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return policy

my mom went to conns and re-open up her husband account so i could get a stackable w/d.okay the guy...

[Resolved] credit harassment

after loosing my job because of the fallout of the american economy, i was unable to make the monthly...

defected items (2)

I purchased a Compaq Notebook PC on 4/13/07. I had to take it to be repaired by the 3rd month, and the notebok was keep in the repair shop for about 4 months. After I finally got it back, it was not working so I had to take it back to Conns and it was sent again for repair. I had to pick it up at a different location and was threatened that they were going to keep the notebook. The cd's and manuals were not included. I continue to have problems with this notebook that is just sitting in my closet. I hope and pray that someone reads my message and helps me get a workable laptop with the cd's and manuals.

Regarding, the Poulan mower purchased on 9/13/07, about a month after it was purchased I took it to Mr. Fix [protected]) located on FM 1387 in Ovila that is near my home. Mr. Fix wanted to charge me more than I paid for it and it was still under warranty. Mr. Fix also wanted to charge me for checking it out. Mr. Fix is supposed to be an authorized repair dealer for Conn's.

I would appreciate it if I could get replacements for the Compaq Notebook PC AND the Poulan Mower OR get my money refunded.

At that particular store, hispanics are not treated fair and professionally.

delivery rebate

When we purchased a refrigerator on 11/22/08 we were told that we qualified for a delivery rebate. We sent...


CONN'S is NOT somewhere I would recommend to ANYONE!! I received credit from Conn's for a TV and...

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I am getting 3 or 4 harrassing phone calls a day after I have paid my bill off. The phone calls keep coming even on Sundays while I'm getting ready for church. Conns is a good company but their communication/harrassing calls are the pits. My son has an account with Conns and now they are calling me. I have explained that my son has moved out of town but they keep calling. How can I make you guys stop. Please stop!!!

Fed up

  • Cd
    cdruiz Jul 04, 2009

    You can get them to stop by sending them a certified letter telling them not to call you ever again. Mention the fair trade/credit act in the letter. Keep a copy and the receipt you get showing that they received the letter. Then when they call you advise them of the letter and that you have the receipt showing they received the letter, then call the FCC and file a complaint. They will stop or they will be fined!

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  • Ma
    maddoggin14 Jul 05, 2009

    i have had the same problem with their phone calls. do you know who i can call to make a complaint cause this is bulls*@t.

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  • Cg
    cgs Jan 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Conn's does'nt give a damn about who they call and harass repeatedly over and over and they get smart with you regardless of if it's your account or a family member to STOP these ### go to the sporting goods department and buy yourself a whistle or a air horn when they call you let them have it!

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multiple accounts..

In November I got 3 nintendo ds's for my 3 kids. These were suppose to be combined withmy orginial acct.. however Vann at the Cherry Ln store did not do this. He set it up on a seperate account when doing a add on for me for the starter kits I forgot to get. This created a huge problem. I went back to the store Dec 17th.. Vann redid the contract and assured me this was corrected.. and collection calls would cease since this was a STORE MANAGER error. However this did not. I continued to get harrassed 4-6 times a day.. I called customer service.. the resolution dept.. and finally I go to the Euless store and with the Credit processing dept.. Dustin.. the STORE MANAGER... assured me that with the purchase of my furniture this would rectify the problem.. I read the contract.. saw the amt from the old acct added to the new... things were good to go.. Oh noooo... collection calls again.. Still have not been able to get this resolved... Dustin has faxed the contract to corporate.. and I have spoke to the resolution dept... and spoke with Nakita and Kia... and have been assured that the old acct is in process to be closed.. but they can't say when... The Offline dept that handles this... can only be reached electronically.. no phone calls.. and they do not respond to the Store, or anyone else... I have been dealing with this for almost 4 months... and they could careless the amount of hours I have put in to resolve this issue.. They claim their motto is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!! Well that is a bunch of bull... They only care about the sale.. after that they could careless... Hence the name CONN'S!!!

Think twice before dealing with this company and if you ahve no other choice.. good luck to you.. you're gonna need it!!!


  • Se
    Seraphim16 Feb 20, 2014

    Wow!!! I thought I was the only one ... The same thing is happening to me two accounts... I get harassed all day everyday even on Sunday's. I have gone to the store and refuse to leave until the issue was resolved. After waiting for 2 hours they assured me that it was taken care of... well this week it starts up again!!! Can some one please advise!!!


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they dont know what they are selling you

I recently bought a 52 inch sony lcd tv i whanted the 120 htz sony i told the guy 3 times if it was the 120 htz he said yes.The box of the tv didnt advertise the 120 htz so i asked again if it was the 120 htz and again he said yes.Well after taking my tv about 35 miles home
i looked it up on line and found out they gave me the wrong tv like i expected and i asked my self how many people who dont know get the wrong product that looks identical but doesnt diliver what they whant or paid for.Well i took it back and in front of my eyes they got the used tv i got and put it nicely in the box for another custumer i wonder if they would even discount the tv since it was open but i doubt it.CUSTOMERS BEWARE OF WHAT YOU BUY AND GET...


i purchased a 3 piece living room set from conns last november. they have repaired the love seat once and the...

52& samsung

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to inform you of my recent experience at the Conns location in Plano Texas.

I had made a previous purchase from this location from a salesman named Chris Cherry. It was for a Toshiba 46" LCD tv and was the "last one in their stock" in March of 2007. Even though I bought it with the understanding that it was new in the box, it had been previously open and used. When I got it home, it had a noticable squeal from the unit so I contacted Chris the following day. Since the store didn't have another one, I decided that the best course was to get a refund. I took it back and received a full refund (after a minor amount of grief from the store manager Casey Rucker). I felt, at that point, that Conn's had stood by their product and put the customer ahead of making a quick dollar.

On March 6th, 2008, I referred my future father-in-law to Conns when he moved here from Alabama and needed a new television for his living room. We again used Chris Cherry and the Plano location for this purchase and he bought a 52" Samsung LCD tv and paid over $2000.00. Once again it was the last one in stock. This was a brand new house that he moved into and had no way of installing the tv or testing it until the 8th of march when Dish Network was scheduled to professionally install it. It stayed in the factory sealed box until this happened. As soon as the representative from Dish hooked it up it was apparent that it was defective right out of the box(again). Doug (father-in-law) called the store right away and talked to Chris and Casey Rucker who told him that there was nothing that they could do and that he needed to contact Samsung to get it repaired. The following day we took the tv back to the store for an exchange or a refund, and after talking to the store manager (Casey Rucker), discovered was not an option unless we wanted to pay about $300.00. I left Chris Cherry a voicemail which went unanswered.

I work for a retail car audio electronics company that is nationwide and understand what is going on. You have a commisioned based company that does not want to have to take a $2000.00 dollar hit. The salesman doesn't care because he has got his cut. The store manager doesn't care because he saved a $2000.00 refund from his daily/monthly goal. I would think as a company though someone should "step up" to a higher standard and realize that in the long run this will do nothing but hurt Conns reputation and longevity in the marketplace. Currently, as the way it sits, I, nor Doug, will EVER do business whith Conns again and will discourage anyone from doing the same. Please return my e-mail or call me and make me feel good about your "Award Winning Service".


Ted Hill

  • Jo
    JonP Aug 06, 2009

    Always pay with a credit card and have them to hook up the TV on site and NEVER sign anything period or you may be signing away your rights to return anything to them. If they refuse to hook it up on site, time to shop another store.

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last payment stolen

In April of 2007 I paid them off before the 0 interest was up. I should of not paid cash, I did get a receipt. So for 8 months I thought everything was fine until
after I got rid of a bunch of receipts. The receipt showing pay off was in the bag. I put it aside and the
ones who were helping me grab it and destroy it before
I could stop them. Well I get a phone call in April 2008 that my account was still open with a $405.31 plus the interest that has to be paid if you do not pay it
off in time. Well, the person who call me was the accounting manager and she did not believe me. My good credit record would of show my good standing.
She would not listen to me and fustrated I hung up on her. Next day a very nice lady from Conn's call and
I decided to pay it off again so interest would not build up on it until I could make sure it was destoyed. To no
avail I can not find it. I was going ahead and just eat
another $440 in interest but they are so greedy the added more interest. Once the extra payment was used up as monthly payments they started stalking my phone everyday for the past 3 months. Most of the
time it is twice a day. When I try to communicate to solve this situation and come to agreement they wanted to do it right then over the phone without me having letter showing the agreement. I have spent over $10, 000 at that store over the past 10 years. Why would I lie about this. I was a good customer. Well far as I am concern they lost. Please do not pay a
payment with cash, it can get stolen and cost you.

Thank you

  • Sa
    SarahMarie Mar 01, 2009

    why would u even send cash in the mail every smart person knows not to!!

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  • Ja
    Jackie Rast Mar 09, 2009

    To the question why I would send cash through the mail. No I did not send cash in the mail. I paid the payoff at Conn's store. Sorry for the confuse. Just to let you know they started calling my work and stalking now up to 4 times a day. I found a Law that for debt collectors Finance Code Chapter 392 that says They cannot cause a telephone to ring repeatedly or continously, or making repeated or continouous telephone calls, with the intent to harass a person at the called number. This is to let people know they can contact you but not like they are doing me. Thank you for your concern.

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  • Re
    Rebecca Grajeda Mar 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a problem with Conn's also. Mine was a warranty issue. The salesman told me that since I have small children he HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED the Conn's warranty as it covers EVERYTHING. Even if the kids messed up a button, it was covered. He even went as far to say that I would be wasting my money to pay for delivery because I just paid 250.00 to protect my tv against any damages. I have had it for 2 weeks and the picture went out. The tech that came to the house said it was hit with something and it was not covered under warranty. I spoke with the manager of the store who completely backed up his employee. I threw 1600.00 away in that store. (CASH) when I could have went to Best Buy and got the same tv for 1400.00 including the warranty that covers everything including water damage. I will continue to complain and post everywhere I can to try to deter people from this place. You are better off to go to Best Buy where they back up their sales. Isn't there some sort of law against THEFT BY DECEPTION?

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poor customer/double delivery fees

I purchased from Conn's a 50" plasma Samsung television, their most expensive wall bracket, and paid delivery fees. Conn's confirmed that the cost to have my plasma mounted would be $299 after delivery. Conn's now wants to charge me $69 AGAIN for delivery in addition to the $299 installation fee - a double charge for delivery. My purchase was a complete waste, as the items are still sitting in the manufacturers’ boxes. I even had my home wired for the mounting. Conn's has no ethics. Service is terrible. Manager Elias Contreras at Conn's (6888 Gulf Fwy, Hou. TX) says there is nothing he can do - a poor excuse. I have recently purchased a new home and have a need for many appliances. I will never use Conn's (at any location) ever again. Manager Elias Contreras stated it was a misrepresentation by Conn's. To date, they refuse to honor their agreement and are only concerned when it comes to their commissions.

my big screen tv

As they honor there name conns they con you into buying whatever they can and as soon as you step out of the store you have a complaint and they keep giving you the run around!!! My parents bought a big screen tv in 2006 and bought the extended warranty until 09/09/09 the first couple of minth everything was fine.. Two months into the sale the tv lamp went off the fixed it about two weeks later. Then about 6 months later I t happenned again and it took them about 10 to 15 days just to come and check the tv then they took the part and took about 3 I called and called for my parents and nothing went to the store that we bought and they just washed there hands they acted like they were going to help and then nothing was done...

The 3rd time I was told by a supervisor in the repairs department that the next time they would replace the tv.. I have asked nicely that even if we have to pay a diffrence or added into the loan we want to get a diffrent tv... But no answer.. I have regreted recommending conns to mostly all my family member and they all have the same issues and all I have to say is that the american dream that conns wants to so call help families with there furniture and entertainment needs becomes a nightmare!!

Please I beg you do not buy anything from the true con's at conns...

I pray that this message helps not one many people and that the owners of conns do something about there teribble company... They have no heart and morals!!!

My the lord bless conns

warranty refund

I have been trying to get a refund that is owed to me from a tv warranty. the store manager has faxed the...

non-existent customer service

I bought a general electric washing machine model #EWA5600GWW, ON 11/22/08. the very same night we ran a load...

worthless products

I purchased a new refrigerator on 10/31/2008 that was advertised in the paper. On the due delivery date I was called and advised that the item was not in stock. Conn’s advertises that if the product is not in stock within 24 hours I may get another item at no extra cost. I was not afforded this opportunity and finally I received the product 14 days subsequent to the purchase date.

In the late evening of December 8, 2008 I arrived home to discover that the refrigerator had stopped working so I called for service the next morning. On December 10 the technician advised that a part would be ordered to arrive approximately December 23. I asked for a replacement due to the newness of the item and the significance of it to preserve the health and safety of my family. A refrigerator is not a luxury rather it is a health necessity. Conn's refused.

Following the expense of losing of hundreds of dollars worth of food, and no refrigerator during the Christmas holidays, on January 8 almost a month later a technician arrived with no ladder to reach the top of the refrigerator and had to stand on my kitchen chairs to perform the service. He could not repair the refrigerator. The technician advised that I had gotten what I paid for because the refrigerator should have cost twice what I paid. He gave me the name of a service manager Anthony who would talk to me concerning a replacement. Anthony was always too busy to talk to me but on January 9, 2009 I was advised by another rep Ruby that another part had been ordered and it should arrive on January 16, 2009 and another service call would be arranged to make repairs.

I purchased this product 71 days ago as an essential to keep food safe and healthy for my family. Since the purchase I have had 23 days of use less than 1/3 of the time that I paid for. Should the part arrive as scheduled on January 16 a Friday, repair may take place on approximately the 20th of January this adds another 11 days or 72% of the time I have been unable to use this product.

Conn's refuses to act in good faith and be responsible for selling me a faulty product. Conn’s has informed me that as long as they come every 30 days with a new part they don't have to replace this refrigerator.

harrassing phone calls

Its just the harrassing phones that Conns does. They are not happy with just one call a day. They call about...

won't fix or replace my tv

I brought a 50 inch rca high def tv from them like 2 years ago with in the first year I began to have...

customer service - lack of

Please do NOT purchase any goods from Conn's - I wish I had read all of the complaints and the BBB file, prior to making our purchase, so please consider this a WARNING! Conn's has received, over the last three years, in excess of 1500 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in Beaumont, TX. Additionally, simply google "Conn's" and you will find a host of horror stories posted online at consumer awareness sites.
Simply put, Conn's sold us a broken 50" Plasma screen TV. When we arrived to pick it up, employees brought the TV out from the back (incidentally, it took 4 days and three visits just to finalize the transaction). The box, containing the TV, was badly damaged. We were assured by three Conn's employees that they had checked the TV and found it to be free of damage, but if WE found damage or the TV to be defective, we could simply exchange it - they made it quite clear that they were aware of the damage to the box and would quote, "take care of us", if we found anything wrong with the TV. One of the employees was actually an Assistant Store Manager and he provided additional assurance that we would be able to return the TV without difficulty.
First mistake, we BELIEVED the employees and took the TV home on good faith.
Fast forward, we open the box, find that the TV has two large cracks in the TV panel and is completely inoperable. We call the store and the nightmare begins.
#1 - Four calls over three days to the Burleson Store Manger went unreturned
#2 - After three days, finally speak to the Manager. He states his employees furnished us with bad information and that he could not exchange the TV without authorization from "repair". I advised the Manager that the TV had never been used and that this was not a "repair" problem. It should be a RETURN (note: we were within the 10 day return timeframe outlined on the receipt). The manager stated that was all he was willing to do and hung up the phone. I called back and asked for his supervisor's contact information. He stated he did not have a supervisor and hung up a second time.
#3 - Sent three written emails to Customer Service at the corporate office - NO RESPONSE
#4 - Call the corporate "Customer Service" Contact listed with the BBB in Beaumont - NO RESPONSE
#5 - Called corporate customer service, was advised that the only assistance they could provide was to fill out a "complaint worksheet" and have a manager return the call. The rep went on to say, and I quote, "they get so many of these a day that we cannot guarantee a call back anytime soon". CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? And, true to her word, NO RETURNED CALL.
#6 - Called the "service center" to schedule a "repair" appointment for damaged TV. Employee told me that she would send a technician out, but that she could, and again I quote, "tell me what they were going to say...that we had damaged the TV on the way home and that it would not be repaired or replaced". I was absolutely appalled - I explained to this particular employee that the box was notably damaged AT THE STORE and that STORE EMPLOYEES had acknowledged the damage prior to our transporting the TV the 2 miles home. Furthermore, that the STORE EMPLOYEES had LOADED and TIED down the television & refrigerator (yes, we also bought a refrigerator from these people - hope it doesn't break). Upon this realization, she said she would send someone out to look at our television.

To date, no one has looked at our television. We cannot reach anyone from the store level up through the corporate level that will assist us. All of our previous communication attempts have gone unanswered. The employees we have spoken with are flat rude and being that I've spoken with employees at the store, the corporate office, and the service center - all three seperate locations, I have to conclude that this is Conn's Culture. All of the employees were equally unhelpful, insulting, and incompetent.

Conn's is what it's name indicates " A CON!!!" - all of the self-imposed customer service standards are simply a front. Conn's does NOT stand behind the merchandise it sells or the promises it makes to attract your business. Steer clear - the small savings is definately not worth what you'll lose in time, money, and sanity, should you ever experience a problem with your product.

  • De
    Debbie Feb 24, 2009

    I wento to Conns to get a T.V advertised in the paper for 799.00 said come get it Wednesday I did they did not have in stock so I recvd a call a week later they had a Toshiba 42" for the same price come pick it up well the Sales person stated we are out after calling me to pick up the T.V called Corporate I was transferred and hung up on twice..Whom ever is running Corporate needs to be fired he has ruined Conns name by his bad management of the the Cons Corporation.. I called asked for the Manager at Conns location on Gulf Freeway he said he would take care of it not to mention pay attention to your contract they added all kinds of insurance to it after I said I did not want Insurance.

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  • Bs
    Bshields Nov 19, 2009

    Well one of these days I'm going to look up a companies business practices before I buy from them, So Here I am at this site finding out that I'm not alone. I've been a customer of Conn's for about 4 years spent a lot of money with them although this is the first time I've gone through this debocale, I bought my 3d PC from them and thus my problems have started, after say 3 months with my NEW PC it would not come on took it back to the store I purchased from (Addison TX) and they sent it to their service department, after 4-5 days they called and said it was ready and it was the video card, picked it up (without complaining) took it home and after about 3 weeks would not come on again! I took it back this time I asked if it breaks again what's the process, the guy at the counter said usually 3 times and we replace it, OK so I get a call back in 2-3 days it was the video card again I take it home and 3 weeks later it crashes! I took it to their service center in Carrollton and told the guy I DON''T WANT THIS BACK I WANT A NEW ONE! he calls later in the afternoon to tell me it was the hard drive this time and ALL OF MY VALUABLE information was lost, but we've ordered a new hard drive and I said that's fine but I DON'T WANT IT BACK I WANT A NEW ONE, the guy said it's up to the service manager and when I talked to him the manufacturer told him they will replace the hard drive. Well I called HP and they told me that they prefer to work on their own equipment as there tech's are certified also they only had a record of 2 break downs. Here's the Kicker; Conn's never tells you if you take a PC to them to be fixed it does not get the manufacturers to stand behind their determinations and I should have sent it to them for the PC to have an accurate record of it's problems. So here I am joining the disgrunteled and wishing I NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM CONN'S and I've spent over $10, 000.00 in purchases, never missed a payment even making double payments for the last 4 years! you'd think someone would look at my customer history and think; Hey we've got a GOOD CUSTOMER HERE MAYBE WE SHOULD TRY AND KEEP HIM SATISFIED! TO ALL WHO READ THIS; BEWARE!

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protesting conn's

san antonio, texas _
phone: (210) _
fax: (210) _

december 31, 2008

press release
protesting conn’s

Conns inc.
3295 college street
Beaumont, texas 77701
Fax number: [protected]
Fax number: [protected]

Re: will be protesting in front of conn’s located at 7730 i-h 35 at walzem in san antonio, texas 78218 starting at 4:30 p. m., with 5 to 15 people.

Dear conn’s inc.:

I am the father of six children who on april 21, 2007 purchased a sony vaio computer from you store located at 7730 i-h 35 at walzem in san antonio, texas 78218. prior to april 21, 2007, I had previously purchased many items from conn’s. as a regular practice, I always purchase the extended service and repair plan on top of any standard manufacturer’s warranty.

At the time of purchasing the sony vaio, I purchased the extended warranty. my sale’s person informed me that for the first year sony would repair the computer and that afterwards conn’s would be responsible for repairing the computer. he also told me that if I had any problems with the computer to return its conn’s service center located at 4810 eisenhauer, suite 240-b, san antonio, texas 78218. finally, he informed me that if the computer was deemed un-repairable or had been repaired at least three times, conn’s would replace it.

Two to three weeks after having the vaio in my possession it blue-screened with the message, “hard drive cannot be found.” I called conn’s customer service as was told to take it their eisenhauer service center. I did.

Four weeks passed and my computer had yet to be returned to me. I went to the conn’s service center and asked, why it was taking so long to repair and return my computer. the lady at the front desk informed me that, “it was not conn’s fault.” she further explain that the computer had been sent to sony for repair, and as soon as it was back they would return it too me. I left, under the mistaken impression that my computer had been shipped to the manufacturer for service.
About a week or two later I returned to conn’s service center only to be told the same late may or early june of 2007, I finally received by computer. I was told that sony had replaced the hard drive.

The computer worked without issue for about a month, until early july of 2008 when it blue screen again with the same message, “hard drive cannot be found.” I returned the computer to conn’s service center again. I continually called conn’s customer service s inquiring as to the status of my computer, as well as went to conn’s service center on frequent occasions. nearly five to six weeks after dropping it off at the service center, around the middle of september, 2008, my computer was returned to me once again and I was informed by a conn’s representative that “the hard drive had been replaced.” the computer immediately started having problems with the sound and picture displays. I called conn’s and was instructed to reload the programs. I was informed that the problem may actually be occurring as a result of the operating software microsoft vista.

The problems with the computer persisted. I continued to contact conn’s in an effort to remedy the problem without returning it to the service center. to no avail, on october 1, 2008, the computer blue screened again, and indicated that “the hard drive cannot be found.”

once again, I returned it the conn’s. after another four weeks of calling conn’s, near the middle of november 2008, the computer was returned to me once more. the conn’s service repair order indicated once again, “that the hard drive had been replaced.” one week after having the computer in my possession it blue screened again and indicated “the hard drive cannot be found.”

I contacted conn’s and asked to speak directly to a manager or any supervisor, my requests were initially denied. after finally being connected to a manager the phone, for some unknown reason would disconnect. upon subsequent attempts to reach a manager, I was informed that a manager was not available and/or that one would look into the problem and call me back. I never received a call back. further, the conn’s representatives and managers were rude and even went as far as to tell me that I should have the computer repaired elsewhere at my own expense.

One week after having the computer back in my possession, it blue screened again and indicated “the hard drive cannot be found.” although, I had purchased and still had a valid warranty with conn’s, I contacted altex’s located at 11342 n ih 35 in san antonio, texas 78233, to have a diagnostic run upon the hard drive. their diagnostic revealed that there was nothing wrong with the hard drive but suggested maybe reloading the software or that an issue may exist with the mother board.

On december 1, 2008, the computer once again blue screened with the same message, “the hard drive cannot be found.” on december 3, 2008, I returned it to conn’s. accompanying me to speak with the conn’s representative was a former client, mr. charles mass, who is a computer technician. the three of us observed the behavior of the computer when powered on. mr. mass after then indicated to the conn’s representative that the mother board may need to be replaced. on that day the computer locked up but did not blue screen.
On december 9 or 10 of 2008, I pick up my computer and was once again told the hard drive had been replaced. therefore, this would now make the sixth new hard drive to be installed. I expressed to the conn’s representative that obviously the hard drive was not the problems they should replace the mother board.

I also told the conn’s representative that the hard drive had been replaced 5 times already and I still have the same problems. that should be a clue that it is not the hard drive. I requested a new computer or that they replace the mother board. conn’s representative refused and asked me to take the computer. I took the computer home and it started acting in the same manner as it did before. at 8:30 or 9:00 a. m., on december 11 or 12 of 2008, I returned the computer to conn’s and showed the two conn’s representative at the front desk the problem. I left the computer.

On or about december 16, 2008, conn’s called me and told me the computer was ready. I ask, her if they had replaced the mother board. she did not know. I was then contacted by the conn’s computer technician who indicated that there was nothing wrong with the computer and that the reason they did not replace the mother board was because sony may not compensate them for such as repair. I asked him when was the last time they sent the computer to sony, he indicated in 2007 and that they not found any problems wrong with the mother board. therefore, conn’s could not replace the mother board.

On december 19th and 22nd, 2008, I contacted conn’s regarding the replacement of my computer, and was told it was ready for pick up. I told conn’s that they had not repaired my computer and that I wanted another one. after not being allowed to speak to a manager I started protesting in front of conn’s on mccullough and i-h 35 and walzem on december 24, 26, 27, and 29, of 2008. on december 26, 2008, conn’s manager of the walzem store filed a false police report against me. after speaking to the officer and detective of converse, as well as e-mailing all elected and appointed officials of converse, I was left alone. I filed a police report against conn’s for filing false police report against me.

On december 30, 2008, I contacted sony and was told that conn’s never sent my computer to them in 2007. I was also told that if I had as many problems as I indicated, and they were related to the 2007 problem, they would have replaced my computer.

According to business week, conn’s top three executives made more then $2, 000, 000.00, for the year 2008. conn’s transferred more then 8, 600 shares as gifts valued at $5.46 to $6.00 dollars a share to its various officers. conn’s reported 2008 quarterly earnings of more then $120, 000, 000.00. I ask myself, how much of conn’s profit is made by ripping off its customers?

Conn’s policies dictate a clear willingness to ignore its customers, not honor its extended warranties, replacement agreements, and allow its sales representatives to misrepresent facts and company polices all in pursuit of corporate profitability. at a time when customer satisfaction should be paramount, conn’s has chosen a path of naked pursuit of profitability at the expense of its customers. conn’s executives know or should know that it employees are engaging in unlawful deceptive business practices.


defrauded customer of conn’s


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7730 i-h 35 @ walzem, san antonio, texas 78218
Fax number: [protected]

4810 eisenhaur, suite 240-b
San antonio, texas 78218
Fax number: [protected]

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Avenue e & 3rd street
San antonio, texas 78205
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  • Ma
    Markes E. Kirkwood Jan 01, 2009

    All issues are resolved with Conn's, there will be not protest. I would like the thank all individuals at Conn's Corporate office for taking the time on January 1, 2009 to help me resolve this issue. I have been a long time customer of Conn's and feel this matter is resolved and will fulfill my obligations to them accordingly.

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  • Da
    Dallas Mar 20, 2009

    Oh my gosh! I was considering purchasing a 52" Samsung from Conn's because their price is lower than the other stores I have checked but after reading the reviews on this site, there is NO WAY I will ever shop at Conn's, much less step foot in their stores! This particular ordeal gave me chills (and I've read through all the complaints). It sounds like this is the only person who has actually gotten any type of satisfaction from Conn's but look how long it took and all the hassle involved! I think I'll continue to be a loyal Best Buy customer ~ at least they've always given me good customer service and they stand behind their products. Sounds like the stuff Conn's sells is defective, maybe that's why they can offer lower prices than their competitors... I AM SO GLAD I STUMBLED ONTO THIS SITE!

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