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Jun 07, 2020 / Think Computer Corporation — Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extorting hard working Americans with

Aaron Greenspan has been blackmailing and extorting people and companies all across the United States by...

May 24, 2020

Aaron Greenspan Think Computer Foundation — Making threats and stalking President Trump on his Twitter accounts @AaronGreenspan and @PlainSite

Aaron Greenspan is making threats and stalking President Trump on his Twitter accounts @AaronGreenspan and...

May 16, 2020

Aaron Greenspan/ — Intrusive data mining and a devious hacker

Aaron Greenspan is a data mining maniac full of obsessive compulsive disorders and a devious hacker. Aaron...

May 08, 2020 / Think Computer Corporation — data mining legal documents on millions of people so Aaron Greenspan can make a comfy living without working

Aaron Jacob Greenspan 957 Carolina Street, San Francisco, CA Think Computer Foundation20560 Shelburne... / Think Computer Corporationaaron greenspan was arrested in california with child porn on his computer!

Aaron Jacob Greenspan was arrested last weekend after the Cleveland Ohio police found child porn on his computer!
Aaron Greenspan is the man who sued facebook and lost. Mr. Greenspan is also a convicted stalker. He was arrested on several felony stalking charges. According to public record, Aaron Greenspan has a history of internet stalking and other felony crimes including child porn.

The picture posted is a current picture of Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Picture was taken by an international news reporter and is in the public domain. Do not remove picture.

aaron greenspan was arrested in california with child porn on his computer!

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    • Pl
      PLAINSITE.ORG is creepy Mar 23, 2020

      Think Computer Foundation Arron Greenspan is stalking to get horde more court records.

      19CV359896 | Think Computer Foundation vs Rebecca Fleming et al 

      Case Number
      Superior Court of Santa Clara - CivilFile Date
      12/09/2019Case Type
      Other Petition (Not Spec) Unlimited (43)Case Status
      Fleming, RebeccaAliases
      Chief Executive Officer of the Superior Court  
       Active Attorneys
      Lead AttorneyJarvis, Rick W.RetainedWork Phone
      Superior Court for the State of California, County of Santa Clara Active Attorneys
      Lead AttorneyJarvis, Rick W.RetainedWork Phone
      Think Computer Foundation Active Attorneys
      Lead AttorneyRisher, Michael TempleRetainedWork Phone

      11 Votes
    • Pl
      PLAINSITE.ORG is creepy Mar 23, 2020

      @PLAINSITE.ORG is creepy loser facecash clown sued and lost to free law.

      Think Computer Foundation VS Free Law ProjectCase SummaryOn  Think Computer Foundation filed a Small Claim - Other Small Claim lawsuit against Free Law Project. This case was filed in Alameda County Superior Courts, Hayward Hall Of Justice located in California, Alameda. The Judge overseeing this case is KARIN S SCHWARTZ. The case status is Disposed - Other Disposed.Case Details  Parties Documents Dockets Case DetailsCase Number:HS19010259Filing Date:03/08/2019Case Status:Disposed - Other DisposedCase Type:Small Claim - Other Small ClaimCourt:Alameda County Superior CourtsCourthouse:Hayward Hall Of JusticeCounty, State:Alameda, CaliforniaJudge DetailsJudgeKARIN S SCHWARTZ Party DetailsPlaintiff and Debtor / AppelleeTHINK COMPUTER FOUNDATION

      12 Votes

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    Feb 23, 2020

    Neil S Greenspan VP and Treasurer, Judith Keene Greenspan and Aaron Greenspan — data mining the public's personal information for profit, harvesting ip addresses with

    Aaron Greenspan is suicidal, suffers from severe depression and the Autism Spectrum. He is a social menace to... / Think Computer Corporationorder placed with qimont444 for promotional vacuum never received

    On June 29th 2019 I placed an Order from Facebook for a promotional "Dyson Cyclone V13 Vacuum Intelligent Cleaning 2020" it was supposed to arrive in 6 months. I called Dyson on Dec 27th to find out about it and they informed me that they never had such a promotion. Since I paid with Paypal I notified Paypal about this and after several attempts to get my money back, they informed me that I placed my complained after the 6 months, which I did not, I contacted them on Dec. 28th. Order # 4555, Transaction ID is 2EC60722LL3756816. After speaking with Dyson, they said it was most likely a scam and to get my refund thru Paypal. So far Paypal closed the complaint.

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      Nov 07, 2019

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Resolved / Think Computer Corporation — open letter to aaron greenspan

      Dear Aaron Greenspan: I am contacting you here in the realm of anonymity of this site since I believe that...

      Nov 02, 2019

      Aaron Greenspan — abusive harassing. cyberstalking and cyberbullying by aaron greenspan and his website

      Dear, Aaron Greenspan is harassing, cyberstalking and cyberbullying many people and he...

      Aaron Greenspan Think Computer Foundationaaron greenspan using is a cyberstalking and harassing machine using his fake 501 (c) (3) site

      Aaron Greenspan is cyberstalking and harassing people and company's like an insane person and he is using his fake 501(c)(3) website and his two main Twitter accounts @PlainSite and @AaronGreenspan. Although, Aaron Greenspan has many fake Twitter accounts and many fake social media accounts that he is currently using to cyberstalk and harass the public. One of his specialties is called Doxing where Aaron Greenspan goes in to varios data sites and accumulates sensitive information on his victims and then exposes all of this highly personal and sensitive information to shame his victims. When that does not work then Aaron Greenspan fiels fake complaints against people and even gets some of his Twitter followers to harass his victims and get their Twitter accounts shut down by making up false complaints and framing people.
      Aaron Greenspan should be locked up on a Psych Ward and not be allowed to meddle with the public's personal information. All Aaron Greenspan knows how to do is cyberstalk and harass people and company's and he does not like to work for a living.
      Aaron Greenspan had absolutely nothing to do with facebook and the team shunned this crazy person. Aaron Greenspan writes up tales to try and get gullible people online to believe he all that when he is nothing by a cybstalking loser who makes money off of legal documents and talking trash and lies about people.
      We want the Twitter accounts @PlainSite and @AaronGreenspan shut down for cybstalking and harassing so many people and company'ss and spewing out nothing but gibberish and lies.

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        • Updated by Aaron Greenspan=Cyberstalker/Harasser · Oct 29, 2019

          The public needs to be made aware of all of the cyberstalking and harassment by Aaron Greenspan.
          Do not give Aaron Greenspan any money for anything.
          Do not respond to his emails.
          Do not follow this insane individual on @PlainSite or @AaronGreenspan
          Do not click on his fake 501(c)(3) site or he will gain access to your IP Address and computer and cybersalk and harass you.
          Currently the SEC is looking in to Aaron Greenspan and the way he is spreading fake news and false rumours to try and get stocks to drop in price. He is losing lots of money because the stocks that he is attacking are actually going up, up and up.

          Read the following article about spreading fake news and rumours on social media:

          The SEC catches social media fraudsters

          social-media-archivingThe U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (“OIEA”) recently issued an Investor Alert warning investors about “fraudsters who may attempt to manipulate share prices by using social media to spread false or misleading information about stocks.”

          The Alert was issued in response to a number of instances in which advisors and/or others used various social media outlets to spread false or misleading information about a stock and influence its share price.

          At issue for the SEC is the growing number of investors using the Internet in general and social media in particular to gather information. Investors, the OIEA notes, “may use social media to research particular stocks, look up background information on a broker-dealer or investment adviser, find guidance on investing strategies, receive up-to-date news, and discuss the markets with others.”

          Information is power…when it’s accurate information

          Social media is cheap and friendly. Friendly in that it feels like a homey way to gather information from “friends, family, and people in the know…” And…sometimes it is!

          However, it’s also the wild, wild west, full of not-so-friendly folk who rely on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other even less formal digital tools to spread false or misleading information about a stock to large numbers of people with minimum effort and at a relatively low cost. The virtual world makes it possible for anyone to conceal a true identity, act anonymously or impersonate credible sources of market information — in some instances even creating a webpage that uses a legitimate company’s logo and even link to that firm’s legitimate website.

          Market manipulations

          Bad actors frequently use social media and online bulletin boards, or “chat rooms” to spread false and misleading information to manipulate the market, or a stock, positively or negatively. In a “pump-and-dump” scheme, for example, promoters “pump” up a stock’s price by spreading positive rumors to provoke a buying frenzy. They then quickly “dump” their shares and reap their profits just before the hype fades. The market normalizes, the stock price drops, and remaining investors lose money.

          Others post negative rumors goading investors to sell their shares. When the stock price tumbles, the instigators get to buy shares at an artificially deflated price.

          In SEC v. Craig, the SEC accused Scottish Advisor James Alan Craig with manipulating the share prices of two publicly traded companies by tweeting false and misleading information. He allegedly tweeted rumors that federal law enforcement was investigating a technology company for fraud, and that a biopharmaceutical company had tainted drug trial results so a federal government agency had seized its papers. The SEC says these deceptive tweets were made from Twitter accounts mimicking established securities research firms and the hoaxes are alleged to have cost investors more than $1.5 million.

          In SEC v. McKeown and Ryan, the SEC obtained judgments against a Canadian couple (Carol McKeown and Daniel F. Ryan) who used their website (PennyStockChaser), and Facebook and Twitter accounts, to pump up the stock of microcap companies. The stock prices rose and they profited by selling those companies’ shares. They are alleged to have received millions of the companies’ shares as compensation and sold them off at nearly the same time their website predicted the stock prices would soar (a practice known as “scalping”). Because they failed to fully disclose their compensation for touting the stocks, the court ordered the couple and their companies to pay more than $3.7 million in disgorgement for profits gained as a result of the alleged conduct, and ordered the couple to pay $300, 000 in civil penalties.

          What this means for you and your firm?

          In the case of the SEC v. Craig, it was an individual advisor behaving badly. He could have been anybody at any firm…even your firm. And this kind of bad actor is hard to track. But not impossible.

          The regulators and their enforcement arms demand that RIA, broker-dealer, and FCM compliance professionals implement appropriate compliance policies and procedures to track and archive their members’ digital communication — their tweets, their posts, their emails — and produce that data on request. Execution, increasingly, is outsourced to independent, third-party, regulatory and compliance specialists, like us.

          So, let’s talk about how outsourcing the burden of tracking and organizing data and documents to independent regulatory archival and compliance solutions specialists, can ensure your non-trading compliance processes and procedures run smoothly and compliantly. Ask about Patrina’s cost-effective and comprehensive regulatory archival and compliance solutions specifically designed for Broker/Dealers, RIAs, and FCMs.

          Let’s talk: [protected].

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        • Ar
          Arsalan Santa Cruz Jul 09, 2020

          Wonder why the owner of Twitter Jack Dorsey and someone using the Twitter handle @Vijaya are both allowing Aaron Greenspan to use his two Twitter accounts @AaronGreenspan and @PlainSite to do lots of doxxing to people, harass, cyber stalk, cyber bully, threaten, upload highly personal information to again harass and stalk people all over the place.

          We have to wonder if perhaps Aaron Greenspan is blackmailing and extorting Jack Dorsey and @Vijaya, soo that they are afraid to close his abusive and harassing Twitter accounts down.

          Jack Dorsey and @Vijaya have closed other Twitter accounts down for a lot less but for some strange reason Aaron Greenspan continues to be allowed to do all his cyber stalking, harassment, threats, uploading highly personal and sensitive information to harass and stalk his victims non-stop. The owner of Twitter Jack Dorsey and this other person @Vijaya who apparently has some uppity position at Twitter are simply looking the other way, when it comes Aaron Greenspan. Though, when Aaron Greenspan falsely accuses a person of anything that he is doing to so many people, Jack Dorsey and @Vijaya quickly close their Twitter account down. This leaves us to believe that somehow Aaron Greenspan must have some sort of dirt or negative information on Jack Dorsey and @Vijaya that they don't want exposed, so they bow down to what Aaron Greenspan wants, instead of doing thee right thing and shutting down @AaronGreenspan and @PlainSite and not allow it to be re-opened ever.

          Jack Dorsey and @Vijaya are allowing a Double Standard to occur here and are basically just doing whatever they feel like it and they are ignoring their own Twitter Rules.

          2 Votes / Think Computer Corporationaaron j greenspan collects and downloads legal documents to then use personal information to cyberstalking and harass his victims

        Complaint / review text:
        This is reposted from [redacted]. do a [redacted] search for and you will see all the complaints. this guy aaron jacob greenspan is a 33 year old [censored]!!
        Aaron greenspan is an internet scam artist!

        Below is a repost:

        Sick attempt by aaron jacob greenspan, the owner of the website to compile data from government websites and reproduce for their own personal gain. court records are sensitive information and aaron greenspan's website not only publicizes them far beyond the need of any legal community. its just profiteering off people's private lives.

        Ruining my life because of the popularity of it on google and the legal documents being exposed by this site. simply unethical and wrong the company should be ashamed of themselves. how does this guy aaron greenspan sleep at night?

        He refuses to remove information even though it is personal, ruining my job/life/career options. they should be sued for inflicting emotional trauma on so many people and blatently refusing to remove information in spite of it's impact.

        Add your opinion

          By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions

 / Think Computer Corporationcyberstalking and harassment by aaron greenspan, neil s greenspan and judith keene greenspan

          Truth on Aaron Greenspan:

          At Harvard Univesity this mental case and complete Sociopath with NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder Aaron Greenspan was going around writing papers in Economics and other subjects for other Harvard Students for money. He was not caught but should have been expelled from Harvard for many reasons.

          Aaron Greenspan did not create Facebook in any way. Aaron Greenspan created House System at Harvard that was a big joke and he was told by Harvard University to shut this site down or he was going to be expelled because he was doing what he does today and that is gathering people's personal information to then at any given time turn around and shame someone to doing what he wants. He is an extremely sick and dangerous person and anyone with any common sense will not give this lunatic any money, do not follow him on social media, do not answer or communicate with this mentally ill Cyberstalker as he will ruin your lives, as he has already done to many people.

          Aaron Greenspan did not receive any money from Mark Zuckerberg and this disturbed person writes up his own fairy tales and tries to get the gullible public to believe his insane lies and tall tales, as he tries to make himself important online but he is a fool with no common sense and seriously mentally ill.

          Aaron Greenspan has been and still trying to get the Tesla Stock to go down by spreading fake news, false rumours and lies and what he is doing is a SEC crime.

          Aaron Greenspan hacks in to people's social media accounts and has created hundreds of social media accounts and is even so sick that he himself has been donating to his scam of a Gofundme account many times, so that it looks like people are giving this crazy person money, when in fact he is the one doing most of the self donations to once again scam the public.

          Aarron Greenspan has created hundreds of fake Twitter accounts, so that it looks like he has many followers, when in fact 80% of his so called followers on Twitter at @PlainSite are all made up by Aaron Greenspan to fool the public once again.

          One cannot believe anything that Aaron Greenspan states, as he only lies and will not admit to any wrongdoing or lying.

          Smart people will not donate to this lunatic, will not follow him on social media and definitely will not answer any of his lunatic emails, as all he is trying to do is Troll you and gain access to your personal information.

          If you need access to legal documents and you want no Cyberstalking or Harassment to occur, or any collection of your data, then simply go to the following link: Here you can sign up for a free account and the first $15 a month are free and this will most likely be doubled next year by Pacer.
          Pacer is a Federal database and they do not Cyberstalk or Harass you like Aaron Greenspan does and you will be left alone and free to do what you choose. If you are dumb and decide to go with who by the way get all their legal dockets from Pacer then you can be assured that all of your information, especially credit card numbers and financial information will be Trolled and if you ever try and termainate your subscription like we did you will be Cyberstalked and Harassed by Aaron Greenspan and he does not quit with his Cyberstalking.

          If you have already signed up with then you should carefully and politely terminate your account with Aaron Greenspan. If he senses and abrasiveness he will go on the attack and throw all of your personal information all of the internet becasue he is a Sick Cyberstalker.

          People should stop following @AaronGreenspan and his menacing Twitter account @PlainSite and do not engage in any type of conversation or disputes with this lunatic, as he will try and sink your reputation, career and company. We are giving you the best advice possible to protect yourself from Aaron Greenspan and that is to completely ignore and stay away from this mentally disturbed person, otherwise he will attack you online like he has attacked us and so many more.

          Aaron Greenspan his father Neil S Greenspan and mother Judith Keene Greenspan are all responsible for creating Think Computer Foundation a Tax Fraud machine that scams the State of Ohio, the IRS and the public. They have many websites such as that they falsely claim to be a 501(c)(3) that is being used to use and abuse the public and scam the public out of their hard earned money with all kinds of lies and made up victimization stories and just complete fairy tales that nobody in their right mind should believe anything these crazy people say, as they are just inherently bad people who want to scam and con the public out of their hard earned money.

          Everything written on the complaintsboard website is the truth about Aaron Greenspan and he does not like the truth being told about his criminal Cyberstalking and Harassment, so he tries and discredits anyone and everyone to try and make himself look legit and credible, when in fact he is a highly dangerous person with a mind that does not function like normal people's minds. He lives in an alternate dimension where he literally believes his own made up lies and tales but he is not this person that he is trying to portray to the public. Aaron Greenspan is a dangerous Cyberstalker, Serial Harasser, Collects and uses your personal data to try and destroy people and company's and this mental case should not be out in free society. Aaron Greenspan belongs locked up in a Psychiatric Facility, as he is too dangerous.

          Add your opinion

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            • Un
              unabomber #plainsite Oct 19, 2019

              Aaron Greenspan had also wrote instructions to hack into Facebook and hack into websites and demand money from companies.


              Greenspan organized a mob hack into Pacer and called it Operation Asymptote.

              Arron Greenspan exploitation and greed.



              https://www.zdnet. com/article/payroll-site-closes-on-security-worries/












              Is There a 9 Free Ways to Spy a Facebook Page Without ...

     › is-there-a-9-free-ways-to-spy-a-facebook-page-wit...
              Aaron Greenspan created a web portal as a Harvard undergraduate called ... However, if you still want to hack someones account then you have to know the art .

              8 Votes

            Aaron Greenspanmaliciously hacking in to company databases, emails, social media accounts and who knows what else he has hacked in to.

            Edition: us
            Windows 10 cloud ai innovation security morenewslettersall writers
            must read: huawei believes banning it from 5g will make countries insecure
            Payroll firm pulls web services, citing data leak
            Paymaxx shuttered additional online services this week, after a web programmer continued to find holes in the system.

            robert lemos
            By robert lemos | march 2, 2005 — 01:52 gmt (17:52 pst) | topic: security

            Service provider paymaxx shuttered additional parts of its online payroll site this week, after a web programmer continued to find holes in the system.
            Paymaxx's further closure of its web services comes after a web programmer, aaron greenspan, discovered that the company's initial attempt to block malicious access had fixed some flaws but left others unresolved.

            While still referring to the data leak as "limited in scope," the online payroll processor closed down its payview and instant w2 services, the company said in a statement. the services will remain down until paymaxx has completed a thorough security analysis and redesigned the site's architecture.

            "we have sent all clients and key partners e-mails alerting them to the situation, and we are contacting the companies we believe may have been potentially affected by the hacking," paymaxx said in a statement sent to cnet

            The dispute between paymaxx and greenspan, president of web services start-up think computer and a former paymaxx customer, over the security of the company's web site continued this week. paymaxx referred to greenspan as a "hacker," while the web programmer maintained that the security problem is far worse than divulged by the payroll company.

            The data leak comes at a time when several high-profile attacks have congress looking into further legislation to protect people's private february, data aggregator choicepoint warned that almost 150, 000 consumer files had been compromised by scam artists who had set up fake companies to garner identity information. last week, financial services giant bank of america alerted government workers that backup tapes containing their information had gone missing.


            Greenspan said he uncovered the problem with paymaxx's web site about three weeks ago and tried to contact the company. he said paymaxx did not respond, so he posted a report detailing the flaws. that prompted paymaxx to shut down its web service for retrieving w2 information. greenspan continued to prod the site's security and discovered more vulnerabilities this weekend, he said.

            Greenspan said his attempts to find flaws in the site have been motivated by protecting his own information, from when think computer was a client of paymaxx. "think had an obvious interest in seeing that the problem would be resolved properly since its own data was stored in the affected systems," he said in an e-mail interview.

            Are you a changemaker?
            T-mobile is looking for young visionaries with big ideas. join the challenge.
            Sponsored by t-mobile
            Paymaxx does not agree. the web programmer has been far too intent on poking holes in the company's systems and has "numerous inaccuracies" in his report, paymaxx said in a statement. the company did not specify which parts of his report were incorrect.

            "we believe the hacker has violated federal law and we will take whatever action is necessary to protect the interests of our clients and our company," the company said.

            Paymaxx has contracted an outside security company to test its web applications' security and has ordered additional hardware and software to better detect intrusions, paymaxx said in a statement.

            Related topics: enterprise software security tv data management cxo data centers
            By taboolasponsored links
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            9 reasons this electric toothbrush is worth all the hype
            Forget robots, 5g and electric cars - this is the next big thing
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            maliciously hacking in to company databases, emails, social media accounts and who knows what else he has hacked in to.

            Add your opinion

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              Sep 02, 2019

              Aaron Jacob Greenspan maliciously hacked in to the GSA database ,, Think Computer Foundation — malicious hackers pretending to be doing nothing wrong.

              Edition: us Search Windows 10 cloud ai innovation security morenewslettersall writers must read: huawei...

              Aug 26, 2019

              Aaron Greenspan Think Computer Foundation — data mining of the public's personal and sensitive information that is being used to snoop, harass, stalk and destroy people's lives

              Aaron Greenspan is a Hacker and has been Hacking in to databases, emails, social media accounts, iTune...

     / Think Computer Corporationcyber stalker and serial harasser criminal

              Aaron Greenspan is a Cyber Stalker and Serial Harasser Criminal who appears to be suffering from severe jealousy and envy of the Tesla company who he has been literally harassing and stalking for many months now.

              Aaron Greenspan has been showing up at the Tesla Dealerships dressed as Inspector Clouseau and behaves like someone is belongs in a Psychiatric Hospital rather than walking free in our society. This individual is a serious threat to the public and as time has gone by, he has just gotten worst with his Cyber Stalking and and Serial Harassing of Tesla and the employees of Tesla.

              Aaron Greenspan should not be able to ever gain access to any weapons because he is not mentally well and he is already doing serious harm to the public using his online stalking with social media and making up lies about people and companies to try and get his stupid website more traffic.

              Aaron Greenspan is going to be arrested on the spot if he shows up at one more Tesla Dealership and his pictures and Modus Operandi have not been distributed so that everyone will immediately be aware when this stalker shows up at a Tesla Dealership and the police will be on speed dial to come down and arres Aaron Greenspan for Trespassing, Harassment, Threats, Stalking and Cyber Stalking. He is also a Cyberbully.

              If Aaron Greenspan shows up at the California Tesla Dealership one more time he is going to prison and will face many criminal charges against him.

              Add your opinion

                By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions

                Aug 16, 2019

                Aaron Greenspan/ Computer Foundation — abusive data mining website of the public's personal information for profit

                Being the victim of Domestic Violence, the court impounded my home address, so that my abusive ex could no...

                Jun 26, 2019

                Aaron Greenspan born March 31, 1983 — a fraudulent datamining website that is being used to harass and extort money from the public

                Aaron Greenspan was on ant-psychotic medications as a teenager, while drowning up in Shaker Heights, Ohio...

       / Think Computer Corporationteaching

                Kerry Deruyter was employed as a teacher however she did not provide a good service. Rather, she tormented me and attempted to ruin my future.

                Beware Kerry Deruyter and avoid being her pupil at all costs.

                This teacher is not a teacher. Rather she is a cold bully. The expression is pure ice.

                An example of her poor educational skills: she bullied at every opportunity and did not teach. I don't know why she chose the teaching profession. Was it to bully children?

                Add your opinion

                  By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions

                  • Updated by Bec1234567 · Apr 16, 2019

                    I hope Kerry Deruyter has a good look at the service she provides and learns some teaching skills. Quit being a bully. Shame on you.

                  Apr 11, 2019

                  Neil Sanford Greenspan "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Think Computer Foundation and Think Computer Corporation and — data mining the public's highly personal information out of pure monetary greed and to use to extort, spy, snoop and harass the public.

                  Neil Sanford Greenspan "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with NPI Number Number Think Computer Foundation and Think...

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