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This is the worst store I have been in as a dollar general customer. The stores isle is crowed you can never get down a isle. The manager was rude her name was debra. When I asked her were the paper plate were she said ""down that isle ""with attitude. The employee looked tired and worn out with no energy like they have been working all night. During the day the store is filled with employees, but after 3 their are only 1 cashier. I was at the back of the line and it was back to were the greeting cards, it had to be at least 12 people in front of me. When the cashier called for help after 10 min the manager debra came down the isle yelling at the cashier cause their were only 5 poeple on that line. If she would have came earlier she would have seen how upset the costumers were for having to wait still after she called for help. Debras attitude towards her customers and her employee is unexceptable she should show some respect. We are all adult. Next time ill take my bussiness to family dollars were they treat there customers with respect and ill be sure to tell my family and friends not to shop there because of rude maneger. If she dont appreciate our money, lets not give it to her. I work in customer service and thats not it. Ive been in this community a long time, and I will start a boycott cause shes un professonal and rude.


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    CATFACE Feb 27, 2010

    Your spelling errors and capitalization of the whole paragraph makes me laugh. Maybe next time you go grocery shopping, we all know you were doing that, go to a grocery store or wholesale store. Dollar Stores are not meant for huge purchases. I worked at one for a year. I know the exact customer that you are. You're the lady that yelled at me because the sign in back said "All Chicken $1.50" and i had to charge you $2.00 for the extra large bag. The managers are always mean there. They have no real bosses to answer to themselves to they make up the rules as they go on. You're an idiot. Stop grocery shopping in a dollar store.

    By the way a "Dollar General" shouldn't be in the airlines section.

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    SAVE HER Feb 27, 2010


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    CATFACE Feb 27, 2010

    You're still the idiot.

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    Litl Feb 28, 2010

    What did Corporate Office say when you called them? Or Department Of Labor?

    Corporate Office

    100 Mission Ridge

    Goodlettsville, TN 37072

    (615) 855-4000

    Or National Contact Center for Department Of Labor 1-866-4-USA-DOL

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