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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Treestore condition

5/19/19 Store was a complete mess. Product fallen off shelves on the floor along with trash in every aisle. They apparently get truck in on Saturday nights and they put the product in boxes in front of the shelves every Sunday. Customers can't even get the the products they want much less push a cart through the aisles. It is this way every Sunday on one of their busiest shopping days of the week. Ridiculous? Today I finally mentioned what a wreck the store was in. They said well we only have 2 people here and we are trying to clean it up but the store was so busy they both were working the register. How about having a night crew stay an hour after closing to make the store more presentable.

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    TheManager May 19, 2019

    How about you realize you’re in a damn Dollar Tree and stfu.

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  • He
    Henry87NY May 20, 2019

    Dollar tree is not given hours to fart around. Do you understand that if they give hours to the closing crew to pack out, then they would have to take hours away from stock out overnight crew. Dollar tree doesn’t order all that crap.

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