings. I paid approximately $80 for the book, and boy was I surprised when it showed up.
Not only was the cover in bad shape (it has dents all over the cover as though someone used it for a writing desk), but the binding is torn. In addition, the book has excessive pink highlights to the tune of 60 plus pages. That is far from “some highlights”. The book also has markings inside, but worst of all, the book smells like someone smoked weed around it for years. God awful smell. Smells so bad it could get even get an Arkansas law enforcement agent who burns marijuana fields high. Therefore, I contacted the seller, but the seller was uncooperative about giving me a substantial discount or issuing me a full refund. Therefore, I filed a claim with Half.com.

Half.com sent me a message that they would contact me within 72 hours to resolve the problem— but almost 10 days later, I still had not heard from them. So I searched on their website in order to find a customer service number, a physical address, or even an e-mail so I could find out the status of my claim. No such luck. Despite my searching, over an hour of searching to be exact, I could not find a number, an address, or an e-mail for Half.com. So I began to search online, and I finally found a physical address for Half.com listed with the California Secretary of State. To date, I have not found a phone number that links you to a live person, and I only found a service e-mail address that bounced originally, stating it does not accept e-mails from customers.
More than two weeks later, I finally received a reply from Half.com. Apparently they did receive my e-mail sent from the service e-mail address, despite the message to the contrary that this e-mail does not take replies, etc. They are failing to honor their buyer protection plan as advertised on their site, and they are demanding that I send the book back in order to receive a refund, since they cannot determine the condition the book is in, which seems to defeat the wording in their buyer protection policy. Half.com clearly has communication issues. In addition, they seem to not hire people who know how to clearly read e-mails and respond to customers, since they keep referring me to their “refund policy” and not their “buyer protection policy”. As much as I ‘d love to send this piece of trash back, my classes start in about a week, and I do not have time to send the book back, to wait for a full refund (which with some merchants takes 30 days or more), and then to order a book that is in very good condition or better. To do this would put me behind on my reading material, and getting behind at the beginning of the semester is simply not an option if I want to keep my GPA over 3.5. I would even be happy with a partial credit, since the book is worth maybe $40 on a good day after it is aired out. So as of now, I have filed a complaint with the BBB’s office of Silicon Valley, the Attorney General’s office of California, and the FTC. Maybe this will get someones’ attention that is literate with Half.com, and then I will be happy to send pictures to the previously mentioned organizations.

Resolved buyer beware of seller on ebay karolina [protected]) [protected]@aol.com merchant charge higher shipping cost.

Karolina [protected]) [protected]@aol.com Buyer beware of seller on ebay karolina [protected]...

Resolved ebay seller karolina (2176) buyers beware of merchant charged high shipping cost..

Ebay seller karolina (2176) buyers beware of merchant charged higher shipping cost..
As advertise on the site.
I had bough a technics digital audio processor sv-100 *mint complete* pcm based
From business information karolina (2176)
Business: karol hansen
Contact e-mail: [protected]@aol.com

This email confirms that you have paid karol hansen ([protected]@aol.com) $140.45 usd using paypal.

This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "paypal *karolinacit".

Now that you've completed your payment, sign up for a free paypal account by clicking sign up now below. You'll be able to check out faster next time and track your payment history for all of the items you purchase on ebay.

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Payment details

Purchased from:
Receipt id:[protected]

Item # item title quantity price subtotal
[protected] technics digital audio processor sv-100 *mint complete* pcm based 1 $112.00 usd $112.00 usd

Shipping & handling:
(Includes any seller handling fees) $28.45 usd
Shipping insurance (Not offered): —

Total: $140.45 usd
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as "paypal *karolinacit".

Payment sent to [protected]@aol.com

Business information karolina (2176)
Business: karol hansen
Contact e-mail: [protected]@aol.com

Shipping information

Address status: confirmed

Receipt number: [protected]

Seller had try to ask for higher shipping cost. Do not trust this seller karolina (2176)
Business information karolina (2176)
Business: karol hansen
Contact e-mail: [protected]@aol.com

  • Ka
    karol2 Jan 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Carlos, you have been kicked off eBay because of your harassment of other sellers. This comment is in retaliation for that. Multiple sellers complained about you. Ebay doesn't kick buyers off unless they are really a problem.

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  • Ka
    karol2 Feb 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of these comments under different "names" about karolina on eBay are made by the same person: Carlos DaSilva, who has been banned from eBay because of his seller harassment. End of story.

    0 Votes

this website is a scam

I bought a pair of Dre Beats headphones from ebay-headphone.com and have not received them. I have contacted them several times using email address and received an email saying they do not have tracking # but will contact shipping company. Still nothing. This website is a scam.

seller not protected from scam!!

I just recently started selling items on ebay and I was unexperienced when it came to a buyer being unhappy with an item and how to issue a return. On December 14, 2012, I sold a new, unopened bottle of Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume, the buyer received the item on December 17. Right away, she sent me an email saying that the item was not as descibed. I don't know how else to describe a perfume other than what it is and that it is new and has never been sprayed. I Never buy items to resell, all items are my personal items. She went on to say that she could not use it, that she did not like the scent and that it smelled old to her. I felt terrible that she did not like the perfume and refunded her immediately. She did not offer to return the perfume, so I asked her if she would return it to me if I sent her the postage. She said she would comply if more money was sent. The next day, after putting more thought into the situation, I decided to contact ebay. They advised me to NEVER give a refunded until the item was back in my hands. I was also advised to not send any money to the buyer and ask her to send the item back. I did as I was advised to, now the buyer will not respond to my emails. She has a new bottle of perfume and her $76.43 back, not to mention it cost me $9.45 in shipping to send it to her. If this is not theft, I don't know what is. Today, I spoke with ebay again, this person said that since I refunded the money before having the item returned to me, I am not covered by the buyer protection and that I should just send a postage paid sticker to the buyer to cover the return shipping. Ebay even went so far as to say that I could have possibly sold an immitation perfume and that I would need to verify the purchase. I told ebay that I did not have a receipt, if I had, I would have just returned the perfume to the store rather than trying to sell it on ebay. This buyer is a scam artist and Ebay does nothing to protects the sellers from these parasites!!

  • Tj
    TJG88 Dec 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As a seller you have that control to issue a refund or not and eBay cannot take that money back from the buyers you do. If you ever have to get a refund for an item you have to return it order to get money back and thats with any company you buy from. It's just common practice. Why would a company pay for your mistake? Since theft has happened then you need to file a police report. eBay is the platform to help sellers run their business with these professional tools. If you automatically issue a refund then the buyer has no intensive to give back the item.

    0 Votes
  • Un
    unhappyebayseller Dec 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    tasha12, this is a complaint board, if you don't have a complaint about a product, service, or business, you need to keep your mouth shut. You are a problem to everyone on this site. You have over 340 comments and they are all useless and uncalled for. I have also reported you to the website administrator in hopes that you will be suspended once again.

    1 Votes
  • Sp
    SpaZmOe RAsputian KrUnk Feb 03, 2013

    Same thing happened to me. I shipped an item and the buyer said it arrived broken. I asked them to ship it back to me and I would refund them their return shipping fee once I received the item. The buyer filed a complaint, EBay refunded the money to the buyer and I am out the item and the shipping charges.

    -1 Votes
  • Al
    Alfred Campbell Feb 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why not pay her a visit - you do have her address - and take a Basball Bat with you - just incase she want';s to play ball1

    -1 Votes

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shower head

I purchased an item through ebay from Yallstore, it was a shower head (7.8 in square) with LED lights to indicate temperature. The item took almost two weeks to arrive (not as shown on the ebay page) and it was cracked. I reported this to Yallstore and they offered to exchange the item (again, two weeks in) or to give a slight discount-I opted for the discount because I was already fed up. Then, three weeks in, the lights totally stopped working-bad purchase, bad service, bad store.

Why am I posting this now? Because my mother was so impressed when I first showed her the item, she wanted one, and now asked for one for the holiday. I stopped and wondered how many other people were duped by this seller and the items that seem quality-until three weeks in...

I want to stop people from buying these low quality and damaged items-especially people like my mother! Come on! She works hard and thinks she is getting something fabulous that is really crap-she is better spending a few extra dollars and going to a local store, not a place called, "Yallstore"-should have known-almost mocking...if eBay followed up on the feedback-would it be so good? I think not...

Or, I KNOW not...

Resolved cheated

The buyer changed their address on their ebay site. They claimed that I sent the goods to the wrong place. Ebay ruled in favor of the buyer and I was forced to refund everything back to the buyer, then pay fees to ebay for the privilege of getting cheated. I had 8 previous transactions on ebay with all excellent top reviews. Next time I intend to get an email from the buyer with their address in it, in case they try to change it. I called ebay and discussed the issue with them, and they put me on permahold, so I eventually had to hang up. Wow, I really hate ebay now!!!

Resolved misreading airway bill

Ref. # [protected]
Fedex agent at Dominican customs failed to read airway bill properly, as a consequence customs wants to charge me 4, 000.00 pesos (approx. 100 usd) stating that item is costing 219 USD, instead of 47.00 USD which is the true value. All items above 200.00 usd are taxable in Dominican Republic.
fedex employee at Santo Domingo main office says they shall TRY to correct this matter...
Does the client has to be penalized because a FEDEX AGENT IS NOT DOING HIS JOB PROPERLY AT CUSTOM CLEARANCE ????
Nicole Comme, phone [protected], email [protected]@earthlink.net

Resolved hold on funds

EBAY and Paypal have a profitable scam. They force you to use Paypal when you buy or sell an item. Ebay charges a fee to the seller based on the selling price of the item PLUS the cost of the shipping. Paypal then tacks on a fee for being the middle man in the transaction. Paypal then holds the funds due the seller for 21 days. Paypal uses ever excuse possible to delay sending you your money. I will never again use EBAY or Paypal and I would recommend others to do likewise.

  • Fl
    floridadiy Oct 15, 2012

    Insertion fees, Listing fees, than usually about 10% fee from the sale of the item... then paypal fee (usually about 3%)

    What do they do? They find buyers for you and process the transaction.

    Why don't you go create your own site selling parts, get all your merchant accounts setup (who also take 3% processing fee)... and then go spend more than 10% of your expected budget into advertising to even GET a sale in the first place.

    stfu and use your head

    -1 Votes
  • Bp
    B.P.B. Oct 17, 2012

    Quite a little racket they've got going on. The 21 day hold as "punishment" is a load of B.S. They are making more off of the interest of their "customers" money while they sit back and watch the interest roll in. This has to be looked at. I've been a very loyal Ebay customer for over 2 years now and I think I've had enough. You might have a customer complain about ANYTHING, and they lower your rating, but, you cannot find out who or what the complaint is actually about. Kind of like being accused of a crime and not being able to face your accuser or know what their accusations are. THAT'S CRAZY! I have always believed in the Government keeping their hands off of the internet, but this might be something that needs to be looked into. They RELUCTANTLY will admit that both companies are one in the same. Most don't know that. I'm on the band wagon if someone has one going. [email protected]

    1 Votes
  • Bp
    B.P.B. Oct 17, 2012

    That's for starters.

    0 Votes
  • Bp
    B.P.B. Oct 17, 2012

    This is just for starters.

    0 Votes
  • Je
    Jerry Benningfield Dec 13, 2013

    Since writing the original complaint, I have been using Craigslist.com for selling my items. My items have sold quicker than ebay with no shipping cost, listing fees, or payment service fees. I would recommend all Ebayers to try craigslist and stop sharing your profits with Ebay and PayPal.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Kathy O Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered 2 different items on eBay and received neither, although both were paid to the sellers. Contacted eBay and they told me to start a dispute with PayPal, contacted PayPal and they told me to contact eBay!! Neither is willing to help. Now when I try to contact the seller, I get a message that says "can't process at this time". I'm mad as hell and will never use eBay or PayPal again!!! Spent 45 min on hold with PayPal to be told to call eBay, which just flat out told me they could not help me. So now 2 sellers have my money, and no help from the BIG companies that are supposed to protect me from these sellers that are out to defraud us!!!

    0 Votes

ebay seller fraud loophole

I just want to share my bad experience with ebay here, so that you don't fall victims of this loophole as well. Ebay has been absolutely incompetent and reluctant to deal with this. Fortunately I lost very little money, but I was shocked that ebay did not care to contact the seller and ask for an explanation. Read the story and judge for yourselves.

The seller's member id is jamesr0615, based in hong kong. He has a very good record, but I should have carefully read the negative comments as well, because most of them were from people who did not receive their items. Also, I found out later that the seller has multiple ids and the negative feedback has persistently been about items not delivered!

I purchased a fashion ring for $1.98 on 26 april 2012 and paid immediately via paypal. I was abroad at the time, so I used that delivery address (In eu). The item never arrived. The seller appeared very polite via ebay email, claiming that I needed to wait around a month because he is located in china. I waited, but still nothing. I visited the ebay resolution centre, and the automated web system advised me to wait and contact the seller, because he is located so far away and post takes time. I followed that advice and did not open a resolution case. This was a fatal mistake!

My criticism here is that despite the fact that I visited the resolution centre page, the ebay automated system discouraged me from opening a case, reassuring me that everything was ok and that I should take postal time into account, and did not warn me that, however, I would still have only 45 days to open a resolution case or to even leave seller feedback if things went wrong.

Meanwhile, the seller kept pushing me through our correspondence to leave positive feedback, but I said that I could not do so until the item arrived. He claimed that he would resolved the issue to keep me 100% happy and promised to send the item again to my uk address this time and to which I have received items from china before. That was in the beginning of june. The item still never arrived. I wrote to the seller, who now completely and persistently ignored me. I see now that it was obvious why: he knew that I couldn't open a resolution case or leave feedback after 45 days!

Lesson learnt: if you order an item and this does not arrive, no matter how nice the seller is and reassuring that s/he will send it again, do open a resolution case. Because if the item never arrives, the 45 days will have expired and then there will be absolutely nothing you can do!

If you want all the details, keep reading:

I contacted ebay to investigate the seller and to be give me a refund, primarily out of principle as the money amount was not big. I contacted ebay via the site communication form but ebay.com and ebay.co. Uk kept referring me to each other (I didn't know it mattered whether it is ebay.co. Uk or ebay.com - the browser directed me automatically to ebay.com for that purchase). Fed up, I also sent an email at [protected]@ebay.com.

I got a reply by an ebay.com employee named troy (Don't they have surnames??):

... After investigating this matter thoroughly, I am submitting my report and escalating it to our trust and safety team, if this is a consistant occurance, we will take action. I appreciate you telling us about this problem.
Another option would be to contact the seller directly by asking for their contact information. Here's how:
To request your seller's contact information:
1. Click the advanced link at the top of the ebay home page.
2.in the members section on the left side of the page, click find contact information.
3. Enter the seller's user id and the item number.
4. Click the search button. You may be asked to sign in.
We'll email you the seller's contact information, including their phone number. The seller will also receive your contact information...

I was pleased that somebody took this seriously - so I thought - and also did what he suggested. Guess what: my info appeared nice and complete, but the seller's info was another story:

User id:jamesr0615
Phone:[it did appear]
Registered since:[protected]?? 19? 45?

I wrote to ebay again pointing out that the seller's details were practically non-existent and no one was answering the phone. The seller maybe entered non-latin characters that show as??? But I think it is scandalous that the ebay software allows sellers to register without completing all the required fields in latin characters.

Now, another customer service person replied, from ebay.co. Uk this time, which is very annoying because continuity is lost. Here is the reply:

... I have looked into this and can see that your trading partner is located in china... Allow me to inform that international characters such as chinese characters will not appear correctly in your computer if international scripts software programmes are not installed in your computer. Therefore, these characters will not be recognised by your computer and will only appear as symbols. Please rest assured that we are anxious to provide you assistance regarding this matter. However, we cannot provide you a link to these software programmes as we do not have any access to these. Nevertheless, I am eager to assist you in every possible way I can, so I suggest you to search for these software programmes on the internet or ask further assistance to technical specialist. Once you installed this software, your computer will be able to show the characters correctly. [ as if it would do me any good and as if I were a fluent reader of chinese!]. As the seller is not responding, before we take further investigations, please consider that technical issues or personal emergencies may cause the delay with their communication. With this I suggest that you send them last courtesy email.in the case that the seller is still not responding, kindly contact us back for further investigation...

Un-be-lie-va-ble. Ebay was just wasting time and fobbing me off.

I sent a brief and firm email to both:
[protected]@ebay.com and
Asking them to co-ordinate this investigation between them and come back to me with results.

I got the following off-the-script reply from mary at [protected]@ebay.com

... I am sorry to know that you have not received this item. I understand what you are going through right now [ no, you don't!!] let me help you with this. Unfortunately, because this listing ended more than 45 days ago, it's too late to open a case in the ebay resolution centre or the paypal resolution centre. We have a 45-day deadline as we feel it's a fair amount of time for buyers to identify a problem while allowing for delays in the post and personal circumstances. We're still concerned to hear that you've had a problem with the seller. Sellers who consistently give poor service will be found accountable. Actions we take may result in listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension, loss of ebay fees on cancelled listings and loss of top rated seller status. Here are a few more options to help you resolve this:
- if you'd like advice on your consumer rights, you can contact the free government advice line consumer direct on [protected].
- contact the postal carrier with the tracking number, if the seller has provided one. The postal carrier should be able to investigate further.
- for advice from the metropolitan police about internet fraud and for information about how to contact your local station go to: http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/...et_auction.htm
If you do decide to contact your local police, we'd be happy to help with the investigation if needed - police officers can email us by following the link below and then clicking on law enforcement (To be used only by the reporting officer).
If you funded the purchase of this item via a credit/debit card or bank transfer you may be eligible for payment protection directly from your bank or card provider. You may wish to contact them directly to find out what options they can offer you...

More absurdity. Are you going to involve the police for $1.98?? More likely the police will give you a warning for wasting police time! They don't even read the complaints in detail and just respond off a script.

By that time, I was so angry that I sent an email to every ebay email address I could find online. Btw, I also discovered that it is notoriously difficult to find active ebay email addresses, as ebay doesn't want to be contacted and disturbed this way. I even wrote to their ceo's office:
John. [protected]@ebay.com
I stated that that was a shockinglypoor reply and service from ebay. I had paid via paypal and obviously, the 45-day limit is not enough, because some sellers use tricks around this to buy time. The object did not have any tracking number either. It is theirresponsibility to investigate the dodgy seller.

The only rational reply came from jeff, from the uk customer service, who was apparently the only one who carefully read all the threads. He said something completely different:

... One point I want to be sure to make is that if you feel that the seller was delaying the process for the sole purpose of extinguishing the 45 day period of protection, that is grounds to have a case opened up manually by the ebay buyer protection as a courtesy. Since the time has past, it won't allow you to open a case directly from the resolution center, but you can contact a specialist directly in the ebp department by emailing them the information to [protected]@ebay.com. I just personally reported this seller to our trust and safety department and they will investigate this transaction and take action accordingly...

I did write to that email address explaining my points. I had also done a bit of research on the seller and found out that the seller uses multiple selling ids as well, such as homme-fashion501, factory-global, wonderfulbuying36588, dragon-store2012, because s/he uses a very characteristic phrase in the feedback page, which s/he used in our correspondence a lot as well: I really can solve it in u 100% happy way.
If you check the sellers' replies to their negative and/or neutral feedback, you will see the exact same phrase used repeatedly by all of them.

So, what happened? Did the seller got investigated? Did I get my money back?...

... No!

Jeff wrote back to say that the ebay buyer protection department attempted to open an item not received case for me for this particular item. They mentioned that they are able to open cases manually for circumstances where the seller is prolonging the situation to bypass the 45 day policy, but they can only extend the period to a courtesy 60 day period. They were unable to open the case because this purchase occurred almost 120 days before. He reported that seller to their trust and safety department and supposedly they looked into the account (S), but I checked tonight and it's business as usual for the dodgy seller.

I pointed out to him that ebay customer support kept wasting time on this matter. If they had told me the way to contact the resolution team straight away, the 60 days limit wouldn't have been wasted.


I never heard anything further from ebay. I know that some people here who are sellers complain that ebay always takes the side of the buyer. I assure you this is not the case. Ebay customer service is really terribly bad and ineffective. You may also think that buyers are demanding. I tried to be nice to the seller, and see where this got me. From now on, if the item doesn't arrive within 20 days, I will open a resolution case. This will be unfair to bona fide sellers who get messed about by the post, but I can't afford wasting any more money and time. And I don't think I will ever trust ebay for an expensive transaction again, unless it is pick up in person. I mean, getting something small lost in the post once in any country is acceptable. But what are the chances to lose the same item sent to the same person to another country within 1 month? I think this is a clever little fraud for the seller to occasionally save some money. If the object does not arrive, s/he fools the customers until the deadline for a complaint and a negative feedback passes. People would eventually contact the police for something expensive, but not for a few pounds, which in china is big money.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.

  • As
    astonchik Mar 10, 2013

    Please, sign this petition. It is about extending case opening terms on ebay

    1 Votes
  • Gr
    GRACEPALEO Jun 01, 2013


    -1 Votes
  • Od
    odd samuel May 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Around late March early April I sold a 1937 Aladdin Diamond/Quilt Rose and White electrified lamp with shade. I still have the email where ctotoy " the buyer " stated that HE had broken the shade. I had let HIM have the lamp less than 24 hrs. after my wife and I decided to sell from our own personal collection. He bought the lamp plus shade for $135.00. If you look up how much people are asking for the base ALONE you will see he had gotten a very GOOD DEAL!! Because he had said that he had broken the shade I got a complaint that it was not as prescribed!! I contacted eBay that I had the email saying that He Had Broken The Shade, eBay costumer service rep. had told HIM not return what was left of MY item. Gave buyer a refund of $160.00 "ctotoy" they ALSO TOLD HIM TO KEEP!! When I complained in this matter I was told by eBay it could not be returned because of "hazardous materials" through USPS. Explain to me why I can sell it on eBay and ship it through USPS and I just NOW, have been notified that a vintage electrified 1937 Aladdin lamp " just like any other glass that you can buy on eBay" is now "hazardous material" Buyer get to keep item and get it a rebate !! What other company in the world allows a buyer to say "not as described" get their money back and keep the item????????? A class action lawsuit needs to filed.

    1 Votes

stay away from this website

Bought a student edition college text book for our son through this web site. Seller sent a "examination" copy. This is a free copy given to professors to see if they want to use the text book in their classroom. It is different from a student edition. Needless to say, when I went to sell the book back I was unable to get any money for the book because of the type of edition that it was. No where in the listing did the seller mention that it was the examination copy. He has had the same reports of misrepresentation throughout his history with half.com. I contacted the seller on 2 different occasions without a repsonse. I contacted half.com and they were not willing to refund money since it had been longer than 60 days. They did admit that the seller misrepresented the book. Half.com was not even willing to address the issue with the seller. I ordered this book and it was shipped to our son 1000 miles away at college and he didn't know about it being a different version. I didn't even know that there were these types of books being circulated as student edition books, the book had the same ISBN number as the real deal book. I understand half.comnot refunding my money as it had been more than 60 days, but not to address this issue with the seller especially since mine is not the only one he has sold a book under fraudulent terms. They could send a strong letter out to the seller that if he wishes to continue to sell under half.com name then he needs to keep it honest and while he is not required to send a refund since the amount of time that has elapsed, it would be a wise and professional thing to do. If you do have to use half.com don't assume that they will protect their buyers and stay away from textbook solutions seller on this site.

no seller protection

Hello im using Ebay many Years. Everyday i can see more and more lack of competence, understanding or training in your side forward to the sellers. Recently you removed my Dr dre headphones listing because someone realised that he don't one them, and just open case for me, of course you like respectful name just closed my listing without asking any proves or any details, just so easy without proper explanation you can close seller's listing? Why is so unclear policy provided to the seller, are you protecting only buyers? Let's see other listings on the ebay for example:.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DR-DRE-BEATS-STUDIO-STYLE-IN-WHITE-BRAND-NEW-THE-BEST-HEADSET-YOU-WILL-EVER-BUY-/180968339241?pt=UK_AudioVisualElectronics_HomeAudioHiFi_Headphones&hash=item2a228db729#ht_770wt_1271





Item number: [protected]
Item number: [protected]
Item number: [protected]
Item number: [protected]
Item number: [protected]
Its only few listings of headphones/earphones. So are they genuine? If yes, so how do you know about that(it doest say nothing on the description) let's see maybe you're presume?, if no so why these listings still live? Why someone can list and sell hundreds on your site and you didn't chase them? If i buy them and simple i change my mind and want my money back, start complaining about them, would you close these listings? Why simple person who's got present few pairs of headphones so ignored? Who's is responsible in such of reputable company for not fear policy, or you just protect these people who brought you lots of money? I honestly dont expect nothing from you as your company already known as poor customers quality providers, customers can't be protected on your site, even if you declaring that very loud, when problems arise you just simple hiding or finding difficult with less motivated answer. but please please once again get more training provide proper policy for both sides buyers and sellers, provide best quality and solution as possible. Why it's so difficult?
Sincerely Yours

Submitted By:: svida90 [protected]@gmail.com

Location: united kingdom

Resolved ebay will attack your family if you have a dispute with them

There seems to be nothing sacred at ebay.com.
Ebay is attacking my mother due to a long-term dispute that I have had with them.

Two years ago I was forced to shut down my ebay store of 10 years and my ebay account with a great reputation and positive feedback of over 1500 going back to 1997. Ebay sided with a buyer in an item-not-received claim against me for money the man had never paid me to begin with. I was coerced and threatened to ship the man the product anyhow, without payment. I have never been paid for the item and had to threaten the man with police action if he did not return it to me.

I reported the man through ebay's dispute system for non-payment. The man got anUnpaid-Item-Strike. He retaliated against me with negative feedback that ebay removed on the grounds that the man had never paid. Then the man retaliated against me again by filing an item-not-received claim. I responded that the man had not paid for the item, but that if he did I would be happy to send him the product.

Bizarrely ebay found in his favor even though he still had not paid me for the item. Ebay sent me a notice telling me that they would debit my bank account on file with them for the full cost of the invoice that the man had never paid.

As a result of this experience I abandoned my ebay store and fled to another website. I changed my bank information to prevent ebay from charging me. I appealed the decision with ebay and was told I would receive a response in approximately 48 hours but in any event no more than 72 hours max. I waited 2 1/2 months for ebay to respond and help me. They apologized for messing up so badly and took responsibility for the mistake and complete lack of customer service. Their "Resolution Department" called me on christmas eve. Yet in that phone call they also demanded that I pay them for ebay store fees from the time the error occurred causing me to abandon the account up until the account was administratively closed and they called me to apologize. It was like something out of twilight zone. I voided my contract with ebay and refused to accept this defective service, as per my consumer rights in the state of California.

The ebay representative I spoke with invited me to come back and use the ebay site again, stating that they were sorry to loose me over this after being such a good customer for so long. I told them I was uncomfortable using my old account again and that they did not do enough to fix the problem, that I should not have to pay them ebay store fees for a store I cannot use because it is insecure and left open to fraud because of ebay's lack of oversight and service, and that I did not have time to waste on the problems of their website design.

An ebay representative suggested that in the future I can still sell on ebay by giving my property to another person to post online for me on their account, such as a selling assistant on consignment, a friend or family member.

I recently gave my mother some of my old things I did not want in preparation of moving so that she could sell them on her ebay account. I gave her the photos and some of the item details that she could copy & paste, as she does not know the details of all the collectibles, and gave her the property to post. My mother rightfully stated in the descriptions that she was selling some of her children's things so people knew she was not expert about it and to ask any more details. Ebay saw this and used it against my mother in an effort to get to me.

Yesterday my mother received a notice from ebay restricting her account and telling her not to sell or ship anything else on their website. The notice specifically instructed her to take action on my old account that was closed 2 years ago and included my old ebay name, saying that she had to do something about it. The people at ebay are demanding that my mother pay for my bill with ebay that is in dispute and take action on account that does not belong to her.

Ebay is violating consumer protection law by billing me for services I have a right to reject because they are not as described and are defective. It is called Right of Rejection. A consumer can void a service contract if the other party does not perform according to their promises and advertisement.
Ebay is violating consumer law by attaching a third party "debt" to a person who is not responsible for it by mere relation or association.
I am an adult. My mother is a widow. There is absolutely no legal way that ebay can attach my old account to hers or to ask her to take any action whatsoever on my dispute with them.

My mother has her own ebay account at her own home with her own name, social security and ID info, and her own bank accounts attached to her ebay account. My name and bank and ID info is not on my mother's account. We are two separate people.

What ebay is doing is WRONG. They were wrong what they did to me 2 years ago, and instead of fixing the problem they are now extorting money from my mother for doing something their own customer service reps recommended to me as an alternative to fixing my old account because I was uncomfortable..

Ebay acts like it is some kind of authority figure. It is not. Ebay is nothing more than a greedy corporation who will stop at nothing to inflate its bottom line. The company is so big and they write this arbitration stuff into their policy agreement to put themselves above the law. If you try to inform them they are violating consumer protection laws, they tell you have a "bad attitude" (quoted from letter I got from president of ebay's own office)

Ebay, mark my words: SOMEDAY THIS WILL CATCH UP TO YOU AND BITE YOU. People will not stand for this mafia behavior.

guarantee fraud

I placed order for a Dell Mini laptop on 26-6-12 with parfumcorner and received the product on Jul 01, 2012. On my attempt to register the product on Dell website, it was found that the product was sold in 2010 and its warranty was over in January 2012. It was also found that the battery supplied was one of 3-cell and not a 6-cell one. Hence the charge stays only for 3 hours and not more than 7 hours as described in the eaby website. Moreover I didn't receive the bill of the product. I contacted the seller regarding all these and he responded to do good within a short time. But after 2 weeks gone by when I did not receive any output, I decided to raise a claim under ebay Guarantee on [protected] and on 17-7-12 I was confirmed my claim ID. I was made to understand that my claim will be entertained within 7 days. But after one month gone by when I did not receive any response from ebay I contacted the customer support on [protected] and then on 17-8-12 one Mr. Mukesh called me up and said that as because the product was lying with me for over 1 month, my claim cannot be entertained. Moreover, he closed the case with a note that the issue has been resolved by the buyer with a mutual understanding with the seller, which is an absolute lie. If this be the customer relation of ebay, I am sorry to say that its repute will soon be at stake. Even the local grocery shop owners are more genuine than this online selling giant.

I report my grievances in nutshell here as follows:

1) no bill of purchase as yet received. This is very vital for warranty. I have also come to know from DELL website that the product was sold to you in UK during 2010 and its warranty is over in 2012.

2) the battery provided with the product is a 3-cell battery and not a 6-cell one. The battery life as claimed (more than 7 hrs. )is far from reality -- it only lasts maximum up to 3 hrs.

3) the adapter plug does not fit into the socket

With regards,

Sanjib Mukhopadhyay

guarantee fraud

listings removed for being fake

I have recently had over 100 listings removed for being fake, I was selling Olympic pens, keyrings, soft toys, stick on mascots and more all the items were Official items that I bought from a high street retailer I looked at similar listings and noticed no sellers were really attracting much attention, so I risked starting the items at 1p with free postage and it worked a treat within hours of listing these items I had 10, 15 up to 30 watchers per item and then the bids came rolling in up to 40 bids minimum of say 15 bids per item I checked on goofbay and i was in the most popular listings for "London 2012 Olympics" 18 out of 20 were my listings, I sold and sent 10 packages and got great feedback then as 80 listings were about to end just before the Olympic closing ceremony disaster!! Ebay removed all listings and previous sales the reason at first was unclear The following listing(s) have been removed because of concerns with your account after various live chats emails I found out someone reported the items as counterfeit my sales had hit £600 then all wiped out I have told ebay I have receipts but its like talking to Aliens, after getting little response by Customer support I have decided to threaten Ebay with Legal action in small claims court ebay sent out around 1000 emails to buyers suggesting they claim refunds from the "Loss prevention department" now I am stuck with literally 100s of Olympic items and unable to relist or risk being suspended not only this I would imagine my reputation is now shot to pieces I have given them 14 days to respond in a proper manner that makes just a little bit of sense and have asked to be compensated, been through the small claims before and if you think you have a case it's great more importantly it costs hardly nothing to get there as long as all procedures are followed...Any comments or helpful Suggestions? Thank you


i hv registerd with ebay and publishes a auction sell for a laptop. many had bidded and a one has won the...

Resolved fraud by ebay

I’d purchased item no.[protected]= novo-b104737">ainol novo 7inch mars hd display android 4.0 4.0.3 tablet cortex a9 1gb ram 8gb ([protected]) on 21 July 7 made the payment immediately by Icici bank debit card (Paisa pay id [protected]).

The shipping details airway bill no.[protected] were send to me same day but nothing was & is delivered till today.

My daughter’s birthday was on 30th July. I kept enquiring the courier dtdc ms sarita daily on mobile since 24th July on her no. [protected] but she always answered that no such shipment has arrived till 30th July (Probably some cyclone in Hong Kong…) also the given link of tracking in eBay email of shipment details always failed.

Fearing the delay i tried to contact the seller on mobile [protected] which always went unanswered so i sent email request on 27th july to the seller ‘jain exims’ at [protected]@gmail.com requesting for timely delivery before her birthday but no response given even till date.

Feeling cheated & humiliated i also emailed to eBay but again no response.

On 29th July (Deadline of delivery of item) in reply to automatically generated email from eBay i asked for refund for not delivery of item.
Again no proper response.

Then on 3rd august my email showed new email that your refund has been put on hold due to some proof submitted from seller but again no further details nor any response from eBay

I tried contacting eBay through email but no result no response.

Then on phone on 6 august again i was ensured to resolve matter in 24-48 hours by 3 party conference call but nothing such happened till date. I received a call from eBay on 7th again confirming details & again no response since then

They keep your phone waiting on hold for 25-30 minutes, then next 10 minutes to repeat & then confirm your & transaction details & finally leave you with professional advice - Mr x will contact & resolve your matter in 24 - 48 hours. Which never happens

On chat they will end the session abruptly or without any response
On email; don't even expect a blank response other than the computer system generated ones.

That's my experience in last 15 days for fees of rs. 6000/=

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    iqb Dec 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased Marpac Pillow Speakers Relaxation item from seller i2cworld_inc3 from ebay.in trusting the ebay guarantee, the day I received it was no good as described, normally we cant hear, in pillow it is impossible to hear, I wrote to seller about problem, that your product is useless, he replied that he is not responsible for anything, he only ordered from USA and send to us in India, he is not responsible for any problem/thing relating to product,
    I raised the claim to ebay, but they do not respond since two months I continuously emails and phoned them, they only replied that you case is in under process, at last I was tired and suddenly they closed my claim, I asked why did you do that, the lady replied that you have not contacted us since week so we closed, Guarantee means nothing to them, they knows that one day you will get tired and leave the follow up and they will close it, as they did with me.
    TILL TODAY I HAVE KEPT THE PRODUCT IN BOX WAITING FOR EBAY REPLY. AND SUDDENLY I GOT REPLY YOUR CLAIM IS CLOSED, i asked reason, they denied, i ask atleast give me in writing that you have closed without informing me, they are not ready to give any reply in writing and also not worried about complaints.. only sorry. take it and forget every thing. the sameless firm i have ever seen in life, if they are genuine wy not any higher authority call us and ask us about, only left on low salaried staff who not even know what to reply

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    Sandy K Aug 09, 2012

    Is this the same as eBay.com?

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    prit66 Feb 01, 2013
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    Verified customer

    respected sir/madam,
    i am a ebay seller, i sold products of 12489rs on ebay and made buyers satisfied & buyers also confirmed that products are received by them and they are satisfied with my products...
    but suddenly ebay suspended my account and refusing to give my money to me...
    i tried to contact them too many times but they are continuously refusing to give my money(12, 489rs) even i requested them but still they are not listening me and only refusing to give my money to me...
    please help me to get my money back...because ebay created very big trouble for me...
    and i think only u can help me to get my money to me from ebay...please take some effective steps against ebay and tell them to activate my account paisapay id and give my all money (rs.12489)...
    please please please help me!!!
    thank you
    dilip patel

    ****my ebay details of selling****
    ebay id : easy-buy-clues
    registeres mobile number: 7878353719
    email id: [email protected]
    city: navsari, 396450

    complaint against: ebay.in (eBay India Private Limited, 14th Floor, North Block, R-TECH Park, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063, India )

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ebay allows buyer to rip off sellers

Ebay only sides with the buyer I had one person receive headphones in brand new condition (he sent back positive feedback) use them 2 weeks twist the ear piece the wrong way and break them, then return the broken item wanting a full refund Ebay demanded I send the person back their money so I was stuck with broken headphones and no money.

I also had a person keep a set of headphones 3 weeks after posting positive feedback about that the headphones stating they were great, then have buyer remorse and said the item was not as described and wanted to return. Ebay allowed them to return the headphones however I received an empty box no headphones; notified Ebay and the local police. Ebay returned the persons money back to them so the guy kept his headphones and got his money back.

When you call Ebay they act like they will help you, they make you stay on the phone for over an hour then tell you they will send their decision in an email.

  • Es
    ess78201 Aug 16, 2012

    I could not agree more. I actually called Ebay and they advised me to escalate the case. I did so and they ended up siding with the buyer. A buyer who had a cell phone for 5 days and eventually claimed that the power button was broken.

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  • Ro
    robinfentn Aug 17, 2012

    I strongly agree. No support for sellers from ebay or paypal. Buyer left pos. feedback after having item almost 3 weeks. then 2 days later said it was broke. After all was documented and I did a refund. I have not recieved my item back. I have been on ebay for over 10 years with no problems, I thought it would not be good to let it esculate, they say try to settle it between buyers and sellers. So we did, no one said to let is escalate when I called them. I issued a refund with the agreement she would send the items back. Well I feel so stupid, because I will not see my item. When I talked with ebay and paypal they said there was nothing they could do, even though everything is documented right there. I lost my item and $324.00 . I am looking for another site.

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Resolved I got ripped off on a fake paypal confirmation

I am a first time seller, I have bought tons of stuff off eBay, but I sold a watch, Rolex, for $1625.00, plu...

seller abuse

I have sold on EBAY for 8+ years and have good success with very good feedback as I offer great customer service to my buyers. All of a sudden my power seller status top seller status has been cancelled and ebay is now holding my funds for 21 days because of their Dashboard. I have excellent in all but item not described this quarter and have no recourse to explain my side of what is wrong. One buyer purchase a printer and bought the wrong ink at a store which caused his printer not to work properly. He filed an item not as described, then the next day sent an email saying printer was good, store sold wrong ink. Ebay has no place to explain that I should not have had that rating. ALL FOR THE BUYER ===SELLER HAS NO RECOURSE ON 99+% of what happens.

  • La
    LaQuetta Coan Jun 24, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have been selling on Ebay for 8+ years with power seller and top rated seller statis and all of a sudden those were removed because of dashboard status on items not as described. Several of these buyers did not know how to install new printers or purchased wrong ink and later emailed to say everything was working fine. That does not help me the seller as we have no place to show that there was not a problem to begin except end user error. How fair is that !!! My opinion is Ebay is trying to get rid of all but the BIG sellers GOOD LUCK!!!

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