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Reviews and Complaints

Dunkin Doughnutsrude & disrespectful

Went in and ordered a small strawberry banana smoothie and a small strawberry banana milkshake, and was told by the store manager that they dont make strawberry banana milkshakes and they have never made it that way. I frequent this location often and its located across the street and about 4 3 blks from my residence and went there on numerous occasions a bought a strawberry banana milkshake. The manager was very rude and after me telling her that I come here alot and never experience this before in addition to another location around the corner from my residence, she told one of the worker to put the banana in the milkshake for me. But that was after I told her that they charge me $69 cents extra at the other location. Now it's time for the manager to ring up my order and I repeated it to her several times and she couldn't get my order right. Then she got a pen and paper and asked me to write it down but I refused. The manager got upset and told the lady that made my order to throw it out. The nerve of her, so I took but of their names and called dd to file a complaint. They will not get anymore of my money.

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    senuka25 Sep 13, 2013

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    foxygrandma Sep 13, 2013

    For heaven's sake grow up! You sound just as rude as you say the employees were. Furthermore, the fact that you typed in all capitals means that you are shouting at us, and we didn't do anything to you to deserve that.

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