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PayPal Complaints & Reviews

PayPal / I am being scam using paypal

Sofia101385 on Sep 15, 2017
OHi, I would like to file a complaint about someone used code Name Prince Emmanuel address: 204 Koos De Larey St. Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa. I was scammed by him. He used a fake paypal account to me a payment for exchanged of an item that I have been already shipped to him last...

PayPal / too bad

Warren Loewen on Sep 11, 2017
For some reasons, they all of a sudden decided that they have to hold my amount for a month without any explanation why. I never acted in a bad way, all of my transactions were legal and I myself have been their regular customer for several years, so I have no idea what happened. They...

PayPal / unreliable service

Gene Frietze on Aug 25, 2017
What am I to do? My Paypal account doesn't show the refund, my bank doesn't either, and even not the store that should have issued my refund. I only have papers and receipts to prove, but nobody cares. I just wasted my money and time for nothing. This is such a big disappointment with...

PayPal / paypal is a scam

Neil Rams on Aug 24, 2017
They are definitely a scam and they collaborate with scammers like them. They prefer you to give up on your issue because they don't really care. Paypal transactions aren't legal and safe. Once you send money there will be two ways for you: whether your money was lost or not. That's all. Don't...

PayPal / Be careful with Paypal

alhelou on Aug 22, 2017
Don't make my mistakes! You better find different online payments companies, because pp is in the last place. Their conditions are the worst for both sides. They constantly block accounts if some small detail will look suspicious, even if it's not. And pp customer service is not helpful...

PayPal / the worst ever

Marc Pereira on Aug 18, 2017
They hold my money for 3 weeks for no reason at all. Is it actually legal to leave a customer without any access to his money? I called customer service, I emailed them.. Nobody can help. They can't explain what was the reason and why the access is denied. Maybe it was someone who ha...

PayPal / stay away from them

Tim Field on Aug 15, 2017
This is an awful company. Why have customer service if you really don't want to help us? When I called them to solve one little problem, the person who was on the line seemed to be very nervous and answered like he wanted to get rid of this conversation as soon as possible. I wanted to...

PayPal / paypermails.com

Adryan bin Abdul majid on Aug 10, 2017
Hi dear critical issues that shock this morning to start work daily suddenly suspended!!why!oh my god !hopefully all earnings amounts $1, 849, 700 .0000 Malaysia time are not missing saved professionally &hope expert technician will updates back so can work likes daily ok, Trusty&honesty...

PayPal / my account has been sold out and 40 million dollars looted

ih4975437@gmail.com on Aug 7, 2017
My pay pal account has been sold out money 40 Million US Dollars by a pay pal officer Hindu Sherma(shameless) has been looted/frozen/confiscated. Pay Pal Officer Sherma who say him self Customer Care Specialist declared my account limited for 180 days which expired on 06 Jun 2017. Then he...

PayPal / paying someone

rdxn on Jul 13, 2017
Paypal is an a-hole wothless company. They say you can pay people. They are liars. I did all the things. Correctly and successfully connected my bank account and everything and the [censor] keep saying when I merely tried to pay someone $90. Sorry we cannot send money now. The [censor]. I...

PayPal / paypal didn't help me

Minore on May 15, 2017
I used PayPal for a long time and I was always satisfied with their service. But my last experience was a disaster and that changed my mind about PayPal. I bought something from an online store and got scammed. Everything I received was very small and of a bad quality. I tried to open a...

PayPal / getting my money back

Midnight 🌒 on May 14, 2017
PayPal are quick taking money to pay for goods but when it comes to getting your refund back PayPal like eBay more like money grabbers you have fight get your money bk not them doing it for you feels like your chasing them get refund back it's PayPal fault like eBay let scammers that sell...

PayPal / they cancelled my account

Queen on Apr 25, 2017
I was using PayPal since I was 17 years old and that was a long time ago, I'm 24 now. Recently I wanted to make an online purchase and wanted to buy via PayPal and was surprised when I could not log into my account. I contacted PayPal and they asked me to send some documents to verify that...

PayPal / very poor seller protection

Dominic on Jan 30, 2017
I guess PayPal is not that bad when you are a buyer, but if you are a seller like me prepare to get zero help and support from PayPal! I had an account on eBay and was selling stuff. One of my customers contacted me and said that he was not satisfied with the product and asked for a refund. I...

PayPal / useless

Jess on Oct 20, 2016
Used PayPal service when I ordered something from an online shop. I paid via PayPal because I heard a lot about them and thought that they were highly professional and reliable. Unfortunately I was scammed by the company I've ordered from and was not able to get my money back. So I contacted...

Paypal Inc. / I was scammed

scammedddd on Oct 4, 2016
Hi, I would like to file a complaint about someone namely: Sam Moses, address: 204 Koos De Larey St. Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa. I was scammed by him. He used a fake paypal account to me a payment for exchanged of an item that I have been already shipped to him last 09/20/16 via...

PayPal / no refund from paypal after seller shipping illegal goods that were clones

rsvp7 on Aug 5, 2016
To Whom it may concern: I have sent several appeals to Paypal regarding this transaction. I informed the seller that his goods were illegal clones and not the products that he stated in his ads. The were second rate units that I paid $855.00 US dollars. He requested that I send them back...

PayPal / I'm extremely disappointed with paypal

Veronica on Jul 22, 2016
PayPal is the biggest disappointment of the year! I used their service for years and they always were helpful but they've changed in a bad way. So I bought something online and used PayPal service for the payment. I did not receive my item and asked PayPal for help. They said they'll do...

PayPal / I'm very disappointed with paypal!

Margen7399 on Jun 16, 2016
I have been using PayPal for about 10 years now and they were always helpful and nice. But my last online shopping experience turned up to be a real nightmare and when I needed some help from PayPal they refused to do anything. Must say that was the biggest disappointment ever. I placed a big...

Paypal / chargeback decision

This complaint is about Papal avid Ruby love photography. We held a space in good faith for the photographer who put down a non-refundable deposit which was clearly stated on our Papal account and our contract. Our show had to be postponed for a later date and this vendor agreed to all...

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