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We have a top of the line Whirlpool 4 door refrigerator. It is just over 3 years old. It broke approximately 6 months ago and fortunately had purchased an extended warranty. But, we found out the Whirlpool no longer actually owns the extended warranty, but that it is a private company that provides the warranty service. Long story short - it took almost 6 weeks for the appliance to be repairs - having the compressor replaced and the evaporator.
Today, the freezer section has just failed. All the food is unfrozen and once again the refrigerator is failed.
Hard to believe this is the top of the line product of Whirlpool. If there was ever a "lemon" this is it.
Contact the warranty service and same as before - they took our information - told us they should be contacting us in 2 business days . We expect another month at best before the refrigerator is fixed once again. If only we could send it back.

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response, Mar 16, 2017

    Rick, we're very sorry to hear this! Since you're currently under an extended warranty you are contracted with that provider instead of Whirlpool Corporation (the manufacturer). If you would like, you are welcome to provide us the name of your extended warranty company, address, model/serial number, the name of the site you were contacted on (Complaintsboard), your user ID name (rick verlinda), along with your phone number and we will pass your information along to them on your behalf. Please email your information to us at [protected]

Mar 15, 2017

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