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I have been with Directv for years, I keep getting calls from # 877-339-5961 about a Directv promotion. I have asked them 6 times now to stop calling me about this promotion. They explained it the 1st time and I told them I am not interested in going to a store buying an Amazon gift card then calling the billing department to get a savings on my monthly account.

The last person that just called me, when I asked him to remove my name from their promotion calling list - he said "Yeah, Yeah, [censored]" and hung up. Excuse me for writing that but that is what he said. I do not appreciate being talked to that way. I have no idea who it was calling, he didn't give me his name.

I tried calling back and between all 6 choices I couldn't speak to a customer representative. option 6 told me to call 800-288-2020, I did - waited 8 minutes for a customer representative to come online, explained what happened said I would need to talk to the fraud department. In transfer I got disconnected. Called back waited another 10 minutes, same thing happened got disconnected.

Went to your website to try to login and see if I could contact someone and that was useless. Directv doesn't post email addresses for departments.

Again, I have been with Directv for years and years and I don't appreciate being talked to like did this evening and all the trouble I have had. When I tell my husband and parents what has happened I know they will tell me to change to Dish Network. Myself and my family have rental property with 7 total Directv accounts (we spend over $1, 000 a month with your company). More than likely I will be changing all of them to Dish Network.

If that is how your customer service department talks to customers, I want no part of this company. Plus it is way to hard to talk to someone when calling and the options are the ones I needed.

Poor Poor Service. I will be posting this anywhere I can find if I don't know hear from someone with authority about what happened this evening.

Have already blocked the number they called from.

Very Upset Customer
M. Martinez

Oct 01, 2019

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