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Complaints & Reviews

deception on no interest payments

I bought a tv at conns for no interest if you make minimum monthly payments. I was offered to skip a payment...

xbox 360

Our family is interested in purchasing an Xbox 360 for our three boys for x- mas. Every store in the Houston...

scam and cheating

This is kind of a long and drawn out ordeal… In October of 2007, I opened an account with Conn'...

laptop service issues

My laptop is under warranty, and I recently gave it to Conn's service center to be repaired. It now has been 4 weeks since my laptop has been in the service department. This time frame is unacceptable. I've left messages with upper management, but have yet to receive any phone calls. The customer service with this company is ridiculous. I've spoken with store employees, and still no phone calls from management. I've sent emails, and still no return phone call or email. I want to know why my laptop has been in service for so long, and when it will be repaired or replaced.

  • Sh
    Shaye Jan 10, 2009

    First and foremost, I tried so hard to work with Conn and its uneducated staff in resolving issues that their suppose to be knowledgable about. I get more respect speaking to the automated system. In February 2017 I went into Conn's to look - not purchase - look at a laptop. The representative that quickly approached me when I walked into the store. The representative bombarded me by showing my laptops and the sales there were currently having. I ended up purchasing this item with the understanding to the representative that I gave paid monthly and want my paynents to remain on the 4th of each month. From February 2017 to January 2017 and to this date, nothing has been changed and I know I've talked to over 50 people back and forth trying to get this resolve but they don't return phone calls and when you go get them on the phone, their extremely ruin. Once I pay off my account, I will walk away and I won't look back.

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  • Jo
    Jordano Feb 15, 2010

    If delivery appointments have to be changed, please let the customer know you are coming on a different date and time. When you send a repairman to the house, let him bring some parts with him on the first visit. Make the folks taking the repair call communicate all that the customer tells them to the serviceman so he may be able to fix the problem on the first call and not 3 months later. I bought all new appliances for the kitchen so far it has taken almost 4 months to get the dishwasher fixed and it cost $1400.00 and now the double ovens $3500.00. I told the repairman the computer was out of wack and he knew it was a double oven very heavey but he came alone on the first visit anyway and then said he had to have help taking it out of the cabinet and taking it to the warehouse to fix it. He should have known that. Two of them should have come on the first visit to take the ovens for repair ?? Now it has been almost 2 months without my double ovens.

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  • Mi
    Mitchell Ruffin Mar 01, 2010

    On or about February 4, 2017, I called the service center for repair on my Toshiba 57" TV, the service writer stated the repairman would be out on the 10th of February. After the repairman checked the system he stated he could not repair it and he would have to order a part and it would be 5 to 10 business days. I received a call on or about the the 19th of February stating the part was in and a repairman would be out on the 25th of February. Thinking finally I will be able to watch television other than in my bedroom the repairman stated he had the wrong part, but on a good note he would able to get the part shipped overnite because they sent the wrong part. On March 1, 2017, about 9:45 am I called the service center to complain why I have not received a call regarding my part. I spoke to the manager Craig Holmes who stated he would contact the repairman and call me later. After waiting all day to no avail I called Mr Holmes at 3pm he stated he had been on the phone all day and the repairman was BUSY, I found that hard to believe that he could not talk to his repairman because the repairman was too busy. After being placed on hold for 23 minutes, Mr. Holmes stated the repairman did not order the part on the 25th or 26th and he do not work on the weekend. If had not called on Monday March 1, 2017 the part still would not have been ordered. Now Mr. Holmes stated he ordered the part and it may take 2 or more days because it was so late in the afternoon, but if you were on your job and called me back i could have reecived it the next day. Needless to say I have shopped at your stores for over 20 years and don't intend to do so again. Service after the sale. M. W. RUFFIN 713 628 2778

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  • Be
    benny124 Oct 08, 2010

    trust me when i tell you i went through the same process several time's, which make's me wonder, did toshiba flat screens come out defective or were the problem's built in so that you would have to buy the extended warranty as we did at a cost of $324.00?

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  • No
    NotreDameFan Aug 26, 2011

    I was supoosed to have my dishwasher delivered on Friday after 2pm. Conn's showed up at my house at 10am and wondered where I was. Rescheduled the delivery for Saturday. Installer called at 2:45 Saturday, said he was on his way. Gave him my complete address with step by step instructions. I called dispatch at 5:45 wondering where he was. Installer said he would be at my house in 30 to 45 minutes. Called dispatch again at 7:05 pm, this time installer said he didn't have my address and it was not his area. Called dispatch again Sunday morning and spoke to supervisor who really didn't care either but said he would TRY to get the dishwasher out to me that day. It did finally arrive after I had wasted 2 full days at home waiting. Monday morning I called the District Manager and this is Wednesday and he has yet to call me back. Needless to say, I will never be going back to Conn's. I will stick with Sears like I should have done in the first place.

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conn's customer service

After spending A LOT of money at Conn's this past weekend for all new appliances i have had the worst...

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terrible quality products

Bought washer an dryer in good faith @ conns clearance center, dryer wont work, it is as is but it should at least work now we have to haul it back and supposed to pay % of return but if i have to do that it will go to corrupted cash better get good service on this or i will call an attorney. I expect better quality and not to get shafted when i pay cash, we are victims of hurricane now we are victims of bad appliances with time and money lost have to take it back and deal with all that stuff again expected better from conns.

substandard service

My name is Charles Westmoreland. A few months ago I purchased a refrigerator and a gas stove at Conn'...

terrible experience

Conns makes it easy to get credit, but if you miss a payment they start calling, harassing, threatening. They break the law when they call you. I don't know how the employees sleep at night. They are rude, nasty and ugly. They make you not want to pay them at all. Someone needs to look into the collection practices of this company.

I owe them right now and thought I will pay them, let them put it on my credit, I am sending the credit reporting agencies a letter detailing their crookedness.

Conns does not value their customers at all.

  • Te
    texas granny Sep 08, 2009

    I had almost the same experience with Conn's . I've had my account since 2007 and never missed a payment or paid late. In August of 2009 I had my third heart attack and had to go some very expensive medications. I called Conn's before my payment due date to let them know I would make a double payment the following month because I had unexpected medical expenses this month. They started calling me every day, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day and I really needed my rest after that heart attack. Each time I told them I would be in Sept 1 with a double payment but they still called all day everyday. I was so stressed out that I had to be rushed back to the hospital and then when I returned home, they called again and someone in collections threatened to come to my home and take my wheelchair if I didn't make a payment that day and that particular day I was only 2 weeks late on my August payment. When I pay this account off, I will never deal with Conn's and I will tell everyone I know not to deal with them either. I was gonna buy a new TV from them, but now, I'm gonna go to Walmart.

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very unprofecional personeel

i bought a big screen tv at the store on anderson ln but ever since i bought that tv i called them right of way because the ever since i have that tv we been having problems with it they have send people to fix it with no resolt they took the the inside of the tv to get it fix it took them a month i even talk to the district manager fist he answer and said he was going to help me he was going to call me back he never did to top it off every time i called him again i know it was him answering the phone he said he wasnt availabel and the last time i call him he hang up the phone and i still dont have a tv or an answer i dont know whos going to help me my next step is the better business bureau
maybe they can help me

collection harrassment

9/10/08: Jeff, a Conn's collector called my home & I told him I had made arrangements to mail my...

all parts defected don't work

i bought a 52 '' plasma tv from conns less than a year ago, the tv went black and no picture for a month and 2 weeks. they have changed parts and then see that don't fix the problem. they'll oder another part. that don't work. now they found the plasma screen is bad, they have to replace the screen now.and i have goten fed up with this for this have gone on far too long. so i want to have the tv replaced with a new one or money back. which i'm still paying for and paid for an extended warranty right now i'm waiting for the screen to come.i'm tried of the part's changing and i want what i paid for. tried of waiting...marvin nunn jr .very unhappy with conns,

  • Sh
    sheldon sanders Mar 06, 2009

    Conns has the most unfriendly and harrasing staff of any store on the planet when you are not even past your due date they start calling your cell phone your home phone at least ten times a day you call to take care of it and you get a nasty person named mellisa on the phone that does not listen and tells you thats not what you said I was so angry at her I asked for the supervisior and she states she will tell you the same thing and says no other operators are available to help. VERY frustrated and will never shop at conns again...

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  • We
    wesstbound Apr 13, 2009

    i work for cons as a electronic tech and i had not tell the truth on some customers and it was getting out of hand and the store manager had a very bad attude toward helping any customer when thier tv broken down and nobobody at the store would take of any customers cause they where on commionsion and to a make extra buck on offering a extentendend warranty to any customer they could convience if they needed on that sevice. I as a tecnician was instructed by my customer service mananger not talk to anybody at the store and not to help any olderly and anybody else that still had not expired warrany when they read it on front of me and i explain to me about of warranty that it was not my job to talk about the warranty i was instucted to repaired you tv. you neeed any to talk any manager of any stores at any conns cause it was not up to me to decide if i could replace any tv's that where still under warranty. It was the service manager job to decide.
    i felt sad that i that couldn't answer HER questions when the tv's broke down before the warranty expire. My boss told me i had to order parts even if the tv broke and was still under warranty and could being replace for a new one. I't was a consent battle was my concience that i was not helping the customer that paying my bills and putting food on my table too. But i had to make a choice a do the right thing let me get myself fired cause if i quit a won't get any help. One thing i learn they are slow on not being responsible on taking care of thier customers and they are not sending the parts on time to fix thier tv's and they blame the tech for the parts never getting in time to take of the customer. THey are are wrong!!!

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  • Je
    jesus sanchez Apr 18, 2009

    On April 16 this week I tried to pick up my computer that was suppossed to be fixed and ready for pick up. according to the service department technician( Antonio) in Houston, TX. I get to the store, ask for the computer to be picked up, the lady comes back and tells me that she could not find it. she was calling the service department later on. I have dent faxes to the customer resolution dept. about this issue and NO CALL from nobody at least let me know if I am getting the computer back. You can never talk to the Service manager because he is in meetings, he is not available, he is at lunch, they do not see him by his desk, he stepped out of the office or they do not know if he is working that day. Do you call that CUSTOMER SERVICE? If you do, that service sucks. But if you are late ten people will call you in one day. demanding payment for what you do not have. When you get the survey form there is a line for your phone #, I wonder why they included that if no body is calling you back to really help you with your problem. Perhaps it is that every one cover their behind to get bigger bonuses at the end of the year while the customers are screwed with bad service. One day I took my digital camera for a broken clip in the battery compartment, that is how I got since new. Never paid attention why my batteries drained out so fast. I took it to the store, I spoke to the manger and explained the problem, what he did instead of replacing it he refunded my warranty fee. I had the replacement plan coverage. But it was cheaper for Sergio Moreno the manager in Humble, doing that than replacing the camera. Imagine how can the replace a computer when unable to fix? Their bonuses will be short doing that Ha? I have requested full refund for the computer but no response from conn's yet. maybe later by the end of the year. good luck to you if you are buying at conn's NOT ME.

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terrible experience

I'm am so sick of Conn's, my Lupus has literally come out of remission due to the stress of dealing with this company. Everything was going fine until I made the mistake of going into the local appliance store and purchasing a laptop on February 23, 2008. I initially explained to the salesman that I really wasn't interested in purchasing the laptop today because I only get paid the 1st of every month. The salesman assured me that "oh, no mame, we can keep your due date on the 4th of each month", as it had always been. Taking him at his professional word, I made the purchase with the understanding that my next payment would be on April 4th because the March 4th payment was part of my down payment. I started receiving calls March 8, 2008 stating I was late on my March 23rd payment. This has gone on up until this date. I have made 57 calls to Conn's, speaking with representatives and supervisors. At least 17 of the calls alluded me to think it had been resolved and that I needed to give the computer time to catch up. My last call, I spoke a representative who is housed in the same office as Supervisor Tracey Merchant. I could hear Ms. Merchant speaking in the background telling the representative that if I made one payment, I would be caught up and my due date would change to the 4th with my next payment being, September 4th. Again, I started receiving calls August 27-28, stating my payment was late. I made several attempts to call Ms. Merchant back as I had recorded her previous call and number. On 09/05/23, I spoke with Ms. Merchant, and she said "oh, I looked over your file and noticed you owe us one more payment and I would need that before we can change your due date". I explained to her the last recorded conversation with her representative who is on the call telling me that Ms. Merchant said, everything will be straighten out by tomorrow and your due date thereafter will be September 4th. I even made a payment with her over the phone with a confirmation number to ensure everything flowed. I believe this was a scam the entire time. I hate this company and apparently, I'm not the only one. I can't imagine them having loyal customers continuing to maintain their business with Conn's Appliance over the next several months and years. Their customers will take a significant decline and so will sales. I've always been proactive in whatever I believe, and I plan to stay outside with banners, telling the public about Conn's mission to "Conn" people. I've truly never been so disappointed in a company in a long time. I thought wireless companies were bad but Conn's takes the cake by a mile. I have several friends that have accounts with Conn's. At least six of them have told me they will not renew a contract with Conn's; six is a small number to start but trust me, this is just a start.

  • El
    ELISA NIETO Sep 30, 2008


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false advertisement

On August 8 @ 9am I called Conn's Department store and talked to Conswelo and asked about the Roper 25cu ft refrigerator that is advertised on their website for 597.00 and he informed me that they several of the refrigerators in stock. When I arrived to the store, the salesman that I spoke to could not be found and the manager stated that he should have not told me that, that they only had one and someone, JUST came in and bought it. He did not offer to call other stores for the product or any thing. I went home an called other locations that stated they had the refrigerator and when they, so called looked, they did not have them either. I believe that this is a sign of FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. I burned out too much gas getting to the store to purchase something that did not exist. They had no customer statisfaction resolution for me. I will never spend A dollar in this place and will tell all my friends and neighbors concerning this matter.

  • Di
    Disappointed1stCustomer Feb 01, 2015

    I had the same scenario but with buying a tv. I wanted a certain TV because it was a plasma. It also happens to be their lowest price tv. There are excellent reviews for this actual product. THEY DID NOT HAVE THIS IN STOCK NOR DID THEY EVER INTEND TO RESTOCK THIS ITEM. I tried to get the next plasma at $700 and of course same scenario. Then they tried to push the latest and greatest, UHD TV on me. Classic bait and switch.

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I have bought a boxspring and ultra plush with warranty for 1878.03 in 01-12-08 and have been trying for 4...

service failure

I have a an air conditioner/ heater window unit for my appartment that the air mover motor failed two year...

restocking fee

I pick up a new computer from Conns for about $900.00. When I tried using it most of the software that came...

100% customer satisfaction, not!

Purchased a brand new dryer with cash 3 months ago, Brand name 'Roper', I guess Whirlpool...

television not working

I brought a 50 inch RCA television from Conn's back in Feb. 07. After having the TV for about 5months I...

bad customer service and technician

This company's part and service department has the worst customer service i have ever seen in my life. I...


Well folks there are things you should know about us sales people
at Conn’s we only get pay by commission so that means to you
That if we don't sale you something with a warranty we don't make any money so we will shove it if we can; nobody likes to work for free,
So don't be surprise, and by the way some items have more profit for us so we will try to sale you what puts more money in our pockets, not what you want.
In reality the system it’s all screwed up. Our computer system is so old
That often things get lost and they will make you call more than 20 numbers before you get any answer; don’t blame us for that ok.
Do you want to know a little secret?
every month we have a company meeting where we talk about how to make more money off of you, At Conn’s either you make money reaping people or you quit so there you have it, now, I think I will be able to sleep tonight, and don't forget to stop by your local friendly Conn’s store. Yes am the guy in the red jacket

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