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Not delivering what i paid for

Hi i've been getting slow speeds lately and its unconvienient, i paid for the ULTERA PLAN 999 with 5MBPS and all im getting is 0.7-1Mbps, its frustrating because im a PC Gamer and i experience massive ping ( For example 350-1000 Ping ) i cannot enjoy my gameplay because of this, i live in Pandi, Bulacan, is there any Celltowers here ? if not when are you gonna implement one here

Andy Bryant CEO

Here's my complaint. too much dirty politics when hiring Contract Engineers at Intel. Advise: Intels a...

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Department (RPO)

I would like to complain the Intel's Recruitment Process Outsourcing department is run by the India Secret Police that blatant screen out qualified White Americans from consideration for employment at Intel by many Smoke and Mirror Screens. they hire contracts for their RPO who are quietly managed by racist people from India inside of Intel, who quietly pull the plug on anybody they see as competing against them, even when they are interviewing for a team that doesn't have indian people on them.

Eve Morgan HR Folsom

She's stupid lady that help dumb indian wipro contractors fire white contractors so that the dumb indian...

No service / incompetence

Your SA service is SHOCKING !!!
I phoned yesterday and this black woman answered the phone and said to call back the next day 9 am... I did so and she said no they not available again ?

Incompetence is all there is to say really ... Not being able to tell me when I can speak to Intel support ?

I am going to make this a public matter !!! THIS SERVICE IS HORRIFIFC MAN !!!

All I want is to get some help with my DQ45CB desktop board as your site is useless and the drivers are wrong for the audio device !!! I tried speaking to the manager, but also no answer ????

Why do you sell products you cannot support ? ... I cannot take this anymore this is shocking !!!

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Very bad customer service

After numerous attempts to contact in regards to a warranty/ return this is what I got from Intel live chat after four days of trying to get through emails phone calls no reply what so ever. please do read the whole Chat
ldy: Hello. Thank you for using the Intel Customer Support chat service. We are glad to be of service. How can I help you today?

Daniel Hesse: Hi I need to place a return claim on my I7 980 extreme edition was working fine and know won't post at all

Aldy: May I know if you are on of our Intel Channel Member, reseller or enduser?

Daniel Hesse: Sure am and I am having problems please see below

Daniel Hesse: well since I can not send screen shots I keep getting an application error with the crete returns field

Aldy: May I have your channel ID?

Daniel Hesse: I have tried to contact intel for the last 4 days about the matter and still no response.

Daniel Hesse: [protected] this is it here

Aldy: Thank you.

Aldy: Did you contact us through email or phone?

Daniel Hesse: I have done every thing that is required in the fields of returns

Daniel Hesse: Aldy I have contacted via phone and email

Daniel Hesse: no response as yet from email as I live in Australia Brisbane I have called a few times as I work sometimes it is hard to call during busniess hours

Aldy: I see. Let me further check your records first. Please wait for 2 minutes. Thank you.

Daniel Hesse: The reception did state though if still no contact to let here know and that they would make sure some one contacted me about the matter. so I have waited all day and still no luck.

Aldy: Thank you for waiting.

Daniel Hesse: Dont get me wrong I'm not complaining or anything, I just though some one would have contacted me by know. So I'm hoping u can help to get the ball rolling.

Aldy: What error did you receive while making an application?

Daniel Hesse: No promblems at all for waiting.

Aldy: No, it is alright. Nothing to worry about.

Aldy: We should be the ones to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Daniel Hesse: Basically I click on returns and application error comes up I do understand Intel have just made changes to the page.

Aldy: I need to further check your records, Daniel. Please wait for 3 more minutes. Thank you.

Daniel Hesse: asking me to contact, ohh please see below

Daniel Hesse: Application error unknown. If you have any questions, please call Intel Customer Support for further assistance. For contact information, click the Channel Support Phone Numbers link on the left side of the page.

Daniel Hesse: this is the error I am getting

Aldy: Thank you for waiting.

Aldy: Was it the first time that you encounter the issue?

Daniel Hesse: I dont know what happened really, I must admit I do not know everything about computers (impossiable). I do know a fair bit. Yes this is the first time I have seen this error

Daniel Hesse: I have beeen on computeres since the days of tapes though not to many can say they use to wait 45mins each side of the tape to play Dragons Lair

Daniel Hesse: I really hope we can get somthing sorted

Aldy: Meaning, you successfully created a request before right?

Daniel Hesse: no not all this is the only first time I have ever had issues with anything from intel. My P3 still goes and will still keep going

Daniel Hesse: I really need to get this going as my desktop is out of action and I loved my i7 980x, talk about enough to make a man cry almost.

Aldy: Alright. May I have the specific link first where you were creating a warranty request?

Daniel Hesse: sure please see below

Daniel Hesse:

Daniel Hesse: This is what the pdf explained to do

Daniel Hesse: please do correct me if I'm wrong

Daniel Hesse: I have tried the chip in diffrent boards and still nothing, It was working fine and know I just don't really know what happened.

Aldy: I am verifying your records now. I need 2 more minutes.

Daniel Hesse: This did happen on friday the 25th of oct around 7pm

Daniel Hesse: I did have issues at first as I was contacting tech support not Warranty

Aldy: Thank you for waiting.

Aldy: What Login ID did you use?

Daniel Hesse: the one that was specifed to me via email

Aldy: Just to confirm, this is from Computer Junkie right?

Daniel Hesse: Yes this is correct love that name has a real ring to it

Aldy: Thank you.

Aldy: May I have the Login ID that you used? I want to know if it is correct.

Daniel Hesse: sure it is

Daniel Hesse: [protected]

Aldy: Have you successfully logged in?

Daniel Hesse: sure on many of occasions, note it does auto kick if not useing for seceruity resons

Aldy: I see. May I also have your company address for verification?

Daniel Hesse: yes sure it is 40 Southampton Rd Ellen grove I run from home at the moment

Aldy: Thank you. Will it be alright that we continue your warranty replacement request here in chat? But I will be needing some troubleshooting details from you.

Daniel Hesse: sure feel free can u just excause me for 2mins please

Aldy: Alright.

Daniel Hesse: ok sorry about that just had to sort something out

Aldy: It is alright.

Aldy: When did you purchase the processor? Is it still within 30 days from the date of purchase? Any physical damage on the processor and fan?

Daniel Hesse: not that I can tell no it was quite a while ago I still do have the orginal proof of purchase and is still under warranty.

Aldy: Probably more than a month old right?

Daniel Hesse: yes correct

Aldy: What is the complete model and manufacturer of the motherboard that you have originally used with the processor?

Daniel Hesse: It is a gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9

Aldy: Any troubleshooting steps that you have tried to confirm that the processor is the one causing the no boot issue?

Daniel Hesse: diffently the above board will post with another chip.

Aldy: I see. May I also have the processor model that you have used?

Daniel Hesse: Sure its an i7 980x

Daniel Hesse: extreme edition

Aldy: So same model.

Daniel Hesse: oh ok u ment as in the test chip was just an 980 of a friend of mine. sorry misunderstood u Aldy

Daniel Hesse: As I wanted to be certain it was the chip and not the board

Aldy: What is the part number of the memory that you have used with this processor? If you do not have the part number, the voltage requirement of the memory will do.

Daniel Hesse: CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 6GB tripple channel kit by 2 for a total of 12GB they are 1.65volts

Daniel Hesse: Ver7.1A

Aldy: Thank you. I will give consideration even you have used a higher voltage of RAM, Daniel . But, I strongly suggest that you use a memory with a maximum voltage of 1.575V. Using higher than this can reduce again the processor life span.

Aldy: Please open the link.

Aldy: Please provide the complete markings of the processor and fan. Please open the link for your reference. Look for LGA 1156 based processor.

Aldy: I have not heard from you for the last 3 minutes. Would you like me to keep this chat session open for you?

Aldy: Since I have not heard from you for several minutes, we will close this chat session to assist other customers. Please do not hesitate to click on the chat button again if you need further assistance. Thank you.
It's actually quite rude as I was less then a 1min filling the processor information in. Also note this Aldy works for Intel and does not know the socket even LGA1156 oh really funny as the socket is a LGA1366 socket quite funny indeed I have yet to finish with Intel on this.

  • Ir
    irma smith Aug 11, 2008

    charged 69.95 for hoodia that i did not order please stop, I am returning bottle that was sent
    Please see that my credit card charge is credited

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  • Bh
    bharat Sep 13, 2008


    DATE OF PURCHASE:-05/03/2008

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  • Ms
    M.Sridhar Nov 01, 2008

    intel mother board audio problem that is in warrenty period.
    we bought 2 months back in Challenger Computers, Riche Street, Chennai.

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  • Hn
    H.N.Jha Jul 03, 2009

    dear sir i have intel mother board it is not working properly(not gving display) my mother is under warrenty period and its model no is D945GCPE SL NO. IS:-AZPE72900B0D AA D97209-200
    Pl. register my complaint
    Address:III K-30, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad

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  • Na
    naughty 14573357 Oct 18, 2009

    i had got an email that i have won the Intel End of The Year award of
    700, 000.00 gbp and i was told to contact Dr.Harry <[email protected]> but i am not able to contact him.

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  • Ma
    manish28583 Dec 21, 2009

    sir i had got a sms that i have won 700000 gb pounds as end of year award whatis it tell me my no. is

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A guy name ISMAIL ALI is using the government intelligence facilities to spy peoples documents and peoples private things while on an official duty to protect them. This guy is a hypocrite and a freak and also a selfish one. He must not do this using government properties. This is against the law and these kind of peoples should be avoid and thrown away from intelligence and also from this kind of duties.
Advised to the public stand against to this:
Sentence him to jail for the act he have done

This is strictly out of line and beyond it.

motherboard problem

problem with motherboard, already checked with normal hardware person no display is occuring .

my email : [protected]

my mobile no : [protected], [protected].

  • In
    intel desktop board Sep 03, 2011

    please sir

    model no - dg41rq - azrq00301dc3 aa e54511-203
    10082305 - intel desktop board

    param computers & information technology
    near railway phatak pancholi matket bassi.
    mobile no - 9001463842, 9782043115
    email id - [email protected]

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Intel Quad Processor doesnt fit on Intel motherboard

The Intel DP45SG motherboard doesn't work with the Q9550 Quad CPU. The CPU heat-sink cannot be installed...

No Display with processor

This is in regards with the issue which i was facing with Intel Processor ( Also Read the Note at the Bottom ) it worked for 2 years as it had 3 years warranty and as i was facing a problem with the processor i send it for replacement because when connected another processor the system works fine hence log a complaint registered with inter, packed the processor properly and personally handed over the box to the consigner the processor also reached to Intel it was under observation for a weak after a weak when i call i was informed that a Capacitor is missing, I also work in computer firm and am aware that if there is a physical damage it would not be replace and when I received the processor I could easily see the capacitor missing which is am sure this happened during the observation or while testing because the processor was absolute fine when I has sent to Intel besides this the Fan which I received was also not of the Right Make and the locking system was broken although I received the shipment late but the box was in good condition but the fan in the box was not right and the processor was having a broken capacitor. When I called Intel they informed sorry we cannot replace the processor as there is a physical damage and also no response for the fan which I had send this is not a good service

Moral of the Note is

*** Pls Click a picture of the processor if any one sends for replacement under Warranty as u never know when u receive the processor in what condition it will be as I forgot to click a picture of the processor before sending no help from Intel hence info mining all to pls take a picture of Processor or Motherboard any parts before sending it for replacement ****

warranty support

I'm a computer service engineer and i assemble computer and sale. I bought a computer accessories and assembled and given to my customer. My intel processor is not working during the purchase warrnty period and i have raised a warranty support ticket with intel but they say it is out of warranty. As per my purchase record it is under warranty but intel say they only consider the manufacturer warranty and it is expired already and not ready to replace the part. I have attached my purchase bill copy and send it intel but same answer. It is not possible for intel to stall their products at all locations immediately after they manufacture. Then how they say it is only manufacturer warranty and it cannot be covered from the date of purchase. Even Intel dealer doesn't respond to us properly. I decided not to buy any intel products any more which not sure about their warranty policies.

  • Mu
    muzzam Oct 31, 2010

    sir my desktop mother board were not show the display i was purchased inter g-31 orignal desktop mother board maine jis dealear se purchased kiya tha usene shop closed kr di hai aur abhi mera destiop warranty pr hai please aap mere koi help kare main isse kaha leke jaon

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After sales service

For the past four months I have send my intel original915GAV motherboard (in warranty period) which wa...

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