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don't buy

At 7:00pm, I was talked into a dozen donuts, buy 1 get one free. At the end of the day, they are stale and 2 were green moled. When I complained to the store mgr, she denied she never sells stale donuts, but at the end of the day she does throw them out. Then why was 2 dz soled to me if they were ready to be thrown away in another hour.

Donuts are not baked at this location, they are brought in from another store. I called the headquarters, their reply was that they would look into this and have a general manager call me. Not true. since 6-11-08, no phone call or letter. I complained twice to no avail.

Beware of the Dunkin Donuts, the penicillin is free.

I live in Central Florida, St.Cloud, & will never eat another Dunkin Donut. A pissed off former customer.

  • Ju
    JungelJohn Apr 23, 2011

    America runs on Dunkin ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I doubt it !
    If you want a good cup of coffie and you have a Honeydew Doughnuts in your area, ( Im from Mass)
    Honeydew puts Dunkin to shame !There Honeydew Doughnuts are fresh, and twice the size,
    and they actually taste like a real doughnut ! Coffie is just as good, and I would not be surprised if everything is also cheaper than Dunkin Doughnuts ! Great polite employes also at the Honeydew ! Ok, Im thru [censor]in, it's
    up to you folks now to decide who is right ?
    You all have a happy wonderful Easter and may ( your God ) be with youuuuuuuuu and family :)

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the rule breeaking of non fraternization contract

I use to work at the dunkin in herkimer walmart... When I got hired I was suppose to sign a paper for non fraternization in the work place... Well I have found that apparently that sheet is bogus!!! My husband worked at the dunkin in herkimer on state street. Where he was a crew member... Wel he had an affair with a shift leader... He was transferred and well the shiftleader still works there. I know that the manager at the store in september of 2009 knew that it had gone on... Kept them on the same shift and just had two extra managers on to what they called babysit... I want to know why it is there are contracts to be signed and rules to follow when obviously there not being followed nor are there consequences when breaking the sheet they both had signed... I want to know why they have rules at all if they won't do what it is they say they will do on that piece of paper if its broken... Can someone answer this for me? Email address is [protected]

harrasment of employees and bad bagles and donuts

This dd was great when the manager "wendy" worked there, now they have this nasty, dirty, manager who...

you are not allowed to stay for more then 1 hour

I had a bad experience with dunkin donut pioneer branch general santos, philippines.when my group of classmates decided to study there. Of course we ordered. The store owner ask us if we will stay there for long ? Because according to them there will be other customers who will used our tables and chairs.although that time there are only few customers. They said even if you ordered its not a reason for you to stay there for long.damn what a stupid management do they have. is there such a rule in dunkin donut? That you could not stay for more than 1 hour?instead of telling there customers that they should not stay long. Why not try to add extra chairs and tables so that they can accomodate everyone.i hope you someone reprimand the owner of that store.

  • Ki
    KixStar Apr 08, 2010

    The store is allowed to set whatever rules they want. Take your donuts and eat outside.

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  • Un
    unknown4nameless Sep 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well at least your lucky to get an hour. i went there with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends, we get half a dozen and all get drinks also coffee or cappaions collatas. i payed for everything so i no he total was over $28, after 15 the manger told us to get out, i was like "what, r u kidding?" he says no u need to leave, u can only stay for 15 MIN NO MORE OTHER PEOPLE NEED A PLACE TO SIT. yea i agree but if there WERE ANY ONE ELSE IN THE STORE. only one other guy was sitting texting on his phone, we were not being loud at all and we were not messing up the store or anything. was a [censor] thing, they dont no how to treat there costumers that spned money in there store.

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bring the apple fritters back to dd

I am, as many other customers, very upset that in ulster and dutchess counties, new york, no dunkin donuts have apple fritters any more, just myself I would purchase at least 1-2 apple fritters a day, and no one has an answer, so, now myself and I spread the news to many people to go to starbucks for coffee and APPLE FRITTERS!!, I wouled be grateful if you could please bring the apple fritters back to DD, especially in kingston, and Hyde Park NY, I did busineess, what a great loss and gain to starbucks!! thank you.

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double charge

I went to Dunkin ' Donuts in Target at Elmhurst this morning and I bought 2 croissants, toasted with cream cheese and 2 sugar raised donuts. I paid with my debit card, the cashier gave me a receipt in the amount of $5.89. The order number is 72995. But when I checked my bank statement online, I found out that they charged me twice. The other amount is $5.73. Either she did it on purpose or she wasn't paying attention because of the chatting with her co-workers. Hey, with the economy now, every penny counts. She should be reprimanded. What if she did this to every customer? Either the company or her will be rich by now. Either way, what she did was pure irresponsible. I just want my money back. Thank you.


Today is 3/24/2010.. I just got fired.. reason complaints is beacause im new just started working 3 days now...

policies-hot cups

Ridiculous management. First they started charging 60 cents for hot cups..which was later reversed (after they pocketed considerable amount) by the corprate headquarters who told them they couldnt charge. Well now they are refusing the hot cups! We always ask for a hot cup for coolatas..because they keep the beverage cold as well..its an insulator and works for cold beverages as well as hot. Well I was told...rudely..that I could not have a hot cup because they were low on supply.??? I asked, so who are you keeping them for? The reply was, condisendingly, from a teenie bopper, " for HOT Coffee..they are HOT CUPS"..
I replied..ok I will be callimg corprate, she asked if I would like to talk to her manager, I said No, because your manager also tried to charge 60 cents for them..she said ya, but we couldnt do that. I said thats why I will complain to corprate...I doubt they will be happy that now you are designating who can have a hot cup. I mean really..give me a break. I paid ten dollars for 4 coffees, if I want a stupid styrofoam cup to keep it cold...what a stupid business decision. There is another dunkin Donuts down the street under different management and better yet a Honey Dew 2 blocks away.

rude employee and idiot manager, customer service is stupid, nasty

My name is peter william. Last week i went to the dunkin donut which is located in manchester expy. columbus-...

managers behaviour

I am an employee of dunkin donuts the manager Rafeal is very rude he does not know how to talk with the customers or with the employees he keeps racial decrimination among the employees, he abuses the employees every now and then. The customer are also complaining about the behaviour and the employees too.

  • Mi
    Mike090565 Mar 24, 2010

    i have the same thing going on read mine.. how did you file a complaint im trying to do it but cant find the number or site

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  • La
    LalaK Oct 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yesterday I was there to pick some donuts from Rt.130 North Brunswick dunkin donuts
    But I saw too many flies sitting on them! I got upset & left the place went to another one!
    Seems like employs there didn't care about!!!
    So health wise no one should eat donuts there because flies caries many germs!!!

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not making doughnuts/ 24hr

They never, and I mean never have doughnuts made after morning. They are 24 hrs and are so lazy they cannot make doughnuts and only sell the dried up ones from that morning. Many, many times I have gone through around 3 or 4 pm and they have only plain ect. also they shut down the coolatta machine to be cleaned during the mid day and do not run it again!!!Shut them down, do something, they are the only doughnut shop left around and they do not deserve to be operating this way.

Come on.

disrespectful general manager

Im currently employed at a dunkin donuts owed by Ray messier, to make a long story short i worked at dunkin...

lack of customer service

I have been going to Dunkin Doughnuts as long as I can remember. This is about the 10th time I visited thi...

dunkin donuts is not for consumer anymore

I go to the ware, ma dunkin. I asked for a senior discount on a thursday and they told me that the discount is only on tuesday??? No where else is this.

I went to the mobil dunkin in holden, ma. I asked for two ice coffee with no ice and senior discount. The lady said that I could not get a senior discount, because I had no ice in the ice coffee??? No where else has this happend. Is each store not for the consumer anymore?? Will not go there anymore and am being turned off. I have always been a dunkin customer.

  • No
    No idea Jan 19, 2011

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Just saying.

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  • Lu
    lulicious Feb 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the Dunkin Donuts in Holden on Shrewsbury Street, I tried to pay with my debit card and apparently there was a problem, so while I was getting out cash to pay for my transaction, Sondra or Sandra decided that she would throw my debit card in the trash!!! I did not realize that she did not give me my card back until after I left. When I realized several minutes after I was at home, I called the store and they basically told me I was a liar and that they would NEVER throw any one's card away. I told her to go look for it and to call me back, in the mean time I returned to the store and the employees where all in a corner giggling and laughing while holding my card in the air. The woman NEVER bothered to call me back, she never apologized and made it out to be no big deal. My debit card is my life line. I have all of my monthly disability money deposited onto that card. She could have ruined my entire month if she had not found my card. I would not have had any money nor access to my money if I had to wait a minimum of 3 weeks to get the card replaced. They treated it as a big joke and frankly didn't give a crap about the poor customer service they provided. I called DD corporate complaint line and was told that the franchise owner would give me a call back. Well that never happened, and I found out today that Sandra IS THE FRANCHISE MANAGER!!! I deserve more than an apology, I deserve at least a year of free coffee and muffins. they should be punished. WHO IN THERE RIGHT MINDS WOULD THROW AWAY SOMEONES DEBIT CARD??????????????? I think it would be in there best interest to make this right, cuz I am not going away quietly.

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  • Ea
    Eagle13 Feb 09, 2012

    Also please go and change your debit card number if you can. The fact that they had possession of your card for so long I wouldn't trust them

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  • Lu
    lulicious Feb 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tasha I am a 43 year old woman, I don't need my mommy and daddy to feed me, I am sorry I was looking for change when the ### threw my card away. This is a true story. I didn't realize she didn't give it back to me, sorry I was flustered over the fact that I knew I had enough to pay and I don't have a cell phone to call and check the balance of my card. My daughter was at home waiting with phone in hand for the woman to call back and say she found it, which she didn't cuz she was too busy laughing about finding it in the trash. I don't need free food, but for poor customer service they should have to do something, I DIDN"T ever get an apology. An apology is what I am truly after...if they had oops sorry we made a mistake, then all would be good. BUT THEY CAN'T even say that. I my opinion every other store I go to I am allow to swipe my card by myself. IE Walmart, the grocery store, the gas station. I feel it was taken by the clerk in order to do something with it later on.

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filthy and poorly run

I have been to many Dunkin Donuts over the years but never have I been to one as poorly run and dirty as the one on SR 54 in New Port Richey Fl I think the address was 7635. The employees were not helpful, there was garbage and food all over the floor, every table was dirty and even the ice cream on the baskin robbins part was gross and contaminated looking. The raspberry ice cream actually had an ice cube dropped in the top of it that looked like it fell out of a latte of some kind. It was brown. I waited for a while for help while 8 employees were working, was ignored and finally left. The place where sandwiches were being prepared was covered in many seeds from bagels. I watched a girl prepare a flatbread right on top of the seeds. Are you aware people have allergies to some of these seeds? I personally think Dunkin Donuts is the best coffee ever but would never recommend any one to go to this store again. Filthy and poorly run. Someone needs to retrain these employees.

bad gift cards

When you buy gift cards there watch out! They give you a receipt and a card but they do not give you the card that is acticated. Instead, they take your money and give you a card that is not activated. I have the receipt given and the card and the last number is off by one digit.

  • Th
    ThaddeusR Jan 27, 2010

    Really? Maybe they gave YOU a card that wasn't activated, but not ME.

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  • Jb
    JB7 Jan 27, 2010

    Sounds like an honest mistake. Why don't you contact them to see if they will make it right before you complain about them.

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wrongful termination

I was wrongfully terminated from dunkin dounts on broadway. I have been working for dunkin dounts for about 3 months. I have been late twice, and have been written up once prier to my termination. A customer call and complainted that she didnt recive her complete order. I was on drivethru cash, and cashed her out and gave her coffee. When seeing if her food was ready she grove off without reciving the rest of her oder. She clames that I was clowning around and thats why she didnt get the rest of her order. This was untrue because I even stood outside to maybe see if one of my co-workers might have pulled her trying effort to complete her order. One co-worker was sent home and I recived a write up. I finished the rest of my shift and went home. Upon the next day I was called by the manager at 9 in the morning and was told that I had to be let go. I belivie that this was unfair and that proper procceders was not followed. I would have liked to see the tapes. I would have liked to have been called into the main office and asked my side of the story. None of that was done.


I was in Dunkin Donuts on January 10, 2010 and I always drink my coffee and tea with a straw and so does my husband and daughter. All three of us had a horrible taste in our tea. We asked each other does this taste funny and we all replied yes. It tasted like lacquer. When we took the straw out of the tea and replaced it with one of our straws the tea tasted fine.

Where are these straws coming from and are they based with lead paint. They are orange with a stripe. They must have some sort of coloring in them to be orange.

illegal hiring

I have been work in this Dunkin Donuts for last 1 and half year. This franchisee is owned by Indian. A...


I live in jeddah, saudi arabia. And every friday afternoon I visit the tahliya branch for donuts. Its very strange that every time I go there for glazed donuts they are always out of glazed because they only make one tray of glazed in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon, at least this is my understanding. And to my surprise that glazed is available at krispy kreme at any given time of the day. Also, by the way kk is gaining ground and they are every where. So please do something about this. I want to go to my favorite donut shop, dunkin donuts, and find glazed donuts at all times.

  • Sk
    sketchjet Dec 18, 2009

    I am sorry sir, we cannot do this. perhaps we give you strawberry creme fill instead yes

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