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sugar popped

Placed an order on Dec. 20, 2019. Got an email saying a shipping label was created and tracking would be updated but never was. So I called usps and they told me that sugar popped did not send my package and that they only downloaded the shipping label. So I called sugar popped and finally they pickup and say by the end of the day tracking would be updated but that did not happen. 50 dollars gone. Will be reporting and getting justice!

sugar popped
sugar popped
sugar popped

money taken no item received

I purchased an item in august 2019. It is now october 2019, I was charged but did not receive my item. Worst part was I made several attempts to contact them using all contact methods & received a response from johnathan in september stating he would either ship item or refund my money. This was a joke. I'll be sure to share my horrible experience with other women. Please save yourself & do not order from this site.

teddy v set

They do present nice items on Instagram however their customer service is piss poor and on that alone I would highly recommend nobody spend any money with them. Furthermore I would not spend money with a company who doesn't have a physical location again. This company has methods of contact but does not respond on any level and when someone does respond they do not follow through. Worst business ever

one piece jumper

I ordered two jumpsuits from this company only received one of the jumpsuits and have been trying to contact them for almost 2 weeks about my order either a refund or the jumpsuit. My order number is 32580.
Sometimes a response to a customer about their order and reliable service will take you a long way. im very dissapointed in this as im not rich and do not have money to waste.

customer service & no item received after charged

I placed an order in August 2019. It has now been over a month & I have not received the item & waS charged...


This company is horrible!!! I place an order 2/25. Received an email that a tracking label was created, 2/5 i've heard nothing since. Contacted usps and they told me a label was created but no package was received! So I emailed sugarpopped several times regarding where's my order because my account has been charged? Not one reply!!
I contacted the number listed on their website several times and no answer, I even reached out by chat which I later find out is not really a person to person chat (still no reply) it is now onemonth later no response no package and they still have my money which I will be disputing with my bank at this time! Please do not waste your hard earned money on this website! They are not legit. Thank me later.

  • Cr
    CreditChick Jun 17, 2019

    Worst customer service ever. Sent me a dirty item and then lied about sending me a return shipping label and ignored my DMs until I posted how they REALLY treat their customers underneath their IG post. I got a response back then! Then I had to email them to ask for MY money back well over a week after they got their used dirty item back. NEVER AGAIN! And if they lie and try to say that’s not what happened I will post every single screen shot.

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  • Rw
    RWilliams20 Dec 10, 2019

    This company is a complete scam. I ordered from them weeks ago and have not gotten a response or my package. I am reporting them to the BBB, but I am also contacting a fraud lawyer. They have stolen my money and this is NOT okay! I spoke with someone via their live chat on their website and was told that I would receive my item in 1-2 business days, and I still did not get anything. The shipping label was created but they have not dropped off my item. I am livid. Do NOT buy from them! You will regret it.

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scam and bad service

I order 3 dresses from this company may 15th 2015. Got them by may 22, 2015. I got home from work and wa...