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food court pizza

I am writing this e-mail regarding a pizza that I ordered at Costco Culver City on Sat. 1/6/18. I was very...

Costco Wholesale

kirkland signature dog biscuits

Costco, January 8, 2018 at bedtime, I provided both of my dogs with a Kirkland Signature Dog Biscuit. When...

Costco Wholesale

brussels sprouts are inedible, all full of holes from bugs

I purchased brussels sprouts from costco as usual, and this time the whole bag was full of inedible ones. Not...

Costco Wholesale


Hello. I would to report the worker of the name Robin. She was acting very rude and impolite to me and my family when we went to check out groceries. I wanted boxes for my items and she said to her helper that she thought we only wanted one box. And I told her that it wasn't the case as we needed many boxes for our groceries as I spent $360 for my supplies. However, she talked right back to me saying, "Well you never told me that, " in a very impolite tone. She also yanked the cart to her very harshly and my 2 year old son was there and I was worried he would hurt his head on the bars of the cart. Overall, we were very unsatisfied and humiliated by the way she treated us, as if we couldn't understand the words she was saying to her helper that we weren't doing the work of filling the boxes ourselves when I believe that it is the employee's responsibility to satisfy their customers and allow them to feel welcome. Thank you for hearing my grievances.

harassed by employee while shopping.

My parents have been shopping at Costco for about ten years now. Yesterday (1/5/18) around 6pm, my mom went to Costco and as usual sometimes they ask to see your membership when walking in. She explained she didn't have hers because her son was taking a while to walk back from getting a shopping chart. She walked further in the store to let other people through. Beldon, the employee was practically on her tail about the membership and persisted on the membership in a very uncomfortable manner in front of two kids that they themselves were even shocked at this man's behavior. He let other people through and only persisted on seeing her membership. This was taken as a sign of signaling out and racial, we are Hispanics.

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capital one mastercard

I shop at Costco every week and spend $500 to $800. I was approached at Costco three years ago to take out a Capital One Mastercard when you switched from american express, I've been using it ever since. Never was I told that I couldn't use it for business purposes. This month I was due to get my rebate from Capital One which was substantial( $1500) Guess what? Capital One cancelled my card and said I could no longer get my rebate. Very bad business. Costco is a wholesale store for which many business owners use. Why are you promoting and endorsing a credit card that doesn't allow businesses purchases. I find it very coincidental that just before I was due to get my rebate Capital One cancelled my card and without even mentioning it to me!

managera chico ca store

I have already submitted a complaint and have not received a response except for a rude call back from the Mgr who did it. I want a call from corporate. I entered store with a return item which I got stamped and returned normslly. b I took my cart and stopped and appliances and was there long time picking out LG set online purchase only about 12k. My cart was taken so has to go out get another and reenter. As u go into stote, Bluetooth speakers were displayed. My ex told me he got son sony. Benson said he wanted 2 Pk bose. I was reading them both then took Sony up to girl up front told her about ex in socal got son Sony but wants bose and what's return policy. She was blank didn't know what I was talking about. Asked for card, corporate couldn't figure out why she needed card but figured oh well, she must be new. I shopped about 30 min. Ltr 2 Mgrs apprchd me mad, accused me of stealing speaker, first took to return counter, then took outdide. I did neither. Tried expksining. I had multiple brain srgs & told lady Mgr this and when I get nervous, my words start to get messed up. She got mad said she was tired of me being a smart butt, my card was revoked forever. The male Mgr said I was lucky he didn't call PD. I had no idea what PD was, thought higher mgr. He said very snidely police dept. I didn't know that. I was humiliated, he then sent me a check for my 2% which is way too much I will not cash. I want someone with authority to call me, I did not steal, I hate thieves and liars. I did litigation for over 30 yrs. I will file a defamation of character lawsuit against Costco if I do not get resolution to this ussue. I am owed an apology. I understand things like this happen but they need to listen to the customer. I may look haggard but not from drugs like they probably thought but rather 72 brain surgeries, 3 bouts of meningitis, severe pain every day of my life. I only go out of the house about once a mo. And they sure ruined my day & the stress caused multiple seizures that night and next dsy

tv warranty service

I tried to get my tv fixed through the concierge service on the 4&5 th of January, but they said they could...

andy at the port chester new york location

I have been professionally shopping at Costco since 1992 in Palo Alto California where I filled a hotel I designed with Costco products. I have been complaining about an employee named Andy at the Port Chester location for about a year-and-a-half. I called Headquarters. I called last week again and spoke to Dave a manager at the Port Chester location about this behavior in front of other shoppers. I stopped shopping at Costco for about 8 or 9 months last year because I didn't want to be bothered having to return over shopped items with this employees attitude. I was assured by Dave at the Costco location last week that this would never happen again. Today, it happened not only with him but he made sure that all three employees behind the counter looked at me identified me and made sure that they said whisper something amongst themselves. I want my money back for my membership as I will not be returning to the store ever again and I'm considering suing Costco for this kind of ostrich public ostracization in front of other Costco shoppers.


Costco regular (87) gasoline gives me low gas mileage. I have tested and tried from three different stores (mount laurel, lawrenceville, and north brunswick, new jersey) in both of my cars for over a year now (thats about 17000 miles over 4 seasons). It is significantly lower when compared to valero or citgo. I never get even close to the manufacturer's suggested mpg in either of my cars (one is only 6 months old) when filled up with costco gasoline. I have consulted with several of my friends and they have the same observation. It is about 20% lower irrespective of driving conditions, driving patterns, or vehicle. I am disappointed because I hold costco's products and services at a high esteem. Is there an explanation for the variation?

treatment by costco.com "supervisor" cindy

I bought a dishwasher in Nov. 2017. It was defective. We waited and received a replacement. It, too was defective. It is now Jan. 3, 2018. I called for the fourth time to ask for the defective dishwasher to be picked up today. After waiting an hour on hold (each time), I asked the rep "Jason" for the supervisor. (Note: Jason apologized at least twice for the inconvenience.) The supervisor, Cindy, took the call. Told me the pick up company had 5 business days to pick it up (from Dec. 20th til Jan. 3rd is only 1 day over that time frame she stated). I told her I am frustrated having bought the appliance from COSTCO specifically so I wouldn't have any customer service issues and it has been more than TWO MONTHS (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) hand-washing dishes. She did not acknowledge my feelings or importance of my business AT ALL. She stood behind the fact that "we are only technically one day late due to the holidays." When I asked if she could share her title and department, she stated she was "Costco management" and would not clarify her department. (Today is Jan. 3, 2018. I called at approx. 11:30 am and spoke first to Jason who passed me to Cindy. I hope you can review the transcripts.)
I am so so frustrated even beyond the dishwasher (that has been sitting in my kitchen with standing water in it since Dec. 20th.) I cannot even buy another dishwasher because I need to wait for the pick up AND THEN the credit.
I am requesting a member of management to contact me by phone at [protected] to help resolve my issue AND to explain to me why Cindy spoke to me the way she did.
Thank you.
Bethany Smith

[Resolved] kirkland signature mature dog food (chicken, rice and egg)

I want to find out if Costco is getting rid of this specific Dog Food. I have been to my local Costco 5 time...

gas pump

Today Jan. 2nd, my wife went to the Costco at 8712 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, FL 33625 to fill her car with gas. Once the car was full, she removed the hose from the tank and the gas continued to flow at full speed for about 5 seconds before it shut off. She was drenched in gasoline! Boots, jeans, down jacket all drenched. She told the attendant and he just shrugged and said, "yeah, that happens sometimes!" Are you kidding me! He then just sprinkled some absorbing materials on the ground and went back to work. My wife drove home, drenched in gasoline and very upset! Our car smells of gas and she has washed all her clothing several times to no avail.
This is a serious matter and I am just thankful nothing more happened! I would appreciate this matter to be escalated up the ladder as soon as possible. I await your reply. I can be reached at [protected] or robert.[protected]@gmail.com. Thank you.

possible membership

On Friday 12/29/2017, I call Costco in Vacaville, Ca. to see if I can take a look around the Club, because I...

employee being discriminatory

I was at the Signal Hill, CA Costco waiting near the door for my boyfriend as he was getting a shopping cart. I observed other customers walking in without showing or being asked to present their Costco membership card. Upon my entrance Cassie (the Costco employee at the front door) discriminated against me and with bias only asked me to show my Costco card. I felt that she singled me out because she was Mexican and I was Asian. She did not ask ANYONE else for their card.

When I mentioned this to Kevin (the manager on duty), he said some people have their cards out already. I explained I was standing there observing that they did not have their cards out and no one else was being asked to show one because I was standing there waiting for my boyfriend. He said policy is to always ask.

I have been going to Costco many years and rarely am stopped and asked to present my card. This year I have been to the Monterey, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, and Signal Hill, California stores and this was the only time I was asked to show my card. It's not a consistent store policy. Nevertheless, my issue is that I was subjectively discriminated and singled out by Cassie.

If you have cameras, you can check that today, December 30, 2017 that Cassie did not check everyone's card because I was standing there observing it. This was between 1 and 2 pm.

  • SubSquirrel Dec 30, 2017

    Maybe she recognized them as customers

    1 Votes
  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 31, 2017

    How long did you stand there and watch? At my local Costco, they often check member cards at random. Also, it may have been possible that the employee recognized some of the customers she saw.

    0 Votes

kirkland kid's gummy vitamins

I purchased your store brand kid's gummy vitamins and I am really disappointed and will be return due to the fact that they have corn syrup. They have so many extras in them that are horrible for kids and people in general. Is there someone else I need to reach about this? As a consumer I would really love a company to take initiative and correct the ingredients so this is actually a good choice for a multi vitamin.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 31, 2017

    You will simply need to visit the location with the product and your receipt for the return. If corn syrup content is important to you, you should read the labels prior to purchasing. Clearly other customers are okay with it as it is a product they still carry.

    0 Votes

the store is freezing cold

Dear Costco,
As a shopper at your Lewisville, Tx location, I feel like you should know the store is way too cold. It is wintertime here in Texas and I and other customers have talked about how uncomfortable it is to shop in your store. I passed by a thermometer (not in the frozen section) and it said 29 degrees! That's below freezing! I realize it's a big warehouse and perhaps hard to heat but I really feel like the Store Manager isn't turning the heat on at ALL. Perhaps, to save money? Please, please, please do something about this! I want to continue to shop at your store but be somewhat comfortable. Thank you for listening.
Laura Hollien

innovel delivery service

You had one job to do... I received email on Dec 18, announcing delivery/installation of a washer/dryer combo...

entering the store with a teacup puppy

I was advised at the Costco on hammer lane that i couldn't carry my dog in hand or in my purse to buy alcohol for the company New Year's Eve party. I've shopped with my pup before it's so small no one notices her in my purse. I've gone to different Costco's in different cities with no problem. I did advise the manager on duty and the girl at the door they should put a sign up saying no pets allowed along with their other rules on the board! When i asked where the sign was saying let's werent allowed so future customers know they're not allowed just service dogs. But there's not even a service dog only sign either so i wouldn't of known this store didn't allow small dogs when shopping!

entering the store with a teacup puppy

Costco Wholesale
  • Su
    Sulphur7 Dec 30, 2017

    Do you also need a sign to let you know you shouldn't use electrical appliances while in a tub of water? Geez lady, get a clue! Anyone with an iota of sense knows that you cannot bring pets into a grocery store. How old are you? And stores don't post service dogs allowed signs because they are protected by federal law! So, there is no need for any signs. There is a big difference between a service dog and someone's freaking pet! BTW: that is a real live animal and not an accessory.

    2 Votes
  • Be
    Bellamie Dec 30, 2017

    So then you won't have a problem with me bringing in my pet horse? I mean, it doesn't say no pets allowed, so surely I can ride my horse in the store. Common sense people. You can't just bring your animal with you wherever you want just because "he's so small" Not everyone wants to be near your animal. Leave it at home or train it so he can learn to stay home by himself. The world doesn't have to bend to you, you need to learn that.

    2 Votes

people who give out samples at costco

On 12/28/2017 my husband and I were shopping at the Market place Costco in Tucson. At approximately 3:55 p.m...

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