Dairy QueenI love dq ice cream but they have gotten so expensive I won't go back

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I was astounded at the prices at my local Dairy Queen in Eagan, MN. We ordered supper for 2 people (sandwich, burger, fries, 1 med. ice coffee, 1 med. blizzard) and it was $22! That is as much as going out to a sit-down dinner! Or a year ago it was. The "medium" size blizzard comes in a cup 4 1/2 inches tall. I thought it was the mini-size but was told that was the medium. What cheapskates! I know restaurants and fast food places have to pay more for food just like we all do and they are jacking up the prices or cutting down the quantity but $4.50 (about) for a little bitty ice cream? Give me a break! I don't think the medium size used to be this size. I love DQ ice cream but they have gotten so expensive I won't go back.


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    583586 Nov 22, 2010

    ever hear that song "you cant always get what you want"??

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    modernsunshine Jul 07, 2012

    Lmfao. People do that all the time. Mediums are 16oz. Minis are 7. If you seriously look at a medium size blizzard and think it's a mini... you are fat.

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    Cost Consequence Sep 21, 2014

    I just came from the DQ in Navarre MN and they wanted to up-charge on a small sundae that usually runs 2.49 by 1.50 by switching out the hot fudge for cookie pieces. They said the tiny sundae would have been over $4.00 with tax, I said no thank you and drove off. I love their ice cream too but that's just ridiculous when I can buy a whole gallon of ice cream at the grocery store for that price. Or a candy bar doesn't even cost that and still the pieces you get on the top of a small sundae are not nearly equivalent to what's in a bar. To the reviewer who thinks cost consequence people must be fat, I say you're ignorant.

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    Travis31415 Mar 23, 2018

    Personally, I like going to Dairy Queen. However, I can't justify the outrageous cost when I can go to a real restaurant for the same price. Really, a blizzard is close to $5. I can buy a half gallon of premium ice cream for that. The markup is ridiculous.

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    troublenuttin Aug 08, 2018

    Yes we can get a sit down dinner for that.

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