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Dell Computers / Did not contain promised/paid for software

DoriNYC on May 10, 2017
I purchase a Dell Inspiron on May 2, 2017. Dell Purchase ID 2005793521201 through Sales representative MARCO ANGELO D QUINTANA (800) 456-3355 80000. I was quoted $919.53 for the laptop which would include Microsoft Student. The sole purpose of this purchase was for schoolwork. I receive my...

Dell / dell inspiron 15 7000 series laptop

Ronda Nichols on May 3, 2017
I purchased this laptop from Best Buy on 11-3-15, now they are saying it needs a new battery and they will not replace, to take it elsewhere. This is a home laptop, NOT used for business, personal use only. Why isn't this covered? I also purchased the Geek Support when purchased laptop, No...

Dell / bad tech support, wanted to charge me while under warranty

Nuke on Apr 19, 2017
I just bought this XPS 8910 computer and it is still under manufacturer's warranty. I recently called your tech support office after one of my 10 USB ports stopped recognizing my off brand mouse and keyboard. I explained that after uninstalling Norton and rebooting, the CPU stopped...

Dell / Inspiron N5010

Sagrawals on Apr 17, 2017
I went to the dell service centre @ Bhilai India. The service they provided me was the worst ever. The service (Front desk personnel) kept telling me lies and told ME to download stuff because they had to close their store. He blamed the problems they were facing on me telling me petty...

Dell / Warranty service

9wood on Mar 30, 2017
trying to get any help from dell is like talking to a wall and expecting the problem to fix itself a total waste of time as is there supervisors and escallations who do exactly the same thing waste your time and hang up on you when it takes over 2 weeks for them to fix an issue I would call...

Dell / False delivery information

cbraith on Mar 24, 2017
Ordered a laptop, wireless mouse and MS office subscription on March 14, 2017. Dell indicated delivery date as March 17- 21, 2017. Mouse and software arrived on-time. However, laptop will not be delivered until March 27 or 28. This delivery information finally available on March 23, after...

Dell / Dell desktop

jerry d king on Mar 15, 2017
3/15/17---------So you have been hacked and the hacker got my phone numbers (name, cell and land line). I told him to stop calling on the first call today but then he began making calls every 15 minutes. Dell's name and 1-800 number are being used for these harassment call...

Dell / dell inspiron warranty

Dawna Walsh on Mar 11, 2017
I had my Dell Inspiron repaired last year.Your Service Request SR#: 938334079 I was very happy with the service and the price. However I have started receiving, relentless, harassing calls from an off shore location to buy a warranty. I have told them I am on a DO NOT CALL list. I told them...

Dell / Delivery problems

LesleyK on Feb 18, 2017
It is now February 18 2017; I ordered a laptop on February 11th with (paid)expedited delivery for February 15th. I just had 50 minutes last evening with three people - Dell customer service, Dell verification department and then the Dell order amendment team. I ordered through UOP because...

Dell / Xps 13 repair-horrific ongoing experience

D_Ferguson on Dec 23, 2016
Quite simply this has been the worst customer experience of my life. I have spent hours of my time chasing and being transferred from Dell department to department, representative to representative. Dell has delayed the process at EVERY opportunity. Community beware DO NOT believe any...

Dell / Customer service

Jennie Robbins on Dec 21, 2016
On Dec 11, 2016 I ordered a laptop for a Xmas gift. As of Dec 21 item was still not listed as shipped. I have emailed Dell with numbers they requested and was told my numbers are incorrect. I've called and been told I'll receive between Dec 16 and Dec 24. Today I was told I'll receive item...

Dell / Dell Inspiron - borderline fraud or bait and switch

ds in dell on Dec 12, 2016
My 3.5 year old XPS8500 hard drive failed. I contacted Dell 12/09/2016 about options on hard drive or system replacement. The decision was to do a system replacement. I asked about a black Friday add (Inspiron Desktop Core i5 processor and 1T hard drive) and was told that price could not...

Dell / Order placed on 11/9/2016

Shawn Lindsey on Nov 14, 2016
They overcharged me and added an item I didn't order. Then after numerous times talking to people who either gave me the runaround or flat out lied, (they kept asking me to re-instate the order) I got half the order cancelled and the other part is in limbo as are my funds. I am a disabled...

Dell / Don't buy a dell product! I purchased a dell laptop 8 months ago & now it's in trash!

DWT64 on Nov 13, 2016
I called Dell technical support and for over an hour I and others listening via speaker phone tried to understand what the foreigners on the other end were trying to say (What a joke!). They did say my laptop was under warranty, which was no surprise since I only purchased it 8 months ago...

Dell / Warranty

Max on Nov 11, 2016
I have purchased a Dell computer and it was about six months ago. It worked fine, sometimes was slow and made a lot of noise, but in total I was pretty satisfied with it. But one day something went wrong. I got a blue screen and felt a strange smell which came from my computer. I...

Dell / Apparently, you are only a number to dell

dma64 on Sep 23, 2016
Just got off of a Dell order support chat. Placed an order and received the tracking number for the shipment, then on Monday Sep 19 I receive a message from the courier that the order delivery has been completed. Obviously concerned with this info as I have not received the order, I contacted the...

Dell / Misrepresentation of product

RobHep on Sep 5, 2016
Ordered a new hard drive after Dell said mine was bad through their "online analysis". After 2 weeks finally got the hard drive only to find out it was a refurbished hard drive. After 3 more weeks, managed to get return label to get full credit back. Email form Dell said they would credit...

Dell / Inspiron 15 5559

dva on Sep 1, 2016
Ordered dell product on 25.08.2016 got delivery on 30.08.2016 i was purchased dell laptop wid windows 10 with office student 2016 version but didnt get it. later when after multiple attempts for 6 hours i connected with customer service i was told, i have to separately purchase ms office this dual...

Dell Computer Corporation / Poor customer service

morpheus1250 on Aug 28, 2016
Contacted service on 8/19/16: power adapter not being recognized; dell service ran a diagnostic test; nothing wrong with computer; still under warranty; requested a new AC adapter; was refused; wanted me to send computer in? Requested to be transferred state side; refused; went online to...

Dell / Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 (3148)

MagnanPI on Jul 20, 2016
I talked to a representative on the phone about the product before I bought it. They said that I have 1 year to be able to return the unit if there is a problem with it. Well it is 9 months later and it has the same problems as day 1. Now they say that there items only have a 30 day return...

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