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Resolved awful, awful, awful

I work for conns as a electronic tech my boss told me i couldn't not tell the truth for some customers and it was getting out of hand and the store manager had a very bad attitude toward helping any customer when their TV broken down and no nobody at the store would take care of any customers cause they where on commission and to a make extra buck on offering a extended warranty to any customer they could convinced if they needed that service. I as a technician was instructed by my customer service manager not talk to anybody at the store and not to help any elderly and anybody else that still had a not expired warranty TV. When the TV just broken days on arrival. When customer read policy on front of me and I explain to me about of warranty that i could replace their TV’s and I explain that was not my job they need to talk to any managers about the warranty and I was instructed by my manager to repaired their TV. Customer responsibilities was to talk any manager of any stores from conns because it was not up to me to decide if i could replace their TV’s that was still under warranty. It was the service manager job to decide.

I felt sad that I that couldn't answer their questions when the TV’s broke down before the warranty expire. My boss told me i had to order parts even if the TV broke down and was still under warranty and knew i could be replace it for a new one. It’s was a constant battling to help them, but my conscience was not helping that the customer was paying my bills and putting food on my table too. But i had to make a choice a do the right thing, let me get myself fired and apply for unemployment because if I quit I won’t get any help. One thing i learn they are mean and slow on not being responsible on taking care of their customers and they already knew I was using used parts by a another tech that where defective and not working and sending the parts never on time to fix their TV’s and they blame the tech for the parts never getting in time to take care of the customer. They are wrong!!!

  • Po
    Polpe553 Feb 16, 2010

    The name says it all. Conn's . Though it should be spelled Con's. I purchased a TV and Sectional for my home. To make a long story short, they never gave me back my delivery charges they promised because they brought the wrong stuff the first time they came to deliver and I had to wait an additional week to get my stuff. ( I think they promised it to me because I wanted my money back since the delivery was screwed up)They still haven't replaced my damaged property they tore up when they came to deliver a second time-(Damaged my storm and front doors ) and refuse to replace the remote that I was told would be under warranty even if my dog got a hold of it and chewed it.

    My advice- Stay away from these guys. I've been trying to get this rectified for about 7 months now and keep getting the run around. ( Yes I have faxed estimates, but apparently they are floating around in space )My guess is I'll have to hire an attorney to get my property fixed..I paid my account in full today..Lets see if they actually post it to my account, because I don't trust these f#%$s.

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Resolved unauthorized payment

Conn's Texas took an unauthorized payment from my checking account they abuse the information you give them when you make a payment with either your check card or check do not give them this infomation make payments at location. Call them and stop them from doing this to you by recording and faxing-No Unauthorized Payments do not open an account with this Company they are know for Lemon Appiancse, Poor Customer Service, Warrenty Fraud and Now Theft with Customer personal checking account Ruthless Collection they do not work with customer they steel from them Beware of Conn's.

  • Eg
    egent62 Jan 03, 2009

    I received a collection call from Conn's on 12/24/2008, I informed the individual calling that I would make my payment on 12/26/2008 however she insisted that I make the payment on 12/24 because she really needed it to be posted on this date. I again informed her that I would make the payment on 12/26/2008. She then made the statement that since they had my banking information on file that she could go ahead and set it up, again I told her no that I would make the payment on 12/26/2008, after she became so presistent I hung up the phone. I made my payment on 12/26/2008 as I stated that I would do to only find out that this customer service person who had called me, scheduled another payment which cleared my bank without authorization from me. Upon realizing that now two payments had cleared my bank to Conn's, I contacted them to only be put through all sorts of trouble to get the unauthorized payment refunded to me. I had to acquire a copy of the check, a copy of my bank statement and fax it to the business office, from which I was told that they would refund the unauthorized payment back to me in 14 days, in a paper check. Needless to say that I am upset and need for this individual who sent this duplicate payment through my bank to be fired. Conn's if you are in agreeance with your employees playing around with customers bank accounts, you are asking for some legal troubles.

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  • De
    dennisK Jul 24, 2009

    I had the same problem in July 2009. They took a scheduled $73 payment from my debit account, but on the same day, took an additional $235 UNAUTHORIZED amount. Two weeks and 4 Conns reps later, still fighting to get the stolen money back. These people are blatant liars and thiefs. Don't believe anything they say, and don't trust them any further than you can throw them.

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  • Rh
    Rhea Rhea Nov 30, 2010

    My father and I had a similar situation as yours concerning the unauthorized payment. My dad and I both have an account with Conns. Neither of us was aware that we had an account. I normally use my dad as a reference when I apply for credit regarding the nearest relative not living with me. So I can only assume this is how they associated me with him. I got a call on 11/17/2010 regarding making a payment on my account before it will be charged off. The lady that call from Conn's called from a cell phone instead of the 1 800 number. She asked for me to pay $110 to get my account caught up and this will stop the charge off process. I explained to her that I will recv'd a letter to pay $85 and I will be going into the store on the 27th to make that payment. I had stopped them from going into my account months ago. Anyway, my dad called me and was terribly upset because Conns had taken $110 out of his bank account for my Conns account. I never provided this information because I don't my dads personal information like that but Conn's keep insisting that the information was provided to them and that I authorized this payment which I know I did not. I did ask the supervisor about documentation and recording calls that are made and Kristi id#22514 stated that it is not done all the time. Now I see why the call was made from a cell phone. Its sad that the people that are working for Conn's are being used like that to screw customers around so they can just hold onto a job. They will stoop that low to lie, steal and detroy other peoples character and integrity to get a sale. I am done with Conn's and I pray that no one else uses them for anything. This has put my dad in a bad situation not to mention his doubts for me as his daughter. My dad would do anything for me if I asked him to or needed him to. I would have never done this to him and if I had the money to pay him back now I would and I will just deal with Conns reimbursing in the next 5 years or so!

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Resolved do not use this company, unless you are looking for a trouble

I had a zero interest loan with conn's and paid off the balance before the 6 months were up. It just so happened that Conn's did not credit one of my payments. When I found this out I faxed over to their "research department" a copy of the check that they cashed. I'm not sure why but I was told it takes TEN (yes ten) business days to review the check (even though clearly on the check was the routing number and record number they used to cash it). I called in frequently (six times) to see if it was updated and to ask if I could speak to the department myself but was told that the research department was separate of their location. To no real surprise ten business days came and went and no resolution. I called back today and asked for the manager and the manager said to call back during the morning hours because the customer service department can WALK OVER TO THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT to get an update.

My finance charge has now kicked in and I'm concerned that it might affect me when getting credit for a future purchase in the near future and the rate that I get (car). Since I still have an outstanding payment, that has a high interest rate, my credit score might not be what it was before. Not to mention I was lied to and told that the "research department" works somewhere else.

If your looking for a company that has a good customer service experience after the sale or are looking for a company that you can make multiple purchases for in the future do not use this company.

stealing from bank account

Conns took money out of my account without my permission and has started doing that with the customers in Texas! Debt Collections has taken on a whole new phrase. Dont Pay Your Bill By Check Card or A Check! they keep that information and when your late they just Steel it from you Checking Account.

Resolved stay away from them

I will be protesting a Conn's on IH-35 and Walzem at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. If you need a sign e-mail me below and I will have one for you.

When I was protesting at the Conn's store at 410 and McCullough in San Antonio, Texas I spoke to four individuals who were going to Conn's. I explained to the reason I was protesting, how Conn's employees lied to me, my extremely negative and rude experiences with Conn's customer service representatives and managers, how Conn's sales persons sale you services Conn's never intends to honor. After each conversation, each person did as I suggested. They went to BestBuy.

Don't take Conn's deceptative practices, sitting down. Fight for your Rights by protesting. Conn's hopes that you will only complain on-line and not file a lawsuit. In my opinion the less people who know about Conn's deceptative actions, the more victims they can feed upon.

E-mail me and I will provide you with all the information you need to sue Conn's for free no stings attached. You should also get a sign, stand on the sidewalk and warn your fellow Amercian's not to buy from Conns.

I purchased my sony VIO labtop computer in the middle of 2007, brand new. Within two weeks my labtop crashed and refused to operate. I returned it to Conns. Almost four weeks later Conns stated they had repaired my lab top by replacing the hard drive. One year later in July of 2008 the computer crashed again, same problem. I returned the labtop to Conns.

After six weeks numerious phone calls to individuals at Conns Walzem and IH 35 store, Conn's Service Repair Center in San Antonio, Texas, as well as, its Corporate headquaters in September of 2008 my lab top was returned to me. Conn's representatives were rude, lied to me, and did not return my phone calls. Anyway, once again they stated they had replaced the hard drive. After one month the lab top crashed again. I returned the lab top to Conns. After another month they returned it to me and stated they had replaced the hard drive.

In late November it crashed again. Once again they replaced the harddrive. Man, you would figure that if you have replaced the harddrive four times, maybe that is not the problem. In December of 2008 the lab top crashed again and Conns stated they replaced the hard drive. One of my Client is a computer repair person and he told me that the problem was the video and sound card which are both attached to the mother board. So, I explained to Conns that it is not the hard drive but the mother board. I event directed them to Microsofts website, but they said my computer was repaired. After four repair attempts why do I have to do their job. The problem is Conn's does not want to replace the motherboard because, it would cost as much as a new computer.

Anyway I took it home and it started doing the same thing again. I returned it the next day at 8:30 A.M. and showed the problems to the representatives at the front desk at the Conn's Service Repair Center. They took the computer and once again stated that there was nothing wrong with my labtop. This time Conn's did not replace the harddrive, but told me to come pick it up. When I requested a new computer, they said it was repaired and they would not give me a new one.

Anytime I spoke to a Conn's representative, they were rude. Anyway I am filing a Deceptive Trade Practices Claims against Conns in Bexar County, Texas. If you would like to join me please contact me at [protected] Since posting this message employees of Conns have done what they do best, blame their customer.

I am refusing to accept the lab top in its current condition, broken. I am picketing all Conns in San Antonio with a sign that reads, "Don't Buy From Conn's Ask Me Why [protected]. I have been contacted by forty people so far with problems with Conn's.

Don't Buy At Conn's. I am willing to e-mail for free a copy of the Deceptative Trade Practices (DPTA) letter, DPTA petition, all discovery, and a copy of Texas' DPTA law to all persons wanting a copy. I do not want your money, I just want justice.

  • Be
    benny124 Oct 08, 2010

    sk8 what was the end result of your dpta filling and was it resolved to your satisfaction? we too have had service and warranty problems with conn's.

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Resolved con artists

There were several mistakes made by Conn's with my purchase of a new fridge. Mistakes happen, but when Conn's makes them, they do not fix them. I have gotten the 'run around' for a month trying to fix their mistakes - no one takes ownership, their payment systems have conflicting information, they are rude, hang up on you and do not come through on their promises. This has been the single most horrible service I have ever received - please do not be completely screwed by Conn's - they are truly a CONN JOB!


Chair under warranty broke, says contractor will fix it, has been over 2 months and just ordered part...


These worthlees ### keep harassing me calling me hanging up the phone, , leaving only a phone # to call back...

Resolved sales

My wife and I have been customer of Conns for several years. So it's just natural when were looking for electronic to shop at Conns first. So we visited the Hulen Conns store where we met this sales person Jason. We picked out a couple items and then went to check out. I explained to Jason that I had a revolving account with Conns and that I didn't want to run a new credit application. He said that wouldn't be a problem so I gave him my account number where I have a 4400 dollar credit limit with no balance. Well as Im doing this he's running a new credit application. I seen on the computer screen approved so I asked Jason what that meant he acted like I didn't see that he just ran my credit with out my approval. After 30 min or so of asking him if he had ran a new application instead of using my current revolving charge account we decided that we were done. I called the Conns credit center and they said that a new credit application was submitted. I never auth Conns to run my credit and I feel that there must have been some underlighned reasonn that he wanted to start a new application. Conns needs to review there process on new application like having someone sign before they submit an application to pull there credit. I have contacted the Conns corp office and haven't had a return phone call. By the way the mannager Mark and Bill wasnt able to say much, but thier sorry.

Resolved misinformation

Visited conn's in corpus christi tx at 7am in morning as was interested in a 52"sony flat screen tv advertised for $1900 at 0% interest of course when I asked about this particular tv, the salesman asked lets see if you qualify? Well I gave them my information and 3 hours later they still did not have an answer for me I then advised them I was leaving and to call me to see if my credit had qualified... I then went home only to talk about how great this deal was to my parents they to were interested as they were in the market for a new tv so we went back to the store.. Needless to say we got approved after being there another 2 hours as we look over the contract we saw that the figures did not add up... Charges of insurance for theft were added at $15 a month when we questioned it we were told this was mandatory... As we continued reviewing the contract we had more questions as the numbers did not add up... Turns out it was at 21% when we questioned we were told this model does not qualify for 0% unless we allowed them to sell us the tv for the original price... Ha did they think we were born yesterday... We proceeded to speak to several managers (One was named homer) about the fact that the salesman assured us that this tv qualified for 0% of course they used the old 'this salesman is new" line. Why professionals think this is the answer to everything is beyond anyone one's guest

Resolved collection/payments

Frances at Conn's called me to advise me my account was overdue, , , , , , I explained to her that I had...

Resolved will not allow to return

Samsung HD LCD TV 1080P was purchase. After 7 hours of operation, TV failed!
Conn's will not except it for a return.
Says that TV needs to be repaired by a Samsung REP!
Then if it can be repaired, they want to charge a 15% re-stocking fee because the box was opened!

Please avoid this company at all costs. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

I am seeking the advice of my attorney and have contacted the BBB in Louisiana and made them aware of this company.
I am also contacting the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce about this incident.

Resolved customer service

I purchase a refrigerator, washer and dryer last January and paid $400.00 as a down payment. I didn't...

Resolved discriminated

I purchased a projector TV from Conn's Appliances in Texas in Oct 2005. In January 2006 the TV began experiencing problems. The screen began to dim and eventually went blank. I contacted Conn's and Toshiba, the manufacturer. I eventually got the Conn's sales rep and store manager to agree to allow me to return the TV for an exchange for a similiar product. I drove 25 miles on a cold winter night in February. The store manager had one of his employees unload the old TV take it to the back stock room and load a new boxed TV onto my truck. As I was about to walk out of the store, the manager told me there was a problem. He instructed his employee to remove the new TV from my truck and bring the old one up to the front of the store. I was told the service manager wanted to look at the old TV and it would take a few minutes. I stood in front of the store for over an hour until the service manager finally arrived. He looked at the TV, and replaced what he thought was a faulty part. I went home tired and very inconvienced. But I thought the TV was OK. This week the screen went blank as before. I called Conn's and asked for a replacement TV as I wanted before. A Company rep called me and told me the TV was mine and Conn's would not give me a new one, I needed to take it up with the manufacturer. Conn's only sent a service rep out to replace the same part as before. While at my house the rep commented that they were having trouble with that part. The TV has broken twice after only six months for the same reason. Conn's and Toshiba both must know that this is a defective unit. I am being left 'hanging in the wind' with an expensive TV. Do they plan to keep replacing the same part until my warranty runs out, and then as the Conn's rep stated, ' the TV is mine'? I would like Conn's or Toshiba to refund my money or give me a different brand of TV. This is another case of the consumer being pushed around by big business. On top of all this I feel I am being discriminated against because I am in an age minority. I would appreciate help!

Resolved harassment

I have been getting calls on my Cell phone for several weeks now for someones account I don't know. I have talked with several people at conn's. I have been told twice now that the problem has been taken care of, but I keep getting these calls for someone else (i do not know). I talked with a lady (very nice lady) from beaumont office in the legal department. She found where my number was and took it off finally I get some peace (you would think huh!) NOT!!!. I'm starting to get calls from Conn's again and I'm so tired of them!

These so called COLLECTORS! are very RUDE at one point I got mad told the man it wasn't my account and if they didn't stop calling me I would call my lawyer. His words to me was "what is his name, give me his number". Well I really want to go legal with it and now I am going to call to see what I can do! This is hurrassment and it isn't my account!

Resolved bad service

worst example of not only of general sales ethics but supposed HIGH END retaliers I have ever seen..I refuse...

Resolved collections

My husband and I will never purchase anything every again at Conn's. They started calling before the payment was late and not just once. Leagally you are only allowed to call once a day if a message is left. We were receiving messages in both english and spanish as well as text messages to my personal cell phone. They were told to stop calling but would argue over the phone and hang up on us as well as yell at us. I will never purchase anything there again and urge other people to not as well.

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Aug 24, 2009

    wait first you said you never purchased anything from there then you said you would never purchase from them again so which is it?

    and by law a collector can call as many times in 1 day as needed to get ahold of the person in question as long as it is not before 7 am and after 10 pm monday through saturday. That is NATIONWIDE.

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  • Kn
    Knowurrights Jan 01, 2011

    Ummm, would be WRONG!!! You must work for Conn's. According to the Fair Debt Collection Act...
    804. Acquisition of location information
    Any debt collector communicating with any person other than the consumer for the purpose of acquiring location information about the consumer shall—
    (1) identify himself, state that he is confirming or correcting location information concerning the consumer, and, only if expressly requested, identify his employer;
    (2) not state that such consumer owes any debt;
    (3) not communicate with any such person more than once unless requested to do so by such person or unless the debt collector reasonably believes that the earlier response of such person is erroneous or incomplete and that such person now has correct or complete location information;
    (4) not communicate by post card;
    (5) not use any language or symbol on any envelope or in the contents of any communication effected by the mails or telegram that indicates that the debt collector is in the debt collection business or that the communication relates to the collection of a debt; and
    (6) after the debt collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney with regard to the subject debt and has knowledge of, or can readily ascertain, such attorney’s name and address, not communicate with any person other than that attorney, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to the communication from the debt collector. " 805. Communication in connection with debt collection
    (a) COMMUNICATION WITH THE CONSUMER GENERALLY. Without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction, a debt collector may not communicate with a consumer in connection with the collection of any debt—
    (1) at any unusual time or place or a time or place known or which should be known to be inconvenient to the consumer."In the absence of knowledge of circumstances to the contrary, a debt collector shall assume that the convenient time for communicating with a consumer is after 8 o’clock antimeridian and before 9 o’clock postmeridian, local time at the consumer’s location" (2) if the debt collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney with respect to such debt and has knowledge of, or can readily ascertain, such attorney’s name and address, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to a communication from the debt collector or unless the attorney consents to direct communication with the consumer; or
    (3) at the consumer’s place of employment if the debt collector knows or has reason to know that the consumer’s employer prohibits the consumer from receiving such communication.
    806. Harassment or abuse
    A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:
    (1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.
    (2) The use of obscene or profane language or language the natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.
    (3) The publication of a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting the requirements of section 603(f) or 604(3)1 of this Act.
    (4) The advertisement for sale of any debt to coerce payment of the debt.
    (5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number.
    (6) Except as provided in section 804, the placement of telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the caller's identity.

    I have been a loyal customer of Conn's since Feb 2005. I have purchased a Refrigerator, Lawn Mower, Gas Trimmer, Playstation3, and Laptop. I have never missed a payment, always paid more than the minimum payment...I had $300 left due my account and needed to purchase a couple of window AC units because my central unit went out and I could not afford 10k for a new unit. Conn's would not even finance me for the $600 it would take, even though 3 months earlier I was pre-approved for $1500 for a new washer and dryer unit. I did not buy the washer/dryer from Conn's at that time, because I actually found them cheaper and paid cash.However, because Conn's refused my credit, I will never purchase from Conn's again. I will never recommend them to any one.

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Resolved horrible customer service

I bought a livingroom suit from the Cherry Lane location August of 2008. When we bought it I told the sales person manager that I did not want Ashley brand furniture since we had a bad experience with it in the past. The suit I pick out was supposed to be a Lane product but after looking at my contract it Staed Ashley's. I called the manager, Van Woods and he assured me it was a Lane product. When it arrived sure enoght it was an Ashley living room suit. I called Van and he said since he had mistakenly assured me that it was Lane he would give us a 5 yr extended warranty on it AT NO CHARGE. I kept waiting to get something in the mail but nothing ever came. So I went into the store and Van no longer worked at this location. The new manager said that nothing was noted on my account and I said "would he have had to get it approved from corporate" he said no, it would be noted on my account at the store. Well an employee told me that Van was working at the Hulen store and so I called him and he said the did remember the situtation and would look into it and call me back. That was over a month ago. I just want the warranty because this suit is already showing wear.

If this situtation was not enough, to make a long story short, I have made over 15 calls to the corporate office regarding a 100.00 payment made back in January with a check that was made out to Macy's by mistake. The store took the check and it cleared my bank on January 28th. I have faxed this check 4 times and finally today a nice young man (the first person with a brain I have talked to) acknowledged that there were two reports made to have my check refunded to me. But a supervisor named Clint Walton could not even help me. He said he would call me back and then was transferred to another department. This company has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. We have in the last two years spent almost 7, 000.00. I refuse to deal with these people again.

Resolved dont buy from cons

Before I get into details, never buy from conn's. It will be a most regretable mistake if you do. Here...

Resolved deceptive advertising and harrassing phone calls but I conned them...

I had a bad time at conns in buying an expensive Samsung steam dryer. The price was lower than anyone else...