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Yahoo / MSN Lottery / please stop the fraud

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Baley house, har road
Sutton, greater london
Sm1 4te united kingdom
This is to inform you that you have won a bonaza prize ofmoney
(£500, 000) five hundred thousand great britain pounds sterlings for the month
of august 2007 lottery promotion which is organized by yahoo/msn lottery
inc & windows live. yahoo&msn microsoft windows, collects all the
email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions
that subscribed to yahoo and hotmail we only select five people every
month as our winnersthrough electronic balloting system without the winner
applying, we congratulate you for being one of the people selected.

These are your identification numbers:

Batch number... ym 09102xn
Reff number... ym35447xn
Winning number... ym09788

These numbers fall within your location file, you are requested to
Contact events agent manager, send your winning identification numbers
To them at this contact address below.
(contact events manager)
Name:mr. mark barry

Mrs, j. benson
Dr. sa mual bent
(public relations officer. british embassy) (lottery

Yahoo/msn lottery results
Yahoo/msn lottery is a free service that does not require you to
register or be a yahoo registered user, before winning. note you do not have
to buy a ticket to qualify you for this promotion.

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  • Sa
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    Sep/25 I bought a car with warranty that is bumper to bumper till 2012, 75kmiles
    Sep/28 I went to BMW service center to check up my car. the BMW dealer said the car warranty was expired last year! so he called the century motors dealership which place i bought car they said the car has warranty of mercury insurance. when i bought that they said it has BMW bumper to bumper warranty they said I do not have to worry about the car problems till 2012 75kmiles. the BMW service center care about all part of car and i asked them warranty book they said the car has vin number, , , so It does not need that just take a car to BMW service center... ...
    i went to back century motors dealer ship they said the car x owner who is woman has warranty they said they called her then they are waiting for her documents for transfer warranty from her name to my name. they said "it takes a long time when the fax came. i will give you call" they've never call me back even though I called them over 40times….i call them Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, Friday they said " we are still wating for her document. sometimes ignored phone and hang off!!
    Oct/2nd I went to dealership again they said the ex car owner is out of town they could not contact to her, now 21century we can connect to everywhere that was stupid lie I complained that but i could not that too much because i have broken English and i do not know a US law
    while i was staying there the dealership, the owner who name is jack came the office
    he said just contacted her she is coming this Monday. he gave me a little prospect i had no choice i came back home and i've wated their call
    they did not call me! so i called them monday thru Friday they said she is not in town they can not do anything for me and ignored phone and hang off again and Javier who is manager he said "i gave you car with good price. So, u should care about your car by yourself. i bought car with warranty!!how did he say that!!
    Oct/9 i went to dealership again. when I got there the owner suddenly went to out!! i thought if i stayed there he will not be back so I got out of there and then 1 and half hour later i went to back again
    when i got there some customers in the office...
    owner is opening door for me kindly and he said she is finally in town
    she is coming the dealership one hour later, , , , , , ,
    he knew i complained about the car in front of customers
    so tried to stop it
    i had been waiting for her for 3hours
    actually jack left there after customers left

    i asked Javier
    ‘where is jack?’
    they said he is home
    I try to get his phone number
    they did not give to me and they said they could not also contact him when he is in home
    always lie lie

    now my car has steering wheel, break and many electronic system error and so on mechanic said I should fix the car as soon as possible

    that's why I really need a warranty!!

    they changed advertisement now they said this car warranty available
    actually it was this BMW has extended warranty till 2012 75k
    ( It printed out before advertisement and after one)
    I have a evidence and witness

    I visited at century motors Sep/25, 28 Oct/2, 9, 16
    Because they ignored my phone and just hang off

    Lie list
    1. It has BMW factory bumper to bumper warranty (Witness BMW dealer Dave Gilbert who is working for Fields BMW Winter Park(407-628-2100)he told me my car does not have warranty.
    And he called century motors instead of me

    They knew it does not have warranty – they have another company receipt to fix car it means tried to lie
    (I have this receipt)

    2. It has Warranty of Mercury Insurance company
    My friend Ken called Mercury insurance to check. the car does not have warranty
    3. They ignored phone and hang off ( I can prove how many time I called them)
    4. Javier said take care about car by myself (give me mechanic business card) it mean they do not care about my car//they know it does not have warranty

    5. They changed advertise it has extended warranty to it has warranty available
    6. I asked warranty book they said it does not need to fix the car
    The car has vin number so if car has a problem just take a car to service center actually when I contracted them they said give me warranty book and other documents after contract done
    They did not give me warranty paper

    7.Owner said the car ex owner is coming 1hour later
    And then he left office
    20minutes later. Javier told me
    She is not going to come to office
    He said she usually lie so do not wait!
    I think he knew the owner lied to me

    I came to office again according to the Javier..
    The owner does not want to give me warranty even though I bought car with warranty……(recorded)
    And they said get the ### out of here, push me out

    Also they have not given to me car title….
    I do not know what they are trying to do to me
    I am an international student so my English is not good!!
    Please help me

    - Oct/ 20
    They said they moved to Daytona FL 3days ago. So if I visit there, they can not do anything for me
    I checked the place twice after they said that, ,
    But they still use a Century motors business card and advertise on their century motors website

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