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L May 16, 2019

Hello, my name is Leah Harris and I am a former employer of dollar tree stores. I would like to inform you that i am not complaining about my past experience as a dollar tree employee. The following information is based on a present experience dealing with two on going employees of your company. First i would like to state that i did enjoy working for your company and i regret that my employment status did not continue. I love dollar tree and I would like to state that me and my family spend hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands of dollars, each year with your company, even to present. I have bank and debit cards statements to verify this information. However, more to the point, your manager Ariel Leatherwood was my best friend and also my neighbor currently. She was the referee to my employment status with you as well. As of recent, a little background on the situation, I was helping Ariel on a strictly personal level by putting her power bill in my name. She refused to pay the bill and it quickly rose to 587 dollars, as of today. So, I told her to pay the bill or I would have to cut off her power. She replied do what you have to do. Therefore, she does not currently have electricity in her home. She took this personal situation and has involved the company. Ariel and the general manager, Tammy, came to my house today to receive their things. They informed me that tammy placed a do not trespassing order on me for the store and that my entire family was banned from shopping with your company and spending the hundreds and hundreds of dollars we can prove that we spend. I would also like to inform you that we did call dollar tree one time since the situation arose. This call was placed by my mother, Eugenia Harris. This call was placed because we could not contact her via cellphone and we simply wanted to warn her that if she did not come home soon that her food would spoil because she did no longer have DTE Energy services under my account. She answered and quickly hung up on my mother, and we did not even get to let her know we were simply concerned about her food and beverages. So therefore, your current employees have turned a civil dispute which is going to end up in civil court for repayment, into a dollar tree company issue. So, I would also like to state that me and my mother are disabled individuals. Ariel and Tammy have put us under great distress as of now. We are going to be contacting a lawyer in the morning as well as calling and speaking with your company over the phone to confirm our reports. I would also like to inform you of Ariels proven fraudulent activity. She is currently working for your company without a high school diploma. She has privately informed me that she lied on her application and during her interview to receive employment status. Ariel has also informed me that she has been diagnosed by a psychiatric specialist of having dyslexia. To be more specific she allowed me to read her medical psychiatric evaluation because "she couldn't understand it." I am not trying to defame her character in any shape, way, or form. I am simply informing you of her fraudulent activity that I believe your company should be aware of as it may affect current orders and acceptable monetary management procedures as well as other things. She has lied to the company in various ways that she has told me about as her best friend and neighbor. She will be seeing me in the local district court soon after June 3, 2019 when I file the civil claim. Moreover, I think you should better choose your current employees and access there proven references and records, such as having a high school diploma. I guarantee that if you investigate you will find this information to be true and that her employment within the company of Dollar tree to be doomed fraudulent. Moreover, I wish the no trespassing ordinance to be lifted against me, eugenia Harris, and declan harris. If not we will be seeking the necessary legal proceedings of receiving a lawyer and filing a lawsuit. We have done nothing to your company and we are very good customers. No one employee should rightfully involve their personal lives in the midst of the representation of dollar tree and its partners. It is very unprofessional to actively ban someone from a place of business due to matters that evolve from their private lives outside of work. In conclusion, I wish to be contacted for more information immediately regarding this situation to avoid any legal proceedings to be imposed on Dollar Tree and its affiliates. This situation that developed on the home front will be managed in civil court with your manager, Ariel Leatherwood. Please contact me at [protected] or at [protected] If not, I regret to inform you that my lawyer will be in touch
Deepest regards, Leah Harris.

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