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Complaints & Reviews

crooks with an ebay license to screw you!!!

Treetopmerchandise1is the ultimate scam artist online. The owners are Renee Molda and Steven Seibert. This husband and wife team used to issue fraudulent mortgages from CountryWide to innocent home buyers. Because of it, they were jailed for five years. Now they are online selling fake merchandise. They hire their own family to post positive feedbacks on ebay for them. They are currently being investigated by the police. Any information leading to their arrest, please contact Des Plaines Police Dept at 1420 Miner St # 300, Des Plaines - [protected]

defrauded by seller

Beware of ebay seller: hyyyy_394823 which is a fraudulent seller on ebay. I purchased a prepaid AT&T gophone card from that seller and after when the seller recharged my account and i started to use the phone the balance recharged was gone! I had to call AT&T and instead found out that they discredited by recharge amount because the ebay seller had used someone else's credit card without authorization and the true owner reported it. So as a warning please beware before making your purchase with seller hyyyy_394823.
I have been a loyal ebay customer for years and have enjoyed absolutely great service from them however I was displeased with their 45 day policy to file complaints against an ebay seller otherwise they will do nothing about your purchase and you are basically left without recourse.

ebay - paypal loophole for theifs

After selling a phone on eBay UK and sending the phone to the buyer via special delivery (tracked and insured) the buyer then filed an item not as described claim in PayPal. As most of you are already aware PayPal normally will rule in favour of the buyer 90% of the time. The buyer was then asked to return the phone for a complete refund. HERE'S THE LOOPHOLE The buyer returns an empty box recorded delivery and then once signed for has proof of returning the phone (even though you just got an empty box) the money is then refunded to the buyer case closed. NO PHONE & NO MONEY. I tried every avenue to recover either the phone or the money to no avail. Police say it's a civil matter. PayPal say you need a police headed report. (Which you can't get because of the above) eBay are not interested because (well, in their words it's got nothing to do with us). I used PayPal's appeals process but again hit a brick wall because they ask for a police headed report you just can't get. You are now left feeling very disregarded and abused by the lack of protection eBay & PayPal promised you but renege on after the event. I feel eBay & PayPal are criminals and should be held accountable for their lies and broken promises to protect its consumers. I also believe our laws should be updated to prosecute these renegade companies like PayPal & eBay and make them held accountable for their disregard of criminal activity though there online businesses.

  • Sc
    Screwed once Jul 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazing, I'm in the same boat, sent an Omega Seamaster watch to germany $136, buyer complained and Ebay ruled in the buyers favour, refunded money to the buyer and left me dangling waiting to see if i would get the watch back, and secondly would it be in a box in parts, today i received an envelope from germany, just that, an empty envelope,
    After hours of communication with Ebay Ca, Ebay US and ebay Germany, they say i had 15 days to file an appeal, but how do i file an appeal while an item is in trasit and I'm waiting for the watch,

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bad seller/bad customer service

First, good job to all those who speak out against ebay! It is always a good rule to remember that all companies will look out for their own interest. So it is not surprising that ebay customer service is not willing to be of help. ebay wants their profits, simple as that.

To be fair, ebay is a good medium to purchase things you would not normally see. However, through my experiences…good and bad…there are certain rules that you should use when purchasing on ebay. I hope these are of help:

1. The first rule is to put all the responsibility on the seller. If the seller does not take the time to give an accurate and detailed description of the item, just assume fraud and do not buy.

2. Communicate to the seller and ask many questions before you decide to buy. Many sellers are honest and will take the time to describe their items. BUT…there are too many sellers on ebay who want to scam you. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 ebay will side with the seller regardless if they are honest or not.

3. The language in an ebay listing does not matter! Example, if a seller lists an item as “original” and you discover the item is not original after you purchase it…too bad for you. ebay will not care because they got their money and the seller got their money. So ask the seller for proof if an item is original, never take their word unless you are very confident in the honesty of the seller.

4. Never buy anything without and money back guarantee! If the seller will not give you a money back guarantee, be safe and assume they are trying to scam you. Don’t buy without a guarantee!

5. (a 5-star rule and a rule ebay does not want you to know)
* * * * * If you purchase an item and you find out that it does not accurately match the description in the listing, never communicate to the seller first. Leave negative feedback at once and a detailed reason for the negative feedback.

The reasons is simple:
a) It is the seller’s responsibility to be honest.
b) If you say something innocent like, “You sold me a defective item. If you don’t exchange the item or refund my money, I will be forced to leave negative feedback.” In ebay world they can say you committed “feedback blackmail” and use this against you.
c) If the seller does rectify the situation, you can always change the feedback later.
d) If you leave negative feedback, ebay is a little more willing to help rectify the situation. Why?...
e) Negative feedback is just as bad for ebay as the seller. If more buyers left negative feedback about bad purchases, then the federal government’s consumer affairs division would monitor ebay more closely and ebay does not want this.

  • Jk
    JKDE Jun 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bad buyers outnumber bad sellers on Ebay.

    Good sellers have no protection from bad buyers who lie about item descriptions, item not received, shipping times and cost.

    Ebay protects the buyer. Buyers can leave negative feedback for a good seller without any proof of anything wrong.

    Bad buyers steal items by saying item not described, get refunded and keep items.

    Seller is screwed.

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  • Mr
    mrtjdeals Dec 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I accidentily lost an item that i sold an e-bay, i tried to work it out with the buyer, he was not willing to help me out, and gave me a negative feedback, i called e-bay, and they could not help me either, after 2 years on keeping my account clean, and basically giving away my items because someone had a complaint or was not satisfied, i ended with a bad reputation, screw e-bay, they left me over an hour on hold, and they decided the left me with a poor score. i will stick with craig's list, at least there are not fees there, lesson to learn.

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  • St
    steve stefko Apr 25, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased an item on ebay on 4/10. it was paid for on 4/10. 6 days later the seller decides to send the item. i wait 2 days after the promised date, then filed a complaint with ebay. the seller then contacted me stating the post office damaged the item and he would get it right out. no proof. yesterday, 4/24 i get an update on my purchase. the seller claims he resent the item, and states he gave me a tracking number. there is no tracking number in the email, and now it is 15 days after i purchased and paid for the item. i have not received the item yet. ebay says "work it out". how long do i have to wait? i believe 15 days is enough time to either receive my part, or my money returned. it seems like i get excuses every time i send email to the seller through ebay. i will never do business with either again.

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  • Or
    Orlando Jun 03, 2016

    Ebay does not enforce its own listing policies, and the feedback system is virtually useless.

    Their customer service is a joke.

    The people that answer phone calls only direct the caller to help articles or forms on the website. Any complaints or concerns that you send via the available contact forms on EBay are answered with a form letter response.

    The whole system is structured in such a way that you will never speak to anyone with any authority and no one will ever look at the “big picture” if you are having a problem with a seller, particularly a high volume seller. You can report a listing violation, you can request feedback withdrawal, you can open unpaid or undelivered item disputes, each of these processes occurs in a vacuum. No one will ever look at all of them together and connect the dots.

    There are people that have set up EBay stores that simply post a bunch of listings for all of the items they carry, regardless of whether or not they actually have the item to deliver. If you report the listing violation EBay will do nothing. The ad will stay up until it expires.

    So, a seller that does this on a regular basis would have a lot of negative feedback, right? NO, and here’s why: If you leave negative or even neutral feedback for them THEY WILL LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FOR YOU, and then demand mutual withdrawal. EBay still allows the seller to leave feedback to your account even if the item violated listing policy!

    I left negative feedback for a seller because he did not have the item listed and did not let me know for over two weeks. I also reported the listing violation. He immediately left negative feedback for me and even used the word “backordered” in the feedback comments, thus admitting the listing violation. He then opened an unpaid item dispute, even though I paid with PayPal and he knew I had record of it.

    The only thing EBay did about any of this was to remove the unpaid item strike from my account when I appealed and sent proof of payment…and they acted like they were doing me a BIG favor. They even sent me some links to some helpful articles to read, so maybe I could learn not to screw up so bad in the future.

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  • Ba
    bamargeracom Jun 03, 2016

    I signed up to ebay about a month ago, and was subject to and experienced the Ebay/Paypal Monopoly first hand. I did not want to use Paypal to accept payments as I already have my own merchant account with First Data and they are half the price of Paypal. When listing my first item, I scrolled to the part where it asked how I would like to be paid. I un-checked Paypal, and checked credit card. On the next screen it said that in order to accept credit cards I had to fax a copy of my merchant account invoice to them to prove to them that I can support this method of payment. I faxed them the necessary documents, and the games began. 2 days went by and no message from them about what was going on. Then I called them and was asked why I did not want to use paypal, and that it is the preferred payment of ebay. I explained to them my situation, and they said they would look into the situation, and they would get back to my via email. I waited another 2 days, and nothing. I called them again, and they brought me to the listing page, and they walked me through and told me to click Paypal for payments accepted, and I told them I did not want to accept Paypal, and they were dumbfounded and did not know what to do. They knew nothing about how to integrate my merchant account. They told me I have to wait for T&S to contact me. The next morning I called them again, and was once again told to just use Paypal and recieved a pitch on how they were safe and secure. I asked to speak to a manager, and they told me the manager was not available. I then called again and they finally got to the bottom of things. I listed a couple of items, and after the first one ended, the buyer told me there was no way for him to pay. I called ebay again and they told me there was a "Pay Now" button in the email that was automatically sent to them after the auction ended. The buyer told me there was nothing there. I got this same response from every winning bidder that day. I called ebay and they once again told me that I should accept Paypal for payments until they get the situation fixed. I told them I would not pay for the listing fees so far and they told me I have to pay them, and that it is like listing an ad in the paper and the listing fees are non-refundable. The next day they told me that they fixed the problem, and then I listed a couple items, and everything seemed to be good, until the first auction was down to the last minute. The account was blocked by Paypal, and I was informed that they needed more information on my Paypal account in order for the account suspension to be lifted. I called ebay and they told me the block was from Paypal. I called Paypal and they asked for my SS# and receipts for the items I was selling. I told them I never opened a Paypal account, and they told me regardless, they would still need the information in order to lift the suspension, and until then, the account would remain blocked. I called Ebay and they told me there was in fact a Paypal account linked to my ebay account and that there was nothing they could do. Now, I NEVER opened a Paypal account nor did I link it to my ebay account. To me, this is yet another shady desperate attempt by Ebay to force new members that do not know any better to use Paypal to accept Paypal so they can make money from every angle. When I call them and tell them this whole scenario, they ask me if there is anything they can help me with, otherwise the phone call will be disconnected. They no longer respond to my email regarding this and they told me that if I keep contacting them through ebay live chat that they would bring up charges for Harassment. What a way to run a company. I also notice that when you post ANY negative comments about ebay that are valid in the ebay forums, the comments are removed and you are banned from posting in their forums. They are trying to cover up anything negative about their company, but truth be told..., check out Ebay and Paypal on the Better Business Bureau and see all the complaints they have since January. There are well over 10, 000 of them. Ebay soon will be a thing of the past and they will continue to lose thousands of members a week to Amazon, just like me.

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  • Pe
    Pentastar Jun 03, 2016

    I agree with everything in this article except the comment about retaliatory feedback. In 2008 eBay changed their feedback policies to prevent sellers from leaving anything except positive feedback for buyers to "protect" them from feedback "blackmail".

    I wasn't a high volume seller, but I used to sell things here and there on eBay, until the new policy rolled out. I experienced the other side of the coin; I always worked hard to make sure the buyer was happy, but one time I got burned by a buyer who apparently didn't like the item he purchased and left me negative feedback without even contacting me for a resolution. I would have gladly taken the item back and refunded his money, but instead I got a negative feedback.

    From a former seller's prospective, other negatives about eBay are the value of items sold on eBay are plummeting while eBay continues to restructure their fees to get more money from you (between eBay and PayPal, I would lose about 20-30% of what my auctions earned).

    eBay used to be a fantastic place to buy and sell, it was a modern marvel. But it has lost its roots and become just another business that takes your money and offers you little service.

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buyer support is a joke!

I purchased a book on half.com using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) identifying the HARDBACK...

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book purchase

I purchased a book on half.com using the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) identifying the HARDBACK...

did not receive item I paid for

I purchased on eBay an antique barometer from Great Britain. I paid using PayPal in mid-March. As of June 3rd I have not received the item. I contacted the seller and was told of a shipping/customs problem but that everything had been settled and I should have the barometer by the end of May. I filed a request with eBay for help and I was just informed via email that a decision has been made in favor of the seller and that I will not get a refund; there was no additional information. I have no barometer and am out over $300. How is this legal. I will avoid eBay from now on and I encourage all shoppers on eBay to be careful.

  • Jo
    joecassarj Oct 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes thanks i did not recieve an item i paid for on 27/08/2011 item no 300592216356 perfume from estee lauder my email address is [email protected] or 0412085515

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poi scam

Ebay has a new scam. After changing the business model, raising fees, elimating listing fees and raising up the final value fee again, they are now looking for Paypal verified (you know, their sister company) ebay sellers to prove who they are. They are calling this a POI check. What they want is for you to give them a copy of your drivers license or passport (anybody else smell identity theft scamming here?) as well as copies of bank statements, utility bills, credit cards, etc. They will shut you down unless you put yourself at risk for identity theft with them. Now why does ebay need all this additional information when their sister company, PayPal, you know the one you use for a payment clearinghouse and the one that will automatically refund a complaining buyer their monies if you do not give them what they want, already has verified you and has your credit card information and your bank account information on file and has the same address and telephone number of your ebay account linked to it? There is a reason why ebay is slow to grow while Amazon is booming, and this is one of them. ebay does not care about sellers any longer and has no qualms about putting sellers at risk for identity theft. And they do not care. I have since had to close out accounts because they do not listen to reason and won't allow any other way to provide proof of identity. I'm certain that they will lose even more people once this new program gets rolled out mainstream.

  • Rd
    rdecker Jun 08, 2011

    I have been a seller for 13+ years. Ebay shut my account down which was in good standing due to another bad seller who stole our address as contact information on their account. EBAY will not listen to any reason and is allowing identity theft to occur. I think that a class action suit is a good idea against ebay for allowing identity theft on their sellers.

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too many seller fees, over charge fees

Alert!!! New fees on shipping charges (Ebay has gone mad) I was a seller on ebay, after making a few sales I found out I was not making money I was losing money the only people that are making the money is ebay, sellers do your math after all the fees and charges, what are you really making? Not to mention why do you thing it takes so long for you to get paid after you make a sale i'll tell you why they hold on to your money and make more money on intrest, when they get paid right away. Paypal is owned by ebay so why do we have to wait for our money and why do we have to pay to paypal a percentage everytime we make a sale.
Join me in boycotting ebay!!!

  • Su
    Sunshinerinker Jun 17, 2011

    So many sellers are way over charging for the shipping that it was only a matter of time before they did this. For a few years they tried other ways to get sellers to charge actual shipping and some changed but most were still charging double if not triple shipping just to avoid the fees for that money.

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  • Su
    Sunshinerinker Jun 17, 2011

    And I am sorry I can not answer why they hold on to your money. I have sold on ebay many times and pay pal has never held any money from my account.

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  • Ke
    Keepers Jul 07, 2011

    Ebay has the ability to assess the customer ratings for shipping fees for each seller. That's what the 5-star rating system is all about. They say this new policy is an effort to keep sellers from charging too much for shipping/handling, but what they're doing is penalizing their best sellers (me) who have 5-star shipping ratings and are doing it right. Why should ethical sellers be lumped in with the others for such fees. They could use a scale to charge more for those sellers who have the low feedback scores. Sometimes I think that the decision-makers at ebay think we're all a bunch of idiots. And then there's no way to let them know directly how this impacts our "business".

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  • Mr
    MrMe Dec 24, 2011

    Ridiculous I sold 200.00 dollars in goods to a dealer, collectibles. I already sold them on discount to get rid of them and added a modest shipping fee of 11 dollars, which was actually 15 dollars. Then paid the extra cost of having it repackaged to look nice. all in all 21 dollars, so now im down to 180 proft, then I pay Ebays F U in the A S S fee of 20 sometihng dollars just to sell the thing, they say its coverage for shipping fees but thats BS its a profit gain for Ebay for every purchase you sell Ebay gets 9 percent of your sale in their pocket. Its robbery is what it is. They ALREADY make a profit on your seller fees more than enough to cover liability with the 2 and one dollar charges for bidding. This new thing with the 20 dollar charge is little more than a scam to rip us off. I will never sell with Ebay after this BS.

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I am fed up with Ebay and PayPal not supporting their sellers, and where would they be without us??? In the last few years Ebay has changed their rules and now takes money from all angles...even a tax from the shipping that the seller charges the buyers to recieve their items!!! What business do they have to take part of the shipping...this is none of their business and should keep their greedy fingers out!! The reason, they say, they do this is because sellers would charge a ridiculous amount of shipping to a buyer, but if the buyer is willing to pay it, it is none of ebay's business...surely the buyers are smart enough to make their own decisions on weather to buy the item or not! Ebay instructed me to charge more for the item to cover the shipping charge that they take...WHAT? So now everyone looses except Ebay.
Ebay also has a judging form that buyers fill out about sellers, and if they are not 100% happy about everything or are just having a bad day, the seller gets a bad rap. Ebay gives advice on how to get your grade up...Sell the item cheaper(how can we, when we have to cover the postage taxes they take), charge less for shipping, ( how can we...we have to charge more now, because ebay charges shipping taxes), offer paypal for payment, ( how can we, when paypal charges the buyer a certain % of the cost of the item so that they get their cut for the convenience of the buyer, because the buyer is not stupid enouth to pay it), and ship within a certain amount of days. If you do all of this, Ebay, Paypal and the buyer will be happy and you might get a good grade...If the buyer even bothers to give you feedback! (I only get feedback from about 50% of my buyers). By this time, you have lost your butt in the item, and you would be better off giving it to a good cause in your area. I have sold over 1022 items and have 100% feedback, but ebay gives me a below normal grade. and if I would continue to selll thru them, as of June, they will hold my payments from the buyers for 21 days until the buyer is totally satisfied!!! Buyers work so hard, taking pictures of the item, describing them accuratlely, packaging them well, and then going to the post office 4 times a week, so the buyer will recieve them in a timely manner. It use to be fun, but ebay has made it a full time job! I have even sold items that has come up in a negative monetary value for me, because of all of the charges...the buyer is getting a great deal, but the seller is being robbed! Before I knew that ebay was taking a tax off of the postage that I charge the buyer, I was even sending some of the postage back to the buyer, because I accidently charged them too much...Ha, What a joke. I am honest and the Ebay and Paypal is a scam. Oh Paypal...let's talk about that...I went thru hoops for a buyer in France to repackage his item, to cut down on his postage three times, I repackaged and ended up making a box small enough to make his postage where he thought it was cheap enough...He ended up saying he did not get it, and filed a greivance against me...even tho I had the reciept of mailing the item, and told my story, PayPal took his side, and actually went into my Paypal account and took out the amount of the item that was paid to me!!! I am not usually an angry person, and try to look to the good of everything, but there is no more good about ebay or paypal...I QUIT...I hope this note helps you also make a decision. I will sell on other sites. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!!

  • Da
    Dave Przyborski Jul 25, 2012

    I have the same issue. Today, after being with EBay for 12 years, they have put my money on hold for 21 days because 5 buyers rated my selling fees too high. Think about this: The buyer sees the shipping cost, agrees to pay it, pays for the shipping, posts positive feedback, and then rates me low. EBay then decides that this is merit for them to hold my money, with their fees removed, and making interest. The customer service rep, ( who barely spoke English, ) told me this was a punishment for the high shipping costs. I am a one man show and must pay the UPS rates from a local UPS store. The EBay rep actually told me to lower prices and lose money to improve my rating.

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unfair to sellers

I sold an item on ebay in September of 2010. Nearly 3 months latter, Dec 4, 2010 customer complained of...

removal of listings

Last week I received notification from Ebay that my listings had been removed. The reason given. ? A complaint from OFCOM in the UK. The apparant reason given by OFCOM was "encouraging illegal activity". ! I was only selling 'mobile phone signal boosters' of which there are hundreds on Ebay. Anyway, as OFCOM have no jurisdiction over another countries affairs, in this case Ireland, I replied to Ebay in disgust and pointed out the error and also wrote to OFCOM asking why they had interfered in the listings of a seller outside the UK. I received a very bland reply from Ebay in which they stated the only way my listings could be relisted was by OFCOM asking Ebay to do so. ! I wrote back to Ebay again pointing out their errors and asked for the listings to be re instated, but again they refused. I then searched the OFCOM web site and found an email address and wrote again expressing my disgust and asking them to revoke their complaint to Ebay. As of this moment I have not heard from OFCOM at all, and Ebay are totally disinterested in my problem.
This situation is tantamount to someone in say the USA, complaining to a regulatory authority in the US that they object to a listing from a German national, and the regulatory authority in the USA asking for Ebay to remove the German listing. ! OFCOM have no jurisdiction over a seller from Ireland or any other country, other than the UK. In any event how can a 'mobile phone signal booster' actually encourage people to engage in an "illegal activity". ?? This situation is only the latest in a string of problems with Ebay and PayPal. The latest was in regard to 'feedback' which was nasty and unwarranted from a couple of buyers but although Ebay agreed with my complaint about the feedback they refused point blank to change anything. The way Ebay, amd PayPal deal with complaints, and fail to understand the problems and send back such casual replies is annoying and very frustrating. I think a move to a different buy and sell web site is long overdue.

  • 13
    1337jerry Aug 21, 2011

    I agree, ebay and paypal do not have a CUSTOMER relations in any manner or form.
    Its unblievable that a company will take action on behalf of an objector rather than its paying customers without any discussion whatsoever with that customer.

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  • Zo
    Zorde Mar 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am very unhappy with the high fees and MORE importantly NO SELLER SUPPORT EBAY! The micro-managing on the part of Ebay staff is ridiculous and the seller no longer has any kind of voice but the expectations are constantly raised on the sellers. Have I been screwed by Ebay? Nope. No horrible experiences to relate. No hidden agenda. Just wishing the old Ebay (pre-2017) I knew would surface from the rubble.

    I do NOT recommend selling to potential new sellers on Ebay. I cannot imagine starting as a seller in their horrible environment as I've been "almost" screwed by buyers by not realizing that Ebay did not have my best interests and had certain DEFAULT settings in my account set so that I could be screwed (and this is after having the same acct with them for over 10 years!) Run, do not walk away from Ebay.

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  • Ga
    Garushine Nov 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    eBay itself was great but it's ruined because of paypal. The staff and so called managers at paypal are so terrible. Paypal is what ruins eBay for so many.

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  • Pa
    Patrick The Artist Apr 10, 2013

    I totally agree!!! Ebay used to be so fun to shop at. They allowed multiple forms of payment so almost no one was excluded. Now it's pretty much Paypal only. That wouldn't be so bad if Paypal wasn't so screwy. They can lock up your account on a whim and hijack your money. (Who needs identity thieves when you have Paypal, right?) Then they require tons of personal information to restore your account--including your SSN. I miss shopping on Ebay but probably will never use them again due to this. Well Ebay... Amazon is getting all my business that YOU would've been getting.

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  • Di
    Dinadra Phillipe-Hennington, IDS Apr 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ...I used to use Pay-Pal as a Merchant. I sent over $300.00 worth of merchandise to a customer. My practice is to photograph items prior to shipping. Customer told Pay-Pal that it the items were incorrect. That was a blatant lie. Pay-Pal refunded customers money and allowed her to keep the items.
    I cancelled my Pay-Pal account immediately. A week later the lady called my store to order more of these items!!! Unfair Pay-Pal.

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facilitating a crime / theft

Below you find my Attorney Generals Complaint i filed with Missouri. I would like a representative to call me back and fix this ### that your system caused. I got confirmation from several different support staff that this was a software ### up yet i have to defend and prove my innocents in the fashion of I Have paid even then no one will fix your screw up. It was caused by your engineers failures. This is class action lawsuit stuff that all i wanted was my account cleared the false accusations resolved and corrected. yet ebays stance is ### you.

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Item Number [protected] seller account ecoolstore. I need to report this member for Theft. I purchased htis item using Ebay buy it now. I paid for the item. A week later i get emailed that i havent paid and need to pay for the item or i get a negative transaction against my account. I notified the seller several times including the transaction ID from Paypal the seller stated simply they refuse to mark it paid and refund my money since ebay said i didnt even with the paypal payment. In ebay when a seller marks your transaction not paid there is no recourse for the buyer to validate and prove payment. The only options you get are pay or contact not validate. So i called ebay and i get nothign we can do wait till it is closed and the seller wins and then maybe we can help you after the fact. I asked to speak to a manger after this last transaction with ebay customers support and got Matt who didnt do anything didnt even look at the mattter. was blunt and rude and simply didnt give a ### about me. When i cussed the peice of ### limp rag hung up. Mean while. I spoke to ebay support staff who validated that this is a systems issue with programming on ebay side which is why payment didnt post yet i am stuck out begging ebay to fix their ###. Meanwhile my seller is saying ### you i am not giving you your money back till ebay says i have to and stealing 46.98. This is against the law plain and simply you are abeding a theif and perpetuating a crime of fraud and theft. I purchase, and paid for item. Ebay didnt mark it paid. Ebay then after 7 days automatically files a non paym, ent claim against my account. When i click on the complaint filed against me the only options i have are to pay or contact the seller. When i contact the seller he says i am not giving your money back and i am not sending your item out and ebay is behind me so i dont have to honor this sell or refund. When i contact ebay you state there is nothing we can do. Your system Ebay, screwed up this transaction, you filed an automated claim against me. i validated to ebay and the seller i paid using paypal and provided the transaction code and proof of payment and i am told too bad by ebay there is nothing we can do. This is not legal and Matt is a peice of limp ### ###. Can i please speak to someone with some ability to correct your ###ing mistake? I need a representative of ebay to correct ebays ### up. I dont need some little skirt week knee ### who can not and will not assist me. This is a class action lawsuit and i can not imagine i am the only user affect by ebays unitended theft assistance. But you have allowed it to occur and continue to be parcipated against me with no recourse till after i am found guilty of non paymnet then maybe i can get some assistance from resolution center. Now when i go to report a user at the resolution center i go to ebay, customer support and customer support and then contact us i get we offer nothing. There is no way to correct your lying system which failed to mark my item paid. There is no way to correct the transaction and leave negative feedback for the seller who refused to refund my money or send item. I have no recourse and ebay is stealing my money and helping the thief get away with it. how many others are you doing this too which brings us to legal how do i get my lawyer ahold of your lawyer since no one at ebay wants to use common sense and correct your ### up? Have someone call me or you talk to the missouri attorney general and discuss why your facilitating a crime, of internet fraud? alan mitchell [protected]
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Edward Mitchell

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I returned relics of saints to this seller once and requested a refund. He then sent me an invoice for his "additional fees" and when I filed a complaint to eBay he refused to refund me once again, sent me some trash in package back with a tracking code he submitted to eBay and offended me many times on racial basis. eBay didn't want to solve any of my further complaints.


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ebay final value fees - doubled!

eBAY IS charging double on what they call "final value fees". A seller is charged an "insertion fee" for being able to list an item as an auction (one fee) and as a buy it now item (another fee). Both fees are insertion fees and make sense. The problem comes when the item is sold. It can only sell ONE way or the other. If an item sells as an auction, the final value fee is a % based on the sell price. However, if the item is sold as a "buy it now" item, then there is a final value fee schedule based on the dollar value of the item sold. I have found that when some of my items sold this way - I was charged BOTH the buy it now final value fee AND the auction % fee - as if it sold as an auction too (which is a much higher fee). THIS IS DOUBLE CHARGING FOR THE FINAL VALUE FEES. When I complained, they DID issue me a credit for all of these items, but informed me that doing further business with them, I would continue to be billed in this manner. However, nowhere on any of their information in customer service or on their websites, does it state that as a seller: 'YOU WILL BE CHARGED BOTH AN AUCTION % FINAL VALUE FEE AND A BUY IT NOW FINAL VALUE FEE' no matter how the item sells. They don't say that because that is double charging for the same service. The insertion fee is paid under BOTH ways because as a seller, you want to give the buyer both options. However, in the final value fee - which is only based on the sold item - they can't charge both fees. It should be based on how it sold and as per their fee schedule. Yes, they try to confuse you. But this is really clear and I wish I knew where to go to get to the appropiate people to complain. I want to continue as a seller, but cannot do so, until they correct this problem. Out of my 16 items sold, which sold for just under $300 (not including shipping charges) they over charged me 8 times for a total of $5.26. I was issued a "one-time" credit because I MADE SENSE! But I was warned that it would not be done again. This is not right and they need to be notified and correct this. The amounts are small and maybe people don't notice - but they should. If you can help me or know where I can go, contact me at [protected]@msn.com. THANK YOU

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    disgruntled seller Mar 29, 2011

    I agree totally I sold a nice gold ring on e/bay and did not realise that final value fees now at 10% of sale price. Then they paid via p/pal another 3.5 % then the listing fee and insertion fee and photo fees. I have bought and sold an awful lot on e/bay in last 5 years. But you know what no more. I would rather keep the items. Just a note. Amazon are also getting greedy. Sell a book for £5.00 and they take £1.50 off you !!!. E/bay be warned you are killing the goose that laid the golden egg ie your customers. Shame on you.

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  • La
    Lance Stone Mar 30, 2011

    Now eBay (as of April 2011) going to be charging final value fees based on ALL charges including any shipping and handling. While it has been an issue for some time how people are allowed to overcharge for shipping, eBay has done everything to curb the small seller to being able to afford to use their services. eBay has no desire for the small store and this is going to more than quintuple the final value fees on such items as listed int he format you commented on.
    eBay has NO rights of charging final value fees on Shipping/Handling and Taxes. This is a third party and nothing to do with eBay services. They should have no rights to charge fees based on these amounts specially when many sellers are honest and trying to make products as affordable as possible to the buyer. They already scoop a 3% plus final value fee on the total amounts when the transaction is processed through PayPal. I have a very bad taste in my mouth and will be consulting lawyers here in Canada to pursue this matter on a national level.
    Thank goodness there are other auctions sites that are attempting to provide a sound service with more acceptable final value fees such as Bonanzle and eBid. Just wish I could convince buyers to visit there as well.
    Lance Stone - President and Marketing Dept.
    Subjazz Auctions

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  • Sa
    Sam222 Nov 04, 2013

    I contact ebay today,

    And i said that i dont use ebay as a delivery Service in any way..

    So why are you charging me "Final value fee on postage" i pay (Rayal Mail) for delivery, Not you !

    Ebay are not providing me with a postage service.. you are charging me for something that i have already paid Royal Mail for, half way around the world.. This fee is against the Law.

    I carried on to explaine.. if i received an email from My 'carpet center'.. how would you like it if i charged you / ebay.. money for that email ?

    Reply: "We have nothing to do with your Carpet Center.. Sir"

    My Reply:

    You have nothing to do with "Royal Mail Postage Costs either"

    But you want money for me for using royal Mail..(which is NOT your right, or your company)

    I bet (royal Mail) would like to know this.

    I am not over charging shipping costs either.. you can check this.. infact i charge slightly under as i am NOT charging for PACKING, Jiffy Bags or Tape Bubbles wrap.

    And i have an extra bill of £17.09p for shipping.


    "No, we cant be charging you for using you own choice shipping company..

    That would be stupid"

    She was kind and pleasent, and understood my problem,


    I instantly told her "Damn Right,

    RIP-OFF BRITON - Only us people will put up with such a stupid thing."

    But i don't think this is the case.

    She then put me on hold for 8 minutes,

    And came back with: "We have lowered the costs of ebay recently and to rectify this old surchage we lable this "shipping Charges" in the invoice.

    We charge you for a final fee and then charge the you the extra shipping Charges.

    My Reply: But you should not be charging me twice.. thats like charging me VAT twice..

    I then went on to say: " If its NOT a Final Charge on Shipping then the WORDING on the invoice needs to change..

    Her reply: "THAT A GOOD POINT"

    Anyway she said that we have to write a letter EBAY UK / Not email Write to:

    eBay (UK) LTD,

    P.O. Box 9473.

    Dublin 15.



    PS, everyone MUST do this.. to get this to work, dont leave it to someone else.. do your part.

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