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Weather app

Per the photo below for instance on Sunday it states the high will be 51 degrees if you scroll over per the hourly on what the weather will be it clearly states it'll be 52 degrees for a couple hours. The high is always incorrect and the timing is always off as well for Springfield, Ohio. Let's be a little more accurate! If tips are needed just watch what whio news says for the Springfield area they always seem to be right on point!!!

Weather app
Weather app

  • Updated by Beedyx2 · Apr 04, 2020

    Per the photo below the high is clearly incorrect when you see hourly it's higher. It's always incorrect For Springfield OH on the weather channel app. The bad part about it is my 1000.00 phone came with this app already downloaded! Verizon and iPhone need to invest is something more accurate! Let's be a little more accurate weather channel...Perhaps watch whio and get your information from the news! They're always right in point!

weather channel app on ios

I've been living in Costa Rica for almost 2 decades. I've had a smartphone for just under 1 decade and for most of that time, I've had access to the default weather app (weather channel). they are very accurate in North America and Europe, but there seems to be a compatibility issue with the technologies that they require to predict weather in Latin America. In Costa Rica, the predictions from May until November are standard and thunderstorms for practically all regions of the country. Yet, even during the rainiest weeks of the year, there are several hours of sunshine. This year, had heavy rain predictions for all 61 days of June and July, yet we basically had a country-wide drought and tourists had 12 hours of daily sunshine. If does not have access to the required technology, they should refrain from posting any information and particularly information that is opposite of reality; the worst case scenario, daily. If I worked for the Costa Rican government, I would strongly urge the powers that be to take strong and well supported legal action, based on what seems to be over a decade of damaging and imprecise publication...

email weather alerts*

I receive my weather by TV and by email alerts. For several months now, the Weather Channel has been sending me email alerts for locations other than my own. I never requested them. They just changed to whatever location they felt like sending me about the time you got rid of personal profiles in your system.

I have unsubscribed from these location alerts, so now I get none. When I try to subscribe to email alerts for my location, which is in your system now as a favorite (Ignacio, CO 81137), I get a message that tells me email accounts previously in the system have to be reset before new alerts can be set up. The exact text of the message is:
"Existing Subscribers:Your email is already in our system. Unfortunately we need to reset your account. Please email our customer service team to resolve the issue."

I have emailed your customer service team 5 times over the past month. I always get an immediate response saying my email will be reviewed, and they'll get back to me shortly. They never have. I remain ignored, and my email account remains not having been reset. And I can therefore no longer get alerts.

I just think there should not be a big issue in resetting my email account. Or remove it completely from your system and I'll start from scratch. The fact that I have emailed customer service five times without a response is irritating as Hell.

the use of violent language to describe the weather

The name of your channel should be " The Catastrophe Channel".
Every subtitle displays fear invoking verbs to describe any and all possible weather events.
Unless your writers are ignorant, which may in fact be the case, to consistently and intentionally choose to use such violent language to describe weather events is not only ignorant, it is inappropriate and irresponsible.
Please stop invoking the subconscious fears of the old" predator/ prey" mind of the collective and fulfill your responsibility to the public in a more appropriate manner.

local weather

Are you the national weather service? You give the appearance that you are. However your programming is all about ratings.

We do not need to see your TV shows. We need to see the weather.

Now with that said, yet it is interesting to see about a snow storm in New York or a hurricane in Florida, all person in the US should have consistent access to local weather. Local on the 8.

You tell people you cover the country, but really only cover where your viewers are.
Your coverage of the western US is minimal at best. A good one third of our countries population lives west of the Rockies.

When doing the weekly, the person stands in front of the west coast pointing to the east coast, but does not move to show what is going on out west.

If I had another channel to watch, I would.

Do the right thing...
Cover all areas equally.

too many shows, not enough radar, local weather only along bottom!

I am complaining about all the television shows on TWC. TWC seems to want money instead of providing a...

vile programming flung in my face, raping my senses.

I've blocked the Weather Channel so I won't ever be disturbed by this again, but I wasn't able to protect myself when i clicked it on, and up in my very face was a close up of a puss-sticky eyeball and eyelashes lit-up in the dark and a verbal report saying, "How would you like an insect to crawl your ear, to crawl across your face while you're asleep and go deep into your ear canal, how would you like for it to lay its eggs there. how would you like if...

How did you like reading that? It may be funny to anyone but me. If so, YOU take it, enjoy it, and I'll sit back, relax and make the Weather Channel on my TV GONE for GOOD as soon as I click SUBMIT on this.

local weather not available for 5 days.

With today's technology, why hasn't someone fixed the problem you are apparently having! 5 days and you are...

constant animated voice weather warning

Why do you constantly interrupt programming with that ridiculous, unintelligible computer animated female voice over and over? You stream the warning on the bottom of the screen after several loud audio beeps. It could simply be read by the viewer. Instead, you interrupt the programming audio every 2 minutes with the same constant, computer animated voice, that is all but impossible to understand.

It's bad enough The Weather Channel has now turned into the, Highway Through Hell, and Why Planes Crash, rerun channel. But then you go one step further, and make it all but impossible to view.

  • Dw
    dwilcox23 Oct 02, 2018

    I agree, there are just too many. Why do we have to loose voice from twc to hear the warning over & over & over. How many times does it have to be repeated. I just counted here in phoenix on the "flooding" warning - there were qt least 6 of them at 1 full minute each and a back to back. Now when they come on i just simply change channels. Why can't they be just in the banner without the voice.
    I love The Weather Channel and all the shows...Big fan but please just fix the Alerts.

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alerts during the hurricane florence footage

I got home from work and I wanted to hear the footage you were airing about Hurricane Florence and all I got...

the weather channel app

Why have they fixed the weather channel app so it cannot be shared now?
This app in in all android phones now and it wont let you install any other older app that will share, you have to get it from the play store, and it dosen't share or offer any that will share, that was why I bought my phone, I live in southwest florida and my friends and family live in wv, I would like to share this weather up there so they can see how it is on any given day, now I cant, I am not at all pleased with this new the weather channel app, please let them know they have disappointed many by blocking out the share of this app. I bought a new phone thinking it was my phone that wouldnt let me share and it is the newer the weather channel app, this is wrong to us who want to share the weather with there friends and family.


I am writing to express my extreme disappointment that you now relegate "Local on the 8" to a small quarter...

hurricane coverage to the exclusion of all other weather in the u.s.

Montana is burning to the ground and is a state of emergency, oregon is in a state of emergency and has entire cities surrounded by fire and you're not showing it! You are ignoring it! Idaho's entire upper half is burning down with a university right in the path and yet you show nothing. Weather is fiery as well as wet and windy. Equal coverage people! But then you are an nbc owned news station so I should already know the answer to that question.

general forecasts for the western half of the country

The meterologists at the weather channel might be suprised to find out that the gadsden purchase is part of the united states. Take today, for example. Winter storm kayla has just reached lax. It's headed for arizona. Twc's paul goodloe just showed us the anticipated path of the storm. Unfortunately, the banner at the bottom of the screen cut off the entire gadsden purchase. I understand that the banner is necessary. It explains what's being shown on the screen. I don't understand why they can't move the map up enough so you can see the entire southwest.

It happens every day. Every day. Every forecast. It's really frustrating. Yeah, this isn't a densely populated area, but don't we deserve to be included?

photos of tortured animals consistently displays photos of tortured animals with horrifying labels like "unbelievable abuse" and THEN posts a "Warning: graphic photos" when it's too late because you've already seen it and can't avoid it. I've complained multiple times, and they never respond and keep showing the photos. They're probably getting paid a lot of money for this. It's disgusting and should be illegal to force people to look at this revolting stuff when they have no option. My option is I'm never going to the site again.

  • Mi
    michigan002 Aug 03, 2013

    Thank you. I adore animals also and do everything I can to protect them. It destroys me to see these hideous photos--I'm doing the best I can to help. Please don't ruin my night's sleep.

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  • Mi
    michigan002 Aug 04, 2013

    Did you see the photo of the cow with its feet tied together, blindfolded, and tied to a rope high in the air apparently being lifted onto something by its FEET? or the dog with its mouth pried wide open with some kind of metal device and someone's hand and the label "unbelievable cruelty?" Those are some of the ones I saw repeatedly. They made me sick. I never clicked the links, of course; but what I saw made me sick enough.

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  • Mi
    michigan002 Aug 04, 2013

    Well, now I'm hopeful that they've actually responded to my complaints. I had found the site very helpful but have stopped using it b/c I didn't want to get so upset every morning. thanks for the info. Maybe they've actually responded. That would be great.

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  • Mi
    michigan002 Aug 05, 2013

    Well, I just went to the site. They haven't changed.

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  • Mi
    michigan002 Aug 05, 2013

    I've never clicked on any of the images. The lovely scene this morning was a waterway full of red blood with a label about the killing of dolphins. Never again!

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  • JuliePooh51265 Aug 07, 2013

    I just surfed all over the site and saw nothing even remotely like abuse of animals. Maybe the home page is different in different areas. It was all weather related for me.

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A joke

This Weather channel is a joke...First they said that this Hurricain is going up the middle of Fla...Everybody went out and bought supply's from flashlights to batterys to generators and for nothing...The storm missed us...But we are getting heavy rains and big storms on the west coast and where is the weather Channel...On Key West and the east coast where nothing is going on...They don't even know where to send there people to cover these storms...And then they have a guy in CUBA on there beach...Why????Who knows..If they put somebody in Palm Beach that would have seen mega storms...Who cares about CUBA...They have changed there minds so many times on where this storm is going..They just guess...Anybody can do that...Why they pay there people so much is beyond me...And that Al guy is useless...

  • Re
    redhatterb71 Aug 27, 2012

    Is this the first time you have noticed that the weather bureau does make mistakes? This has been happening since time immemorial.

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Sep 08, 2012

    The whole production has been dumbed down to the intellectual level of a toaster. But NBC has the monopoly - so that's what ya get.. Pull the plug on that idiotic overpriced cable. Don't be a hamster.

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won't wake up with al.. not. they are always wrong

This channel is a joke... They make everything sound worse then it is for ratings.. And then when they do get a bad storm they are not on it... And more then half the time the hurricane storm tracks are wrong... I miss the old weather channel when they just told you the weather and did not have this stupid wake up with al crap...

  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Sep 08, 2012

    You're gonna "wake up with Al" whether you like it or not...because this is YET ANOTHER ...NBC production, and apparently they now own the rights to any and all "weather channels" in the USA. The new..."Atmospheric Pravda"

    Nothing is out of their grip.

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  • La
    Laura Pletcher Sep 11, 2012

    While my 9the grader was watching the Weatheer Channel theis morning (Sept 11, 2012) at approximately 6:15am, NBC ran a clip of Al Roker interviewing Blake Shelton about The Voice. Blake Shelton mentioned on several occasions that he is very preoccupied with Christina Aguliera's 'boobs' while working on The Voice. I was so aghast and Al kept Blake talking about 'thee boobs' (like a complete idiot/both of them). When the interview was over, Stephanie Abrams came back on and said 'I thought this was a family show' - exactly, it USED to be before NBC decided it was appropriate to have Blake Shelton discuss boobs on what once was The Weatheer Channel. NBC has destroyed the Weatheer Channel. It must be so demoralizing for the educated people that still have jobs reporting/analyzing the weatheer to work for NBC slime.

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  • Di
    diesel63 Nov 09, 2012

    they gave al roker a show here but on the today he has been never moved up. now if and he is real close to abrams which they moved there. she suppose to have a show with mike bettes the storm chaser but has been hiding atlanta. then they take Maria LaRosa which has a husband and children and send her to new jersey to report on trouble but bettes is hiding in south. he has a show with abrams and should be there. guess maybe they fiqure he would get in way of abrams and roker being together. since take over adding roker, abrams, bettes and they have made it the worst show on tv. and when they do report most of the time it has nothing about weather. like today abrams was talking about a new club that open and she wants to go but just didnt have time. yet there is people up there lost everything but that not important.

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  • My
    Myrna Longenecker Sep 28, 2015

    My complain is very different, I been looking to their records, and not once my name is been used for anything not even for a tropical storm. This name is not unusual, a famous actress had this name, Please remember this for next year! Sincerely Myrna L, from: (manheim, PA.)

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the weather channel programming has become worthless

The Weather Channel is now worthless for weather. I live in Chicago & Tonight with a tornado outbreak in the...

The Weather Channel showed an advertisement last night (primetime) for which is a transparent front for, a website specializing in facilitating extramarital affairs.

Shame on you.

  • Ko
    Kornelia Terrazas Apr 16, 2014

    I am writing to complain about the weathers on the 8s thing. Don't ypu mean 10 minutes or longer? It starts with the U.S temperatures then instead of going to our weather it switches to every thing else. The weathernin the South, NBA, etc. When it finally does come on they talk through the entire report. What kind of weather forcast is this? You are going to lose viewers if this continues. I'll probably be the first of many.

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  • Bj
    BJWalker Apr 08, 2015

    Why do you constantly change your's working fine and I finally get used to one way and you change it again, make it complicated and weird...Why? leave it alone's working fine ...

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  • Cr
    Cryatal Jun 23, 2015

    I live in zip code 6014. Why am I not getting my local weather anymore? I should be getting Elmhurst and Chicago O'Hare. Instead I am getting the weather for places down south or Indiana. There was sever weather last night and I was getting the wrong information

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  • Ac
    acorns69 Jul 04, 2016

    why does abrams stand with her legs apart not very lady like looks like shes advertising herself turn you off when shes on sorry but no one else stands like that and I wont watch her or channel when shes on if something isn't done

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new local weather format

your new local weather format is terrible. why did you mess with a perfect format, which enabled the viewer...