Dillardsscam and cheating!


Tried to enter their on-line contest with the site printed on my receipt - not dillards at all! It is some survey company that went on and on - page after page offering promotions for other companies! I kept clicking "no" and finally the site instructed me to click "yes" to at least one item, so I disconnected. I am truly surprised that Dillards would involve themselves in something so deceptive and misleading. I am very disappointed in Dillards!


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    Donna K Warkentin May 18, 2007

    I did find the website for registering for the $2500 shopping spree, but after entering all the information, it came back that I had an invalid registration number. I know I had entered it correctly, so I tried another receipt with a different registration number going through the whole process again, and it also came back as being invalid. I am so disgusted at this point, that I am quitting with trying to get a valid registration. To get to the registration form, I had to put the WWW.DILLARDS.COM/SHOPPING SPREE in the address line and all in caps for it to work. For all the good it did me!

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