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Dell / hopeless dell - not covering accidental warranty (precision m4800)

NitinGogna on Oct 18, 2017
I am Nitin Rajput, a user of your premium workstation PRECISION M 4800 (my 4th laptop from dell). I was very happy with the service we received in past years and your team was very kind and professional and this is the reason i have setup completely dell systems in my office along with a...

Dell / smps order to dell

Piyush Pratap Singh on Oct 14, 2017
I ordered a power supply unit for my desktop and requested Dell not to send there engineer as I can easily do that. But even after my written request, they sent engineer and cost of that they took in their order. As I have done this previously, I know that Dell has a provision of separate...

Dell / inspiron 15 5000 series

simone1974 on Oct 8, 2017
hello. My name is simone rohan I purchased a dell computer from Walmart back on august 2017. I had a problem when I first purchased it. This was a Walmart display computer that I purchased on 8/18/2017. I purchased this from Walmart in Charlotte NC. When I first contacted dell 8/19/2016...

Dell / dell inspiron 15 5000 series

Kellystill5 on Sep 26, 2017
This has been absolute NIGHTMARE for a BRAND new laptop purchased . Windows wouldn't even work when I tried the laptop for the first time . Was on the phone for 3 hours with tech support and got no where. I then had to hang up go BUY a flash drive to then find ANOTHER laptop/ computer to...

Dell / manufacturing defect and its services

victor desouza on Sep 26, 2017
I purchased a dell laptop 7Gi7-7700hq/8gb/1tb/n4gb/15.6fdh. service tag 5pw0rh2. but Have to returned due to manufacturing defect and to get replacement it to me over one month. on top that every time I have to mail to check it progress. Your team at every level have incomplete knowledge...

Dell / fraud department

cubfan66 on Sep 24, 2017
Yesterday I got a call from Dell Tech Services (1-877-790-3355) and they said someone had hacked into my laptop. They said they could install an anti hacking device. For payment they said to purchase a bunch of gift cards for Apple I-tunes and Steam, and they would reimburse me. Does Dell...

Dell / dell inspiron 22-3263 all-in-one

Nina Warah on Sep 21, 2017
Service Request: 951489667 I only had this computer for about 6 months and I have a defective Bluetooth. I decided not to send out my computer to repair the Bluetooth for the second time because I am not satisfied with the customer service provided. I already sent in the computer the first...

Dell / dell notebook

Jaco Smit on Sep 5, 2017
We bought this Dell Notebook 6 September 2016 from Takealot, with a warranty of 1 year. The Notebook started giving various problems, from very poor performance (extremely slow) to making beeping sounds while it is switched on. My husband reported the problem more than a week ago (29...

Dell / Extended Warranty Ripoff

BobbyBx on Aug 31, 2017
I purchased an Alienware 17 R2 from Dell with a Extended Warranty to cover the laptop with premium support which expires May 8, 2019. Apparently this warranty doesn't cover the battery. Really, the battery which makes this product a mobile device in essence a laptop. OK... so i'll purchase...

Dell / Dell is bad

Julie Tisler on Aug 25, 2017
You can't imagine how bad they are. Everything is extremely expensive. They should work on their product quality, not on prices. I never received my order on estimated dates, they always send later and never keep their promises. That's not serious for the company like theirs. And I also...

Dell / dell e525w service tag 3vn8862

George O. Grant on Aug 18, 2017
Name: George O Grant 903-525-9783 Tyler, Texas 75703 Date: August 17, 2017 Complaint: I have had two multi-functional printer E525w and the iteration of same likeness except for the wifi. Both printer malfunction due to a pulley or gear grinding. I was to told today, that my new printer...

Dell / bad experience

C Paxton on Aug 18, 2017
I have software problems with my Dell laptop. And today I saw a blue screen. I tried to fix this trouble, but I do not succeed. Power button doesn't work, even though I bought the laptop 3 weeks ago. Then the speakers stopped working as well. I called them and was said that I have to pay...

Dell / inability to fix my computer.

Larry J McBride on Aug 9, 2017
Order date 6/26/17 Purchase ID 2005832554080 Delivery date 6/29/17 Started using a few days after delivery. Immediately ran into problem while trying to log in. Would not accept my password or pin. Screen shows the computer is running low on resources so no new users can log in. Please use...

Dell / dell technical support

ThomasRN on Aug 9, 2017
I have a Dell 2-in-1 Inspiron (model I7353) laptop that I bought in February, 2016. In January, 2017, I began experiencing display screen problems. When I called Dell technical support line they concluded that the problem was caused by a bios update that Dell pushed weeks earlier. The...

Dell / laptop

THJ2 on Aug 9, 2017
I purchased a Dell laptop and less than 9 days later the laptop crashed. I was not able to reset the device. I called tech support and was advised " you did something to the computer that's why is malfunctioning." I advised the associate I barely used it. He then begin to tell me how much...

Dell / envy laptop service tag 1s61zb2

adelfrodyma on Aug 7, 2017
Please let everyone know that Dell is not customer service friendly. I bought my son a Dell laptop because I was told they had good service. The hard drive went bad under the warranty period & they replaced it. I have had it back for exactly 1 week & the hard drive is not being detected so...

Dell / dell km636 keyboard/mouse combo

Neta.dasilva on Aug 2, 2017
We usually rate Dell products and service very highly as we are happy with your notebooks, monitors, and servers. However we have not been satisfied with your KM636 Keyboard/mouse combo set. We have on 2 separate occasions purchased two batches of 10 sets and most of them have been...

Dell / defective laptop, worst customer service

Too Smart on Jul 17, 2017
On 7/11/17 I bought a Dell laptop windows 10. I plugged it in and it began to upload, however, it stopped working within minutes and the mouse would not work. I called the "technicians" in the Philippines and spend 1.75 hrs. trying to understand what they said in their horrible English...

Dell / product key problem not being resolved

Kirsten Stibolt on Jul 14, 2017
June 3: Sent the following via Dell Support Online. Office wants a Product Code, and there's nothing in the pitiful amount of paper that came with my laptop. Can you please look up the Product Code and send it to me via email? I really don't like Windows 10 much at all. Like the old interface much...

Dell / dell vostro 15 5000

Bernice Lee Sheau Chyi on Jul 12, 2017
I felt so dissapointed on this product and also on DELL company, I have just bought my laptop for not enough 2 week but my laptop was already broke down for 3 times... The first time is motherboard problem, after settled it for not enough one day I realized that I can't even connect to the...

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