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Jul 09, 2021

Costco — Tiffany in receiving

I arrived on time to my scheduled 6am delivery appt. They were slightly behind and advised there's 1...

Costcoproduct was never delivered and a month of Customer Service calls did not resolve the problem

It pains me as a loyal Costco warehouse customer for several years to write this review, not of the chair, but of the online service. I ordered the chair on May 18th. After weeks not hearing from Costco about delivery I contacted Customer service who said they chair was at the local depot for delivery and gave me the Logistics phone number to set up a delivery time. You will find you will be on hold for a very long time. The first call the automated answering said the wait time was 92 minutes. After about 80 minutes on hold, the call was dropped. After waiting for over an hour the second time, I had to hang up. The next day the same thing. After about 4 hours on hold over 2 days, Logistics gave me a date of Thursday June 10th for delivery and I was told I would be notified a day or 2 prior with a time frame for delivery. I did receive an email from Costco that the chair would be delivered on Thur June 10th On June 9th I received an email that the chair would be delivered between 4:15-6:15 pm on that June 10th. The chair was not delivered, no email, text or phone call to notify me why or to reschedule the delivery.
I followed up by calling Customer service on June 11th to find out why. They noted the chair had not been delivered and would expediate a response in 2-3 business days. Never received.
Made more calls to Customer service, finally my call was pushed up to a supervisor Carol Krats [protected]. She said she would investigate and get back to me.
On June 16th I received an email from Costco for a review of the chair (which I never received).
June 18th Conversation from Carol was that she was "authorized to REORDER the same chair for the same sale price and for compensation I would receive $400 off the sale price plus set up of the chair at delivery. I accepted these terms. But, she would need for me use my credit card for the REORDER and then I would receive a full refund of the original order. However, the chair was never reordered.
I received an email from Costco indicating the refund was coming.
June 22 Costco did refund the original order, but the chair was never reordered.
I made several calls to Carol, but she never answered any of the calls, nor responded to voice mails I left.
25 June still no order or compensation. I called Customer Service and talked a very nice person who confirmed from the notes made by Carol of the conversation I had with her to make a manual order for the chair but said the chair I had ordered is not out of stock. She transferred me to a supervisor Travis at the Oklahoma call center. Travis said he was being promoted to another position, but he took the information I had. He said the chair was in stock and tried to call Carol and could not get ahold of her either. He said he was passing this on to another supervisor who would get a hold of me either the same day or the next. No call back.

June 30th I finally called Costco headquarters. After being passed around I talked to someone that was very condescending. She reviewed the notes of passed conversations and said the reason the original order was refunded and no reorder was made was the chair is not in stock and since I was refunded the full amount there was nothing she could do. As to the compensation which was offered (I did not ask for it originally), I was told Carol was not authorized to do that and Costco would not honor that offer. So, my review is on Costco ONLINE Customer Service.

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    Costcoconcierge services- hanging up on me, never following up

    I spent 39 minutes on phone when I finally got through trying to troubleshoot. Got a ticket number. NEVER followed up, never got follow up email

    First guy I called he said WE DONT cover that & then just put me on hold or left the phone.

    I have a laptop only 18 months old that loses wifi connection and laptop screen is coming off the base on one side

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      CostcoAppliance Deliver

      We ordered our appliances on April 24, 2021 for May 24th and June 7th delivery. Order numbers: [protected], [protected] .
      We got a call before May 24th and the delivery and installations all got moved to June 7th, the logistics company noting that they only deliver on Mondays and May 31st was a Monday/Memorial Day.

      Come June 7th, two delivery drivers bring five appliances: a Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Microwave, Range, and Dishwasher. They state that an installer will come later the same day after they mark the items as delivered. They were both super polite and seemingly helpful, one even tried to install the dryer but said he did not have the correct hose for hookup. They also left the refrigerator in the garage, noting that the installer would bring the correct tool to remove the doors for installation and to get it through our doors. They placed the dishwasher and the oven/range in front of our drawers and pantry, so we are unable to access our pantry where all of our dry food is currently. We just moved into a new house, so we are living out of coolers and a mini-fridge - making our new appliances pretty important.

      Our delivery window was 9:30 to 11:30, and after not hearing from the installer by 1:00 p.m., I called Costco who said I needed to speak to Costco Logistics. I then sat on hold for ~50 minutes for Costco Logistics and then spoke to a representative, A*****a who was fairly curt throughout the conversation despite my husband and I remaining very kind and patient (he is in customer service and I am a nurse, we know what it is like to be yelled at and we don't take that route). She told us that we should have told the delivery people not to leave until they installed the appliances, and said that it was their job to do it. She stated that the delivery people cannot come back until at least next Monday (June 14th) but it may be 2 - 3 weeks. She noted that the delivery people should have called to report they could not install our appliances, and then Costco Logistics would have called us to confirm we were okay with the plan.

      She noted several times that we should have called Costco Logistics while they were still here, and now we will just have to wait. I explained that we have no appliances, are running out of clean clothes, and cannot access our pantry so the food in there will go bad. I asked if we could hire a local installer and get reimbursed and she stated no, we would have to wait until the delivery company could return. She stated she tried to call the warehouse, but they didn't answer and I would need to call back tomorrow to request someone call the warehouse. I asked if someone from Costco Logistics could call the Warehouse and then call me, instead of me calling to request they call and then they call me back. She stated "I don't work tomorrow, so you will have to call first thing". I asked for the Warehouse's direct number, and she said they cannot provide that to members.

      She noted without prompting that this situation was unacceptable and I agreed. I asked that this be escalated because this is not the service I expect from Costco, and to have appliances left blocking access to food and without an installation date available I would like to speak to a supervisor. She stated "What do you think that will do? Everything a supervisor would do I am doing. It won't make it faster. You will have to wait until next Monday at the earliest". I again reviewed that we are running out of clean clothes, living out of coolers and have been without appliances already for 1 week. She stated "Well I will just have to call you back. I can't get into the installation schedule, or the delivery system". I asked again if there was anything that could be done so we do not wait another 1-3 weeks for installation. She stated "Well if we call the delivery people, and their schedule is already full for the next few weeks, they'll have to kick someone else's stuff off the truck making another person go without, you don't want to do that". I explained that we should have had our appliances delivered and installed today, so that should be made right, offering the idea that instead of bringing a truck, they use a smaller vehicle to make a separate trip.

      She became increasingly curt and scoffing at me. She also argued with me when I stated we had a washer and dryer delivered and also not installed. She stated "well I don't see that here". I offered to forward her the delivery confirmation e-mail I received, that also included a picture of how they left the oven and dishwasher in front of our pantry, and she stated curtly "No. That won't help". She continued to state that she did not see that a washer and dryer was delivered, almost as if arguing that that didn't happen. I offered the tracking number if that would help, she again curtly said "No" cutting me off.

      I stayed polite and calm throughout the conversation. 2 hours into the conversation, I again acknowledged that we appreciated her help and that this was not her fault, but stated "I would like to escalate this". She then stated in a frustrated tone "What do you think that is going to do? Look. The warehouse has their own manager, the Logistics team has their own manager, and Costco Customer service has their own manager. Complaining to my manager isn't going to do anything. I am requesting they come back out to your house, which is the same thing as a complaint. What are you trying to do by escalating? Speed things up or file a complaint?" I stated "Both". She stated "It isn't going to do anything. I will transfer you to Costco Customer service and they can help get paperwork started for reimbursement for appliance installation for the dishwasher and microwave (this was already agreed upon prior to delivery and not a surprise since Costco did not have an installer in our area). I asked again if there was anything else that could be done to get an installer out sooner than 1-3 weeks. She stated no. She did not escalate the complaint.

      She transferred me to Costco Customer Service and I spoke to a nice gentleman. Before transferring me she stated in a semi-condescending tone "Now remember, B****t (B) (Costco Customer Service Rep) can't help you with anything we already talked about, so don't talk to him about that. I am helping you with that. He can help you with the installation reimbursement and that's all". After she hung up, B stated "I will be following up with Costco Resolutions to help untangle this mess". He also apologized for the appliances being improperly delivered and not installed. He stated "this is not the way Costco does business, and I am sorry." I sincerely thanked him for at least acknowledging this was not acceptable and apologizing, and noted that I have been a Costco member for nearly a decade, got a Washer and Dryer delivered in 2017 without issue and have been singing their praises. I shared my disappointment with this situation. I asked what I should expect from the resolution team, and he stated they will figure out a way to get everything installed. I shared with him that we are without any appliances, living out of coolers and a mini-fridge, and running out of clean clothes. I also shared that the appliances are blocking our pantry, so our food is inaccessible and will spoil. I thanked him for his time and help. The total time spent on the customer service chat and phone was ~ 4 hours.

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        CostcoCostco Visa Card

        Costco Citi Bank Visa Issued me a new card because of fraudulent activities. Received my new card, Verified that I received. I have had to call them over 8 times in a 24 hour period to allow purchases to go through. I told them I was planning a vacation, Because My card would not work and had to call to verify every transaction I lost reservations that I could have gotton if My card would have worked. I am very upset about how Citi bank is taking care of this, I have called many times told I was on a recorded line, only to have to call back multiple times for the same issue, I was given a reference number only to find out after they reset their computers on 6/6/2021 that my reference number didnt work, they couldnt find any notes, I have called multiple times and the situation is still not taken care of, they really need to save there notes, now Im told that they are sending me a letter that I need to fill out and that could take 4-5 days, no thanks I will stop using my card, I needed access to my card especially after citi told me that it was cleared and they could not see any issues, only to have constant denial of my card trying to book a vacation I cant play this game, Horrible Customer Service, Especially since I was a loyal Customer

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          Costcotv set up

          Setup and delivery was scheduled
          TV was delivered but not set up. I was told by the delivery crew that the set up crew would call me. This did not happen.
          Multiple calls to various costo phone numbers resulted in 3 hours of wait time
          When logistics finally answered my call they scheduled a new set up date. They said it would be confirmed via email
          It was never confirmed
          Instead I got an email saying that everything was complete on my order
          I did not sign anything that stated delivery was complete
          I do not want to wait another Saturday to find out that the TV will not be set up.
          Linda Schoonerman

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            CostcoFinal sale was more than the money I had

            Member [protected]. On may 31st, 2021 at 18:42 in Costco, Carolina P.R.. The problem was that $82.52 was paid with government family plan, leaving remaining $196.60 to be paid. I only had $180 in cash. The cashier and a supervisor did not want to void a few articles so that I can cover the balance. One of the supervisor, the dark skin one said, if the transaction was voided the government family money was not going to be available for a few days. All that I wanted was to have a few items removed so that I can pay and go on about my business. A nice citizen lady offered to pay for the remaining $16.60. I felt embarrassed and disrespected by the outcome and the comments from the dark skin supervisor ( things can't be done the way you want them to be done, in a intimidating tone). merchant id. [protected]
            control: NL18F-B6RG9
            OP#: 34 Name Rose O.

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              May 26, 2021

              Costco — Replace of my roku tv

              I'm trying to get my Roku TV replaced because of the vertical lines on the screen (still under...

              CostcoCell phone lg v60

              I cannot get anyone to calle back or put a call thru to the cell phone dept for months now. The manager Rick gave them my number and they never called me. They told me to buy Google storage which I did, bit now my phone is full and is not working. Help!!! I can't even get calls normally. Text me if it doesn't go thru at [protected] Susan Olson
              I am physically disabled and they are refusing me entry bc I cannot wear a mask or shield which are useless anyway against viruses. Why are they discriminating against the Disabled to the point where my new phone doesn't even work anymore??? PLEASE HELP

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                CostcoVegetable Trays

                Wondering why my Costco is not selling vegetable trays. Since Summer is coming, parties and vegetable trays are always a needed item to be served.
                During the last 3 months that I have shopped at Costco there are no vegetable trays available to buy and wonder what is the problem? I have asked a variety of personnel in your store and they tell me they don't know when or if the vegetable trays will be available to customers.

                Please reply. Thank you.

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                  CostcoKirkland Trail Mix

                  Eating some Kirkland trail mix I had something stuck in my throat that coughing didn't help, took me 15 minutes and finally with the help of bread it went down. Having another handful in my mouth I found a 1 inch twig? Got a sore throat today from trying to cough it up and I'm thankful I didn't swallow that second one too! Enjoy product but that was a scary situation and could have been even worse Upset now!
                  Always enjoyed product but now not so sure. Quality control should be better. Saved bag with bb date and code?
                  BB 8/26/21 code E-057-1-L7-B
                  Tried sending another picture but wouldn't let me
                  I'm 67 years old
                  Matt Poljanac [protected]

                  Kirkland Trail Mix

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                    CostcoMembership practices/discriminatory policies

                    I have and continue to be appalled by Costco's handling of the mask requirements/mandate before, during, and after the CDC has mandated them. When COSTCO put the mask mandate in play BEFORE it was required, we stopped shopping there. When it became a federal requirement we went back and renewed our membership. Then in our state the mask mandate has been removed since January and Costco still kept enforcing it. Then the CDC and our local city Health Department removed the mandate and COSTCO STILL required it. What's worse, is we walked through the entire store without one, picked out our groceries, ran by several employees (including the greeter) who clearly saw we weren't wearing masks. It was then, at the checkout after all out items had been scanned that we were told we had to wear a mask or we couldn't pay and take our items with us. We reluctantly did so but immediately canceled our membership and received a refund. Not only did it feel like Costco was just doing the bate and switch to get the sale, but it was a huge overstep of their services - after all, they are only a grocery chain. Sure businesses can impose what they want but not when I'm paying to be a member AND my input isn't sought. Since then, COSTCO has changed it's stance (probably due to backlash by other consumers). Costco is sure to suffer from their gestapo like tactics and I for one hope people will take heed. They are merely a grocery store and there are other options. I chose not to spend my money in places where I'm controlled by someone in Washington State when those statutes don't apply. To say you follow state/local protocols is untrue, you do what you want unless it serves your purpose.

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                      May 17, 2021

                      Costco — Inaccurate employee statements have cost our family $735.32.

                      One of Costco's employees gave us incorrect information which has cost our family over $700, and they...

                      CostcoDiscrimination & Health & Freedom

                      The Costco in cranberry Pennsylvania collects yearly dues for membership, and yet kicks people out if they cannot wear a mask or shield. I have personally been kicked out twice, I was hoping that things have changed. Most Americans have had Covid and have the antibodies. Thousands have gotten the shot. It's unhealthy to wear a mask, all studies have shown. It is a persons constitutional right to shop for food without a mask in PA & most States!
                      My husband and I have the executive business account, and we will be canceling and moving our business elsewhere. I hope more people will wake up, stand up, and live by science and the constitution which protects the people from the government. How sad to see Costco turn into the Gestapo!
                      Just an FYI, every other store I go to does not discriminate against people who do you not need to wear a mask anymore for whatever reason. The sign on the door should say if you want to wear a mask to protect yourself, please wear one, if you do not need a mask feel free to shop without one!!

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                        Rabate money is my money.

                        There should be a way to request a direct deposit directly into my bank account. Or, I should be able to request a check.

                        But no, I have to drive in and go to the front desk to cash a rebate in. Holly Cow! what if I lived a hundred miles away and needed MY cash? I've put up with this for years and swallowed my complaints.

                        Today (5/15/2021), I went in to cash MY rebate, and Costco's policy has changed. Now you have to go all the way into the store and buy something to use it. Even the employees think it's stupid and told me to buy something inexpensive, and the cashier will give me back the remainder of MY money in change.

                        What Costco rebates are beginning to amount to are loyalty discounts on Costco purchases.

                        When I received my few hundred dollars in change, I went back to the front desk and asked if they would exchange all the twenties for hundred dollar bills. They wouldn't even do that.

                        For the first time in years, I'm considering shopping elsewhere. I might sell all my stock also.

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                          May 14, 2021

                          Costco — Employee politeness

                          Employee politeness her name is Daphine and works self check out!! Very unfriendly and very rude when asked...

                          CostcoGROUND BEEF 88 % questionable

                          I recently purchased ground beef 88% from Costco on the 11th of May, went to make dinner, it looked red On outside but inside was completely brown, never seen anything like it . I paid 25.00 For this meat which is questionable. I wasn't feeding to my family so I decided to boil for my dogs and to my surprise it disintegrated into a slime and about 2 inches of oil . Something is being done to meat it isn't meat. I would like to know what your putting in this . Totally disgusting

                          GROUND BEEF 88 % questionable

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                            CostcoDryer and Washer

                            To begin with Costco service is the worst we have ever experienced. I am going to put the same in the social media to let people know never to order any appliances with Costco ever . We were supposed to move to new home and 27th of may so we ordered accordingly on Costco online for a Samsung dryer and washer with order number [protected], when it was delivered the washer was damaged so it was sent back . We kept back the dryer thinking costco will replace the washer.We kept calling the customer care for 1 week they kept saying that the order is on the way but after a week they said the product is no more available. They were not ready to replace the order with other brand. All they said was we have go online and order our selves.
                            We again ordered one more electric washer and dryer online with costco which is delivered today (order number-[protected]) in this order washer is damaged and the dryer is no even eletric .its GAS.How can any one be so irresponsible. And there delivery people did not even take back the earlier dryer back saying its not in there instruction. We have got the refund only for the earlier washer not for the dryer. Because of all this delays we are forced to stay back in the rental house for 15 more days .and have to pay the rent. Now nothing is available for immediate delivery. We want immediate action.

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                              May 07, 2021

                              Costco — I am an Employee threatened to be killed at my Job

                              I was stalked by a couple and because I am a white gay man at costco. A black non member came up to me...

                              CostcoYour rules/our rights

                              I have been a member of Costco for many years, but I will not renew my membership again. I am a on-going cancer patient. My doctors have told me to not wear a mask because it decreases your immune system. I cannot afford that. Several weeks ago I was in your store and had one of your employees get nasty with me just because it wasn't covering my nose completely. I cooled my temper, paid my bill and left. Last week while in town, I stopped by to make a purchase. I had only been in your store for maybe 10 minutes and in that time I had 3 employees get nasty with me about the same thing. I had my mask on but it was not completely covering my nose. The 3rd person was an upper management person who informed me that if I didn't keep it above my nose, I would have to leave. Who do you think you are to dictate my health and well being. Not only that, it's against my constitutional rights to tell me how I must live! I have spent thousands of dollars between my family's personal purchases, and my wife's business purchases. It's companies like yours that are driving this country down!!!

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