Direc TV, Incunauthorized use of my debit card and identify theft

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Verified customer

I am going to share correspondence I have sent to the California State Attorney General and to the BBB.
I have filed a previous complaint against Direct TV, Inc and the complaint No. was [protected]. This was for fraud and deceptive business practices. Please see the enclosed copy of my email listed below.

I want to either reopen this complaint or start a new one for unauthorized use of my debit card and for identify theft. On October 28, 2008, I had verbally withdrew my authorization for them to charge my card twice after having to make SEVERAL calls to get the service cancelled (cancelation No. .R21404016721503 on October 29, 2008). I then followed up with a written statement withdrawing my authorization to use my card on that same date. I told them to bill me via paper. I returned their equipment to them via FedX. I had only had their service about 10 days. (BTW - I was quoted on several occasions a "special" price of #34.95 a month for 12 months and didn't even have their service a full month - this turned out to be yet another lie and deceptive business practice).

On November 14, 2008, I checked my card statement and found that Direct TV had stolen $436.25 off my card. They may have also stolen my identity! I wrote them immediately wanting to get a detailed explanation of why they stole this money. I have yet to receive any kind of a response. I want my $436.25 refunded immediately. This is grand theft, unauthorized use of my debit card and identify theft and my intentions are to contact an attorney and pursue this unless this UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal of MY monies are returned to me immediately.

If you need to contact me, my contact information is listed below. Here is Direct TV's address and phone number.

Direct TV, Inc.
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245


I live in Gainesville, Florida. I wanted to switch my TV service due to cost savings. I had called Direct TV on THREE separate occasions to find out about their services and to be certain that I would still be able to get my local area channels. Each time I spoke with their representative, I was assured that yes, I would get my local channels with their services. Even the literature I received from them in the mail said I would get my local channels. So I called and made arrangements for them to come to my home and install their service.

They came this morning disconnected my old TV services and installed their services and after about an hour my husband called me and asked if I could find out what channels have our local channels. I called Direct and after being on hold for a good 15 minutes, I finally got a real human. I explained why I was calling and then I was told, AFTER THEY GOT MY BUSINESS AND SWITCHED OUR SERVICES, that we would NOT get local channels. I spoke with one of their managers and I asked why I was out and out lied to about what services they provide and why I received fraudulent information in the mail. No one would or could explained to my why I was out and out lied to. I became upset and demanded they come back out to my home and reinstall my old service which they had disconnected. They would not do that. I'm really upset and angry with these liars and I want to file a formal complaint, but I don't know how to do this since I live in Florida.

Any help you can give me to resolve this issue will be more than greatly appreciated and if you need any information from me, just let me know.

This entire situation reeks of fraudulent business practices to me and this needs to be addressed.

Again, if there is any more information that you need, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you so very much for any help or assistance you can provide.


  • Ac
    across Nov 19, 2008

    I cannot believe all of the complaints that I have read against DirecTV. I, too just had the same experience. I had absolutely no idea all of this was going on with DirecTV or I would have never signed up for there so-called special offer. I had service with them for just 3 days. They did not get my order/equipment correct. When I talked to them regarding the incorrect equipment, they wanted to then charge me an extra $100 to get the correct equipment that I ordered in the first place. I canceled my service that day. I was told there would be NO additional charges. Several days later I received a bill with a $460 early cancellation fee. Of course this fee was never mentioned before, much less at the time I canceled. I called and spoke with a representative and was assured that the charges would be credited. Well, almost a month later my credit card is charged. I cannot believe they get away with this time and time again. I called DirecTV and what a nightmare. I spoke with 8 different representatives, got disconnected 3 times and was told about 4 different stories. I was told by the first Rep that my credit card would be credited and to call a number to verify that it had in fact been credited and to confirm it was the correct amount. The number I was given was a fax number. Another Rep told me that my credit inquiry was still with the "Account Management Team" and to give it another week. I insisted to be transferred to a supervisor and was disconnected. I called back again and spoke to a so-called Supervisor who then told me that this "Account Management" Team had all of a sudden miraculously came to the decision that if I reactivated my service the fee would be waived. Umm...NO! He asked me if I now had service through another provider. I told him that was none of his business and that was not the issue. I insisted on speaking with someone else and guess what...disconnected again! I called back. The next Rep stated that since I live in Texas - as well as 14 other states - that there is a law that requires DirecTV to give us a "trial period" without early cancellation fees. (I'm not sure if this is true, but was told this initially from the Rep I called the first time I saw the charge on my statement.) This Rep was going to transfer me to the "Customer Retention Group" - Disconnected once again. I called back again...the last Rep I spoke with told me that there was nothing I could do about this charge and there was nothing anyone could do and there was no one else I could speak with. I asked to speak with whomever made the decision on my account to deny the credit back to my card and she stated that the "Customer Retention Department" does not take phone calls!!?? She also stated that she did not know why the previous Rep told me that there was a 15 day trial period or about the law in Texas and other states. She did not know where they got this information from. Again - UNBELIEVABLE. How can this company keep getting away with illegally taking money out of peoples accounts? I really hope this problem is resolved and that people keep speaking out about it.

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  • Ja
    Jaenae Feb 11, 2009

    I have just had a similar experience with Direct TV. I went to pay my bills, and found that they had taken my entire checking account in the amount of $552.00, left me with nothing. I called them to see what happened they said that they took it for the equipment,
    that I had sent back. in fact they only sent me one box, and I had called 3 days prior to them taking my money and asking for another box.
    Speaking with them, they said nothing they could do, no supervisor available, no one to help me. I told them they had no authorization to touch my bank account and use my debit card. During the time I had service with them, I was constantly having them reverse charges that were not mine.
    they have left me and my 8 yr old daughter with no food money, utilities ect. and they don't care.

    I need to know who I contact regarding this. This is illegal. If I were to go into someone bank account without authoization it would be fraud.

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  • Mc
    McDonald Mar 12, 2009

    We we have been going through the same nightmare! Bought a pre-paid card and our own converter for our RV. With the card we were covered for 3 months, no payment. Direct t.v. never added the pre-paid card to the account, AND they are billing us for the converter as a rental! Even sent us a box demanding we return it! After two months, we notice that they got ahold of Best Buy, retrieved our credit card and ran it for $820.00!
    These people are CRAZY! Why are they able to do their customers this way? I am filing a complaint with the FTC and the State of California.

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  • Jo
    Joan Carroll Jun 18, 2009

    Hello, I am in Dayton Ohio. I too wanted to choose a different cable company to possibly save money because at the time I had basic cable through another company. I allowed a friend to refer me to Direct TV where she was given a $50 finders fee. I spoke with a representative who sent someone out to install the service. It wasn't a week before I have to call them back because I was getting a code number and unable to get local service. When a service person came out he stated the tree out front is blocking the signal and I would not be able to get local service on a regular basis. ? I called and got the run around like you have described to the point I was furious. I spoke with a "Supervisor” who told me to go out and buy an antenna and my account would be credited for having to make this purchase in the amount of $50.00. Never happened. I got my first bill and I was charged $80+ for the service guy to come out this charge is form another company that does work for Direct TV. I paid the bill. I then asked that my contract not be renewed after the 18month period. I asked to be notified before I went in to another year with them seeing that I won’t get local channels. In the winter I had fewer problems but problems just the same. What I was told is for me not to be charged $80+ service fee I would need to pay $5 a month. along with regular bill. Long story short, I was renewed without any notification, I still cant get local channels, I have had over six service men out to my property who asking me why was the disk pleased in that location on my roof. Then to find out I have so many trees around my house there is no other place on my property to put it where a clear signal can be reached. This has been a nightmare.
    Now, to my present problem. I asked if the service men’s would document my account each time to support this is not my fault. I asked if I would be charged an early cancellation few when I was speaking with another Manager/Supervisor because at this time I had no service with constant codes on my screen stating the guide hasn't been updated in 8 hours, 12 hours, 26 hours I don’t know what that means but if one more person would have asked me to unscrew the lines one more time I would have screamed so I didn't report it anymore. I was focusing on how to get out with my dignity. I couldn't. Monday June 15th 2009 I wanted to take my son out for dinner after volleyball practice only to find my account unbelievably in the NEGATIVE $564.69 had been withdrew from my account. I am in the process of waiting eight days to be refunded the monies taken without my permission. Can they do that? Just take money out of your account? It doesn't seem right.
    [protected]@aol.com please contact me. A lawsuit should be bought against Direct TV

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  • Jn
    j. Nava Aug 27, 2009

    Note : I asked the Directv customer service for the top management address and this was the address given to me, which is different from the adress I saw on this site.. which is correct? hmmm The complaints I read is similar with my frustrations righ now.

    August 27, 2009

    The President/CEO
    Direct TV Inc.
    P.O. Box 6550
    Greenwood Village, CO [protected]

    Dear Sir,

    I feel I have to write you directly to let you know the frustration I am experiencing
    with your customer service department. I used to be a Time Warner subscriber. I switched to Direct TV when my 92 year old mother decided to come to spend a month
    with me next month ( September) in Dallas, Texas . Since Direct TV is the only cable which carries the TFC Filipino channel, I decided to do it so she can continue watching her favorite channel at TFC.

    My cable was installed last July and these were my frustrations:
    The quote I was given was not the plan promised to me. I was offered preferred CHOICE and I found out later that it is different from CHOICE which has all the channels that I checked from your website. Preferred CHOICE when offered to me gave me the impression that it was the same as CHOICE only called preferred because it comes with the TFC channels. The next day I realized that I was missing Fox News cable, my favorite.

    When I called customer service and complained about the misleading term CHOICE.. they blamed me and told me that I should know what I was signing for . I ended up increasing my monthly bill to $20.00 more. I wish I have known that and I would have used my discount flyer from the mail. I also have used my friend as a referral but the credit was also not reflecting on my bill..What happened to the referral credit of $100 ($10. every month)? Did they fail to process it too?

    I sent so many complaints to customer service, but I did not get anywhere. Please see attached copies of my complaints.

    The worst part happened today after I checked by bill on the website and found out that my bill for September went up again to $142.85. I questioned customer service and after talking to 3 people, I finally learned that since my plan was changed from preferred CHOICE to even a higher CHOICE plan, DIRECTV discontinued the 3 months free HBO/Showtime being offered to new customers that is why I am being charged now an additional $36.00 plus tax. Does that make sense? It was your mistake to give me all this misleading information when I first subscribed and now I ended up with higher monthly payment and losing the 3 months free offer of HBO/showtime.

    Your customer service people will just say anything to you when you complained just to get rid of you on the phone. That is why I ended up talking to three people today because their excuses did not make sense. One said you are paying more because the $36.00 discount happened to not been included in this billing cycle. How is that ? I told him I am paying my bill for this month, why will that not reflect the $36.00 free discount? The customer service responded to me” Just deduct the amount and it should reflect next time’. It did not make sense… so I called again… this third one told me that I no longer qualify for the discount that is why I am being billed.

    Very frustrating. I did the cable change for my 92 year old mother and I never thought that my experience with your company is unbelievable…
    Since talking to customer service is like talking to someone who does not really care about you… sending email is not any better as shown on the copies I attached. Thank you for your time reading my letter.. and I hope you can correct the mistakes done to me .


    Josefa ( Josie) Nava
    1309 Wedgecrest Lane
    Garland, Texas 75040
    Tel: [protected]/ [protected]
    Email: [protected]@gmail.com

    Cc: marketing dept

    Customer Service

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  • Bm
    BMArt Jan 07, 2010

    Direct TV stole $360.50 from my credit card and the Direct TV account belongs to my mother. I paid it a few times for her. She dropped her service and sent back the receivers and then they charged my debit card for it. the funny thing is that her service was cut off after she had not paid $87.00 another $90 for the receivers. where did they get the $360 from? Trumped up charges and charging the wrong person. On top of that, the debit card was an old one, number and all, and the stupid bank still accepted it.
    Talk about crooks. Direct TV is a prime example.

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  • Cs
    CStaley Sep 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are experiencing the same problems with DirecTV. See our letter attached below, which was also fwded to their customer service center.

    From: Coral

    Date: Monday, September 13, 2010, 11:32 AM

    Please see the attached letter which will be sent today by certified mail:

    September 13, 2010

    To: Direct TV Inc.

    We are being “fined” $350.00 + taxes by your company for late return of equipment, i.e. two receivers. The notice indicating we would be fined for late return was included inside the box for returning the receivers. No other notice was given of this fine. As we just opened this box on 9/11/10 and were only then made aware of this “fine, ” we consider this insufficient notice as well as constituting unethical business practices.

    I had originally called to ask to return the receivers, as we were no longer using them, over 3 months ago. At that time I was told we would be sent 2 boxes in which to return the receivers and that these boxes would be sent within 7-10 business days. We did not receive the boxes until 2 months later, at which time we were preoccupied with the birth of our child. Since we had initiated the return of this equipment, we believed the return was at our convenience. The only notice of this fine was on an instruction pamphlet located inside one of the boxes. This notice was not given to us over the phone when we originally called to request the return of the equipment, nor was it sent to us in the form of a letter or via phone call. This practice is deceptive and fraudulent, essentially theft, as we pay by automatic debit from our account and this charge is not authorized.

    Either remove all charges related to this issue from our account ($175 +17.50 for each receiver, $400 in total) by 9/18/10 (the date our account will be charged) or we will seek restitution in court, including an additional amount of $2000 for punitive damages. Complaints will also be filed with the BBB, the FTC as well as the State of California. A refund after this date is not adequate, as we will have subsequently incurred insufficient fund fees from our banking institution related to your unauthorized withdrawal, as well as other hardships of which you will be held responsible in court.

    Both receivers were mailed back to your company today, 9/13/10.

    Cc: President/CEO

    Direct TV Inc.

    P.O. Box 6550

    Greenwood Village, CO [protected]

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  • In
    inny716 Sep 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completed my contract with Direct TV and was canceling my account. When I canceled I verified my terms were up and that there were no further charges with the return of the equipment. The following month Direct TV took $350 from my bank account stating it was early termination of my contract. I argued with them for 4 hours that my contract was for only 12 months. This was at the same time Direct TV was changing there contracts for people that wanted DVR's. This is when I realized not only did they charge me a early termination fee but also charged to a credit card they didn't have authorization too. I made a one time payment with my HSBC card and that's the one they charged. They said that was the card listed on my contract for early termination. That was a lie because I didn't have an HSBC account when I had Direct TV installed. I filed with HSBC and they stopped payment.

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  • Fa
    favorite 1 Apr 04, 2011

    I do not have direct tv. I canceled in january 2011 . I got a bill for $54.95 for a De La HOYA / Hopkins fight for 2004 . Why did it take 7 years to get it.And why wasn't the rest of the bill connected.I hear it's gone to collections. You ruin my credit and I will have to sue you.I will have to report you to the credit bureau and the attorney generals office. MOLLY LEYVA

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  • Fa
    favorite 1 Apr 04, 2011

    They are full of it. Can you believe this. Seven years later.

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  • Ed
    Edith 310 Apr 19, 2011

    DIRECT TV has also been responsible for debiting my bank account for over a year for someone elses service totalling 1600uUSD. When calling to request the refund, they only have a receving FAX and no contact information whatsoever to speak to a live person. I called them approximately 25 times in 3 days at different times and the same robotic response "Mam, I am sorry to hear that, we will investigate and send you a written resposne within 10 business days" It has been over 7 months, no response.
    Lesson learned... Do not trust Direct TV with your bank information.

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