CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthan crimidating intoxicated man. and 2 cvs employes. 2 females, one being a manager.

Me. Stephanie bray. 41 year old african american female. Went into cvs located on balboa. I live close bye. I asked the lady at cash register about returning a few things. She calls the maneger. Any how ive always notice the cashier would give me a cold sholder attitude or follow me around everytime i come in there. So a man enters the store. Its evident he knows the two. He comes in the aile im in. Ok. Then he starts saying rude things to me in defense of the two workers. Ok. Then he goes over to the maneger a the register and start bad mouthing about. Saying all kinds of things im stealing.. racial slurs like black [censored] [censored] [censored]. So i said excuse me. Thats when he imediatly starting yelling threating me cursing racial slurs. Nevermind you the women maneger never said anything to him. To calm down. Stop or anything. She told me to leave. I was the victim. She knew him very well. Ive been kinda shaken over this. Abused child. Mother been dead. That women manager showned. No concern about me. I was in harms way. He threated me .filmed me. She threw me out of the store. No concern.i dont know why. Im very hurt. Scared. It happened this pass sunday. Get the tape. The manager must be crazy.ive been threw alot in life. This really edged it. Wow. [protected]@ contact me asap. No one seems this is a matter. It very much is.

Oct 04, 2019

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