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Friday April 8, 2022, approximately 4:50 pm, we were waiting in line to order some food and ice cream. We heard through the intercom, someone ordering food. I heard the individual outside trying to order, asking the worker inside to allow them to tell them what they wanted, without being interrupted.

All of a sudden, the manager, a hispanic (I am pretty sure), cause I speak spanish as well, tell the outside person to stop his order and leave. That he was not going to serve him.

The person outside was trying to tell the manager that he wanted to be allowed to continue telling the DQ individual what he wanted.

At this time, the DQ manager got irate and started cussing at the individual through the intercom.

Called him, in spanish, "", "Son of a [censored]", telling him to go screw his mother and several other bad words.

The both cussed each other out. But for a manager, in front of many customers, including children of different ethnicities, hear the manager cuss out a customer, by yelling at them through the intercom should not be allowed to serve anyone at that restaurant.

Your manager is 100% at fault. I will tell my family and friends that they should avoid this DQ unless this individual is removed.

Until then, we will be printing something about this incident to the newspaper and possibly the news station in this area.

DQ, you should be ASHAMED having such an individual managing such a great restaurant. Sometimes things of this sort can bring a bad name to such a place!

I will venture back in there in a week or two. If he is still there, I will report this to the media. To show that DQ does not care about the customer!

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