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Re Mar 19, 2019

Called today, 3/19/2019 at 1:20p. The staff answered, mumbled that they were busy and I needed to hold. Left me on hold for 10 min then hung up on me. I called right back and the lady pharmacist answered. I was checking on a script that was sent to them on 2/28/2019 for our patient - it was never filled... I could tell from her tone she was less than pleased be on the phone, or at work. She said she would get it ready. I asked if there was a problem with it since it wasn't previously filled and she said "oh I don't know, maybe he doesn't have $162".
That isn't a professional response. Have some class or maybe find another job because customer service isn't for you! CVS needs to look into this lady pharmacist and her staff. I keep repeating lady because I didn't get her name but she was female. Super unprofessional.

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