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Complaints & Reviews

horrible customer service

I have had an account with DFS for about 4 years, since purchasing my first laptop back in 2005. I rarely use the account but my credit rating is helped by a longevity with a solid company. I got a new laptop a month ago using their pay no interest for 12 months promotion. I decided to go ahead and pay month to month so that there is some action on the account. Setting up the automatic payments, however, did not work. I never received any confirmation and sure enough a month went by and I got a call saying my account was past due. At this point I tried the website, but my login didn't work! The lost password function didn't work either as the website continually told me there was no one at my email address with an account. Frustrated, I called customer service, talked to two people, and all they could do for me is waive the late fee. So in the end I still have on my record a missed payment. As I got more annoyed they got more patronizing. Since no one would admit that there was a possibility that the company had made a mistake, I closed the account on the spot. Funny thing, after they go through the song and dance of trying to keep you on board, they send you a confirmation email telling you that if you change your mind just go ahead and reactivate the account. Dell is great, DFS sucks!

return of product

I called to order a monitor and their tech is in india and they dont have a clue about what they are selling. they told me that the monitor I was getting would have a gloss screen but after further research I found it did not. I called india to cancell the order and they told me that it was already invoiced and they could not cancell this order.So I refused the shipment and never got the product and after 10 days I still have not got my refund for something I never received ? I called to see where my money is and they told me it could take up to 31 days to repay me what the f is up with that I never recieved the product and thay told me they had gotten it back the next day.so they sold me the wrong item and took my money right away but wont repay it for 31 days? I will never again buy any dell products and why dont they employee people inthis country USA I know why they need to maxumize profits so they use cheap labor in india never buy dell products !!!

bad service

Dell computer corporation Pennsylvania, USA My husband ordered a computer from Dell while he was abroad on a...

dell gold support

Purchased 3 Dell Precision M6400 laptops. These are the best of the best and all three suffered from the same...

credit card late fees

Funny how every time I go to make a payment, their system is down and when the system gets back up I have to pay the extra $9.95 in order for my payment to get processed in time so I won't get hit with a late fee. It's also funny that I set the "auto pay" twice in their system and it just never seems to work, so yet again another late fee. They're total criminals and I will NEVER do business with them again! I highly recommend the same to everyone else. Besides, they outsource American jobs to India.

Anyone want to file a lawsuit? I'm ready!

  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 16, 2009

    I really don't see this as a fault for dell financial services. My husband and I have used them for all 3 of our computers and never once had a problem. There were about 2 incidents I can remember where there system was down for maintenance when I wanted to pay, however, that was remedied by calling and talking to their representative.

    If you have had an issue with auto-pay not being accepted, I suggest you call them (again, they always have phone lines open) and fix the issue. If you have not reported the issue then how can you expect them to fix it?

    In regards to paying 9.95 for your payment to be processed in time, it would appear (and correct me if I am wrong) that you are waiting till the last minute to pay. Is this correct? I have deduced this from your post because you say you HAVE TO PAY 9.95 in order for it to be on time, indicating that you are just about at your due date. I still don't see how this couldn't be avoided again by calling them. You can always pay over the phone as I have had to do this several times.

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no computer, took my money, twice

I was sent in the mail, an official notification, replay in 10 days. The letter was signed by j. Johnston. They sent me a $500.00 dollar voucher on a dell desktop computer with $500+ software package. The computer cost $779.95. I was to pay $279.95 difference in the amount. I mailed them a check #1126 on august 2. I received the letter was posted july 25, 2009, zip 75247. I called my bank and they said the company, depted my bank, $400.00. I can't find a account no. On my papers, nor can I find out how to contact them. I am disabled, and really can't afford it, but I took the money I saved up for my property tax, and bought it. This computer is borrowed! I haven't heard from them sence, by phone or letter. I think they scamed me. I would have the computer, but I need my $400. Dollars they scamed me. The bank said they couldn't help me. On top of all this, I will have several checks to bounce on my account. I've never had a check bounce, or written a cold check. What can I do. I'm desprate, and I told my phychcoligist. Due to all this I am really depressed! I'm a good christian person. Do these people even have a heart or they greedy or just evil. Joyce nipper

tardy product /spare support

Dell India is known to be very tardy in product support. The problem is that the Company does not beleive in retail marketing of spares and one always has to contact the call centre for buying spares/addressing any issues.

As far as the genuineness of the spares etc are concerned, the same is a good model, provided the company has the necessary infrastructure in place.

Dell India has a so called Infrastructure in place, which is atrocious to say the least. The same company, that is known all over the world for this business model, is a terrible failure in India.

I have to buy a battery from Dell for my Dell Latitude D 820 Laptop, which is under warranty. Incidentally, i consider myself as one of the aware users of Electronic systems, and know how to maximise battery life. The Battery of the system has konked off after two years of Service ! period ! thats okay with me, it can happen and i am willing to BUY one from DELL !

But thats the very problem ! Who do i turn to ? no retail, a poor customer support call centre, who doesnt seem to have any system in place to track the requests from Customers.

About three weeks back, i used the Website's online portal to ask for a quote for the Battery - the same went unreplied.

The last week, i called up the call centre. The Gentleman, talked in a glib manner...supoosedly took my request, and gave me a so called reference number in the usual sweet talk way...(the same way many cheap call centres in india work - all sweet talk and no substance)...and assured me that i wud get a revert on the quote the vey next day ! (the way these guys talk, eh ...thats mind boggling, they make u sit on top of the world with a bloated chest (its a different issue that later on u realise that he really took u for a ride )

My freinds and some colleagues had forewarned me that i should get ready for an ordeal if i have to get something out of DELL India - let me tell u - i am not asking something for free, am asking for something that i am willing to pay for. On the expected lines, no response from DELL at all !!!

Exasperated, i called up the call centre again today - again to be met with a sweet talking executive, who made me feel that i am the most important customer in the world, promising that she would just go across to the desk of the guy who is supposed to send me the quote and i shall have the revert asap.

Alas ! DELL hasnt responded even after 6 hours ! Am sure, as i write this, that no quote shall be in place even tomorrow !!!

My advise to fellow indians !!! DELL has got good products, no doubt ! but please beware of their extremely poor after product support (Many friends of mine and now me can vouch for that).

laptop not delivered

Hi Guys,

It's a suggestion to all of you that don't purchase anything from DELL as they are doing fraud now a days and doing wrong commitment.

I hope you will get a clear picture from what i have email to dell but they are not replying of any email neither they receiving the phone they got the payment and now making fool so i will go to court but i just wanted to inform all of you about this.

Email start ...

Hi Naveen,

As per our phone discussion you were suppose to sending me the email in next 5 minutes of your manager of parts arrival on 30th of July. I didn't get any email yet And now if i am trying to call you've not receiving my calls that's really bad. I didn't expect it from you man.

I am realizing that you are not replying of my emails now a days so what should i understand. It's been [B]18-19 days[/B] today when i made the payment of my laptop and you committed me that laptop will deliver in coming one week or maximum 10 days. When i called you after [B]12 days[/B] then you told me that your order has been canceled, so is it right from your point of view that you will cancel the order without any prior notification. If i am asking you the solution right now then you gave me the two solutions that either you will refund my money or i have to go with 15inch laptop. And i can't go with any one because these are not solution for me this will be compromise for me and i am the one who is making the payment, the full payment you ask me to make than why would i compromise ?

The mistake is from your side totally, you didn't inform me about my order cancellation neither you've giving me the exact date when can you send me the laptop. You and all your seniors try to make me fool or you may be trying to fraud with me. I have called you more than 20 times yet today in last 30 minutes and you've not receiving my call even. So it's very much clear that you've lying again and again and trust me my mood is getting bad very bad.I have to go to the court now with all the details.

If you've giving me the solutions of refunding my money than i am align with that, please refund my money but remember and it should be very very clear to you that i would need my money with interest. The interest that bank gonna charge me on the EMI of the amount i paid you and the interest aprox 4000 INR.

Waiting for your reply.

My order details are.

[B]Code : 763735
Cost Centre : 21819
Search Key : IRSO2633771
Quotation Date : 09/07/2009[/B]

M. Amir



laptop not delivered

Dell Laptop

consumer fraud

Dell Inspiron 1525 was purchased with extended warranty, my Inspiron system shows warranty expires 2/6/2011...

dell is a scam

Do not buy a dell computer. Their policy is a trap?!!! Their return policy is worthless, their credit card i...

bad products, bad service... no refund. help. = (

I bought a Dell XPS m1530 April of 2008 for over $1, 600 and after a couple of months, Vista started giving me problems so I had to reformat it. Turns out, the Drivers and Utilities CD didn't come with the wireless driver and I had to go online to download it. Ironic. Then in December, the s-video port stopped working. I talked to countless Dell representatives and they all thought they were brilliant enough to fix the problem but no good. One rep told me to just use the HDMI port. I figured if I spent $1, 600 on a laptop, I deserve to have it function for at least a year. I even bought a warranty that won't be expiring till April of 2011. So after school ended this past spring, I began battling it out with Dell. One rep finally offered to have the motherboard replaced and he said he was confident that would fix the issue. A technician came, was UNBELIEVABLY rude and after he left I found out he installed the motherboard incorrectly because all of the ports didn't line up with their slots. He had also completely scratched the underside of my laptop with his screw driver. On top of that, he damaged the CD drive to the point where I had trouble ejecting CDs. -- Oh, and by this point, the hard drive had also failed randomly so I was waiting for a refurb to arrive. This wasn't a big issue because I have an external hard drive that I bought just because my XPS was so unreliable. Though I lost some stuff, it wasn't too bad. -- I had to contact Dell again and requested a different technician to come. The second was really incompetent too but I think it's just cause he was old. By the time he was almost done, a screw and a plastic cover for one of the antenna were missing. If I hadn't pointed it out, he probably would've closed it up without the plastic cap, which keeps the metal on the antenna from touching other metal parts inside the laptop. Anyways, the s-video port still didn't work and my laptop was even more a mess. The plastics looked awful and the CD drive got even worse. I had to physically pull them out. I contacted Dell again and they said they could either have the motherboard replaced again or have the laptop sent to the Dell Depot. I said no to both because I had bad experiences with both technicians and I can't afford to be without my computer because my whole life is on it and I need it to do just about everything. Only after I threatened the representative did my case finally get escalated to the "highest department". The new guy gave me the option to have the laptop replaced with a refurbished unit and it would be of equal or better quality in every single way. A beautiful Dell Studio XPS 16 arrived. Too bad it's not all about looks... Upon turning it on, I already had problems with it and then when I finally got to the desktop, I realized that the video card was a down grade. Furthermore, this laptop's webcam doesn't always work when it comes to the Fast Access Facial Recognition function... And it refuses to install some apps and after it's been on for a little while, it stops opening apps. And it's also been disconnecting me from the internet. Well, it says I'm connected and that there are no problems but nothing internet related works. For some reason, this computer is also noticeably slower than the XPS. In addition, the AC adapter isn't always detected and programs CONSTANTLY stop responding and randomly close. There is also a lot of lag. The laptop doesn't even always successfully restart. It's been driving me mad. I contacted the Dell corporate office and they had an "executive technician" call me and all the guy did was uninstall Firefox, reinstall it and uninstall the webcam driver and reinstall it. The same problems persist. I finally decided to file a complaint against Dell to the Better Business Bureau because I want a refund and their business practices are ridiculously awful. I've been hung up on and disconnected by representatives even though I wasn't even being rude or loud. Calling back is a pain since the wait time can be forever. Overall, I've spent well over 30 hours speaking to representatives. I've spent countless more hours waiting for technicians to come and reformatting the laptop myself and re-customizing it to my liking (i.e. installing programs, changing settings, etc.). I've probably reformatted over 10 times.


To whomever concerned, The purpose of this email is to lodge a complain against the service of one of your...

broken computer

I purchased a Dell XPS 1710 laptop with 3 years additional warranty in 2007. In April, 2009 it started having problems. I spent over 40 hours on the phone with Dell service technicans doing what they told me to do. I asked for an RMA number to return it, but they refused. On two different occasions they sent technicians to my home to fix the computer, but it never worked properly. They finally allowed me to return it, but then said the part was on backorder (six weeks). Then they finally told me they would send me a new computer. That was almost a month ago. Still no computer. The website shows where the new computer was cancelled 3 different times. I can't get anyone at Dell to call me to resolve the problem. I'll never buy a Dell computer again.

false advertising

False Advertising on DELL vostro 220s
when configure system there is an option to add build-in Bluetooth(341-7811 Selection made in Bluetooth section Vostro ). Called Dell sale before online order to confirm this is a internal bluetooth module. But when I received the computer, there is no bluetooth at all. Ask for send me the part. 7 days later, no part was sent, and dell tell me there is no such part at all. Dell doesn't have a build-in bluetooth for this computer at all.
this is totally false advertising. BBB complaint filed. Looking for compensation and system replacment.

My dell order number [protected]

false advertising

Dell Vostro 220s

gift cards

I have been unable to use my Dell gift cards for purchases. Starting Jan of 2008, I started to gift myself a $100 card a month. Some were E-Cards ($600), some were Hard cards ($1200) sent in the mail. All have no expiration date.

Around Dec of last year, I didn't receive my card in the mail. After two hours on the phone getting passed on from person to person, I finally hung-up and called my credit card company and canceled that charge. I continued to buy cards till I had $1800 of them.

Then I decided to use one... and that is when the trouble started. I took me over a week, hours of waiting on the phone, etc till they were able to correct the E-Cards. They assured me the other hard cards would work.

Two weeks later, when I decided to use the hard cards, I was able to use 2 of them and place some orders. Unfortunately, the orders went through, but the cards were later invalidated and my orders canceled. It seems they were invalidated by Dell. One order I was not notified, the other I received an email. After speaking with Sales, they were going to contact Dell Card Service and correct the problem. I also called Dell Card Service and asked them to follow-up with Sales. Neither of them did, although they said they would.

That was almost two weeks ago. I have called daily, e-mailed daily and generally gotten nowhere with Dell Gift Service (they say their tool to fix the problem is broken) and Customer Service.

Now, I go to check the balance on the remaining 13 cards at Dell's website, and some show invalid, some show $100 original balance. Unfortunately, the ones with a balance do not go through when I try to make a purchase. There is no expiration date on this type of card, yet they show as invalid.

I average an hour a day and have used all my lunches and breaks at work trying to resolve the problem. Those hours have added up to days, many minutes on my prepaid phone, and still no resolution. The managers I call are often there on site, but let my calls go to voice mail after holding for 20 minutes or so. Often I am passed around and then disconnected. I have told this entire story to dozens of Dell employees (Sale, Service, Gift card care).

Several employees promise to call back the following day regardless of the outcome, and have not. These people owe me for my time, my minutes, the sales discounts I was unable to use, and finally the frustration of getting the runaround. Why does Dell treat their loyal customers so poorly?

billing errors

In June of 2007 I purchased a computer for my son for Graduation from Dell and set up an account. At the time I had a credit limit of $6000. The computer was under $3, 000. Over time we made the payments on the account. Suddenly last summer my balance jumped from $2300 to over $6000. When I called and inquired as to why, they responded that I had purchased a Widescreen Sony TV and various other items on my account. I filed a dispute, but they could not tell me where any of the merchandise I supposedly ordered had been shipped... I they have since turned me over to collections and I have spent months faxing them my dispute, additional correspondence back and forth with still no resolution... just annoying phone calls from their collection firm. HELP!!! Do I need an attorney?

E Powell

  • Tk
    tkmcguire1 May 19, 2009

    You need an attorney, those are fraudulent charges on your account and you are not responsible for, it looks as if someone has stolen your credit number.I would definitely speak to an attorney if i were you.

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  • Ef
    E. Fortson May 20, 2009

    I have run into an issue with Dell as well. I have made payments of $295.00 since 9/2/08 on a pc and laptop my mother purchased for me in Dec.07. Today I received a call from a collections agency; SRA associates saying my mother owes $2, 000 and that we have not made a payment in 1 year. That in 6 day if I do not take a settlement and pay $1, 600, further action will be taken. As I was speaking to her I told her I was looking at my financial records and I have the proof of my payments in front of me. I could e-mail them to her or whoever needs them. She just stood with the sorry Ms. and the threats.

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  • Xd
    xDell Customer Sep 16, 2009

    anyone having problems with Dell finacial services please contact me, I am interested in speaking to you. [email protected]

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defective merchandise & computer returned

In February I purchased a laptop from Dell. Within a few days I began calling Dell because the computer was defective. I was transferred 13 times on one call, called over 20 times, each time I was connected to someone in India, who transferred me to someone else in India. While I was on hold, a recording told me that for an additional fee I could speak to someone in Northern America.

After I was cut off the last time, I gave up and sent the computer back to Dell with a letter explaining my frustration with their customer service and requesting they not send me a replacement.

Then I began to get statements and dunning phone calls from Dell Financial Services saying I owed them the cost of the computer. I wrote them several times and told them I didn't have the computer, they did and I owed them nothing. Last month I spoke to a customer rep in Financial Services who actually called me back and told me she had resolved the issue, my balance was zero and I would not hear from Dell again.

Last week I received another statement and Friday I got a dunning phone call. I called Financial Services again yesterday. I got a rep who could not think or speak anything but what was on her script. She continued to tell me I owed for the computer, I kept telling her they had the computer and have had it since February, she would go right back to script and asked me if I wanted to make a payment. I gave up.

Today I am writing the president of Dell because I cannot believe the level of customer service they have. It is outrageous. I am enclosing a copy of my return receipt for the computer signed by their employee on February 25th.

If anyone has suggestions who else I can write to I would appreciate it.

  • Jo
    Johntkr May 24, 2009

    I complained to the Better Business Bureau. If every person who has been wronged by Dell complains to the Better Business Bureau, more is likely to be done about it. Here is the link to file a complain about Dell:


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programs locks up all time

i started to rent this laptop when 1-week later i called to complain about it not working right so when i was the phone with this guy after being on hold20min he came back on a told me that it wasnt there problem and that i would be stuck with it and hung-up well knowing that i dont have money to be throwing around like i waited and called back after cool heads but that was big mistake and the asst manger started yeling at me on the phone so hung-up went in, the next day and asked them to fix the problem the gut at the counter litterally ripped from hands and we will get to when we can and laughed the lady told me next it would be ready so i called and they told me that they have to get knew disks order, the guy in the back ground was laughing loud saying curse words about i ll get next ######ing year and that i would just to have to deal with it so this lady said that it would be next week before they can get around too even checking on disk.so i called the following week after i went next door to rent from rent a center (which by the way is cheaper and better)!!!and so 2-weeks go by and they call me to tell me its done and so i go to get it and i asked the lady if they were going to credit me the two weeks for them to have it and she tells me HELL NO AND THAT I BETTER NOT BE LATE WITH THE PAYMENT OR THEY WILL COME AND GET IT and charge me double too get for being a pain there side, wow i just dont know how they can get away with that [censored].i bet the company could care less, because their independtly owned BS BS BS -evans, colo

crashed my computer

I spoke to Dell about my new laptop that was running slow. They informed me that a program they sell will spped it back up. It's called PC Tuneup and it's forsale on the Dell webite. When I went to purchase it, it redirected me to Iolo.com web site to pay for it. So I did. I installed it and then ran it. It took about 2 hours and then it needed to reboot my computer. After it shut down it tried to reboot and it failed. So I tried safe mode and found out now my Microsoft folder was coruted and andything that was microsoft was now crashed.
I lost alot of files, personal pictures of my friends that was sent to me from Iraq that have been killed in action. (can't replace those pictures or emails.)

I spoke to Dell and now I fined out that this Dell PCtune up program put out by Iolo.com is in fact not compatiable with the operating system that came with my laptop from dell. (Vista 64bit) and they have recieved 100's of complaints to this efect.
Case Number CAS-636300

I have been in contact with Iolo.com and they deactivated the subscription and said I would recieve a refund within 24-48 hours since I paid with Pyapal. That was 2 weeks ago and still no refund.
I called Iolo.com again and spoke to someone else and gave them the case number and they informed me it was escolated to a manager last week but still has not been autherized for a refund.
RECAP they took my money killed my computer, deactived the program so it can't be used again and havn't got around to returning my money sent to them via paypal.

  • Ma
    Marianne 2 Feb 13, 2010

    I am having the same problems. I RECEIVED A MESSAGE THAT I had two problems areas on my computer. When I opened PC Tune up I was advised to reactivate, which connected me to iolo. My account was charged but the program did not work. When I contacted Dell I found out I had paid for PC Tune UP when I bought my computer till 2012. Dell after a total of 12 hours on the phone with teck support cannot figure out how to connect PC Tune Up. In the mean time iolo has charge my account twice and claims I need to contact Dell to get a credit. Dell claims they have no record or information on the two charges. I would say this is a fraud scam if I ever saw one. My Service Case No. is 811668807. I am in Flordia my next course of action is Channel 6. So far all Dell does is transfer me from one dept to another.

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will not cancel order

On April 1 2009 I placed an order for a laptop computer online. The next day I received a order confirmation stating the computer will not be shipped until the 28 April. I immediately e-mailed Dell asking to cancel the order as I didn't care to wait for a month. I received a reply saying the order was on hold and to confirm that I wanted to cancel. I replied to the e-mail confirming the cancellation. This all took place in the first 24 hours, my next e-mail from them stated that they couldn't cancel because the order was in production, however, I could return the computer within 30 days and get a refund. After fruitless e-mails with the same reply I tried calling Dell's help line... After being routed through several people who just kept passing me to the next person they hung up.
So it looks like I'm stuck waiting for a month for a computer I need now. So remember this, if you place an order you will get stuck with it. If this posting saves one person from visiting Dell Hell it was worth the effort

  • Jo
    Johntkr May 24, 2009

    I had a similar problem. I tried to cancel my XPS Desktop order within 24 hrs. and Dell refused to cancel my order. I complained to the Better Business Bureau. If every person who has been wronged by Dell complains to the Better Business Bureau, more is likely to be done about it. Here is the link to file a complain about Dell:

    Dell may charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping for orders you try to cancel.

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  • Eu
    Eugene722 Sep 08, 2009

    DEll Changed its "policies" April 2009, but there is a question that their policy may VIOLATE Federal Trade Commission Law.

    FTC law specifies that all customers have the right to cancel ANY transaction whether on the internet or not withing 72 hours of making the transaction, this excludes Sundays a Holidays as business days.

    If your Ordered item on the Internet, you may have difficulty re contacting DELL because their Customer Care Group is in India now. Word is that these Indian people are trained to say that item is "in production" and can not be cancelled. However they operate on a recorded line so you should too. Record them just as they record you, make sure you say the date and what you are attempting to cancel and make sure it is within the 72 hour time period. Also make sure you purchased the item using a Major CC .

    You should also send the Customer Service group and email on the same day you speak with them to CANCEL your order.

    Dell tries to make all your online purchases subject to Texas law and you agree to arbitration before buying ANYTHING from DELL online. See what you give up to get a good bargain? Make sure that if all else fails that you can live with paying the 15% restocking fees they may charge you if you don't Cancel the order in 72 Hours. Those fees are how they pay for those people in India..

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  • Eu
    Eugene722 Sep 08, 2009

    I agree with comment, DELL Needs to be challenged legally by the Dept of Justice on its policies that violate FTC law

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