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employee abuse

A family member of mine currently works at a Dunkin Donuts in Stirling NJ. She has been working over 50 hour...

Millington Coffee & Tea

online order

I placed on order on the app for pick up at the Oakland Pittsburgh location at 3907 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh...


Hi, my name is Jessica Earle. I was hired at the store on East bay Dr in Largo FL. I was told I was going to...

customer complaint

I am a regular customer at the Dunkin Donut located at 2035 Bartow Ave Bronx NY 10475. I observed this female...

false advertising

Went by 30 squire rd revere ma about 330pm - saw a sign on the highway - from 2 to 6 pm ice coffee is $2.00 -...

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unethical behaviour

09/22/2018 My Husband and I went to the Dunkin Donuts off of Spring Street in Racine, Wi. I went through the...

customer service

Good afternoon. My name is Dell and I was purchasing a bagel with cream cheese at the dukin donuts located inside Port authority in NYC yesterday around 3 pm. The lines were long and super busy and I could tell and see the woman at the register was overwhelmed or frustrated. When it was my turn to approach her to place an order she was gone. She walked up, not all the way to me though, saw I was there said something and walked back to make sandwiches. I did not hear what she said due to all the noise in the store. So I went to the other cashier. He didn't even know what happened or what she was doing and all I said to him is where is she, is she coming back? Next thing I hear is her yelling something with an attitude. Like really? All she had to say was ma'am I'm sorry you didn't hear me but I said I'm going to the back to make sandwiches, please wait or go to next register. She was very nasty so I replied" well I didn't hear you!" And she kept talking back to me! I couldn't believe this is how an employee in the most popular franchise in a very popular travel site was acting! The yelling and shouting between us was ongoing! She needs to learn how to deal with customers when it's busy and she is feeling overwhelmed. This is not acceptable! She was a short older looking heavy set Caucasian woman. I did not get her name but she needs to be reprimanded. Please follow up via email for further info. I will not rest till my voice is heard as this is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing behavior. Thank you

hot beverage cups

Hello, Today, sept 22nd at roughly 9am, I purchased a medium hot coffee from the Dunkin' Donuts on Crescent...

Dunkin' Brands


My wife and I attempted to place a drive-thru order and after if you would Temps the employee seemed frustrated and could not understand my wife as she has an accent and is from Brazil. I took over and proceeded to complete the order it seemed as though the employee was irritated and scream through her mic that she could not understand that there were background noises and that she could not understand what my wife was saying. So we pulled up to the window in the employee proceeded to yell at us and tell her she could not understand so I engaged and let her have it told her I was contacting corporate and she said go ahead I don't care. My wife was much nicer about the situation than I was we drove off without paying as the employees continue to be rude and blamed us for the situation this was at Dunkin Donuts on Pittsfield Lenox Road in Pittsfield Massachusetts. It was Saturday September 15th at 10:30 a.m.
my name is John Murray my wife's name is Karen Marie we live in Lee Massachusetts


The manger is very rude, he throws coffee pots at his employees, he pays ppl under the table, he is rude, he has a worker who gets high on the job, and when things happen at work he doesn't handle the situation like a manger is suppose to. The store is never stocked with things properly majority of his workers are stealing money. Here I have the photo of his woker Albert who got my number and text in me as well as harassing me.


I went to the store in Elgin, Illinois. The store at McLean and Big Timber Rd. There is an African Americam...


I need help reaching out to the owner or regional manager of the Dunkin' Donuts food chain. I love coming to...


I work at 5610 West sample rd in margate and the two Jamaican managers that work there are very nasty like...

your delivery trucks

To Whom it may concern: I live at 87th & Mobile behind the strip mall on 87th & Narragansette. I am...

Dunkin' Brands

the people working there are so unprofessional and careless.

Went to Dunkin Donuts on Miller Rd in Schodack, NY this morning...what a joke. The people working there are rude and unprofessional. Busy chit chatting and laughing amongst themselves. It's like they couldn't care less that customers are waiting. Worse yet...I ordered double Almond milk and splenda in my coffee. AND I made sure to repeat my order...Well, they rang it up correctly (after 2 tries) but put regular milk and sugar in my coffee. I know this for sure because I spent most of the morning after drinking it in the bathroom sweating and fighting stomach cramps and diarrhea. I didn't really mind the sugar, but I can't taste the difference between almond milk and regular milk . If I could I wouldn't have drank it.

Your staff NEEDS more training. They can put someone in the hospital because of their carelessness.

dunkin donut iced coffee drink

I purchased 2 of these iced coffees. This was the first time I purchased your product . One drink was pretty good. My complaint is the second one was curdled which I had to throw out. I don't know if this happens a lot but I was rather disappointed. This was purchased at a mini mart.
I just wanted to let you know what is out there...
Thanks so much,

Service and product

First- I called comments and concerns line 8/20/18- left message with number- No return call back. Today...

tmo tuesday baskin-robbins promo card

Today TMo Tuesday again gives out $2 Baskin-Robbins promo card to their customers as usual. However, again I can't redeem all of the four codes from the App and was told that Card inactive. please contact cusmster care @ [protected]

The same issues have repeated for many time. If it's a tech issue, should be solved already. Thus each time I felt cheated or fooled by Dunkin' Brands. I can't imagine Dunkin' Brands can do so each time for save them $2! Ashamed on Dunkin' Brands!

worst service by manager

So. I visited the Dunkin donut today and I had my son and a small yorkie. So, from the door I ask the girl on...

pretzel bites

I purchased your pretzel bites at the Ridgefield, NJ this morning and they were covered in mold. I had already eaten two of the bited when I noticed that they were covered with mold. This is completely unacceptable and should be remedied immediately. There should be protocols in place to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I have pictures of the item that I am attaching to this message.