Dish Networkhorrendous customer service!

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I was an unfortunate customer of Dish Network for about 6 months last year, and the ordeal has still not ended. I decided on satellite television because I wanted to have access to the World Cup games and I also was happy that I would be able to get some College Football games that were PPV only. I had no real complaints for the first few months, the reception was good and I was able to watch the World Cup. The problems began when I first tried to get a PPV game. The channels that were needed were not appearing in my channel guide, so I called. I was reassured that ordering the games online would allow me to view them even if I did not see the channels listed, despite the fact that the "Purchase This Event" listing online specifically said that if the channels did not appear you would not be able to view the game. To say the least, I was skeptical of the veracity of the information I was being told. I finally realized that the only way to get any service with Dish Network is to call the new customer line, you are then transferred to an agent in the United States instead of an outsourcing center. She quickly ran me through a few menus on the dish and determined that my satellite dish had not been properly set up and I would need a technician. Because it was more than 90 days since the dish had been installed, I was charged $50 for the service trip. I called a few other times for various items involved with ordering games, and never had a pleasant customer service experience on the phone, but I won't list them all. The final straw was when I decided to move to a new apartment. I was told on the phone that it would cost me $100 to move to a new apartment (despite the fact that it already had dishes installed) unless I wanted to sign up for another 18 month commitment. I asked how much the cancellation fee was, and it was only $140, so the choice was quite easy for me. At that point I was transferred to an account specialist who tried to tell me that I had been misinformed and I could move at no cost, but my mind had been made up and I said I would really just prefer to end my time with Dish Network. She then spent the next 20 minutes on the phone berating me, asking "why would you want to pay more for cable" and telling me "I'm only trying to save you money, why do you have such a problem with saving money." I tried to calmly reply that any amount of money was worth never talking on the phone with any of their service people again, but she had little to no interest in listening to me, odd when my entire reason for quitting was the poor level of customer service I had received throughout my time with them. Regardless, she changed my information and promised that they would ship boxes to my new address so that I could return the equipment, and that I would be charged the full amount if I did not return it within 30 days. Of course, the boxes never arrived. I have since called twice to inform them, and at first I was told the boxes would be reshipped (didn't happen) and then I was told that I would be shipped an envelope with some labels that I could use to ship the equipment back in my own box (never arrived). My account has now been charged and additional $400 which Dish Network did me the courtesy of debiting directly from my bank account (I had originally set up automatic payments) despite the fact that I have called them so many times. After screaming my way through four levels of customer service in India today, during which time I was alternately told that a)the boxes could only be shipped to my old address and I should have somehow picked them up from UPS at a place I no longer lived, b)I had ample time to return the boxes and it was my fault, and c)they could always reship some more boxes as a "courtesy" but I would still be charged full price for the equipment, I finally was transferred to someone in America who was at least willing to refund the $400 - which will take 3-5 days - and reship boxes so that I can finally return the equipment. As am amazing side note, my new address was still in the system incorrectly, despite the many times I have called to try and correct it. I am not sure yet whether I will ever receive them or if the only resolution will be to file in small claims court, which will be my next step. I can not emphasize enough how unhappy I have been having ever dealt with Dish Network, and I will never do business with them or any company that I discover is affiliated with them again in my life.


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    Jaylene Newby Apr 08, 2007

    I know all the complaints about Dish Network are true. 4 of us signed up because the cable company left. All 4 of us have experience nothing but a headache with Dish, they totally false advertise, cheat, cust. service people lie and lie, been overcharged every month, all of us and they even charged on one person cc without consent and for no reason but to cheat my neighbor. Its bad, they need to be liable and I want to place a class action lawsuit to put a stop to them because they are literally making illegal billions of dollars off of false advertising and billing wrong and signing contracts for those of us who never signed a contract and now want to falsely bill for something we never signed up for. They really need to be stopped, sure wish someone would help us, tv or a good lawyer...

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  • Bi
    Bill Steele Jul 19, 2007

    As of last Thursday they removed 9 channels from my pay lineup (I pay for all my channels) They are the channels from TMG (Media Group) This is the second time this year they have done this and not compensated me for the loss of programming. To those considering Dish, beware...

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  • An
    Annah Kim Aug 13, 2007

    I have been a Dish Network customer since 2002, but this is on the verge of changing. Dish charged me $179 for a service and product (the HD DVR), which it refused to provide.

    I set up the installation appointment for Sunday, August 12 between the hours of 8am and 12 pm. The technician arrived around 12:20 pm and refused to install the HD receiver because my HDTV wasn't in place. I explained to him that I just wanted the HD service set up and my HDTV would be coming in later that week. The satellite technician then berated me and told me that in the future Dish would not install until all the TVs were in the proper location as they wanted to avoid having to come back to check their work.

    I explained that I knew someone who had the HD upgrade installed and asked him to go ahead with the installation. Again he refused, told me that I didn't understand his position, and berated again about my failure to be prepared for the Dish upgrade.

    At this point, I asked him to leave my home, but he refused, continued to make calls to his supervisor to complain about my behavior, and then insisted that he needed his clipboard. I asked him to take off his shoes to retrieve the clipboard, which was in my bedroom, but he refused and would not leave until I retrieved his clipboard. You can imagine how upsetting his refusal to leave was as I am five one and he was a much larger man.

    I called Dish Network to complain about his conduct, made it clear that it was unacceptable for me to feel threatened in my own home by a Dish technician, and to complain about the failure to provide services and products that I already paid for. He was not able to tell me the technician's name (the service agreement is for DNS LLC, Long Beach, #054841) and I was told the best they could do was to reschedule the installation with a note that the installer (which he could not identify) should not install the upgrade. In light of the poor customer service I received, I asked the customer representative (JAMES) to have the installers pick up the leased receivers, but he refused to even consider this small concession.

    I cannot understand why Dish is so intent on alienating a long time (and prompt paying) customer with its callous attitude toward complaints regarding physical safety and failure to provide service and products already paid for.

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  • Ta
    TAMEEKA NICHOLSON Oct 07, 2007


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  • Ga
    Gary Apr 24, 2008

    I have been a subscriber for 4 months of which the last 3 bills have had overcharges. They were supposed to provide 6 months free HD and 3 months free HBO/MAX, and each month I have to call them to get them to make corrections. Then they don't make the corrections they say they are going to make. In one month alone they overcharged me $60 and they wanted to spread out the credits to $20/month for 3 months. no way! I told them to give me the credit now because I don't want to pay that up front just for them to provide credits in months to come. Plus they do this to make the bill even more confusing. Full of lies so far and very dissatisfied.

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  • Te
    Terrie May 04, 2008

    On 2/9/08 Dish Network sent out a contractor to my house to install satellite. He worked from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm with out stopping or taking a break. I have asked him several times through out the day that he should take a break and I brought him water he refused. I did notice by the end of the day his working practices started becoming unsafe. He wanted to wire the satellite wire at the main entrance in my garage under hardwood flooring which would eventually come out and hurt someone. I told him no he can not do that the floor is not glued down.

    After he left my house I started having hard outages on my house. What I mean by hard outages is that when the power went out you could hear a surge sorrowing through my house as the power went out. This happened constantly everyday numerous of times in one day. My husband would have to go outside and switch the beaker switches to get the power to come back on.

    I called dish to come out and look at what the problem was because it only started after they connected their services to my house. They sent a Technician out on 3/29/08 and the technician told my husband he needs to replace a couple of breakers. My husband replaced the couple of breakers but the power still was having hard outages. Though out the day and throughout the night.

    I called dish again and told them this is dangerous their ground is wired wrong to my house and you need someone out here to fix this. The second technician came out on 3/3/08 and said we need to call an electrician. The technician did nothing but left.

    I called them again and told them they need to remove their ground from my breaker box before it burns down. They sent another technician to my house on 4/5/08.

    I called dish 4/4/08 and talked to a guy named Seth, I wanted to know if they would be held reliable for the damage it caused it my house he told me snobbishly that I would have to prove it. I went out and took pictures of their ground and the TV box located next to my breaker box.

    When their technician arrived he told us that they had a meeting at work that morning regarding grounding. He said that a customer got electrocuted the day before because of a bad ground one of their technicians has done. He told us the company said if the ground is bad just too undue the ground and leave it ungrounded. He undid the ground and we waited for 15 minutes to see if the power would go out. The power did not go out, the technician left, and about 30 minutes after he left the power went out very softly and turned back on, on its own. I have not had not had any power outage since.

    I talked to the damage department regarding my electricity to my house because of their bad grounding. They sent a Claims adjuster to my house by the name of Matt. I was not home when he came he did not call me to let me know he was coming. I had friends at my house at the time. They let him in and he took pictures of my 4 televisions sets and told me the reason why they are denying the claim is because I have 4 televisions. I called PG&E and talked to PG&E regarding the televisions and asked them if that could hurt my house. They told me, 4 televisions in my home can not hurt could not hurt my home. My power box is designed to withhold that many televisions. I talked to an electrician at my work and he told me that a bad ground can cause the damage to my house.

    Jeff at Dish network told me that he believed the ground is what created the problem and caused the damage to my house. But his electrical engineer said because I had the one outage after the technician left on 4/5/08 that the problem was not because of them. The breaker was weaken and on the verge of going out and that is why it had a soft shut off and not a hard one. I have not had an outage since so that shows dish network created the problem.

    I called dish and cancelled telling them that since they do not want to own up to the damage they have caused to my power box I do not want them on my house. The representative that helped me cancelled my service and he told me I would not be charged for anything as long as I return the boxes back to dish. I returned the boxes on 5/9/08 I received the box just a couple days before.

    They are now charging me $295.00 dollars and are threatening to turn me into a collection agency. I am refusing to pay them they cost me more money than that.

    What about the next person’s home they hook up too with a bad ground might not know or understand the seriousness of what it could do to their home. I know I am angry with Dish Network but my anger is beside the problem. I am still very concerned on what damage they have caused to my house and I worry when the main breaker box actually completely breaks or the wiring in my walls actually catch on fire, I can not afford to fix this or pay someone right now. I might be just the little guy but what about the next person who doesn’t know about the dangers and leaves ignores the signals of the bad ground on their house and their house catches on fire. They have already electrocuted one of their own customers. Next it could cost lives I do not think a life is replaceable.

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  • Valerie Jul 04, 2008

    I've been having an ongoing problem with my Dish Network service. I get intermittent long bursts of visual and auditory static, and the colour often reverts to black and white. I have been trying to correct the problem with the Dish Network customer service dept., and have had all kinds of horrible interactions, from waiting on the phone for someone to pick up, rude employees, one of whom refused to let me speak with a supervisor and actually hung up on me, and having the automated service CHANGE my service appt. window without my permission or notifying me. I can't seem to get anyone to address my problem. I am thinking of switching to Direct TV.

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  • Jo
    JOHN Aug 23, 2008

    I have had dish for 5 years and 8 months...and I got tired of reading all this mumbo jumbo you people write... ok obviously if you don't pay anything your more than likley in a contract... as per who ever wrote that they charged your sisters credit card... they have the right to do that becuase if you look at your contract which is with all the paper work that you people signed when you got installed it states there that the " credit card used to qualify the account will be charged for any cancellation fee and non returned equipment " I have confreneced a call with about 9 relatives and I always remember that when they signed up that they ask them while doing a credit check those disclosures. You folk just think the best for you but you have to understand what your signing and read the fine prints. I guess you are not educated enough to do that.

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  • Do
    Donald Tackett Aug 26, 2008

    I had 600.00 debited from my account without my authorization by this dishonest company. I will never do business with this company again. I will tell all of my friends to think twice before doing business with a shady company.

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  • Co
    Codie Ray Aug 27, 2008

    I was a Dish customer for about 3 years the first time. I moved and when we decided to get satalite again, we chose to go with DirecTv. We moved after having them for about 2 years, and dumbie me- We went with Dish again. We have not have Dish for a full year and out of that time period, we probably have had maybe 2-3 months of good reception.
    Up until this time the tech would be out here within a da or 2. (And the tech had to come 100 miles in order to fix the problem.) This time it will be 5-6 days. (Now they live in the same town.)
    They don't care about customer service. I have been hung up on at least 5 times in the past 2 days.
    As soon as we are able to, we will be cancelling with Dish forever. I did have problems with DirecTv. But, they do know the words Customer Service.
    If anyone hears of a class action lawsuit, send them my way.

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  • Bo
    bobby bowen Aug 28, 2008

    I have a complaint of myself I own property located at 5816 w 30th space 2 odessa texas, when my renter hired dish for there entertainment needs, i agreed as long as installed on a pole in the yard, the installers ignored my renter when she told them to
    use the pole in the back yard and not to put the dish on the mobile home the installers ignored her and installed on the southwest
    eve of the home. Dish of course will not speak with me as i am not there customer they will not take my calls even though there
    is damage to my home now, when my renter contacted dish to have the satt moved she was told it would be moved without charge and the home would be repaired of course this did not happen my renter was charged by the installer to move the satt asked to be paid in cash or would not move the unit and did not give my tenant a receipt, they placed some silicone in the holes where the dish is removed but of course this does not take care of the damage to my home and i can not speak to any one as they
    totally ignore the owner of the property they are only interested in the money they receive for the programming, i want to speak with a manager and i want the piece of wood replaced on the side of the home re weather stripped and painted at dish expense not mine of course i probably will never hear from any one as i am only the owner of the property

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  • Ma
    mail2brs Oct 16, 2008

    For the past 10 days I have been undergoing this pain of talking to DishNetwork, who damaged my property while upgrading their satellite system.

    The technician did not finish his job, but ended up making so many holes of his mistake (around 24), without weather sealing some, which affected around 10 sidings and I suspect that may cause damage to my exterior wall and end up in big repair work.

    Now the status of our cable TV is broken, the technician, left all screws, washers, cables, cables are hanging, sharp edged items, garbages on my yard, which is highly risky for the children, if they accidently swallow any one of those parts. we were also concern if there is any electricity passing in those.

    I have been trying to explain this to the customer support people in dish network, which did not bring me any luck fixing the damage, where as I ended up spending hours on the telephone. this is very stressfull and mental torture of our family. we lost all important things like presidential debate on the TV.

    In order to solve this issue I contacted the following department, but I came to know that no one controls the satelite TV ( no regulatory board). the cable TV dept said they can take action only on any cable running on the street and I am helpless.

    732-745-3875 - consumer affairs (middlesex county)
    973-504-6200 (state consumer affair)
    1-800-624-0331 ( cable television board)

    finally I contacted home new tribune and they directed me to contact the state or BBB.

    then I contact 973-648-2026 - public utility no luck

    and contacted 1-800-242-5846, where I was asked to send a complain written with evidence. to Division of Consumer affairs, P.O. Box 45025, newark, NJ 07101.

    I am so surprised to know, that there is no board to control the Satelite network (DIshnetwork..). and we the customers are being exploited by this kind of damages. Do we need to suffer like this?. Is there no one to help us.

    I dont know how to handle this, Do I need to call the cops and report the damage?. And I dont know how many people have time and energy to handle this kind of issues.

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  • Di
    dish sux Feb 08, 2009

    I agree with almost everyone!!! We have had dish network for around three months and they have over charged us every month. They told us that it was going the $20.00 less than what they are now taking out of our checkings. We called to tell them that there was a mistake and they said that it was not a mistake, that is how much it was going to be each month. We were really confused because, if we had known this we would had never agree to such a high monthly cable bill. We are now stuck with this bill for two years!!! Please think twice before going with dish. They will cheat you and lie to you. so BEWARE< BWWARE <BEWARE.

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  • Sw
    sweetnsassy Feb 16, 2009

    I don't have the same problem, but does anyone know how to get the free gifts you are promised when you sign up? We signed up in Nov.2008 and still haven't gotten the free gas voucher.Although after today's phone calls I am supposed to be getting within 7-10 days. We called 4 times and got hung up on 3 of those, promised some one would call us back in 48 hours to resolve this. WE'LL SEE Still haven't gotten the postcard to fill out to pick my free gift (gps, digital picture frame, digital camera or an Apple Ipod) Now we are told that because we didn't sign up for this gift with in 90 days we are no longer able to claim it. We have been waiting for the post card to come in the mail like we were told. We should have known something was wrong whenthe guy came to install the diah and didn't even have the correct name for our address or the correct work order. We wanted 2 receivers and he was bound and determined we had ordered 6. Not wil;ling to recommend this service to anyone. How many people need to deal with this before the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU gets involved.

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  • Bu
    buy american May 07, 2009

    DISH Network is without a doubt one of the worst companies in existence. Horrible, horrible customer service. And I love how those reps you talk with that are in another country and you can hardly understand them but yet they just have the most generic American names... Yeah right.

    It is a shame that they are outsourcing jobs and you have to call and talk with someone as I did last night in the Phillipines (last time I checked the US State Dept had a travel advisory issued for the Phillipines) yet that is where I have to call for my Dish package here in the states. Unreal. I was so mad last night I could have spit nails.

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  • Sh
    shebear Nov 30, 2009

    I will never get satilite again, it's been a nightmare and I feel it's nothing but a rip off. My son sign up through dish, it's called wild blue, we didn't have a choose to start out with because we live out of town, 23 miles, wow, you would think that phone company or cable would be able to get service if we moved two miles down we could have gotten. What a shocking news. So they came out didn't tells us it was going to cause us 150 for a pole 150.00 oh and a box came nothing didn't say do not open this box nothing said my son opened the box anther shock. They said they were going to charge him and wasn't respondible for that dish. They came out to put in the pole that cost 150.00 nothing fancy about this pole put it in than it's pointing at the house a tin roof under wires it's about two feet about, we have had problems my son told them that he wanted it moved, they said it would cost 98.00 to have it. we have had it for over a month now it's been nothing but slow we have called and called. one night it was so slow I called, they said that we did a lot of downloading or up loading oh I was mad I wanted to throw the think out the window and if I could have gone through the phone I would have that night. I told them no we have not, they said we have done 200 g and that if we had cable that we would have been charged for doing any up loading or downloading oh again I was mad, I old them sir I have lived in a few states lived many places and never in my life have I ever heard of that, I have kids and you know kids, never never. I had different services of cable companies and never heard of that in my life. He was trying to continue to say, than he said that someone had to hack in, Oh I was mad we did a compete look into our computer and there was nothing. It was slower than dail up, which I never ran into that before until out here, I have it before but mainly dsl, but any how my son has called them over and over we are not getting the speed we are suppose to be getting, and they still have not come out moved the pole. Oh I will never get satilite again never. And I feel that we need jobs than they should get jobs going for people phone and cable companies to get services out to people so they can have the right to choose what they want. I couldn't believe I can have a phone but I can't believe I can't have dsl and we don't have cable if only if we lived two miles and we have neighbors what is two miles. This I don't understand. And I feel that the satilite company dish or who ever it is because we can't find out because dish is saying it's not them but it was through them when my son signed up and he has been trying to call the main company and gets the run around. He has put out a lot of money and to me it's nothing but a rip off and it's ripping people off. And it's wrong totally and on top it is so frustrating when your on the net trying to do anything and you can't you can't even get to your e-mail half of the time that is frustrating. totally than what you can express.

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  • Ge
    Geezerkatz Dec 15, 2009

    Is anyone out there having issues with the VIP 722DVR set up for the Seagate Showcase 500gb expander (a feature by which you can archive High Def material if you are willing to buy the expander from Seagate ($140)?

    Dish promotes this feature online! I've got expensive unresolved probems.

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  • On
    One happy customer Jan 20, 2010

    Donna, I have been with dish network since it started and have never had an issue with customer service. Did you come across ed angry from the get go? I feel sorry for people like you didn't your mother teach you if you can not say anything good about a company or an other person it is better to say nothing.
    As far as being charged for service calls, do you have the ordasity to think they should do it for nothing, get real lady. If they did not have the repair customer service whom do you think pays for it. It sound like you are just an angry person with no compassion what so ever. These people need to buy gas and groceries for their family. I have had them call me at 9pm and asked if he could come fix the problem and I certainly said yes, Dish Network stated this would be fixed by that date and they were. If your mad a dish you will not like Direct TV too. And of course you sound like one of these kind of people whom find anything to ### about
    And as for Tareeqa, why not just cancel your contract and move on to another form of hook up which I am sure you will be just as regretful. When you go in looking for something wrong you can really blow it out of proportion as to where you actually believe. It is so much easier to belly ache than have your attitude. All I can say is move one. I am sure Disk can get along without your big mouth.
    And to SHEBEAR? What are you doing letting your son or Dish, as a parent you are in charge of that. We also are located way out of town and get no cell, but thanks to Dish we get great TV. Do you truly believe that they should do it for free. Get real, they have families too, hopeful they take better care of what there kids and do not let them order things without there purmission. Sounds like you need to blame but your self and your neglecting your responsibility to teach your son better than your have.
    All you had to do is call Dish and tell them that your son have ordered it and they would have cancelled it. I lived next door to a Dish Network employee and this guy some times leaves before dawn and does not get home till 7 or 8 pm. Cou you handle a shift like that, I doubt that.
    Take better care of your son Ir at least teach him right from wrong. You sound like on of those parents that expects other to take care of your son and teach him. I truthfully feel sad for a person such as your self who does not bring up there children right from wrong when he is hom.

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  • Ja
    Jawbreaker Feb 28, 2010

    Dish just sucks. What a ripp off company with poor customer service and belligernt attitudes. They mislead all the folk who sign up and then use every opportunity to stick it to them. Never again.

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  • Ms
    Msnice2010 Mar 01, 2010

    Dish network are thieving Mother****, I think if everybody canceled or left dish network there stockes would fall and they would have no choice but to go out of buisness. I've contacted there corporate office 303-723-1000, the Security and Exchange Commision 888-723-6585 and now I'm fixing to go to the Police and file a report for theft of service. This is rediculous and I 'm sick of douch network. To everybody out there with the same problem keep all receipts so you have proof of there wrong doing's.

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  • Di
    Dish hater Apr 19, 2010

    Dear One Happy Customer,
    I had Direct T.V. for 6 yrs. and my only complaint was the rising cost . Well everything goes up . I switched to Dish, and for 4 months have had non-stop -billing and customer service problems . If you are fortunate enough to not be having any issues, you are 1 of very few . But after reading your comment I believe you are an ostrich with your head buried in the sand and probably voted for OBAMA THE GREAT !!! God save your soul

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  • Sm
    sms81 May 16, 2010

    If you have a recent complaint against the two year contract bullying by Dish...consider joining the Facebook Group - People Against Dish Network.

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  • Di
    Diana Basel May 22, 2010

    A 12 month nightmare!!! Couldn't take it anymore and cancelled service. Now they want $17 per month for the remaining 12 months I had left. My contract reads $10 per month! After calling them for the 13th month they told me they changed their fee to $17 per month and good luck getting out of it. I have NEVER dealt with a more unethical, scamming, immoral, heartless, careless, arrogant, piece of Sh...t company in my life! Oh yah, and the contract that is given to you is the finest print possible on faded pink paper and three pages long! Try taking time to read that while the service tech is standing impatiently by, waiting to go to his next job. There is nothing in that contract that protects the customer in any way! Attention new customers: DON'T SIGN ANYTHING!

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  • Se
    seachell Jun 16, 2010

    The technician just left our house, AGAIN, with the same conflicting problem we have been experiencing. Receiving the wrong receivers, and given different price ranges for them. We were told one was HD but it came by and it was not. We were told that one would operate for 2 tv's, and it turns out to be a solo. Even getting on the phone to fix the problem, the person whom I spoke to specifically told me that the 512 receiver we have is an HD, when in fact it's NOT. Even the technician giggled in the background as I spoke to the uneducated employee on the phone. How could soo many employees through tech support be so misleading? I know that some of you folks whom have not had problems with Dish and assume that all of us whom are complaining of their service are in the wrong, but think again. I finally got through to a supervisor, and he checked all of our account records and found that in FACT we WERE misinformed by multiple people regarding our new account. I issued a complaint through him, asked if I could do it anywhere else. They told me I could through their site, but I have not found an area for it. But then again, why would they have a section for complaints? Either way, we have had dish for 7 days now. 4 days out of the 7 a technician has come out to fix complications we were experiencing. We were given WRONG receivers, to which we were on the phone with tech support for at least 3-4 days, and on hold for at least 2-3 hours of that time. We were promised certain receivers repeatedly, which I then called to confirm a few days prior to the technician coming out, and they stated that it was correct. We were even told we would not be charged an upgrade fee, considering all of the complications we were experiencing and wanting to cancel our service. Low and behold the day the technician came, he had no receiver and was told that we were having problems with one of our current receivers that needed to be fixed. Once on the phone, again, we were told that they made an error and the box would come to the house, but we still had to pay an upgrade fee, even after it was waived. Even after stated that we were canceling, they acted as if they could care less and even hung up on me at the end, not listening to anything further. I don't know how many times we are going to be misinformed with this company. Even the few technicians that came out, admitted that the people over at Dish are repeatedly misinforming their customers, and that they experience these problems OFTEN. We were even suggested by one of the guys, not to contact Dish directly, since they will only keep on misinforming us. We have had Dish in the past, and we had some pretty good service at the time. This was years ago though. It seems as if now they have terrible customer service! They need to educate their employees, and respect their customers! I am NOT happy with Dish.

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  • Dw
    DWebb Jul 06, 2010

    My HDTV DVR went hay wire after 3 months of service. So I called the customer service and of course you get the idiot trouble shooting things to go through that you've already done ( is it plugged in, restart it, etc..) then they send you to a customer service rep who proceeds to tell me he is going to bill me shipping & handling of $15 for a replacement DVR. It is not the $ but the principal, so I tell him that I will not pay for it, I wanted credit or offer me some free movies to kind of make up for it, he says no and proceeds to try and sell me a $6 a month service plan, so now I would be up to $21, I told him to let me try the service plan free for 3 months & I would be happy, again he says NO. I tell him I have the bundle billing and tell him I think I'm going quit all of them, he calmly asks for a shut off date. Now I am angry, so you are just going to let a $500 a month customer just go? He then, as I am still talking, tells me how much better their technology and service is so much better than the rest. I asked him to stop talking over me while I was still talking! How can you say how superior your service is while I'm sitting here unable to use this piece of garbage! He the hangs up on me. Aaron RW1 was the rep.
    I called AT&T billing department, the girl proceeds to look up my account, she can see I put in a service call to Dish, I told her I was hung up on, told her my situation, she can't appologize enough to me, credits the $15.00 delivery charge, credits the service for the 3 days I would be unable to watch my TV, plus gave me 3 free pay per views!
    Now that is good customer service, just too bad I had to go through that first idiot, I hope he gets fired. Take care of your customers.

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  • Ho
    Hobbs, New Mexico family Dec 05, 2010

    I've never had dish and I thought that perhaps since the price was tempting then we would try them out. Supposedly I made a deal of having their service for 2 years. I'm receiving dish through our phone company and 2 years was never mentioned. Had I known about the 2 year deal, then I never would have committed myself since I didn't even know if I would want their service. Well, I'm now stuff for 2 years but after that I never want to do service with them every again. I'm still waiting for the contract that supposedly I signed verifying that I would keep them for 2 years!! A bunch of baloney. The installer who came never had me sign a contract and I kept all the papers and the contract isn't there. This company will get you once you get involved and they will do whatever it takes to make sure they keep you, even if you're dissatisfied! I don't like them and their service isn't any good. Don't get involved with them. Get cable instead!!! STAY AWAY FROM DISH, PERIOD!!!

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  • Al
    Alley Oops Mar 20, 2011

    My story is so long that I hesitate to print it and I only signed up a couple of days ago...7 pages of transcript that took over three hours with someone probably based in India...It took three different people and the problem still wasn't resolved...I was told to call back the next day to continue the 'chat'...I returned to their customer service site and began typing when the rep came on line and said hello Mr XXXX, how may I help you...after two more hours and four more pages of transcript, I came away with at least enough ammuntion to see my attorney...A technician arrived the next day with the wrong receivers...another call, this time with an American on the other end explaining that if I wanted high definition receivers, I would have to pay $200 a piece without taping privileges. She said at least I would own the receivers...big deal...this is my third day with Dish & I just tried to turn on my third TV set and I received a message that it wasn't turned will be very interesting to see how this plays out...It's now 11:30 AM CDT, March 20, 2011.

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  • Ju
    JustWantWat_I_Pay4 May 05, 2011

    Ive simply been trying to set up a new account with Dish Network. I called (Dish Customer Service: 1-800-894-9131) today and was passed back and forth to 7 different technicians. Each tech told me they were transfering me because they were not qualified to help me. The last tech, named Bob, put me on hold for over 43 minutes. I hung up when I lost my patience and started getting a headache. The only reason I'm still trying to get Dish TV is because my apartment is already set up with a DVR. I just need to activate it. A good thing, I guess, is that every time I was passed on, the English accents got better! I'm seriously only going to call one more time and if I don't get what I want, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Even if that means I'll have to pay more.

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  • Ju
    JustWantWat_I_Pay4 May 05, 2011

    Does anyone know where I can send a complaint to Dish Network so it actually matters and I can get some help?

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    sajawa awan May 05, 2011

    help meeeeeeeeeeeeee sir

    0 Votes
  • To
    [email protected] Network May 05, 2011

    JustWantWat_I_Pay4, Tommy Faust with DISH Network's Executive Offices here. I apologize for any trouble you experienced, and would be glad to help you with this.

    I'm unsure why they wouldn't be able to help you, but I can look into it. As you already have a DVR, I would have to confirm it's ID, we should be able to set you up with a simple activation account, or see if any other promotions are available. I would have to talk to you specifically to get all the details.

    If you'd like assistance with this still, then please contact me at [email protected]!

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  • Pr
    precio May 23, 2011


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  • Mt
    mtvernontexas Jul 08, 2011

    I have had nothing but trouble with them. They initially signed me up with a free DVR offer. They sent me an incompetent tech to install the service. He did nothing but complain about working and informed me he needed to go meet his girlfriend for a concert. He did not set the service up correctly and left two receivers unconnected and sitting on the floor. I had to finish setting it up myself. I called to request my free DVR because he did not leave one and they said it would cost $200. So much for the free offer. The cancellation fee was so steep that I just kept the service. I had terrible service to 16 months and then the system went down. Spent an hour on the phone with several techs who couldn't fix it and said I needed service call. I paid someone to be at my house for the scheduled 12-5 service appointment. No one came or called during those hours. The tech called me at 7 pm and asked if he should still come by. I expressed my displeasure. He said I could call their dispatch and they would send someone at my specified time. I asked for 1 pm and they scheduled the appointment. I had my person there again but no tech showed up. At 445 i received a call saying he would be another few hours. I am disgusted and called to cancel my service. It will now cost me $140 plus $15 per receiver just to rid myself of this horrible experience. Beware of doing any business with them.

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  • An
    Annie Z Jul 21, 2011

    Just recently canceled my account and was told to wait for the box to ship over the receiver and the remotes - fine.
    Then I asked, about the dish up on my roof, the operator told me he has scheduled a technician to come out today 7/20 from 12-5pm to remove that. Then, what happen? NO ONE showed up!!! We took a day off and spent the whole day at home waiting for them to come and no one came???
    I called again today around 7pm and was told that no appointment was ever scheduled and plus technicians don't come out to remove dish for a "canceled" customer. Then why did the first operator told me a totally different story. Are they trained differently and all the information provided are so different? I asked to speak to a supervisor, the 2nd operator put me on hold...for more than half hour and I got disconnected!
    I called back AGAIN, spoke to a 3rd operator and asked to speak to a supervisor again...and no surprise, put me on hold again for another 30 minutes and then for some reason, the call was re-direct to the "main menu" and a new 4th operator - have to explained the whole story again. This time, finally got to speak the supervisor. However, she doesn't seem to find/realize the whole problem.
    If I was told by the operator (doesn't matter if he is wrong) that a technician is coming over, then I expect someone to come over and do the work (for free)! BUT, the supervisor clearly think I am crazy, she told me "if you want a technician to come over, you have to pay $99...because you have canceled your account" nice?!?! Why should a customer be responsible for what Dish Network done wrong? When I tried to get my point over again, she HUNG UP on me!
    Is this the type of service Dish Network is providing?
    Is this how Dish Network trained their customer services hung up on you when there's no solution to your problem? WOW, I am very impressed!
    Now, I am really glad my account is canceled, so that I don't have to deal with them again! I am pretty sure I will pass down this message to me fell0w relative and friends who also have Dish Network. Maybe, its time for a change?

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  • MikeL DISH Oct 06, 2011

    I'd be more than happy to look into this for you, mtvernontexas, as I understand your concern! That can be very frustrating to not have everything properly done the first time around, then have to go through hoops to get it followed through with. Have you been able to get this resolved yet? In the event that you haven't, I would encourage you to email me your account number so I can review the situation and determine a good resolution! My email address is [email protected] Thank you and I'll look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Ns
    nseand Sep 11, 2012

    Moral to the story...cancel your credit card or bank account BEFORE you call them...problem solved

    1 Votes
  • Sh
    Sharat Singh May 18, 2018

    DISH Network and its horrible customer service, please stay away from this product!!! We had poor service for the past few weeks and we called customer service. The agent, Elda was super rude and not helpful at all, then we spoke to her supervisor, JJ, who was trying to help and said that dish network accounts are regularly hacked!!! This made us so uncomfortable about using this product. At this time, we are going to look into other options of watching cable channels.

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