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+44 800 028 2660 (United Kingdom)
+64 800 446 255 (New Zealand)
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+45 70 230 182 (Denmark)
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DellWD19 130W

Internet Order GB2007-[protected].09.2020 order 3 x laptops (2 x Vostro 7500 & 1 x Vostro 7590)

Booking Reference [protected] (Invoice [protected]) 08.10.2020 was advised by sales advisor ASHU SHARMA that docking stations required for the above laptops were the WD19 130W so i placed an order for them.

The order for the Vostro 7590 was cancelled without any notification, after chasing this up, i reordered a Vostro 3490 (order [protected]) 26.10.2020

27.11.2020 order cancelled again

Internet order GB2008-[protected].12.2020 ordered Inspiron 14 5402

Delivery of this unit was just prior to christmas

11.01.2021 advised technical support that the WD19 130W docking stations do not work correctly. they sent out replacement docking stations which also did not work correctly. Eventually was advised that the WD19 180W docking station are the ones compatible so was advised wrongly from sales advisor.
I believe that the simplest resolve would be to send out 3 x WD19 180 and return the original units and replacement. Solution resolved! However this doesnt seem to be possible and seem to be going rorund in circles.

As shown above the whole experience has been a shambles and has been very frustrating.

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    Jan 25, 2021

    Dell — Office 365 subscription charge

    When I received my invoice for an annual Office 365 subscription on Dec. 28, 2020 I contacted Dell to cancel...

    DellCustomer support

    Someone was trying to hack into my computer about 2 weeks ago. I called dell support at indianapolis office and talked with a male representative about the issue. He said I would need to call tech support at phone # 415/830-4352 to resolve the issue. I called the number and a man with india voice answered and said his name was mark and he could help me with my issue. He said I would need to purchase best buy gift cards and give him the number on the cards to complete the service and pay for the work. This man is a scammer and this issue needs to be followed up on to prevent more people like me from being scammed!

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      Dell ComputerPrice match guarantee on a XPS laptop

      I purchased the laptop on 11/13/2020 within two weeks the price had dropped $25.
      I called Dell customer service and they said I would be credited within 8 business days.
      I waited 12 days, no credit, I called again, and was told the same thing. I waited. No refund. I called again and I was told that my problem had not been "escalated" he escalated the refund request and said another 5 - 7 days, 8 days later, no refund. I was then told after the 8th day that he had processed the refund and I would receive it in 5 business days, you guessed it, no refund.
      I emailed several more times with no response, no I am being told 2-3 more days.
      In addition I have called and emailed many times asking for a phone number for customer service in the US and I have always been given a wrong number, I was just put on hold nay India customer service and she was going to connect me to a supervisor that could help me. The phone wring for over 5 minutes before I hung up.
      What the Hell!!!

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        on 31 /12/2020 i purchased on line new inspiron 15 3000 laptob from dell web site .in the advertised product page it specifically said that this product is available in stock and will be shipped in 3 day . after dell pocketed my money i get an email saying it is still in production overseas and needs 3 weeks than another 3 weeks for shipping !!! dell misleading and false advertising .False advertising is described by law as the crime or misconduct of publishing, transmitting, or otherwise publicly circulating an advertisement containing a false, misleading, or deceptive statement, made intentionally or recklessly to promote the sale of property, goods, or services to the public .i emailed dell and asked them to immediately remove the false advertisement and give me a discount for the misleading and for the 2 months extra waiting time they refused to do both and offered to refund me because they are after vulnerable people who don't know or don't stand for their rights !!.dell presale service is misleading and lying think of the post sale do you think you will get any service after you buy dell. stay away from dell products. my complaint number with dell so they will not say im lying is : /[protected] [ ref:_00D0bGaMp._5002R1FgUmu:ref ]


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          DellDamaged mother board

          I have given my dell laptop at dell exclusive store (Malakpet) when my laptop got shutdown completely and he had charged me 3k to make the computer turn on but after taking my laptop home it has stopped charging even I tried with a new dell charger. I took it back to him and explained the problem and he said that he will look into the problem and I don't know what he had done with the motherboard he called me after 2 days saying that your mother board and processor has gone and returned my 3k back. Now if I want change my motherboard and processor it would cost me around 13k or 15k because of the mistake of the service person. why do you people hire unprofessional technicians this has taught me a great lesson that I should not buy dell products any more. I would suggest to the new buyers to not to buy the dell product and one more think these people are not even giving the original receipt they are just giving the visiting card and writing on back side.

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            DellWarranty service

            The Dell survey expired before I could respond. This is what I would have said on the survey:

            Dell warranty service advertising is misleading due to omission, not commission. I will explain.
            1. Sometime this last October I unknowingly opened an insecure site. Immediately a screen section opened blaring an alarm and instructing me to call [protected]. Eric Gardner, who identified himself as a "Windows Security and Software Expert." He explained the cause, shared my screen and deleted several foreign addresses. Case # MS1707012699
            2. My Dell warranty expired, and I renewed it (order # [protected], invoice # [protected]). Nothing in the accompanying ad said it was not warranting software problems, and I assumed that it would because of Eric's software service.
            3. At some point I was told that a one-time service call would cost $199.00, a preposterous price!

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              Dellxps15 laptop - stag: 8gsd8s2  escode: [protected]

              After a competent dell service tech replaced mboard, wifi card + 2 fans yesterday - to fix ongoing wifi disconnection problem!  

              And all os, bios, and other system software is up to date.

              I just now re-reported the ongoing intermittent "hard drive not attached" problem is back - again!!!
              Hardware scan result (manual) - default scan - warning - december 4,
              2020 3:05:54 pm

              After 18 months of trouble on 3 continents (usa, aus, china) — 18 service requests, 2 motherboards, 4 fans, 1 hd, 1 gcard, 1 wficard —  this laptop is clearly a unrepairable lemon!!!

              *give* me a new replacement now!!!

              xps15 laptop - stag: 8gsd8s2  escode: [protected]
              xps15 laptop - stag: 8gsd8s2  escode: [protected]
              xps15 laptop - stag: 8gsd8s2  escode: [protected]
              xps15 laptop - stag: 8gsd8s2  escode: [protected]

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                Dec 11, 2020

                Dell — Laptop inspiron 15 5000

                I need some help. I have been dealing with Dell's customer support since the beginning of Nov 4, 2020. I...

                Dec 01, 2020

                Dell — I trying to pay an invoice for microsoft 365 apps for business from dell

                I have contacted dell customer service, customer care @ dell, sales department & tech customer service...


                I purchased a computer and within an hour I cancelled it. It waws prior to shipping so the cancellation is valid. The next day it shipped. I called to return it and was told there was an it glitch. This was way back around Oct 15, I contacted corporate and they assigned a representative to help. She did nothing and responds to me there is an it glitch and they are working on it. This is an it company and if they cannot fix an it glitch in a month they should not be in business or it is used an excuse to delay refunds. She finally got me labels to send back and I sent the items back and they received them nov 10 but still no refund.

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                  • Updated by Michael R Castagno · Nov 27, 2020

                    Their customer service is in india. Half of the time you cannot understand them the other half they are reading from ques with no valid answer to your question just delays. They told me on numerous occasions that I would be contacted by a specialist and never was. Then they assure you that they will follow up the next day and contact you and they never did. I would never ever buy from dell again

                  Nov 16, 2020

                  Dell — All-in-one computer

                  I purchased a dell computer from our local warehouse in november, 2019. I have been having a few issues for...

                  DellOrder not received and unable to get help from order support

                  I placed an order for a laptop on 10/8. On 10/10 I noticed my account had been updated with a tracking number, but that was for a shipment from Dell in Tenn to West Bend, Wisconsin. I called on Monday and they advised Logistics sent my order to someone else and would send another to me. I have been on the phone for hours and in chat for hours and still don't have my order nor can anybody tell me when I will receive it. They keep hanging up on me now so I don't know what to think. All I've asked is for status on when they will ship my order to me.

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                    Sep 25, 2020

                    Dell — Monitor

                    I purchased a dell lap top and a dell monitor regretfully even after calling at least 6 times to the Dell...

                    Dell ComputersDispute over dell aiding me to install windows 10

                    Bought Desktop 3 years ago. Came with Windows 7 and Windows 10 to download when needed.
                    Called Dell to ask where I could locate the Windows 10 so could install.
                    Dell advises not to do it alone; I should use a tech. I said great can we set up a call. Dell tells me my system is out of warranty and it will cost $99 for Dell to help.

                    I don't believe it's a warranty issue. The Windows 10 installation I already paid for upon buying the computer.

                    There's no Dell documentation telling ever that I had a requirement to install with any conditions. That's why people bought these transition machines.

                    Dell refuses to help unless I pay because it's out of warranty.

                    I say finally that Dell has an ethical responsibility to help, or they were selling these models under false pretenses.

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                      Sep 02, 2020

                      Dell — Wrong monitor cable adapter

                      My customer # 9086743. I had purchased two computers Inspiron 3880 and one monitor. My order number...

                      Jun 23, 2020

                      Dell — Express service code: [protected]

                      I have been requesting service for my laptop for a few months. I have paid extra for onsite 2nd service due...

                      DellAlienware has serious issues with their updates

                      For over 30 years I have built my PC's. I didn't feel like doing the reach and building, I should have. I bought a Dell Alienware R8 for $2300. I wouldn't recommend them. Alienware has serious issues with their updates. Multiples times they have failed, this time cost me a complete reload of the OS. I reached out to support Dell/Alienware and they were closed. Their hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 11pm CST. After that you are screwed. I tired reaching out to them on their support page and was told my support had expired, it hadn't it was extended. Steer clear of this company, they will let you down when you need them.

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                        Mar 19, 2020

                        Dell — Internet disconnection, no refund after less than two months use

                        I just bought the new Dell Inspiron 14" and since then there is micro internet disconnection 30 to 40...

                        Mar 16, 2020

                        Dell — Rewards takes away your rewards without warning!

                        Dell offers small businesses a rewards program that is supposed to provide rewards on purchases of Dell...

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