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I was at the Beech Creek Pa Dollar General store on January 18 2020 around 130pm. My fiance and I went in to get a few things. My fiance went up to buy us a pack of cigerettes and then go out to car to smoke and sit with our dog that was in the car. He went up to purchase our cigerettes and his ID was expired, so they would not s ell them to him. He is 47 years old. So he finds me in the store and tells me i need to get them, the cashier wont sell them to him due to expired id. (which has his date of birth on). So i continue to get items needed (around 75$ worth of items) then proceed to checkout and ask cashier for pack of cigerettes and she refuses to sell me cigerettes that i wanted for my personal use, i had my non expired drivers license, and said they were for me, ( I am 54 years old ) She said I was buying them for the young man that she wouldnt sell them to, Wrong they were for me also, told her that and she still continued to argue with me, so i left all my stuff sit and left. You lost a nice sale, and a customer who shops at DG alot
I feel she was wrong in doing this and because of her actions ( and pretty much calling ma a liar) she lost a loyal DG customer.
I would hope something would be done to keep this from happening to another good loyal customer.


  •   Jan 19, 2020

    wow! you know that they have to SCAN the id in order to unlock the cash register AND continuing scanning your order, right?

    THIS HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY... I did a big shopping trip at my local stop and shop and I picked up a small bottle of cough syrup for a neighbor... middle of the order she had to stop scanning as the cash register locked up because of the medicine. the only way to unlock it is to scan the id of the person who is buying the item. that's because kids use it and other crap to get high.

    the only way id can expire is if you don't use it often, something tells me that that's not the case with you since ALL PLACES HAVE TO USE IT TO UNLOCK CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AND OTHER THINGS! so that means that your fiancé [god am I laughing at that!] either didn't buy them for a hell of a long time, or you have broken the law and bought them for him. either way... that proves that he is not addicted to them because if he was he would have known his id was close to expiring. this should have been no skin off his nose.

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