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It is sad for me to write this review as I go to this Dunkin every morning before work and the staff i...

behavior / statement employee made

Friday 7-19 at 12:39pm, I ordered 2 hot large black americanos, 1 ssg egg amr cros & 1 egg american cross. An...

Middletown Coffee & Tea

not getting paid for three hours I worked there

Worked at Duncan Donuts was to be parttime but only worked three hours cleaning mold out of cold case. Wa...

drive thru service

I visited the Dunkin Donuts at 600 S Missouri Ave in Clearwater FL yesterday afternoon, as I do at least 2-3 times a day.. EVERYDAY.
So I place my order at the drive thru and pull up to the window.. where the guy at the window proceeded to hand me my 2 large drinks, followed by a handful of splenda packets.
WTF?! He is the only one to ever do this, and it's the 2nd time.
Please explain to me why I would go to dunkin donuts to basically make my own drink?!
Not to mention I came through the drive thru.. so obviously I'M DRIVING! Now I gotta stop and make my drink, because some guy was too lazy.. even though that's HIS JOB.. which HE GETS PAID FOR!

eastbound turnpike drive - thru 6/18/19

Dear Representative,

This morning at your Eastbound Massachusetts-turnpike drive thru near Weston, I ordered two "Heath" flavored coffees and two blueberry muffins.
The person who took my order said pull around without repeating the order back, which concerned me as the flavoring, a newer offering, was not acknowledged. When I got the coffee I tasted one of them and noted no flavoring.
I asked the server if he had added the "Heath" flavoring and he seemed confused stating he did not know what "that" was. I asked him what flavorings were available. He listed the flavorings and I chose butter pecan.
At this point the young man takes the coffee and goes to the left of the register out of site. I can however see a young lady in a purple T-shirt (visible in video) leaning on a counter staring in his direction with alternating expressions of shock and mirth. I also felt the young man took an exceptionally long time to return with the coffees.
Feeling uncomfortable, I hand him back the bag of muffins and ask for a refund. He reacts with confusion and gets, I assume a manager, the young lady in the orange T-shirt who immediately assumed an adversarial stance and asked what the problem is.
I stated that the order was wrong and I wanted a refund. She immediately becomes agitated and asks me to pull around to the front of the building to speak with her. I tried to explain I was taking my father to doctors appointment and did not have time. I will have proof that my father has multiple critical appointments on this day.
I will send a video but in my opinion this young lady who refused to refund my purchase, is notable agitated throughout the interaction and she alone is attempting to escalate the situation which results in-her threatening to call the police and have me arrested. Moreover it is untrue that I yelled at anyone at any point in the interaction as she implies.
This was an exceptionally bad customer experience for this loyal customer who almost exclusively has patronized DD for 4+ decades.
I would appreciate hearing from somebody in management my number is [protected] regarding a refund and apology.


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no working bathrooms for over a year

An old man came in with a cane and needed to use the bathroom they told him "there's no bathroom...

poor inconsiderate management, cleanness, employee turnover

I have been ordering Breakfast from DD on Military Trail, Sawgrass Promenade, Deerfield Beach, FL or over 10 years and have watched this location sadly decline.
Management is extremely poor and the employee turnover rate is practically every week.

Many times I arrive at an off hour and there is no one covering the front register for walk-ins. Twice I had to walk into the rear of the store and motion to the drive-in window employee that I needed to place an order and she didn't respond...not even with a knod. After 5 minutes finally someone came over and I was able to place my order. The store was empty except for myself.

The counters are dirty more than they are clean, and the credit card boxes' keys are filthy.

Inventory is not kept correctly because for 2 weeks they were out of large coffee cups and gave us an extra large cup because they ran out of large...never ever heard about that happening in the past 10 years??

Since when are the employees permitted to park out front as it takes away the customers' parking spots? For the past two weeks the Assistant Manager is parking her red Nissan in the front when there are dozens of empty spots available nearby which they can park in and not take away convenient spots from customers who are rushing in for their morning coffee and have to go to work!!! It is so inconsiderate!

frozen coffee and hospitality

We ordered two frozen coffees both mocha one with whip cream one without, when we got our frozen coffees the...

ordering a coffee

I went to Dunkin Donuts in Hanover Park Il [protected] at around 5:00 pm & I had the most horrible experience. I happen to see my fringe William there, he offered to buy me a coffee, so I did. When I received the coffee it was what I ordered. I ordered a small decaf with just hazelnut flavor with cream & sugar on the side. When I received my coffee it looked like mud & it had this awful smell, I was feeling nauseous. The cashier Virag S. say she couldn't refund me so I asked for another coffee, but as soon as my went to her because his coffee didn't taste right & that's when HELL broke loose, She was prejudice, mean, evil, ignored us, rude & inconsiderate. All my friend & I said was can we get a refund or another coffee, I was laughing so hard I couldn't believe this was happening but I was laughing & crying at the same time later. The next thing you know she say she's going to call the Police for nothing & all we wanted was coffee & just sit, relax & talk, but it took a nightmare for a cup of coffee it had taken 1 hour & a half for ridiculous unnecessary time consuming when she never gave me a cup of coffee or refund until the Police came so a 1 & a half hours for this cashier to have serious problem. To top it off she say we can't go back in there & we got discriminated & kicked out for no reason to us for just a cup of coffee. Maxine J

manager accepting gifts from customers

I thought it should be brought to the brand and franchise's attention that a manager named Melissa Brand, who works at a Dunkin Donuts in the Haverhill area (though her store may be in Meuthen or Lawrence) has been accepting gifts from customers. Most recently she accepted a gift that looks to be worth at least $75 of Victoria's Secret merchandise from a regular. She makes no attempt to hide it, and has frequently posted on social media about it. I believe this must go against some company policy, and it not should still be looked into. As a fellow restaurant manager, it is never right to accept gifts from regulars, as it usually gives way to giving away drinks/food. This only benefits the individual manger involved, and not the other employees of the store that work just as hard. Just thought the company might like to know.

manager accepting gifts from customers

  • SubSquirrel Apr 15, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I’d bet you’re an employee who wants that job.

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drive thru

Dear Dunkin Donut Management, I am a customer or Dunkin Donut at Elizabeth ave Somerset nj Branch, i have...

the order takers working the counter.

I went to this location on sat, 3/23/19 at 8:30am... Only to walk in the door and become #12 in line.. One...

iced coffee

On Saturday March 2nd I visited your Old Forest Road location in Lynchburg VA. I am a frequent visitor of...


I go to Dunkin every morning for my coffee and sometimes breakfast. This particular store literally gets my...

dunkin donuts online deals

Dunkin Donuts offered me a deal on DD rewards and deals. "Free $5 Dunkin' Donuts Bonus offer w/$10 Reload (Must use MasterCard) through January 10th.

I did as required on January 9th. I did not receive the additional $5. I have emailed DD several times and finally got a answer that the offer was while supply lasts. I added the amount within 1 minute of the offer. It did not say anywhere that it was while supply lasts.

I feel is DD was not going to supply me with the offer they should not have accepted the $10 reload.


I went to the Dunkin Donuts located at 301 N Maryland Ave on 12/29/18 to buy a coffee and sandwich. My gift card was short by .82 so I asked her to charge the .82 on another separate gift card that was a $5.00 New balance card. She charged the card $4.18instead of the .82. I told her the mistake and she said it's ok she will fix it. When I checked the gift card this morning it was never fixed. The balance still says .82 cents. This same person at same shop did this to my son a week ago. I will not be frequently this dunkin donuts any longer. Shame as we love dunkin over was a and crispy cream shops..

  • SubSquirrel Dec 31, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Dunkin Donuts continually makes mistakes. Wrong ingredients, wrong items, wrong change and rude employees. There is no competition so they don’t care if you aren’t happy.

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turkey sausage egg wrap

The customer service was not pleasant. The wrap was burnt and the egg is missing. See photos below. Amwent...

support line

I have been on hold waiting to talk to someone about a gift card that has not been delivered for over an hour. This is unacceptable. If you are a business you need to have people available to help with resolve issues. Having someone wait over an hour (and still waiting) to get an issue resolved in ridiculous. I will never buy another gift card from Dunkin Donuts again and I would suggest that no one else do unless you like to wait on hold.


11/04/2018-this dunkin donuts is the worst not sure if the workers know how to assemble the food or heat it up properly. I ordered a ham, egg, cheese on an English muffin with hash browns. I got my food after someone ordered after me waited for 15mins to get it i got ready to eat it at my work and I had to fight the bread it was dry and hard and ruined my breakfast oh the hash browns were overheated too it aLL went in the garbage because that's exactly what i paid for. I've tried to give this place a chance over and over again but i always get disappointed that's why i dont get the hot or iced coffee anymore...not returning any time soon...Mcdonalds, home or nothing at all.

the manager at dunkin donuts

I have been getting threatened and harassed by the head manager at dunkin donuts & he's always very rude ...