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Alienware has serious issues with their updates

For over 30 years I have built my PC's. I didn't feel like doing the reach and building, I should have. I bought a Dell Alienware R8 for $2300. I wouldn't recommend them. Alienware has serious issues with their updates. Multiples times they have failed, this time cost me a complete reload of the OS. I reached out to support Dell/Alienware and they were closed. Their hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 11pm CST. After that you are screwed. I tired reaching out to them on their support page and was told my support had expired, it hadn't it was extended. Steer clear of this company, they will let you down when you need them.

Internet disconnection, no refund after less than two months use

I just bought the new Dell Inspiron 14" and since then there is micro internet disconnection 30 to 40...

Rewards takes away your rewards without warning!

Dell offers small businesses a rewards program that is supposed to provide rewards on purchases of Dell...

Dell inspiron 24-5459 service tag: c9n3b22

Working with Windows 10 64-bit. It is 7.March.2020 at 10:36 a.m.
For the past several days this machine goes through an extremely long boot phase. The white Dell Circle comes up within a minute but it takes TEN MINUTES to get to the log-on screen and another two minutes for AOL to come up.
I've been working with computers since 1959 including 31 years with IBM as a systems engineer and 11 more with Compuware as a data base consultant. I've tuned a great number of poor performing systems and the basic problem has generally been unbalanced channels and overloaded disk drives. But I've never seen a machine that is this slow in coming up but then behaves fairly well. The puzzle to me is how it can perform well after getting up but taking so long to get there.
Everything I've tried on the Internet with Dell gets me no place. I entered the Service tag and I told that the machine is covered in India. O.K. So I go to the next step and am asked which state I'm in. All I see is a list of strange names that must be states/provinces/or some kind of political subdivision but not anything for the U.S.A.
There is a fairly large number of files on this machine that I desperately need to manage my financial position. I have outboard disk drives for back-up. And the only sensible root I have no is to move the external drives to another machine and hope for the best.
It also makes me wonder if I ever should have installed a machine where the disk drive and the monitor are all in one package.
Does Dell have any viable suggestions on what I do next?


Folks beware of the horrendous service and products being offered by Dell. This company's nonreplacement policy has created nothing but problems for my famiy. Never buy one of their products and if you have and are not satisfied PLEASE speak out and help has by letting friends and family know on social media so no one else has to go through this. Please help me take this viral.

  • Updated by JG OLsen · Mar 05, 2020

    Once again Dell fails on all fronts. To anyone that reads this post lets join together on social media and on any front we can to bring it to everyones attention the scam Dell is running. Once again I have had to ship my laptop Alienware 17 back to them. I have tried repeatively to find out the status to no avail. This is my son's main source of income and he has literally lost thousands of dollars dur to their inability to fix a porblem that has been ongoing since August, 2019. He will so be facing a finacial crisis due to the fact that Dell will not stand by their service offer and either fix the laptop or replace it. We have also bought and extended warranty which is not worth the paper it is printed on. PLEASE stand together and speak out against Dell and their blatant lack og integrity and cutomer care. The CEO of Dell, Michael Dell should be ashamed instead of singing their praises. Also the Directors and Managers take no accountability for any of this. Thank you.

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Service Quality of Dell Service Center, Bangalore

I had given my laptop (Serial No: JFCB6F2) for an issue (No Bootable HDD found) to the Service Center in Bangalore within the Dell office complex.
They diagnosed the problem as HDD Bad Sector Issues. They did not even attempt to check for any other issues even though this was a paid service.

They connected me to the Dell Customer Care who gave me quotations for HDD parts.
Since Dell provides only 90 Day warranty for the new HDD and I need to shell out similar amount for the AMC, I decided to take back the laptop from the Dell Service Center.

However, I found that my laptop does not even consistently go to the BIOS prompt (press DEL, F1, F2, ... - no luck). The Service Center staff insisted that it is because of the bad HDD. Talk about knowledge of the service personnel ! I was quite unhappy with the service center and hence had indicated 'Dissatisfied' in my feedback.

Later the manager of the center (I think his name is Mr. Murugappan, phone [protected]) came to me. He had torn off my customer feedback form from the bunch and inserted a fresh page. He insisted that I give 'at least a Satisfied' feedback for the sake for the center.
I told him no. I told him that he did not have any professional or ethical standards by removing my signed feedback from and I was disgusted with the ethics.

I am enclosing a copy of my customer feedback form for your reference.
[ The scribblings you see on the top of the page are by the Manager ]

Hope you would take some corrective action in maintaining quality personnel as well as professional ethics in them.


Service Quality of Dell Service Center, Bangalore
Service Quality of Dell Service Center, Bangalore


Alienware Laptop

Let me start by saying I have never experienced this type of blantant neglect on the part of any service provider in my interior life. Less than two years ago we purchased an Alienware laptop along with an extended warranty at great cost. Prior to this we had purchased two laptops form Alienware and were indeed impressed by the product. This time round we have nothing but issues. Our problems started in August of 2019 and have continued to this day. After several on site visits from Dell Technicians and two trips to the Repair Depot our laptop is still in disrepair. Also after continuous attempts to find out when the laptop will be returned all we get is more delays. We have been told on several occassions by the onsite Technicians and Service Technicians at Alienware that the laptop use have been replaced as the monitors has been replaced twice, the mother board twice and other components. No one at the mother company Dell or Alienware have been able to tell us exactly what is wrong nor when we can expect it back. The laptop is my sons main source of income and now he is on the verge of bankruptcy and no one at Dell will do anything to help. I not certain what the next steps will be but I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, small cliams court and will pursue this further with the media and social media. A company the size of Dell should be ashamed of themselves for destroying the health and welfar of an entire fa, ily. Shame on you Dell.

inspiron 5559

While booting I get a error-AC adapter is not recognizable. The laptop continues to be powered. After looging in the performance is significantly degraded. Looks like Dell is recommending using a 65W adapter instead of using the 45W adapter that came with the laptop. Also read that soemhow this issue leads to a significant performance degradation.

I called Dell's customer service on March 2, 2020 at 10 PM CST and described them the problem. I asked for a replacemnt adapter to confirm to Dell's recommendation which changed at some point after I purchased my laptop. I explained to them that this in my opinion is a Dell issue. I kept getting canned replies and finally gave up. Good work by the customer service in frustrating a customer and saving Dell $18.

Need some reasonable person to look into this. My wife is having a similar issue with her much more advanced Dell laptop. It feels like this issue triggers once the warranty expires. To me this smells of a scam to force the customer to spend $ after the warranty has expired for a lame issue as described above.

Contract number [protected]

With regards to the above contract, the original arrangement on signing was to pay within 6 months interest free
I called in before the expiry if 6 months to pay the amount due in full and wanted to return 2 items which doesn't suit my office need at the moment
The Agent I spoke with said he has created a case number and forward it the respective department and someone will contact you within 24 to 48 hours and you can pay and return the products that we don't need
To date no one called and instead we have been charged $75.00 admin fees and my first monthly payment started on February 4, 2020 with interest

We have dealt with dell for many years and trusted the products that we purchased and the customer service but now the customers mean nothing I guess

Now I am running out of patients and need a clear explanation why this has been ignored

blatant lying and run around to get payment for repairs on parts that are not damaged

I contacted Dell in January 2020 aboutmy computer not powering on. I gave the rep the info and he told me that the system would need to have the motherboard replaced! I needed the files on my hard drive and the rep told me that I could remove the hard drive and send in my system for repair. I did this. When Dell got my computer they said that my hard drive was missing and they will charge me to replace it. Then they said that my brand new, recently installed screen was broken and the screen cable was damaged. Then they told me that there was liquid spillage on the motherboard and that it would need to be replaced.
I contacted Dell and told them that I have my hard drive and that it doesn't need to be replaced. I told them, the screen is brand new and doesn't need to be replaced and I told them there was no liquid spillage on my system. I agreed that the screen cable may need to be replaced and that the first rep said that the motherboards needs to be replaced. I got another email from another tech rep, which said that due to the "physical damage to my system' the tech is unwilling to open my system to inspect it for the repairs. I told the rep that I had received an email the day prior, in which I was quoted a price for replacing the screen and the screen cord, the motherboard and the hard drive. So, I asked if no tech had opened my system, to inspect it, then why did a tech send me the previous email, lying and saying that my motherboard was scratched and it had liquid spillage and that my screen and cord needed to be replaced? Of course the rep had no answer! Because they are lying! So about 3 days later, I got an email for a billable hold for repairs because my screen and cable needed to be replaced! The email states that these are the only items that are not covered in my warranty and so the motherboard will be covered and there is no cost for this. I contacted Dell and told them that I have my receipt for the brand new screen I ordered, so my screen is not damamged! The rep transfered me over to another rep who looked at my info and I explained that all I needed was the cable and the motherboard. I told him the email said that hte motherboard was covered, so I will just need the cable replaced, as you can replace a cable, without replacing a screen! I told the tech that I am a programmer and that I know how to replace a part. The rep agreed and said that he'll update my charges. The other rep was on 3 way and so he told me that he could see the new charge and that now...somehow...within a matter of les than 30 seconds...literally...the rep changed the repairs needed form just the screen and cable to now the motherboard and cable! The motherboard, in which the email I have form Dell states that all my other costs, iuncluding the motherboard are covered by the warranty! I told the rep that I am going to report them to the FCC and the FTC and the BBB. I have over 6 emails form Dell, each with a different needed repair! They lied...which is a violation and punishable by a fine of up to $66K per incident! And just today, they sent me a 7th email now stating that they cannot replace just the cable and that now theyll have to replace the cable adn screen! Somehow, again, between today and yesterday, the motherboard that they were certain needing replacement, suddenly doesn't! They have lied and I have all my emails and my chat transcripts with these lying reps!

xps 8900; support assistant does not work

Case Number1014103083, Service Tag-1382. In2019 I took out a $200.00 extended warranty with Dell Computers to fix my Desktop Computer and make the Dell Support Assisstant work to download Drivers on my BIOS System. At least 3 times Dell Technicians were in my computer and figured they had it fixed. But they really never fixed the
Support system to wrok and Dowload the Drivers for the BIOS System. They fixed it to clean up the Computer and scan the PC. For at least two years now the Dell Assisstant only goes half way trying to Download the Drivers for the BIOS and stops. They received my money for the Extended Warranty and told me they could repair the issues. but so far it still does not work. I want to file a review and report how bad Dell Warranties are. I want to be compensated by receiveing my money back for failure to fix my computer and the Dell Support Assisstant to work again. They could not fix what they told me they could fix. I would not give Dell Technical Support one star in a review. Otherwise tell Dell to fix it!!!

sales and customer service

Worst customer service ever. I only wanted to add an extended warranty on my recent purchase through Dell but...

customer service is awful

Called originally to extend the warranty on a desktop I had bought and never set up - it was still in the box...

8 pin adapter

Purchased a new XPS desktop tried to connect moniter from my old del desktop things have changed needed an adapter called numerous times most could not understand rep due to acceent when asked to be transferred to states was disconnected well after about 5 calls finaly got someone that knew what I needed but he had to have someone call me back to place the order well I never got that call so I think I may have found the adapter on Amazon for a fraction of the price that was quoted me. I have always used Dell but I will no longer purchase another computer from them. The customer service is horrible. Until I can speak to an American I will take my business elsewhere. Quite sure Dell wont care I'm just 1 customer they have lost.

  • Ma
    Martinez275 Feb 15, 2020

    Just wait until they start losing many customers, maybe thats when theyll probably give a shit. My situation with them aint too pretty with them neither. Anyway good luck. And thanks for sharing your story.

    0 Votes

g3 laptop

Dear Sir/Madam,
Hoping have a good day.
The performance of the device is still very poor and slow as well as the updates of the windows cannot be installed and the disk icon from the task manager shows 100%. I believe that the issue in the device is not in the software and it has hardware issues regarding the hard disk as before I have reset the windows I tried to download MATLAB 2019 I waited for more than 14 hours and the percentage of download was 70%. When I reset the windows I waited beside the device for more than 3.5 hours despite they say that it will take from 45 to 50 minute for the resetting and updating.
I have wasted a lot of time with this device as I tried to make it work properly for more than 5 days as well as it affects my work and my commitment to my family during the weekend.
Finally, I have a dell laptop inspiron N 5110 that I purchased 7 years ago, its performance is much better than the purchased G3 laptop. I have purchased many laptops in the last 7 years from different brands and I didn't have any problem with them.
After I have called the technical support for the third time on December 23rd, 2019 they said that they will make a replacement and the new laptop will be send from 3 to 5 busniess days and then after a day, the exchange team send me that the replacemment will take from 10 to 13 busniess days.
I see that it is not a professional act from DELL.
The Dispatch number [protected].
The service request reference number is [protected], and Service tag is 3DK3HW2.The Order Code ni153590_s02e

customer service

I am still totally unhappy with Dell customer service department. I contacted your customer service to report that I did not receive My order from your shipper Even though it showed it was delivered. It was not stolen from the front of my house because I have security cameras. The language barrier was horrible. I could not understand the lady. I don't blame dell for FedEx lack of professional employees. I final received the package from a sweet senior lady from several blocks away. Order #[protected]. Your customer service rep
would not transfer my call to her supervisor or any supervisor. I was given several e-mails. none which worked. Due to treatment I received I will not buy another computer or recommend your products. if you have any questions you can contact me at [protected].

  • Updated by Jose Vasquez · Dec 19, 2019

    I am still totally unhappy with Dell customer service department. I contacted your customer service to report that I did not receive My order from your shipper Even though it showed it was delivered. It was not stolen from the front of my house because I have security cameras. The language barrier was horrible. I could not understand the lady. I don’t blame dell for FedEx lack of professional employees. I final received the package from a sweet senior lady from several blocks away. Order #2007176227661.

Laptop order process, customer service, tech support, and returns

Order Date 12/1 & 12/2/19. Receipt of computer 12/6/19. Shipped back by UPS 12/13 & 12/14/19. Request...

dell locker - software release and customer service

I ordered an Adobe software, which after close to a month, Dell has not been able to deliver. They have another Adobe product in my locker room and have NO clue how to change that to the right software. It is really sad. I talked to at least 20 customer service reps and tech support guys. None of them knew what they were doing. Kept on transferring me over and over again. Got disconnected twice from their side. No follow up or incoherent follow ups like we hope your issue was resolved when it never was. Now to get a refund...We can't return this product. Really??? I never even saw the product to return it. Anyways, stay away from this company. Their products, services and especially support is atrocious.

24 inch gaming monitor model# s2419hgf

I received a Cyber-Monday deal by mail during Black Friday, and was set on buying this gaming monitor (model# S2419HGF) on Monday (today). As a result, I ignored all the Black deals for monitors. I made sure to get on the phone (using the CyberMonday deals Ad) - got with a sales representative *before* 9am ET - his name was Srikan. He told me it was not live yet, but proceeded to take my order. He even took down my credit card number and everything, and during the call he said it just went live, and executed the order. But then he comes back and said it's sold out, but that there is another monitor (a 22 inch) that I could buy!! What??
I then complained about it and the said they had the monitor, but it was not available any more for the CyberMonday advertised price!
In other words, I didn't stand a chance, even though I followed all the rules! I even called *before* the time that the deal went live! But even though you have the monitor in stock (it's just "sold out" at the advertised price), you won't honor the CyberMonday price! This to me is a deceptive practice on your marketing team or who ever made this decision at Dell! I have been an long-time buyer of Dell products (just got a new laptop a couple of months ago!), so I am totally disgusted with this deceptive marketing practice!
I hope you will look into this and help me resolve this problem. If you need any further details please don't hesitate to contact me at [protected]@gmail.com

product offers of rebate on computers

I bought a dell aurora 8 alienware with monitor in august of 2019 spent almost $3000.00. It had a visa card offer with it of
$ 200.00 for computer and $ 75.00 for monitor I waited about a month to here from dell about cards nothing. Called them they said did you get our welcome letter e mail I said no I went throught the whole thing scaning receipt of what I bought sent it in. Waited. Got nothing.. Called and e mail the person I had bought the system through.
Was refered to another person then another person got emails saying everthing has been taken care of. That was not true called the company responsible for visa card they only had the one for $ 75.00 they inform me it was sent I told them I did not receive the card they said we will send it again. Guess what nothing happened. I have called emialed but just get the greatest run around also the people I speak with are in india...
I will never buy dell again...

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