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I have been a mortgage customer with them for the last 10 years, not missed a single payment. They increased...

I have transaction failure from 5 days before. Still it’s not solved and playing with me


I have done one transaction on 5 days before. 5000AED and 4000AED respectively. After complaining the 4000AED credited in my account and regarding the 5000AED they are playing with me. Before they told they will send the swift copy. But until now they didn't send any swift copy. Totally poor service in UAE and it is first time in my life from a reputed bank.

I have transaction failure from 5 days before. Still it’s not solved and playing with me

Credit card department and complaint department also

Hi, since 27 August 2020 there is issues going on with my credit card. Leaving the country soon. Lime I say I...

Covid emi deferral & call waiting

Every time I call the call center average waiting during day hours is 90 minutes.
I have requested an EMI Defferal till 31 Dec 2020 & submitted the official document from Ministry of HR & Emitarisation, still not accepted.
On 5th/14th June I called in and the CSR miss communicated me I have received an deferral till 30 Sept 2020. Now I come to know that I have to pay by 31 July how can I pay without salary.
I have no defaults from the beginning of the loan contract.

Carl Kapadia / [protected] / +[protected]

Defer Payment Due to COVID 19

It's been a terrible experience is going on whit FAB. I am simply speechless and unable to understand how come they are acting as bank after this kind of shameless, worst ever customer care and lack of professionalism.

I believe no one has complained to the top level. Otherwise surviving in UAE with this kind of banking impossible. They are simply dead, not responding on call center even if you wait around an hour OR more. They will never give you a call back. Not responding emails properly, just sending scripted emails.

I don't know what to do further? Central Bank should take a notice immediately to ask them about this kind of unprofessional behavior and terrible customer care.

FAB is simply torture and endless pain!

Defer Payment Due to COVID 19
Defer Payment Due to COVID 19
Defer Payment Due to COVID 19
Defer Payment Due to COVID 19
Defer Payment Due to COVID 19
Defer Payment Due to COVID 19

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Unnecessary finance charges

I am using fab credit card past 2 year together with other banks card, but it's worst card and now they show their real face
They're asking Custamer for deferral 1 months for helping them for Covid situation and need to pay all together next month, and also they charging finance charges for it for next 2 months, do you think they are really helping and when I ask for reversel the charges 1 st months they avoided and 2 months say sorry 😐

It's so strange and stupidity and am going to close this card as soon as .

Sanish k usef

Ab dispute resolution form ref. : card no.: [protected] / sr13510120) - urgent

Dear Sir,

Card Holder Name : Visha D'souza

Service Request No. : SR13510120

Card No.: [protected]

I am holding FAB credit card and had a fraud transaction of USD 9000 in November after numerous followups through emails and calls my fraud amount was reversed in June statement after 7 months but the accumulated interest on this fraud amount was not reversed.

After submitting my dispute form I contacted FAB customer care and I was told to pay only the Purchase amount for all credit statements till the dispute is resolved and after resolution they will be reversing the total amount including interest however this was not the case.

Since then I have been chasing FAB but no one is even bothering to respond to my emails or give proper response on calls.

Their Collection department is continuously calling sending emails and text to me and harassing to make overdue payments when its not my mistake.

Vishal D'souza

Collections department

When I received an email and a WhatsApp from FAB collections department regarding my credit card repayments, I was informed to contact the person handling the account.I spoke to them and was informed to atleast pay the amount mentioned so that they may get approval for the settlement account. This has been ongoing since Nov 2019. I have asked for the interest charges to be waived, since I do not have a job. I have not received any assistance or understanding with regards to my credit card account. I have been scolded at by employers over the phone, insisting I make payment and when I told him I am unemployed, he told me it's not his problem.
FAB advertise to assist customers during this COVID period but their employers in the collections department are rude and unwilling to assist or even listen to the customer. This person who I have even spoke to put the phone down while I was speaking to them.

Credit card statements

I have a Dubai First Credit Card ending with 5003 which is now taken over by First Abu Dhabi Bank. I have been asking for my previous credit card statements starting from October-2019 but it is not yet provided.

Case ID: CAS-89338-S4K8Y7

Rajendra Singh Yadav
Phone: +[protected]

Credit card fraud SR13127223 and SR12626216

On 28 Oct 2019 I was a victim of credit card fraud. I phoned the FAB call center and completed and emailed a...

Not ability to close account with fab

I had by far the worst experience banking with FAB. I left UAE almost four years ago and at that time requested the bank to close my account (AE17027 [protected]). Instead of closing my account, recently, FAB started to apply charges on my account for the services I never requested. Despite my attempts to stop those charges, numerous contacts with the call center, raising customer complaints (cas-55284-r0b8k7), submitting tons of document, account was never actually closed by the Bank. Now I am stock with the Bank account which I can not close, piling monthly fees for the services never requested, and the contact center which never answers.

Not ability to close account with fab

Credit card - credit shield


I got the Gem education credit card which is free for Life.

After receiving the card after I got the statement within 2 days with Credit sheild charges although I didn't requested for any credit shield at the time of applying it.

After that I complaint via email and I got a phone call where they assured me that these charges will be reversed but now I have received my current month statement in which they have applied non payment charges on last month credit sheild amount for which is very ridiculous action for me.

They are looting money for no reason my card is not activated till now how can they charge any amount on it.

I request to authorities to take action on it.

Raza Agha

Customer service

I'm trying to call the bank on +[protected] and [protected] since Wednesday 22-April-2020 but unfortunately, there is no response. I'm kept waiting from 17 minutes to 40 minutes. I also sent two emails but I only received an automated message.

I blocked my credit cards and yet the bank increased my credit limit after the blockage. I don't know how else to speak to someone at the bank.

Delay in settlement & clearance letter

I deposited settlement Cheque on 1/4/202 and today is 24/04/2020, 24 Long days still no hope. Customer service agent made mistake in typing credit card number, the main work for them is to enter the account details and amount, in that they made mistake means you know their standard. Am a Covid 19 positive patient and this is the time I need money very badly.

This is a buy out process and because of this DIB bank has not released the amount, and I have saw many Customer facing same problem. Why the higher authority of FAB is not taking the action Against the staff.

I strongly recommend to everyone not to use this bank

Delay of clearance letter

I processed my settlement cheque in Yas Mall Branch on March 7 and on March 11, I received an SMS stating that the closure of the card was processed. Now it's more than 1 month already but still there is no update or anything with the clearance letter. The bank even charged me more than the amount that supposed to be paid. I received only 2 calls from you but you only asked me if I received already the clearance letter which I didn't even received any SMS or update from your side. Do I need to report this to the authorities or get help from the media just to release my clearance letter? I keep on following up everyday but it seems no one is listening or working on it. I am facing a big financial crisis because of this delay. Please kindly issue already my clearance letter asap, that's all I need from you.

Eric Bioneda

Delay in getting clearance letter and my excess money blocked with fab

Received FAB sms for processing the buyout cheque (66700AED) from ADCB on 11 Apr 2020. Not yet received Clearance Letter.
AS FAB has charged comparatively higher amount for liability letter instead of 66, 700AED, I was forced to deposit a cheque with excess amount instead of 66, 700 AED. Now my excess money is blocked with FAB.
In this financial crisi due to covid 19, you are not supposed to unnecessary delay the clearance letter which will delay the release of excess money to my account.
Kindly issue the clearance letter and transfer my excess amount back to me as early as possible.
I am going through tough financial crisis due to this.
Expecting your fast response in thismatter.
Liju Abdussalam

product service

Hello sir, Your custimer service dont have proper information to share with the customer, each agent guve...

bank customer care

I am banking with FAB over 3 yrs now. I changed company and knowing the process, went to a Branch and...

Bank has taken all money from account and not returning to me.

I have account number [protected] with FAB-UAE since 2013. Account became dormant and FAB taken all the...

Never actioned - bad customer experience

I had visited FAB branch and even called the contact center several times to discontinue all the products with FAB.. After running around and chasing them for more than a month I was able to do it. They confirmed that I do not have any product with them.

However yesterday from nowhere I receive a new credit card with a pretty huge limit. I was pissed called them to cancel it and also raised a complaint with them. A complaint was registered.

TODAY SOMEONE NAMED KAMEL calls me from complaints team.. i could not understand the guy at all, I don't know what he was talking..i kept telling i can't understand you. And asked for another agent. He said he will arrange someone else to call me and keeps the phone. Within seconds I get a message stating my complaint is resolved. What pathetic service.

This is totally unacceptable.

Noone should be banking with such banks.

Complain number - CAS-73079-R8K8L9