Croft & Barrowplastic seams in mock turtleneck irritate skin


I have a whole drawer full of different turtleneck and mock truth shirts that I wear all winter. Some are older Croft & Barrow brand. But the new ones I bought this year have a heavier clear plastic sewn into the shoulder seams for some reason - maybe they think it keeps the shoulders from stretching (it doesn't) - but the plastic "seam liner" has edges that stick out and "stick into" my skin. It [censored]les and itches, and in one spot caused a red blister to form because of a sharp end sticking out at a 3-way seam junction. Very hard to see what the real problem was since it is nearly invisible and sewn in with the plastic side hidden, but is definitely uncomfortable. I was able to nip the pointed ends with my sewing scissors (you can see one of those pointed ends in the attached photo), but the entire shoulder seams are still stiff and irritating because of the plastic. If these shirts were sewn well like other brands, you wouldn't need any plastic in them in the first place. After this experience I checked other turtles in my drawer, and the other Kohl's brand, St John's Bay, also has this plastic in the shoulders, but it is narrower, thinner, and is sewn down at all the seam junctures, unlike the Croft & Barrow ones. I'm taking the shirt back to the store - we will see if they take it back or do anything at all. I certainly won't be wearing it again. Nor will I purchase any more of these at Kohl's. The ones I bought at Macy's have a double stitched shoulder seam so they don't need any plastic in them. They are much more comfortable. Thank you for the "no scratchy tag" back label, but NO thanks to plastic in the seams! This shirt was purchased at the Kohl's store in Independence, MO.

Croft & Barrow

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