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On 12/1/07 I received a bill from CreditOne Bank for a Visa credit card I applied for. I never received the card, but did receive a bill for $74.75 (enrollment fee). When I called the phone number on the statement, [protected], the message immediately went into the card activation mode. I pressed option 2, which was suppose to interrupt the activation, and put me through to a representative. Instead, I received a message stating they were "closed for the holiday". I am not aware of any holiday that falls on 12/3/07. I then went on their website and called every phone number they had listed. EVERY ONE OF THEM BROUGHT ME TO THE CARD ACTIVATION MESSAGE. When I pressed option 2 on these numbers, I was again returned to the card activation message. Talk about a circle jerk. I have a really bad feeling about this company, and I get the impression I have been scammed. I sent them a letter today telling them to cancel my account immediately. I will see what happens.


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    Mark James Dec 04, 2007

    The Card is a complete rip off I never received the card, but I did get a bill in the mail for 94 dollars.

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    Greg Dec 11, 2007

    I've had a similar experience... I applied for the card, recieved the card, which required activation within 14 days... I decided I didn't want the card, figured I'd wait it out, and got a bill 2 days later for the activiation fee... called customer svc., avoiding the activation #, and was unable to speak to a live rep... kept asking me for my card #. I gave in, since this wasn't the activation #, and since the phone prompts gave no indication that it was... well, sure enough I was rewarded with a a recorded message stating the card was activated, but I was given the option to cancel by pressing "2" - I do not know any way to speak with a live operator, I'm afraid... I'll try writing, to see if there's anyway to make this card disappear.

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  • Ca
    Carol Dobson Jul 15, 2008

    Well, I should have known better than to take this card, I suppose. I took it with the idea of rebuilding my credit.

    What I've noticed is an increase in fees...the fee for paying your bill online is noe almost $8.00.

    Now, I see a fee of $5.00 for my monthly annual fee payment. Perhaps I'm blind, but I don't recall seeing this before.

    Then, just TRY to get them on the phone. Apparently, it can't be done. I did find their corporate number. Perhaps you'd like to try it as well. It probably won't work either but here it is:


    Good hunting!

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    David Rickard Jul 24, 2008

    I also received a bill from them for $74.75 I haven't gotten a card and if I did I would not activate it because I will not pay them for a credit card. There are banks that have no fee credit card if you are in good credit standing.

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  • Te
    Tee76 Nov 01, 2008

    I applied for their credit card trying to build/establish my credit. However just yesterday i received a bill for $74.75 which is for the enrollment and annual fees. I thought it was funny that i received the bill without having received the card first, how are you going to charge me for something i dont have nor something i've yet to even activate.I managed to call them and actually speak with somebody, however that person could barely speak a word of english and from what i got out of the conversation i was told they mail the cards separately for "security purposes"

    You would figure i would have received the card before getting the bill

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  • Ar
    arizonacharger Feb 23, 2009

    Beware of Credit One Credit cards. In the contract you accept, there is a clause that they will charge you a monthly fee even if there is no balance on the card. If you don't pay the fee on time, you get a $29 late fee...those fees for nothing add up quickly!!
    Then when you phone for assistance, and you FINALLY get a human, you are transferred repeatedly and they will NOT remove the fees and late fees for keeping the card open!...

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  • Ri
    Richardstarns Mar 19, 2010

    THis company is a complete joke on my tab. i had this cardfor 3 years paying the BS monthly and the 6 dollars Credit protection for three years and i got laid of and i owed them 83 dollars i continued to pay them for a few months the i noticed i had the credit protection so i used it and then they denied me and said that i should have claimed it in the first 30 days, , Come on people i was laid off and i still paid ur bill then u deni me protection becuase i paid u instead useing the money elsewhere basiclly stay away from the loop company i wish the american people just had more say so before the get phucked ...we need a civil war on creddit companies maybe if everyone just stopped payin them then they will realize who is in charge when they are inj unemployment lines ...

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    MadGramma Jul 09, 2015

    I have received a 100 calls from Credit One Bank, 877 825-3242. I finally called them back. They knew my name and, obviously, my phone number. They claimed I owed on a card I am the Primary Card Owner of. I have never heard of them. Then, they asked if someone else in my house got it in my name. There are two of us, and no we did not. Then they wanted my social, address, husband's name. I said, you obviously have all that since you are calling me on the card YOU issued and he has the job! He said, I can't file a fraud report unless you tell me all of your information. I am so mad and fed up with the call after call after call, I want to change my phone number. They have a way of making different cities appear on your caller i.d. when they call. I, then block, each and every one. NOW, they are calling with NO Caller I.D. I changed my phone to ring only if MY CONTACTS call, and NOW they are STILL able to leave messages. The same Middle Eastern man, claiming to be Alan Richter, calls every time and then when you call him back, he claims NOT to be HIM!!! This is driving me insane and it should be illegal. What in the world is a person to do about these bogus, scamming people?????????

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  • Ed
    Edna Esperanza Rodríguez May 22, 2017

    Because I never used the credit card, I called them and they told me my card was cancelled for not use, so I got rid of it. After that they sent me a card statement with $ 77.72. ???
    WHAT A FRAUD !!!

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