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This is the worst experience I have Experienced with Domino's I had placed an order wide telephone for delivery and received the order vide Order number:46 dated 7/23/2006 at 15:05 hours. We paid for it and your delivery guy left, On looking inside the order we found that Jalapeno dip was not there as We have a habit of eating chicken wings and Garlic Bread with the dip, since it was not there we called up your store and people were telling me after being online for 15 mins that they will be sending me the Jalapeno dip to which I requested them as the pizza had been lying there for over to 30 mins on the table it had gone cold and I requested them to take the whole stuff back and send me the full order again, and by this time it had been 1 hour waiting for the food which was agonizing to which the store manager finally agreed after much persistence. 5 mins later I get a call from Mr. Asif who identified himself as the store manager and asked me not to return the stuff back and also keep the reorder as I was very hungry We ate the breads and The chicken wings after heating them in the Microwave.20 mins later we recieved the reorder and the delivery guy insisted that I return the whole stuff back this made me go in a very embarrasing situation as I had no Bread and the wings to return. I would like to inform you that I have returned the whole stuff back both the first order and the reorder and also the money as I donot want deal with Domino's any more and will also take case to customer court as I have taken in writing from the delivery guy that I have not taken the money back from domino’s and also returned the stuff back. I was a regular customer of their competitor Pizza Hut but sorry to say it has been a very bad experience with this company and above all these people are not courteous enough. I would like to know your Mumbai details where we can take this case forward. They have kept the money and the food also with them that is the whole bill amount of Rs.375.75/-


  • Updated by Wap32 · Jul 03, 2019

    I apologize I don't normally do this but Jessica Malcolm doesn't need to be be manager I came in and she was rude and hateful

  • Updated by Wap32 · Jul 03, 2019

    From Wilson NC

  • Updated by long time dominos customer · Oct 09, 2019

    30 minutes and pizza is still sitting there getting colder and colder/ this happens every time with the same manager. And when you complain about it SHE is rude and speaks to you like a dog and somehow it’s your fault, not hers. My pizza has never been warm when I’ve gotten it whenever this manager is on duty/ and like I said she will cancel out the order to make it appear like it has been delivered to meet delivery times- and I’ll sit there and wait for 30 more minutes until it’s actually delivered making it look like they’ve given my order to someone else- when I complain again she is very rude and somehow it’s my fault.

  • Updated by long time dominos customer · Oct 09, 2019

    And 35 mins goes by. I’ll let ya all know when my pizza actually leaves the counter. Probably in about an hour.

  • Updated by beverly00 · Jan 17, 2020

    your company makes the most sloppiest pizza ever very disturbing


  • Da
    Dar Nov 17, 2006

    Upon calling dominoes in bradford penna.16701 about my failure to recieve my free brownies i was informed that it stated on the flyer it must be requested. i could not find it. my son pointed to very small lettering that needed a magnifing glass to all but eagles to see when i complained this was unfair i recieved my brownies a while later with the large letters from the back circled, on the back, down side usually pasted, was what they claimed in letters for all to see.large enough that i would have ordered them when i first called and not gone thru all that resentment. i know they were being smart by sending me that, but it made my point i never saw it because letters were way too
    small on the front up side when pasted to my box. thank you employees for making me feel like a
    nincompoop instead of a valued customer who ordered alot from u

    darlene guillen-arce
    19 chautauqua place
    17 chautauqua place
    14 miller st

    if u have records u will know i call alot

    love, dar

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  • La
    lata Aug 17, 2007

    Very very bad experience with DOMINO'S. We ordered 2 mediums 2 topping pizza's one with chicken jalapeños and the other with pineapple jalapeños and coke. They charged for everything and messed up my whole order no coke and one pizza with chicken and pineapple which i never ordered.

    When i called them back for this, the so called manager don't even has courtesy to say SORRY also.He don't even want to send the soda and he is saying that he can give free soda on next order(not sure why do i have to go to them again after all this mess up).

    I never had this type of experience from any PIZZA.i usually go to their competitor PIZZA Hut as they don't have delivery in that area i went to DOMINO'S.

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  • Am
    Ambati Vishnu Aug 13, 2018

    Too late to delivery order rider called me when he was starting but my mobile was switched off again 5 min back I called restaurant but they told it's take timeee

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  • Ro
    Roger Ilgen Aug 13, 2018

    Ordered 2 medium pizza's for pick up. One was excellent the other was burnt black. Very Disappointing.
    Order date 8/4 Order 3499033 box 2

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  • Em
    Emil Kiyak Aug 14, 2018

    i had an issue with my local Domino's . the problem was addressed by both corporate and my local store . i was contacted by both of them, and they listen to me and were grateful for bringing the issue to their attention .
    Thank You

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  • To
    Tom829 Aug 14, 2018

    The store is # 7803...7/27/18, Lincoln Blvd.

    I don't normally complain about food orders unless it tastes bad. This sandwich had like once slice of meat, it was like eating an air sandwich, terrible...You can't really call it a sandwich, I normally like your food, this time it was severely lacking!

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  • Ch
    Chris Starr Aug 15, 2018

    The pizza took three hours to be delivered I call to check a couple times but was on hold for 15 minutes each time when the pizza finally arrived the driver was rude the pizza was cold and the order was wrong absolutely ridiculous I'm not usually one to complain but this was a little to much

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  • Sl
    Sloppy Aug 15, 2018

    I opened the box and everything is slide off the sandwich. I got this one at southeast 44 street location. Service was fast but the product is very sloppy

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  • Ja
    Janai goldwire Aug 15, 2018

    I've been waiting 4 hours for a pizza

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  • Gl
    Glendaliz Candelaria Aug 15, 2018

    On june 16 i went to dominos pizza on federal st greenfield ma around 9:20 and i ordered to carry out pizzas. The guys literally laugh at my face that was really rude . I went home and the order was wrong awfull service awfull food

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  • Tr
    Troy Bratcher Aug 15, 2018

    My family and I order 14 original boneless wings and a large pizza the wings weren't boneless and were BBQ not original

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  • Ti
    tiffany harris Aug 15, 2018

    I placed an order at 9:39pm I never received my pizza. I called at least 10 times no answer I stayed on hold for more than 20 mins because my phone number changed. My bell number was also part of the address no one wrong the bell, I'm very disappointed and I would love my reward points back.

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  • Kr
    Krishna Rajput Aug 15, 2018

    Hi I ordered chicken pizza online but when I got my pizza I found very very less chicken on my pizza and I also asked for extra cheese and that wasn't look like. So I'm really disappointed with the quality of my pizza. I would like to get return.

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  • Lu
    Lucy Ng Aug 15, 2018

    The pizza with 3 toppings smell/tasted like bleech. This had never happened before.

    Couldn't continue on intake the pizza.

    Very disappointed and suggest the store located in Kenwood, MD needed to have inspection to this matter.

    This is bad to the community with bad reputation.

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  • Tr
    Tracey keeling Aug 15, 2018

    My husband and I ordered two subs and where charged 15.00.believe that was the wrong price and subs where not in foil just throw in a box. thank you from a very upset Lakeland Florida.

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  • Mo
    Mohd Hasan Aug 15, 2018

    Very bad service from Dominos, still I've not got reply against my last order 574 placed mob no 8368205373

    logged complaint to dominos and a lady call me and she told me she will call me back after some time but 2 days over and no any response nor call receive.

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  • Re
    Renee Cecchett Aug 15, 2018

    I ordered to 599 pizzas from Domino's they came in with burnt cheese nothing on them I called the store they don't want to do anything about it here are the pictures of the to Pizza

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  • Bd
    bdgoyal Aug 15, 2018

    on 2/7/2018 i placed my order at 10:10pm my registered mobile no. 8192801901 and at 10.50 i call 5 times they kept my call on hold and disconnected and lastly they answered no order placed. i want to know why you were joking and wasted my time and i slept hungary at night i waited till 11 pm for your pizza.

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  • Jd
    J dawg Aug 15, 2018

    We ordered a pizza at 11:50 and they said it would be here 10-15 minutes, we waited an hour and it never came when we called back they said it was sitting on the counter ready but no one has delivered it. My fear is that it is cold and the cheese is hard. This used to be my go to pizza place but no longer. Fare well Domino's pizza.

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  • Ch
    Chelsea0123 Aug 15, 2018

    Hi there, I just got home from picking up a large chicken Alfredo pizza from dominos, I'm not usually one to complain, but there is literally one tiny piece of chicken on each slice of the pizza and the crust is stretched extremely thin..

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  • Th
    Thad Loftus Aug 16, 2018

    When you say there are millions of different pizza combinations you confuse me and probably others.
    Pizza should be wholesome and simple
    Makes me want to hide the numbers on my credit card when math and pizza are in the same sentence.

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  • Dm
    D Maxey Aug 16, 2018

    I ordered two pacific veggie pizzas from dominos as soon as we tried to grab a slice out the box all of the topics fell right off it was a very sloppy pizza. I don't know if it's that they had new employees or if the pizza is just awful at that location. I hope this isn't how they handle business all the time.

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  • Ki
    Kiasienna15 Aug 16, 2018

    Just order food and our paramsen bites was burnt and we didn't get our cheesy bread or cinnamon twists and we got a large pepperoni pizza but barley any pepperoni and the service was rude and tried to call but got ignored multiple times and I got charged all this but didn't get our Fanta and would like this to be fixed

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  • Ju
    Julie Kevin Holbrook Aug 20, 2018

    We order pizza online at least twice a month. Everytime, we go to pick it up, there is total chaos !!! Can't find the order or we have to wait an additional 30 mins... They are so understaffed and unorganized... tonight they had to give me someone's order, because I had waited for almost 45 mins and my order wasn't nowhere to be found !!

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  • El
    Elvinah Aug 20, 2018

    I paid for beacon in my bread bowl and i didn't receive It. I payed for garlic sauce i received blue cheese every time i order there's a problem i spent over 30 dollars just to have my order messed up i would like a full refund!

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  • St
    Steve Allbee Aug 20, 2018

    Worst service ever from domino's.

    Called after an hour and 15 minutes of waiting after it was ordered and were told that it was not picked up yet and reminded them it was for delivery after another 30 minutes got the delivery

    Food took way too long and cold when it arrived!!!

    Good chance of not ordering again from any domino's pizza

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  • Ha
    Hahsosuva Aug 20, 2018

    Ordered a pizza and it came with the wrong sauce and toppings. I called them back and they told me they would make a new one for me the proper way I wanted it and when I got it it was wrong again. I will never be ordering from dominos again if they can't get one pizza right after trying two times

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  • Cl
    Clarissa Yvette Vela Aug 20, 2018

    I ordered 2 hand tossed & 2 thin & crispy pizzas & when I arrived home I realized the thin and crispy weren't crispy at all. I called the manager, Julio, to complain & his response was "oh you wanted them well done" to which I responded "um yes thin & CRISPY" He stated he would remake them but didn't give me a time frame nor has he called me back.

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  • Lm
    Lmgriffin Aug 20, 2018

    Fan of your pizza my concern here is your current commercial. Kids get excited about pizza but you have a commercial that has a man running around with scissors not a good visual.

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  • So
    Sokoya Aug 20, 2018

    My pizza was 20 min late and the lava cake was so tiny and gross.

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  • Cl
    clik309 Aug 20, 2018

    I ordered a medium 4 topping pizza and it a arrived to my place missing one of the 4 toppings

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  • Jo
    Joya Das Aug 20, 2018

    Hey just wanted to let you know I ordered a veggie pizza and had a meat piece on one of the slices of my pizza. I have been ordering Domino's for almost 5 months and I am just disappointed that my pizza had meat on it and I never ordered for the meat to be on it. I am personally a vegetarian and hope you can understand Please help.Thanks.

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  • Pa
    Paramjit gill Aug 20, 2018

    Had been ordering pizza for the last 40 years, mainly in Ann Arbor Michigan and Roseville California. Last year, we moved to Newtown Square pa and ordered pizza here several times and every time it had been so bad that we could not eat. Quality is getting worse.

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  • Pi
    pizza_okay Aug 20, 2018

    it was somewhat cut off

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  • Da
    Darlala Aug 20, 2018

    Recently called and asked for triple sauce i like it that way i always order it that way
    I am a vegetarian and always just get 3 cheese plus triple sauce. I was told cannot make it that way because it would get all over oven. i spend alot of money at dominos i should get it the way i want it

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  • Sa
    Sara11abbott Aug 20, 2018

    The delivery diver forgot my drink with my order. I called to the store and the guy told me i had to wait for the next order to get my drink...

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  • Ck
    Ck Kok Aug 20, 2018

    Late almost 15 minutes and no apologize at all, the delevery boy still show their innocent face, what happened??!Its ok for time delay, my family damn hungry whole evening, but when i open the pizza box, the prawn and tomato separate with the pizza crush, wtf??!!

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  • Al
    Alex E Lomeli Aug 21, 2018

    The delivery driver dripped my order on the porch. Im tied up with moving and was supposed to receive a call from a manager at the branch

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  • Ch
    Chrisalexis1 Aug 21, 2018

    I ordered two buffalo chicken subs today (4-24-18) they were the most terrible thing i ever had and wasnt even able to eat it. My daughter had the chicken parmesan it was desent but mine wasnt even eatable

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  • Se
    Selentia Aug 21, 2018

    I called Domino's on may 6, 2018
    To ask about an order i tried to pay for online. But when i called i was put on hold after about two hours on hold i finally hung up the phone i very disappointed because i needed to find out why my credit card was not accepted when i had money in my account so i know that was not the problem.

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