Costco Wholesale Corporation / 27 pound lobster claw advertised

United States

On the news this morning I saw that Costco is selling a 27 pound lobster claw. Why in the world would you promote the harvesting of a creature that is most likely older than you and maybe your Grandmother too. Because of corporations like you, nice publicity right, and irresponsible fishermen like the one that sold this to you, great money right, we are losing our giants of the sea. Is there no sense of responsibility with your corporation to respect a creature that has lived so long ? Do you really think you are setting a good example or promoting the extinction of all older and large animals for piddly things like money and publicity? That was a National Geographic learning opportunity if I ever saw one. Instead it will be eaten and not allowed to further it's line of big lobsters or a learning opportunity for all. I will not shop in your stores anymore, this is disgusting and irresponsible publicity act. I would also like the name and address of the company that thought this was a good idea.
Katherine Nessmith

Mar 21, 2019

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