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Direct TV
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To whom it may concern:

RE: Account [protected]

My name is Ophelia Gray, and I have been a customer with Direct TV since August 2003. I am contacting you because I have been unable to solve a promotional issue through standard channels during the past month and a half and I am ready to press this issue farther.

On April 13, 2007, I received a phone call from a Direct TV representative with an offer to upgrade to DVR on a two (2) year contract and receive twenty-four (24) pay per view coupons. They company a few days later to set up installation, which was done on April 18, 2007.

On April 30, 2007, I contacted customer service about the coupons and was told they would be mailed that day.

On June 3, 2007 called again because I had not received the coupons and was given [protected] for which they transferred me to the internet department. The call failed several times. I tried customer service again and was told to fill out the redemption form on-line, because the system showed I should receive the coupons six (6) weeks from April 20, 2007.

On June 15, 2007 called again and spoke with Michael at 6:25pm EST who transferred me to the promotional department. Call failed. I spoke with Jan in customer service at 6:40pm who gave me [protected] again and was told to go on-line to www.directtv.com/rebates. When that didn't work, I called the number again and spoke with Brad at 6:55pm who said my account doesn't qualify for any rebates. He proceeded to give me [protected]. I called this number and spoke with Chrystal who transferred me to customer service, where I was told to give it a couple more weeks because they didn't see any offers at this time. At this time (7:05pm), April in customer service said she couldn't offer the promotion and would escalate the matter to management. I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was transferred to Bridget, who tried resolving the issue over her computer but failed. She escalated the account to the credit team. She also informed me to contact her on Monday between noon and 9pm [protected]).

On June 18, 2007 (the following Monday), I called the number supplied by Bridget, which was not a valid number. Called customer service at 5:50pm who saw the escalation was still opened and informed it would take 7-10 days for someone to contact me. The escalation was on the highest priority. Another note was made on the account.

On July 1, 2007, spoke with Victor at 5:10pm who hung up on me. Called back and spoke with Samantha at 5:15pm who informed me the computers were running slow and she couldn't pull up my account and transferred me to the equipment department. I spoke with Kim who said the system was updating to call back tomorrow.

On July 2, 2007 at 10:00am I called and spoke with Jennifer, who did another escalation to management on the highest priority and was informed to give 5-7 days for someone to contact me.

On July 17, 2007 at 9:15pm I spoke with Marge in customer service. She sees the escalation for June 15 and July 2 but said she couldn't access my account because of the escalations. She offered me $10.00 credit for the next 12 months, which I refused. Once again was I was given [protected]. I asked for the dispute department and was given the address for Direct TV. I was told there wasn't a number to contact disputes.

Upon accepting this upgrade, I agreed to a two (2) year contract and the coupons. Now I am locked into a contract for which appears to have been offered under false pretenses. This promotion was valid because I have three (3) co-workers who accepted the same promotion and had their equipment installed within days of mines and have not received their pay per view coupons either.

I have been very pleased with my services from your company until this point. But this on-going problem is absolutely unacceptable. In theory alone, I am angered by the way I have been treated.

I want to be contacted by someone who can actually help me, someone who can actually correct this situation. In my mind correcting this issue means (1) standing behind your promotional advertising (2) send the 24 coupons as agreed upon (2) a written explanation of exactly why this occurred and what steps you will be taking to ensure my future satisfaction.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem, and will wait until two (2) weeks from the date of this letter, before seeking assistance from the Better Business Bureau or other sources.

Ophelia Gray


  • Wg
    W.G. Anderson Nov 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up for Directv about 5 week ago. I kept getting phone calls from Directv to apply for my rebates on line, which I have! Problem is, I pull up the rebates, and there are two, which have been approved and have validation numbers, and find out that they have, conveniently, left out the "Submit" icon, which makes it impossible to apply for the rebates!! Now, I call the number to resolve this problem, and I'm told that I need to join some kind of plan, which cost 8 dollars, just to speak to a rep. and discuss my problem. And, YES, I'm now stuck with a two year plan, not having a clue what I will be charged each month, So far, its been 87.00 and 117.00 for the first two months, I AM Pissed!!! Anyone have a solution to this RIP-OFF?? DO NOT USE DIRECTV, PERIOD!!! Anderson Hartwell, Ga.

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  • Ph
    Phyllis Jones Nov 19, 2011

    We signed up with Direct TV throu Century Link and was told I would receive Direct TV for approx. $36 dollars a month. I did the rebate thing on line as requested of me. Five months later and they say they never received the rebate form online and it's passed the 90 days so I will have to pay the normal rate. I just got off the phone with them and they refuse to help because they say their notes don't show where I've been calling and checking on the status of the rebate. I will never deal with this company again. They are nothing but scam artists.

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  • Ri
    ricker1 Jul 08, 2011

    you know right from the start with directv that they are going to rip you off and take your money. they will make you great promises of great deals but when you get your bill you arecharged full price. a good tip about companies integrity is that when you are told something by one of their employees you can never talk or get in touch with that same employee again . and finally you will get tired and just give up and pay your bill. I had to call over 40 times on the same issue. they are really a bad company to have to deal with period

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  • Ma
    maddist May 02, 2011

    I had just signed up to recieve direct tv, was told to fill out a rebate form. I did that and it can back with " you don't qualify for the rebate." I informed direct tv of this, they said, no problem, they world take care of it so try again tomorrow. Tomorrow came, I tried again and it still said I didn't qualify for the rebate. I called them again and the man I spoke to said he didn't know why it said that, but he would find out. I told him if I'm having this much trouble even before I sign up, I would never think about signing a contract with them. Direct TV you need people who are smarter than the phone they are talking on!

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  • He
    Hello directv Jan 12, 2011

    I signed up for Directv and filled in the rebate info prior to the tecnician installing our system. However, the information on the set up changed and Directv said they cancelled the original order and that I should reregister. I have been trying to do that for 40 minutes and cannot get thru to directv. Please answer my complaint. Directv gave me a new account number but I cannot get it registered to set up my rebate...

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  • Jo
    John Frost Nov 28, 2010

    I just got off the phone with Direct TV. They started billing me in 2009 $49.99 for NFL Football. I don't watch football, I never ordered it. I had automatic billing (BIG MISTAKE) and they said they would credit my account. I realized this morning that they have been billing us again all along. After looking at all my bills I see that they took close to $600. They were apologetic but will only give me my money back in credit. What!? I was on the phone this morning for over an hour.

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  • Ad
    ADDDT May 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Rl
    rlmartinek Jan 22, 2010

    I signed up as well for a promotional rate online and wasn't told that it would take 6-8 weeks to get the rebate. I am going to look for a class action attorney and submit this complaint. I will keep everyone posted on the status.

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  • We
    wendy l s Jan 21, 2010

    I have experienced unprofessional and confused people throughout my life in various companies, but have never dealt with an organization as deceitful as Direct TV before now. The promises they make are all lies and the customer service reps are all clueless. Every person I spoke with had a different story. It has been 2 months now since I signed up with Direct. I am more than frustrated. I will be contacting the BBB and I am ready to pursue this issue along with anyone else whom would like to file a class action lawsuit against Direct TV...

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  • Cf
    cfliege1s Jan 20, 2010

    This situation is almost identical to my own right now with DirectTv. I have been redirected and redirected, told to call back in 7 days while awaiting a email response from the Rebate Center, hung up on, and told the promotion I signed up for never existed when I have the promotional flier sitting in my lap. I am disgusted by the customer service I have dealt with since signing a two-year contract with this company and need answers! If my situation doesn't become resolve with the agreement I made to the company I will NOT be renewing my contract and send my grievances to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ma
    marsha smith Jan 15, 2010

    i was a direct tv customer for years and switched to dish. direct tv kept sending me offers of savings and paying for my disconnect fee from dish, plus a rebate but to this day i have not been able to get either of their promises. im very upset over this issue and am getting ready to get rid of all the programing i currently have.

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  • Ci
    Cindy direct tv victim Jan 13, 2010

    WARNING--DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! In a nutshell - no disclosure of costs. Installation issues--- GAS LEAK, installation on the roof despite instructions not to do so and in a horrible location, interruption of internet services. Watch them like a hawk if you decide you must have the service. They don't ask you to sign before the installation o make sure the location is correct, you sign after the installation, and if they cause a gas leak that could cause your house to blow up, put it in a bad place and charge prices you didn't authorize--- to bad so sad.

    They will not work with you to resolve issues! They tell you you must have someone over the age of 18 at the house. They do NOT tell you that the individual is signing that the work was done well and that there were no issues with the installation and that after they leave... you are out of luck. I placed an order over the phone... the price was to be 34.99 per month. I gave the operator strict instructions that the dish was NOT to be placed on the roof. If it had to be on the roof, cancel the service. The operator told me she would have to make a special note on the request to assure that they had the special equipment necessary to install it in another location. I was also not told that there would be a charge for DVR installation and that it would have to be another line and fished through my attic. My sister was at the house at the time of the installation, and called me due to the DVR issues. After much wrangling with the installer who called the supervisor, the installation charge was waived. When I talked to the installer, I told him in no uncertain terms that the dish was not to be placed on my new roof (less than 6 months old) The installer went into the attic. The DVR started working. In the meantime, the internet went out due to the DVR installation. Two of us in the household have home offices and have to have internet. They brought a supervisor and the internet issue was finally resolved. By this time my sister was worn out from dealing with the issues. Then the installer went out the back door, so my sister thought he was installing it in the yard. Because my sister had a temporary disability due to an injury, she did not supervise the work in the attic or in the yard. The installation was finally complete and my sister signed, (not knowing that her signature completely relieved DIRECT TV from any problems from the installation. After they were gone about an hour, she began to smell gas. She called the gas company, who found a GAS LEAK in the attic and TURNED OFF THE GAS. So we are without heat and had to get a repairman out to the house to repair the gas leak. I came home that night just when the repairman was there to repair the gas leak. (it was after dark). needless to say, we were distracted. The next day, I was horrified when I looked at my house, I was horrified as the dish was on my roof after instructing both the operator and installer that it should not be placed on the roof. In addition, my driveway and side entrance functions as the front of my home. The dish was over the door which functions as my front door. I am in a subdivision with covenants and my neighbor on the board told me that I would be fined due to the installation location. I called immediately and told them I wanted the dish removed and my roof repaired. They could not relocate the dish and refuse to cancel my service without a huge cancellation fee.

    I have never seen such unethical organization. I do not understand how it is legal to enforce a contract even when the service is deplorable, fraudulent in their claims and advertising, and does not practice full disclosure. After I had the DIRECT TV experience, I tried to resolve the many issues with Direct TV from the operators all the way to the office of the president. They offered to pay for the gas man and repair the roof after the dish was relocated. The sent someone out to relocate the dish but they said there is no other place to put the dish. The only logical solution is remove the dish, repair the roof, pay the gas repair men and let me forget Direct TV. I asked to speak to everyone all the way up to the president's office. No help there. They insist I am still bound the contract even though they have failed to disclose full cost of services. Besides not disclosing the financial concerns, the service has been awful. The SERVICES ARE NOT WHAT THEY CHARGE!! They say they are going to give you a rebate. To me that means money back from what I paid. Direct TV insists that a rebate is simply a temporary reduction in the pricing ONLY for 12 months!!

    I called the BBB. They informed me that there were numerous complaints on record. (how do they get away with this??). I called my local state representative who informed me that there are NUMEROUS complaints in my area. Again... how do they get away with this. I made complaints to the attorney general of the state and apparently, direct tv has an ironclad contract despite horrible service.

    Summary, incorrect disclosure, gas leak, not following installation instructions despite being given to 2 individuals, disruption of internet services and worst of all, no final resolution of the problem, yet they want me to pay a huge disconnect fee and then be stuck with having to pay a roofer to remove the dish from my roof and repair it and then get the equipment back to direct tv... a debacle from beginning to end!!!

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  • Wa
    Waldo Emerson Oct 30, 2009

    I signed up for direct TV just weeks ago, the salesman charged me $21 and change via my credit card with the understanding this charge would be refunded...Now Direct TV refuses to refund the initial charge as they had told me when I ordered...My first bill was double what we had agreed to and now I am so pissed off I tried to cancell their service and now they're going to charge my credit card nearly $400...AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL HAZARD!

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  • Gr
    Grapes of Wrath Oct 18, 2009

    I signed up for DirectTV online October 8, 2009. Nowhere did it say you would have to wait for six to eight weeks for the rebate to kick in. I called "customer service" yesterday, who confirmed I would indeed have to pay the full price ($79 and change) instead of the special price, which is why I ordered the promotional package in the first place, and that I would get my full 12 months' worth of rebates as soon as the online rebate coupon kicked in (which, according to the website says could take 6 to 8 weeks). Okay, even though they don't tell you this on the front end, I figure, major inconvenience, but no big deal because, within six to eight weeks, I'll be getting a REBATE on the one or two (or more) months that I had to pay full price. Right? But NOOOOOO!

    They tell me the "rebate" doesn't start until it kicks in, but you will (supposedly) get 12 months of service at the promotional price -- that is, once the rebate has "processed." (From what I've read from various consumer complaints sites, sometimes this doesn't even happen at all).

    One thing I've discovered throughout all this absolute fraduluent ### is that, among other things, they don't understand what REBATE means. REBATE, Mr. Tv, means a REFUND on monies already paid for goods and/or services rendered. Get it?

    In addition, I don't recall specifically what was said (in hindsight should have copied the page) but I was also sure that there was no two-year commitment and that's the reason SPECIFICALLY I chose DirectTV over Dish. I am living in a housemate situation and don't know whether or not I'll even be here two years, so that's why I went with Direct. Now they say that I signed a contract locking me into two years. Granted, I signed the contract without reading it...figuring that what I ordered and that what was presented online was trustworthy.

    On top of everything else, I was supposed to get two movie channels and didn't get those until I called and complained yesterday. And even at that, it doesn't appear I am getting all of the "sub" channels that were advertised in the promotion. (I was supposed to get something like 12 of one channel and 5 of another. I don't see that many channels mentioned in their channel list).

    What we need to do, folks, is to stand up and FIGHT!!! I'm refusing to pay the full amount. I will pay the $44.99 advertised in the promotion, which is what I ordered online, and that's IT. If they cut off my service, so be it. They do have competitors, you know, and it won't bet altogether that difficult to put them out of business if no one avails themselves of their "services."

    On top of that, I would be MORE than happy to join in a class action lawsuit against them. Something has to be done about this. It would seem apparent they have some legal loophole, but I do believe full disclosure is mandatory when making a promotional offer. The promotional ads should CLEARLY explain that you have to pay full price until your rebate kicks in, and they should also be held to a specific deadline for that to occur. The promotion should state, therefore, that you have to pay for one (or two or whatever) month(s) of service at the regular price, THEN you get an additional 12 months at the promotional price, which reflects the (whatever dollar amount) rebate they're advertising.

    I'm calling the Better Business Bureau first thing Monday (tomorrow) morning and lodging yet ANOTHER complaint against them. That'll make me somewhere in the neighborhood of the considerably more than 35, 000 unsastisfied customers who have also filed complaints with the BBB.

    Would you please join me in lodging your complaint with the BBB and filing a complaint with the other proper authorities in your city/state? Let's not sit here and just take this and blow smoke; let's FORCE them to stop these deceptive "bait and switch" practices!!!

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  • Ga
    gabe b Oct 16, 2009

    I was also ripped off by direct tv after filling out the rebate online they said they had no record of it. Now i am locked into a 2yr contract with no rebate when I was paying less money for cable. DIRECT TV REBATE OFFERS ARE RIPOFFS !!! $360 cancelation fees????????????????? FUdtv

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  • Je
    Jen WY Oct 06, 2009

    I signed up for Direct TV. The lady on the phone gleefully took my order and got her commision but failed to inform me I live in an area with no local channels. After 5 days in a row of calling and getting a different story every time, I am finally told I will not get network channels without applying for a waiver and then getting charged $3 per station that may or may not allow my to access.

    Had they informed me of this, I would have gone with cable, but no they didn't tell me. I also and locked in for 2 years. I can't wait to get that dish off my roof!

    They keep leaving messages to go get my rebate, but the web site doesn't make sense.

    7 days and I am already not happy. Very bad company policy and customer service.

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  • Co
    connie Apr 16, 2009

    I just signed with direct and already have problems...
    one i have been trying to get my rebate .
    my first bill was 187.00 was told my next bill will be 90.00
    so we will see..

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  • Ro
    RoseD48 Apr 03, 2009

    I switched from Dishnetwork to Direct and am so sorry. I was told I would recieve a rebate and 4 months later, nothing. The problem is no one answering the phones at Direct knows what their doing. I am currently contacting the Better Business Burea.

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  • An
    Angela Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel your pain. I too was treated and am still being treateed like dirt by DIRECT TV. I asked to diconnect in April 08 when I moved. They sent the boxes for the receiver retirn to my OLD address, so I did not get them quickly. So, by the time I got NEW ones they debited my check card $410.55, which made me bounce 4 check at $34.00 a piece. They have now had the receivers 47 days and I have yet to get my refund...I have called 46 times and have been LIED TO OVER AND OVER AGAIN with no avail. I have called my lawyer and what they are doing is illegal.

    They said I was to get my refund 8 days from return or the receivers. Then they sasdi they did not bill me for 2 movies 38 days after they received them and now it will be another 8 weeks to get MY money whuch will them be well into 90 plus days ! THEY ARE LIARS and THEIVES and I want to tell every one now DO NOT USE DIRECT TV EVER !

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  • Ne
    nemia calindas Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i applied for direct tv last week just because of filipino direct and their offer which is a $13 credit for 12 months BUT they said i will be billed for the regular amnt which is 72 and as soon as direct tv is installed i can apply for the rebate online or over the phone which will take effect after 6-8 weeks! i was so surprised when i tried applying online, it said i'm not eligible for the rebate! of course my question will be WHY? so i called them and the person i spoke with said based on my account and the plan i applied for said i'm eligible for the offer and she can't see why i was declined in the first place so i asked her to apply me for the rebate of which she said she can't bec it says im ineligible...at that point i'm getting so frustrated bec she's not making any point! she said i'm eligible but can't see the reason why i was declined!OMG!!!now i'm trapped coz they said i'm under 18 months contract with them and i need to pay 360 for disconnection!!!help pls

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  • Na
    Nancy Baer Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! RIP OFF IS RIGHT!!! I was told that my monthly total would be
    $75.00 a month, today I received my second bill for $175.00!!! I AM FURIOUS!!! The person
    I signed up with..Barbara LeClair..seems to have mysteriously disappeared..poof! The first bill the
    customer service person was downright rude and threatening..she said if I close my account with them,
    they will take the money for the early from my credit card!!! Today (this second bill)the person was
    more civil, but the link he gave me for my $18.00 rebate is BOGUS!!! Please..if you are as upset as I am,
    contact me [email protected] TOGETHER I KNOW THAT WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!
    Let's start by reporting DirectTV to Better Business, and Angie's list(you can reach ALOT of folks there.
    If you have a blog..TELL EVERYONE about DirectTv in your blog. I have two blogs currently..and I
    sure WILL share my unfortunate dealings with this company. Charter cable may be expensive..but in
    all the years I had them..they NEVER ripped me off!!! Sign me..BURNING IN CENTRAL VERMONT!!!

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  • An
    Anne Ramsey Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are presently involved with a dispute with Direct TV. They are telling us we signed an agreement that commited us to using them for the next 2 years. We are disconnecting and going with a different company. Their response was... we will be charged a $360. disconnect fee. When I tried to get a number to speak with someone in the Dispute Dept., I was told there is NO such number. So I have written a letter. They tell me they have our credit card on file and we WILL be charged this $360. fee. They tell us it is a VALID CHARGE and we cannot negotiate it. I feel this is outrageous and I would like all you Direct TV customers to beware of unscrupulous practices. When a Direct TV repairman comes to your home to install or upgrade a High Definition reciever, WATCH OUT...because that slip you sign is comitting you to stay with them. We were not informed of this. RIPOFF!!!

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  • To
    Tom Smith Feb 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We at the complaints board have received your complaints, your money will be returned to you in due time. Send to me your phone number and contact details. We also have a job offer that can put a smile on the faces of people that are agrieved over poor financial services.

    Tom Smith.
    [email protected]

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  • Ru
    Ruby Cunningham Feb 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Direct TV is terrible. I live in Michigan and it doesn't matter where you live. The customer service is terrible and the "right hand does not know what the left hand" is doing. I have been trying to get a $10 rebate (which I originally signed up for) for 2 months and I am told every time to call this number and to call that number. Well, as you guessed it... NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

    For this trouble, I wish I would have stayed with Comcast and NEVER got in "bed" with this company. STAY WAY FROM DIRECT TV... IT'S A RIP OFF.

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