Direct TVwire


I moved into a duplex 2 years ago, the people before me must have had Direct Tv. There is still a dish in the back on the fence. Today the wire going from the house to the garage is extremely low. I called to see if a professional could come out and verify it is theirs and either remove the wire or tighten it. I was informed that it is not longer their problem. One of the reps told me I could just cut it down, without even having someone come tell me for sure it is theirs! What if I did what she said and got electrocuted because it was not connected to the dish? How in the world am I to know there is no electricity going into that wire? Why wouldn't they send a professional out to take care of this for safety reasons? I can only see the wire go from the house to the garage, I can't see if it is connected to the dish or not. I asked to speak to a manager and he also said it is no longer Dish's problem. That I could call whoever I want, its just not gonna be them. How am I supposed to know it is for sure a wire without no power if no one will come out and check it?

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