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Dell Customer Service


Dell Inc.

One Dell Way, RR1-61
Round Rock
United States - 78682

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 285 1653(USA and Canada) 18 9
1300 655 533(Australia) 1 0
1800 425 0088(India) 1 1
1800 880 022(Malaysia) 1 0
1800 280 3355(Singapore) 0 0
8000 441 3889(UAE) 0 0
1866 563 4425(Mexico) 0 0
+1 512 728 7424(International) 0 0
+44 800 028 2660(United Kingdom) 1 2
+64 800 446 255(New Zealand) 0 0
+43 820 2405 3017(Austria) 1 0
+32 24 819 288(Belgium) 0 0
+45 70 230 182(Denmark) 0 0
+358 207 533 555(Finland) 0 0
+33 969 367 129(France) 0 0
+49 699 792 7200(Germany) 0 0
+353 180 024 6105(Ireland) 0 0
+39 257 782 690(Italy) 0 0
+31 206 744 500(Netherlands) 0 0
+47 67 116 882(Norway) 0 0
+34 902 100 130(Spain) 0 0
+46 859 005 199(Sweden) 0 0
+41 844 811 411(Switzerland) 1 0
+86 400 886 8610(China) 0 0
+81 120 198 226(Japan) 0 0
+63 26 632 000(Philippines) 0 0
+966 800 844 3743(Saudi Arabia) 0 0
+27 800 167 000(South Africa) 0 0
+82 802 003 800(South Korea) 0 0
+886 801 861 011(Taiwan) 0 0
+66 26 707 250(Thailand) 0 0
+54 800 222 0154(Argentina) 0 0
+55 800 970 3355(Brazil) 0 0

Dell Complaints & Reviews

Dell Tech Support / paid tech support

KellyNest on Feb 19, 2019

My regular manufactures warranty was up in 2017. So I decided to pay for dell concierge tech support for $239. The whole time I had it I had software issues and they said that my warranty did not cover it which it did because it was the top of the line tech support they had. I found thi...

Dell / precision workstation

David Seabaugh on Feb 3, 2019

I was trying to reinstall Windows 7 on a new hard drive in a Dell Precision Workstation laptop to support developing software for a client who still operates his entire computer system on windows 7. I was surprised to see Dell os recovery software would not work on my specific computer. I...

Dell / customer service for tech support

Nibs2999 on Jan 24, 2019

It is very difficult to communicate with the representatives from India. They have very strong accents and becomes very frustrating having a back and forth conversation trying to explain the problems. Please provide representatives that don't have such a strong accent. It is noticeable...

Dell / ridiculous customer dealing by customer service manager canada

mmb12 on Jan 21, 2019

I called dell customer care support Canada to seek help on ongoing sustem exchange and that i wanted to buy the exchange system and if arrangement can be made for the same and if not I asked for 25% refund on my original purchase as compensation for 4 months of harassment and spoke to joe...

Dell / inspiron 15-3558

Maria Patera on Jan 14, 2019

I bought INSPIRON 15-3558 Tag 7HNNOC2 in 2017 which came with a one year support, exactly to the timing after the original purchase year, the laptop would not connect to my Internet, when all other devices could. I called Dell, they told me my tech support had just expired and they would...

Dell / dell inspiron 15 i7 laptop

Michael Bobby on Jan 12, 2019

I am a first year university student. I purchased a brand new Dell inspiron i7 laptop with an AMD Graphics card at the beginning of the year from Matrix Warehouse. However I am very disappointed with the performance of the device. I experience a great amount of lag when using the laptop...

Dell / warranty

[email protected] on Jan 9, 2019

I work with dell servers with a large company and the support I get is great... Did I say great But but Laptop info service tag: 9212ph2 express service code: 19713779318 My dell xps support sucks beyond sucks. I will never extend the warranty. I have spend 4 hours over 2 days with a person...

Dell / order cancelled by dell and no refund

Simone Angela on Dec 12, 2018

I bought a laptop on DELL website on 07 November 2018. My order was cancelled by Dell on the next they, they said the address informed in the order was different of my bank address which is not true. Anyway, today is 12 December 2018 and haven't received my money back, they always say that...

Dell / dell financial services

FredH2 on Dec 11, 2018

To whom it may concern: I have today followed up and made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. With the intent of warning potential private and commercial customers of the inflexibility and lack of support to loyal customers they can expect when doing business with Dell. In making...

Dell / product does not operate as specified and lousy service was provided

Regina Horne-Espree on Nov 27, 2018

On November 19th, I chatted online with with a Dell representative concerning the purchase of 2 laptops. I was told I could order the link follows I ordered the recommended laptop and they arrived on November 26th...

Dell / false advertisement

Page157 on Nov 23, 2018

Order number 2006973775062 On 11-22-2018 AT 6:12 pm EST I purchased 3 Inspiron 11 3000 at the advertised cost of $119.99 per system. When I printed the receipt I noticed the price I was charged was considerably higher than it should have been. Being a customer of Dell for years I assumed thi...

Dell / dell inspiron 15-5=3552 computer id 624be914-0afe-44db-ae24-eb447806015a

Andrea James on Nov 23, 2018

I purchase this computer earlier this year for a work computer. I read good reviews online about it. However right from the start it ran slow. None of our other devices do. It is slow to type, with a delay each time I type, it take a long time to open any document, the cursor is alway...

Dell / dell inspiron download caused software issue

Di65 on Nov 16, 2018

On November 15, 2018 I followed the Dell alert to "Restart my system". My computer did not work after this and it is only 6 months old. I called Dell Tech support and the only way they would fix was by my signing up for a software warranty at $170. All that was needed was to restore the...

Dell / xps 8930

NeverBuyADell on Nov 7, 2018

Machine makes tons of noise. I have sent it to Houston once - even though I paid the most expensive warranty they have so I could get in home service. They refused to send anyone out unless I diagnosed the problem myself. They returned it - making the same noise. I called again. They...

Dell / laptop inspiron 5700, service tag, dell s r 979596456

Louis De Gruy III on Oct 19, 2018

List of problems 9-28-18: 9-28-2018 - Latest problem started On Start-up with a Windows black command screen with the following command: c:\windowssystem32.cmd.exe at start-up. I thought it was Outlook. Microsoft Tech ran all their tests and remoted into my Laptop. They found that it was not...

Dell / inspiron 15 system tag 29y3732

Gary S. Oriani on Oct 18, 2018

This unit has been stored for non use, I called tech support and was sold a hard drive I didn't need and a recovery USB stick I already had. The problem is this, when my employee turned the unit on in the AM a couple of months ago the system gave 3-beep code with the message enter System or...

Dell / all in one computer

Leah Scates on Oct 3, 2018

the hard drive went out the day before the warranty ended. Best Buy St Petersburg, said they can't use the warranty because if they ship it out Dell wont receive it till after the warranty runs out. then they wanted $84, for labor and shipping. then they wanted $133. for the hard drive and...

Dell / dell inspiron 15-352

geraldu on Sep 28, 2018

we purchased this hunk of junk from Wal-Mart online in april 2018. it is so slow, it's worse than my original windows 98 computer on dial-up internet. Dell sent us a box that we used to send it back for repairs. they had the computer for almost 2 weeks, replaced the whole motherboard and...

Dell / dell federal systems

shannon ferguson on Sep 25, 2018

In attempting to place orders for a government customer (SupplyCore PO #s 384729, 385015 and 385014 valued at more than $50, 000) we were asked to combine the 3 POs which we accommodated, were asked for documents not required for the government contract we work, were bounced between...

Dell / tech service dispatch 368091173

dsleepere on Sep 7, 2018

I bought my laptop in Feb and have had problems with speed since then. Many hours on the phone, chat and sent in twice. The second time I got it .ack with nothing done. I was told that the operating system would be reinstalled and the hard drive replaced. Nothing!.. The last time I was on...