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Valve reviews & complaints

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Valve - SteamGames.Com Fraudulent Transactions

Got 10 fraudulent transactions from on my debit card, never open a gaming session or even order anything around games. Bank is looking to it as e are close to NZD 2100.
The transactions have been all done in a couple of 3 minutes, I even don´t understand how the bank can´t intercept automatically that it is a scam. Each transaction was for an amount of NZD143.43 and before it happened, I got notified of a refund of NZD 58 which never shows up on my account, perhaps the scam started there.

Desired outcome: Block this and refund people scammed + interest

Valve - Steamgames

Steamgames has defrauded me of nearly 2k.

Last night a had four transactions go off on my cheque card - all within 3 minutes. They were actually transacting while I was on the phone to my bank to stop them. We eventually cancelled my card.

This company should be closed down and BLOCKED

I see posts as far back as 2019 about the same company. Why are they still allowed to operate?

Valve - credit card fraud

they just charged 9 x $100 on my cc account., luckily I saw the charges coming in and immediately called my bank. 7 charges under steam powered and 2 under steam games

from the thread I see its been going on for many years with this company, my bank informed me that they received more calls during this weekend.

the hassle of getting a new card and having this one blocked till they sort it out during this pandemic is just awful. horrible people that are behind this

why isn't any law enforcement stateside doing anything about this, they should start suing this company,

does anyone know their legal address?

Valve - Customer Safety within General

When I had wrote Reports about Tales of Maj and
1 Anime Puzzle app not allowing me to exit within the previous years, I had noticed that the Valve Team would not read my Reports and then act on it as to remove these offensive applications from the Steam Powered Store. I am worried about getting my PC compromised by Malware, while playing games on Steam that would not provide me any Escape button.

Desired outcome: Provide Customer Safety, A Way Out.

Valve - Unauthorised transaction

I have had 3 unauthorised transaction come out of my account today one for $5 one for $100 and one for $50 I've stopped my card I please refund my money. It was taken out today about 1pm. Steam games. I went to the bank and cancelled my card. I never heard of steam games.

Desired outcome: Return my money

Valve - Unauthorized charges on credit card

This morning chase sent an email that I needed to authenticate because it didnt recognize my ip address.
At 7 am the authentication process had me log onto my comcast email account and sign in... I should have known then.!
10 minutes after I logged into my email account, I got another code form xfinity as if I was trying to log in again (730am). Then an hour later (845) and then 15 minutes later (9am).
Then at 845 I had gotten what I thought was a telemarketer call from keep And guess what.. There was a charge from them too! And another company So these 3 companies are running some scam.

Valve - Charged my visa I had never done business with them.

I found charges to my Visa Debit card this morning for 220.00 dollars each luckily the bank stopped 2 of them and will take care of the other 2. I called [protected] the number they give for contacting and there is no way to speak to a person. Same with their website. This company is clearly a front for fraud. They probably sell games as well but their primary purpose seems to be to steal money and hope no one catches it. The fact that so many people have complained about this and contacted their banks but the FBI has not done anything about it for years tells you a lot about the state of our society! It is not enough to just call your bank. You need to file a report with your local law enforcement. The individuals at SteamGames are nothing more than common thieves, no morals, no ethics what so ever. The banks don't do anything about it and these [censored] know it, that's why they keep doing it and why the list of victims continues to grow. These sites need to be stopped, file complaints yes, but also file a report with law enforcement. Share their addresses, phone numbers and empoylee names if you get them.

Valve - Charged my debit card 7 times.. How? They are hackers...

This morning the 1st of July my banking smses came through 7 times from a company called charging for what?

I have never heard of this company nor did i ever purchase anything online from this company.

1. R 1335.00 (ZAR)
2. R 615.00 (ZAR)
3. R 615.00 (ZAR)
4. R 1335.00 (ZAR)
5. R 615.00 (ZAR)
6. R 615.00 (ZAR)
7. R 84.00 (ZAR)

A total of R 5214.00 (ZAR) converted to almost $301

This company must be brought to task by the LAW. If i could get my hands on this company i will fly to them and take them down myself. Please help me somebody. Contact me on +[protected] OR [protected]

Valve - unauthorized charges

I have 3 charges of a steamgames .com on my paypal account I did not make these charges refund my money please
May 8, 2020
-negative $1.00
Payment - PayPal Cash Card

Paid with PayPal Cash Card x-4804
PayPal Cash Plus balance


Transaction ID

Seller info

Purchase details
Purchase amount

Print details

Valve -

I just noticed that I have been charged MULTIPLE times a day for charges that were NOT authorized by me on my cc. I will be disputing these charges, but this is hundreds of dollars of charges that are surreptitiously being charged without anyone's knowledge. In fact, my son has not even been playing the game he believes is part of Valve/ platform. This is a scam.

Valve -

Today I found eighteen charges on my credit card varying between $100 and $170 each. Seeing the other comments online shows this is Not an uncommon occurrence. The financial institution caught it, but now I have to wait until the new card arrives and change all the auto payments. Something is obviously wrong with their site to allow multiple fraudulent charges.

Valve - valve loot boxes in cs/go

Ladys and geentleman,

I´m hereby to expose a iliegal situation of Valve.
Valve in last years has been forced to disable loot boxes opening, due to the new laws of Belgium/Netherlands of gambling, and therefore only apply to them. The purpose of this laws, is to prevent gamers winning in-game items, with certain value, and be able to trade/sell.
Quite simplistic rule.

However the solution of Valve, was to associate each game account with a bank account.
This way, becouse I have dutch/belgium bank account, I cannot open the boxes. Until now, everything is legal and correct.

However, if I decide to go for holidays in Germany, I should be able to play the game, and open the loot boxes, mainly becouse in Germany, there isn´t such law. Something which doesn´t happen, becouse they still consider my bank account´s country, and not the actual location where I am.

At this point, this is unmmoral, unethical and even a bit of descrimination.

But what happens when we look at other way arround?

Lets say, I am bulgarian, I created my valve account from Bulgaria, with bulgarian bank account.
Then I could move into Netherlands/Belgium, and I would be able to open this boxes, unless I dont change my payment account to dutch/belgium one.
At this point, I am commiting a felony becouse I am allowed to open a virtual box, which is iliegal in the contry where I found myself (Netherlands/Belgium).

If its iliegal to open loot boxes in NL/BE, then this rules apply to EVERYBODY inside the borders of the mentioned countrys. Thats what the laws state. Everything outside of those borders, any Dutch/Belgium valve account, should be able to open the loot boxes. There isn´t any legal limitation when it comes to abroad country´s.
Therefore the service payed by players should be full, and not partially like it is right now.

I commented this topic in reddit/csgo channel, and also in-game both channels I was locked/excluided, which helps me assume a cover operation from the part of moderators.

With my saddest regards,

Valve - online hacking website

I was charged $100 twice because they were denied a third time. My bank will take care of this when the transactions post and I call the fraud department. I am also filing a report with the Better Business Bureaus for all this online hacking and them getting away with it. I also filed a complaint with the FBI to finally get them closed. Everyone should also do that.
You can email the company all you want or call. No one will answer and if they do. They don't speak English, and they will not respond to an email.

Valve - Steam games

I just looked at my credit union account and I know without a doubt I do not have nor ever had an account with this company and just had 39 charges at 14.99 each and now have to call my bank after...

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Valve -

We just got charged five times at $22 a piece without making a purchase. My husband has a steam account that he hasn't made a purchase on for over a year, and that account is not connected to my...

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Valve - I have unauthorized transactions on my card that needs attention immediately!!!

These transaction go back through January to current adding up to over 300 dollars I need a call immediately!!! This is a gaming site that I definitely was unaware of until I went to use my card...

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Valve - credit card fraud

Hello, I have been called by the bank - it seems that 10 unauthorized transactions have been performed under my name and I have never accessed your website. I have been to the police and have...

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Valve - unauthorized credit card charges

I have many unauthorized credit card charges to my Visa debit card.
12 Aug 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $13.99
14 Aug 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.99
01 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $10.00
02 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $10.00
04 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $10.00
09 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $ 25.00
10 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $5.00
12 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.90
14 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.00
14 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $24.96
17 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $5.00
18 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.99
18 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $5.98
19 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $14.99
19 Sep 2018 [protected] -9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.96
23 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $5.99
25 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $13.99
25 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $24.99
25 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $24.99
25 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $59.99
26 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $13.99
26 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $ 5.99
27 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $ 49.99
27 Sep 2018 [protected]-9522985 Waus in the amount of $5.99
27 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $ 24.99
28 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $ 13.99
28 Sep 2018 [protected]-8899642 Waus in the amount of $ 24.99
29 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $ 24.99
30 Sep 2018 Bellevue Waus in the amount of $ 24.99
30 Sep 2018 [protected]- 8899642 Waus in the amount of $14.99
02 Oct 2018 [protected], [protected] Waus in the amount of $ 24.99
02 Oct 2018 [protected], [protected] Waus in the amount of $ 13.99
02 Oct 2018 [protected], [protected] Waus in the amount of $ 49.99
The name on the card is Sarah Hinkle
This is on a steam account owned by my son Robert Hinkle. He says he did not authorize these charges and most came from a game he has not played in quite a while. I have removed my card info off of the wallet. I want a refund of these charges. I will be reporting these incidents to my local police and to Better Business Bureau and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. I expect a response in a timely manner. My contact information is [protected]. My email is [protected] Thank you. The total of these charges is $539.60

Valve - unauthorised purchases on credit card

I've see. A lot of ppl complaining about steamgames who have accounts with them... we don't even have accounts and so far this is the second time I am going to have to cancel my card as in Australia...

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Valve - fraudulent charge

I have 2 charges pending on my bank account each for $100! I am trying to get in touch with my bank to get them reversed and of course, they will. However, how is it that there are complaints going...

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