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Complaints & Reviews

potential safety hazard to whirlpool microwave

My husband purchased the house which included the Whirlpool Microwave Hood, model # MH8150XMQ - 0. Recently the door has formed cracks that go all the way through the other side, and cracks are also on the plastic grill above the door. I contacted Whirlpool Customer Service, and after explaining the situation to the representative "Jane", I was told "The warranty is expired. There's nothing I can do for you. You can purchase parts, or buy a new one." I am a concerned consumer as there have been recalls on a very similar model to this one because of fire hazards. If there is serious cracking on the outside of this product, I am concerned about the cracking on the inside and what safety hazards this poses. I am passing all this info to other stores who sell Whirlpool microwaves so this problem can be addressed before someone seriously gets harmed. I have also contacted the Whirlpool corporate headquarters via e-mail to address this problem. I have yet to hear from them.

  • Ma
    Margaret Stringer Mar 17, 2008

    We bought a microwave hood ($680) from whirlpool in 2004. Everything was just peachy until January 2008, when the microwave started arcing inside, emitting smell of burning plastic - and it quit. We called whirlpool "customer experience" and got scheduled for in-home service ($65) with A&E. Tech showed up on Feb.29, 2008. Took the oven apart and stated that there is damage to the chassis due to electrical arcing. The chassis is the one part that renders the whole thing unrepairable. He said he would contact the whirlpool, and in 3 days they were to contact us. We waited 3 days - nothing. After about 10 days I called the "customer experience" and after some time on the phone was told that the responsible department was e-mailed and they were to contact us in 24 to 48 hours. Two weeks have passed - nothing. Today I called whirlpool "customer experience" again, and after some time wasted on the phone was told by the operator that "there is nothing that whirlpool can do about it, because although warranty still covers the magnetron, which is OK, it doesn't cover the chassis any longer. Since the warranty expired, there is nothing the whirlpool can do."

    Beware of whirlpool, beware of the customer experience. From our experience it is VERY BAD. They offer cheaply made chinese products at high prices, and when the appliance fails, it is NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

    Beware of whirlpool bad customer service. They are polite to your face, but since you can't see them, they put you on hold and I bet they laugh their ### off enjoying your loss.

    DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES. If you do so, you'll be sorry.

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  • Ro
    ronald long Apr 05, 2008

    I had the bulb on the underside of my whirlpool microwave blow out and when it did it blew something on the circuit board and the whole unit has no power. It is a poor design because there is nothing between the bulb and the circuit board. A small cheap fuse would have saved a 250.00 unit. I called customer service and got the same polite "sorry not our problem" your warranty is over the year mark. I say it is a fundamental design flaw and theyshould take responsibilty for the problem. In addition, if you stick your face way under the unit you can read a warning that changing a bulb without the power off will blow the circuit board. How many normal people would A: get under the unit and read that B: have any thought at all that changing a bulb would ruin an entire unit. My bulb blew on its own and it wiped out the circuit board, really stupid design. want anyone that had a similar experience to email me at [email protected] thank you Ron Long

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  • Ja
    Jan Thurmond Jul 23, 2008

    I too purchased a Whirlpool over the cooktop microwave in June 2006. Right at Christmas 20067 it stopped working. After a long and frustrating ordeal with service Whirlpool finally found all the parts and practically re-built the microwave. I asked for 3 months more warranty which they gave me. Sure enough, after that expired in April 2008, it has quit again. Actually sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I wrote Whirlpool and the only thing they offered me was 10%!!! off another new one. Bad customer service!! I love this microwave but I went out and bought an LG. Of all the appliances I've had over the years, GE is still the best. Never use whirlpool again and I always thought their products were so good. I have a washer and dryer but will not replace them with the same because of my problems with this microwave. Whirlpool lost me as a customer!

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  • Jm
    jm2 Oct 18, 2009

    How is it bad customer service when a company honors the warranty?

    When something is out of warranty - you expect a brand new one?

    You agreed to the terms of the warranty when you bought the appliance
    If you don't like that the warranty ended - you should have bought an extended warranty or tried to find an appliance with a lifetime unlimited warranty. Good luck finding one of those...

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  • Bu
    burnedinNH Jul 27, 2011

    The beat goes on with Whirlpool OTR microwaves. We bought a new house with model # MH1170XSS-1 and after 2.5 years it started burning. Had I not been standing right there, we could have had a serious fire. The power transformer was charred, the unit was a total loss, and Whirlpool safety "was sorry" and offered us a 15% discount on a new unit. Peanuts compared to the service call charge and the cost of the unit itself. Stay away from Whirlpool mircowaves.

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poor quality product!

I bought a front loading washing machine from Whirlpool in 2004. Since then it never worked fine and the service engineer visited us for more than 20 times. The machine has never given a feeling of owning a good quality and problem free product. I would never recommend anyone to buy it ever. I will also take my complaint to consumer forum to get some relief.

  • Su
    suresh.a.s Jul 02, 2007

    My whirlpool washing machine (model - Combimatid) do not work due to the defective IC. I do not get service from the Company's Service Centers. They demand Rs. 3000 for the replacement of the board. Please let me know that replacement is the only solution?

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  • Sh
    Shilpa kumar Sep 11, 2007


    I bought FP 65 in April 25 2007 its not working properly due to some spinning problem. I have made complaint twice but still i am getting same problem.

    Shilpa Kumar

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  • Aa
    A. Arunjunai Alli Oct 17, 2007

    I have bought fp65 model washing machine in the year 2005
    till now there was not any problem but now the water was not draining out, then I called the service man but he says that there was a leakage in the drum so I have to replace the part for
    Rs 3000 I want to know why there was a leakage in the drum because i am using the machine cleaning powder every month and pure water for the machine. This is the life of your machine. the service man says it might be because of water and overload
    I want to know is the correct solution for this. Send me the reply soon as possible.

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  • Su
    Subhash Rajoria Nov 12, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    We have purchased two - three year back the washing machine Model White Magic Fully Automatic now we are facing the after sales services problem in this area. We have logged the complaint with the Kangra dealer on dated 28 September 2008 but till date they could not provide the solution because they have not the technicaly qualified staff, only they send the boy who just open the machine and re-assemble. One time the boy told us the Belt of the machine is required for the smooth working of the machine and that is not in our stock, however we arranged the same belt from Chandigarh for the replacement and at the time of replacement the boy told for another parts and could not rectify the problem. Ultimately we compel to decide for the replacement of this machine with other company Machine, so before we finalise this decision we take one chance to logge our complaint with customer care and telephonic contacted on Sunday dated 09.11.2008 7 PM and the attended person assured to attend the complaint 10.11.2008 after 2PM, but till date 11.11.2008 no person has attended the complaint. Today dated 11.11.2008 again I contacted and talked with Mr. Amit and he also assured The Sr. Service Engineer will attend the complaint on tomorrow dated 12.11.2008, but sorry to inform till time no person has been deputed for the rectification of the machine and again today call to customer care and talked with Mr. Divesh and he also assured to attend the complaint on or before 2PM tomorow dated 13.11.2008. Till one hope is there, so we are once again requesting to attend the complaint and rectify the problem and put the machine in working condition. Please treat it as most urgent.

    Thanks with Regards
    Subhash Rajoria
    Village & Post Office Rajol,
    Tehsil Sahapur, District Kanga,
    Himachal Pradesh.
    01892-271037, 09216614693

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bad quality of product!

This company called a & e factory repair, which is hired by lowe's to repair appliances they sell, is totally inept, and unable to service the smallest of appliances. I purchased a whirlpool chest freezer in june 2007 from lowe's. The freezer quit working in january 2008. Lowe's informed a & e factory repair, they sent a technician to repair the freezer. He came to my house, looked at the freezer and said he needed to order parts. Another week later parts arrived and a time later the technician returns, replaces the parts and informs me that the freezer is unrepairable and would have to be replaced. This visit cost whirlpool $351.03. I purchased the freezer new from lowe's for $230.00. How does whirlpool stay in business? I called lowe's customer care line. They informed me that the technician had not entered the repair information and I would have to wait for that to happen, or call a& e repair myself. Another week goes by and still the technician has not entered the repair information. I called a & e repair and talked to three customer service rep's, a supervisor and the manager, all they could tell me is that they would have to send another technician out to verify the first technicians finding's and then report the freezer as not repairable. He would have to report the information to them from my house. So here we go again??? To this date I have lost all the meat that was in the freezer, all the time to wait on technicians, and time on the telephone, all for a chest freezer from lowe's. I would not buy any appliances from lowe's or have any dealings with a &r factory repair. What waste of time.

hasn't worked since I bought it 10 weeks ago!

9 Nov 07 I bought this washer. Didn't work. Called company and told to call for repair. Called repair daily for 4 weeks without a return call to set up appointment. Finally got a replacement washer. Didn't work (suspect replacement was another returned model, or floor model). Called for service. Wait 3 weeks. Repair (A&E) shows up 4 hours late, makes me take dryer off of washer, looks inside and says a part must be ordered. Says that in order for repairman to access I must take dryer off of washer again. I put dryer back onto washer. Wait 3 weeks. Call both Whirlpool and Appliance Land, explain I am not happy now taking 4 days off of work and still no washer. Told to wait and see what happens when repairman returns. Again take dryer off washer last night. Repairman arrives this morning, says washer should have been taken out of closet. This is too heavy for me (109 pound female) to lift. Call to Whirlpool and customer service rep Karen #8494 says it is acceptable for a customer to take 50 (!) days off of work, it is not Whirlpool's responsibility to make a washer that works when it comes out of the box. Since the part that was ordered was just a guess by the previous repairman (he did nothing other than come out, make me remove 88 pound dryer and then say he needed to order a part, he wasn't sure if it was the one that he was ordering but he'd "start" with that one...) I expect I will need to take off another 6 or seven days (losing 2 weeks of vacation time just to get repairs on this brand new washer) and pay movers to come pull washer out and put it back. DON"T BUT THIS PRODUCT!!!

exorbitant rates for spares &services

I purchased a "Whirlpool"make "White Magic-Aquashower F45" model washing machine in 2001. Last week when the machine was started for washing operation after programming, water was turned automatically; but instead of being stored to the required level for washing it was drained as it gets into the tub. Hence washing operation was abandoned.However "spin" operation when selected is done without any problem.
When the local service provider was contacted, he said the entire control board has to be replaced and it would cost me Rs.3300/-inclusive of cost of board and service charges.
I am of the opinion that either the pressure switch or solenoid valve of water inlet might have failed & the entire control board need not be replaced. This requires proper analysis by the co.

  • Ra
    raghu Mar 01, 2008


    Please find the purchased details of refrigerator.

    #108, 30th cross, 8th “B” Main.
    4th block. Jayanagar.
    Lanline: 41301932.
    Bill No: 112726
    Date of purchase: 07-02-08
    Paid Amount: Rs: 15200.00 including tax.
    Refrigerator stand: without bill Rs: 300.00
    Total Paid amount: Rs: 15,500.00
    Product code: 10017df26dx.
    Model no: 10880.
    S/N: INA08080801414.

    I would like to bring for you notice again & again for the replacement refrigerator sent with some different types of problem or in damage condition. This is third time I got replacement for new refrigerator with in one month. This time sent without top handle grip. There is no quality assurance for the customer satisfaction. I never expected whirlpool sent with damaged in second quality of refrigerator to the customer.

    Delivery boy will throw the refrigerator & finish there work. My brother is requested to the delivery boy to fix the refrigerator stand & they won’t fix the refrigerator stand & so, delivery said it is not matching for this model. They said we won’t take care about the stand problem & taken back old refrigerator with out quality checking. Is there any marketing gemix for the customers?

    I want know how the dealers supplied wrong models stand to the customer?

    Please ensure that to whom I have to blame?

    1) I have to blame whirlpool?
    2) I have to blame dealer?
    3) Whirlpool technician?
    4) Whirlpool management?
    5) Whirlpool model problem?

    Kindly, reply the value of response & satisfaction to the customer & please ensure the quality of service.

    If, not possible take care about this issue, I will make sure to whirlpool bring them issue to consumer court.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raghavendra Muthigi.
    HP: 0091-9741688688.

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  • Sa
    SASIMALA.D Aug 14, 2010

    My name is SASIMALA, I bought a whirlpool fully automatic Top load washing machine . It gave me lot of problems from the start, Recently i had to change for the fault in motherboard for an exorbiant price of Rs 4000 witrh an IC of Rs340., never before i had seen a such a price for the electronic board.. and more over the customer care center response is very unfortunate .They give wrong services and untruely promotions . With my CR no:00412360101, I booked, i got false promises from the customer care center and wrong directions from the agent here and moreover the They hung up my phone due to lack of co-ordination between the customer support excecutives and their lack of exposure is seen here...

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very poor after sales services and no customer respect

I purchased a refrigerator i. e. whirlpool ref 310 l deluxe iceberg steel, model no. ina [protected] from kbm electronics, lakshmi nagar dated 20th october 2006. the refrigerator was defective in terms of cooling capacity and despite keeping it on full scale it does not cool items. we realized it very late as the fridge was bought in winters and we were unaware of the defect as not much cooling is required in winters.

But as summers started, items in this refrigerator started decaying and till date it is totally ineffective in terms of cooling. I lodged several complains to the whirlpool consumer service center (consumer service h. o., 28, n. i. t. faridabad, haryana) but every time the support engineer comes and promises that they have fixed the problem. but the problem is still there and on top of that defrost water has started leaking out of the refrigerator. the forms filled by the service engineers do not provide enough details of the problem and the fix made.

We have been chasing whirlpool consumer service for so many months and did not get any relief. sometimes we lodged complain and the engineer did not turn up for 2-3 weeks in spite of reminding the center several times. they do not have a very good complain resolution process and the engineers misguide the consumer and get away without any solution to the problem.

Finally I lodged a consumer complain in the dist court but the response from whirlpool india is shocking. they have no respect for consumer and used lawyer to twist facts and used false claims to make the case in their favour. I will fight this case to the highest authority and make them realise that they need to offer the same services to indians as what they provide in western countries.

So far I it has been 13 months and I have not used my refrigerator after paying them rs 19, 500 (500usd). I do not know how long the wait is. my recommendation is that although whirlpool is a good brand but their after sales is lowest grade. never go for whirlpool.

  • As
    ashu arora Sep 04, 2009

    It is pity that Whirlpool, a world known company, is offering their products in India with faulty system. I bought Double Door fridge in July, 2008 and since then no one from the company/Service center has bothered to visit to check this machine. Unfortunately it stopped cooling and i lodged the complaint under no.DL0909002665. Visiting charges of Rs.394 should not be charged/applicable as it is not customer's fault.It is company's fault for offering the faulty system. If the machine is stopped working almost after a year it means that the products are of not good quality. It means their product reliability is very poor. I will sorry to say that the customers in India are cheated by offering faulty system which starts giving problem just after one year. Please look into the matter so that others should not suffer like me. It is really a very humiliating experience by buying such a branded product from one of the leading companies in this field.

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microwave malfunction!

I've taken a Whirlpool Microwave in Oct 2005. After the warranty period I had done AMC as persuaded by the company representative. Since then I had problem twice and the 1st complain took 2 months to get rectified... the service staff says "there is shortage of spares". Now again it is out of order and complain has been made, but again there is no spare parts. I really do not know how long it will take time. Microwave is a necessity in todays

terrible service!

Original Service Call: 10/13/07 (F70 error code and would not work). The Service Tech thought he was there to fix a washer and said he never had to work on a Duet dryer. He performed no diagnostics, but decided to replace one of the circuit boards to see if that would fix it. The part arrived in 6-10 days as expected, so I scheduled another service call. The same Tech came out and did not know how to open the dryer, so he pried off the front facia ring improperly and broke all of the clips. He ordered the broken part and asked if I could install it myself when it arrived in another 6-10 days. I said "sure".

Days later, I received a strange URGENT call from a different Tech who needed to know when he was at my house, because the service order did not have the right details and he did not remember being at my house. I told him it was another Tech who was at my house. That raised my concern about the part order, so I called A&E. They had no clue about what was going on with the other Tech. Even though they assured me the part was ordered, it did not arrive within 6-10 days as expected. On calling them again, A&E stated they did not see the part order and they resubmitted the order.

The part arrived some time in November, but it was the wrong color. Called A&E who again said they ordered the new part, and stated to me on the phone that it would be sent right away and the service Tech would be out to pick up the wrong part. I asked the rep to add several comments to my file about the problems I have had with their service, and she guaranteed someone would call within 24 hours to discuss. I asked her to add 5 bullet points about all of the problems I had with their service, and she stated the comments were entered in my service record. I never received a call.

When the Tech arrived a week later, he took the wrong part and ordered the correct part while in my driveway, because he said the order was on hold until he picked up the wrong part that was previously sent. Remember that the Service Rep told me the part was to be sent right away, not after the Tech picked up the wrong part. The replacement part was not sent until late December, and it was the wrong color again.

12/29: Dryer issuing F70 code and not working again. After scheduling service through the Whirlpool web site, I called A&E (Stephanie) who said a Tech would have to come out to order the part, since A&E customer service reps do not know part numbers. I told her a service call is scheduled for 1/3, so that Tech could order the part. I also complained (very nicely without yelling or being demeaning) that this was the worst service I have ever received from a company, and that I needed to discuss with a supervisor. She said one would call within 24 hours. I told her that was the same response I got last time, and that nobody ever called. She said that was because a message was not sent by the prior rep. I asked about the multiple lines of comments that should be in my record, but she said there were no comments in my record. Someone either deleted or never entered the comments they guaranteed were in my record. Stephanie said nothing; no apology, no explanation, no concern whatsoever. I called back to cancel my service appointment with A&E to try a different service company. The Service rep said a Tech would need to come out to verify the model number. I told her they obviously had the right model number, because they sent the right part, only in the wrong color. She said a supervisor would need to call me back to figure out how to handle. I told her this was the worst service I ever received from a company and that I am filing complaints with A&E and Whirlpool (I've only filed one other written complaint in my life of 45 years). I called Whirpool's parts department myself, who then called A&E to work through the issue. The Whirlpool rep stated it was resolved and that Whirlpool is sending the part directly. Why wouldn't A&E take the same 10 minutes to do what I did? Because they do not care one iota about "customer service", and they make that very obvious.

  • Il
    iluvelectro Dec 22, 2008

    They are horrible. I am so mad I can't even get into it or my head will explode. I will never use them ever.

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  • Ka
    kawa Jul 30, 2013

    A&E !!! is very really very bad attitude and customer service! I have never had anything like that. Walking in his dirty shoes on my silk antique carpet!
    It is too long to explain all situation, but if you are going to use they serves, my advice to all of you, please think not two but three times, or just look up and find some other company. I will never ever use them again!

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whirlpool refrigerator!

Refrigerator makes loud noise and doors are rusting from inside to surface. Terrible quality product! Stay away!

  • Kd
    KDiskin Dec 20, 2007

    Have a kitchen aide fridge Model # KSS042QMB01--
    Motor, and two compressors Gone! Problem has occured twice in less thatn 6 months! Product was purchased in 2005. Service is awful, have the Extended Warranty! Kitchen Aide is useless--customer service very poor! Lost $1,000 +in food. Kitchen Aide does nothing to support the consumer-DO NOT BUY!

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poor quality!

When we moved into our home we purchased new appliances for our kitchen-all Whirlpool Gold. I had a service call within the first three months for the electric stove saying it didn't heat properly. Two technicians were sent to our home and told me it showed the proper heat level. I stood my ground saying it may be working ok right now, but it doesn't always hold it's temperature.

I have lived with this problem since then and now the control panel has gone and the quote was $496.00 to repair the over that hasn't worked properly from day one. I'd rather buy a new one than throw more money at this model.

oven wall

I bought a new Khov house last year. Before my warranty expired Oct 30/07, I called Whirpool to get service for my wall ovens, that I couldn't use them because there was a "beep" all the time. The technician came on Oct 25/07, he pushed some buttons, and then he told me that everything was ok, but it wasn't. (Please keep in mind, that before he left he wrote in a piece of paper an 800 number, for me to call and to buy the extended warranty, in case I wll need it in the future). A few minutes after he left, that "beep" started again. I called him right away at his cell phone, and I let him know that nothing was fixed. He told that now he had to order a part and that he will call me back. Today
is Dec.11/07, and since I haven't go any call from them, I decided to call Whirpool. They sent me again to the same technician, and what he answered was: Oh, I called you but you didn't answer the phone. (He never did it)so, now you have to pay for everything. So that was the purpose of the 800 number. He never finish his job, AND NOW THEY WANT TO RENDER THAT SERVICE, BUT NOT UNDER THE SAME ORDER I MADE BEFORE THE EXPIRATION OF THE WARRANTY! They waited, that way they can ask for payment! PLUS, then I called Whirpool to report this, and the man at the customer service wasn't at all kind ... he was instead: arrogant and unrespectful! I would NEVER recommend that brand again!!!

worst ever after sales service

I am one of your loyal customer with a range of whirl pool appliances at my office and home. Never earlier I have faced such a problem with the company and service. This time its worst then a nightmare.
I have purchased Whirlpool double door 340litres.refriferator Since day one we have been complaining to the dealer M/s Pravin agency- Pune regarding a) Bubble in the body of refrigerator b) Linear crack causing ducting problem c) Egg tray and onion & Lemon box not supplied . Service centre too was informed regarding the same. Service request Nos : PN0707001126 Dt : 04/07/2007 , PN1107009832 Dt 27/11/2007 ( available with us ) Mr Ramaswamy, Mr Apurva from Pune office were also informed regarding the same. Its been months together and no one at your end is bothered to rectify the problem.
Will anything be done regarding the same on priority basis.
With a hope of same good old support system
I remain
Adv. Amitabh Mehata

I am one of loyal customers of whirlpool with a range of whirl pool appliances at my office and home. Never earlier I have faced such a problem with the company regarding after sales service. This time its worst then a nightmare.
I have purchased Whirlpool double door 340litres iceberg.refriferator Model : 10198 DLX. Since day one we have been complaining to the dealer M/s Pravin agency- Hadapsar Pune Maharashtra India regarding a) Bubble in the body of refrigerator b) Linear crack causing ducting problem c) Egg tray and onion & Lemon box not supplied .
Service centre too was informed regarding the same. Service request Nos : PN0707001126 Dt : 04/07/2007 , PN1107009832 Dt 27/11/2007 ( available with us ) Mr Ramaswamy, Mr Apurva – officials from pune office were also informed regarding the same . Its been months together and no one at whirlpool is bothered to rectify the problem.
Will anything be done regarding the same on priority basis.
With a hope of same good old support system
I remain
Adv. Amitabh Mehata

  • Ma
    Manoranjan kumar sinha Sep 03, 2007

    The whirlpool company i think is a cheater company which cheats its customers through so called whirlpool magic.They are the worst when it comes to service.They are only into getting visiting fees for engineers and leaving the customers to fend for themselves as they never rectify the problem.I had a small problem of my whirlpool 215 elite model door hinge broken. i complaint to 27 aug 2007 on whirlpool call center giving specifics of my door problem. when their engineer came he said that he was just told that there was some problem in refrigerator and he had come to know what was the problem and then demanded the visiting fees. when told why not i give it after it is made , he said then wait till it is made .you can never get it in the market.he used in most abusive language.when contacted to his service center they again told lies.that it be made but till date no one has informed that when it is going to be made or when the engineer visit. the worst refrigerator of the world is Whirlpool.

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  • Ma
    Maud Hallin Dec 11, 2007

    I thought it was only in the US or rather California that the service STInks. Turns out you have the same thing in India. After the experience with Whirlpool's service, and learning that the same repair company handles most American branded products, well I am going to buy Japanese or European goods from now on.

    If it were not for this stuff being under warranty...

    Anyhow, looking forward to being in Delhi next year for a couple of weeks.

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  • Ha
    hasmukh panchal Dec 24, 2007

    I purchase refrigeretor before 3 years now its paint are removing , company"s inspetor came & see not responce or answer not proper way & he told me you fight with company. Ss per my best of knowlege company has no skilled worker & no inspection. Bad goods are dum to public & purchaser get into trouble. I seen your complaint board site, so i wrote hear. I AM GIVING ADVICE TO ALL PURCHASER COME & MAKE UNITY AGAINST COMPLANIT IN NEWSPAPER.

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  • Bi
    Birendra Sinha Jul 17, 2008

    My Whirpool washing machine is not functioning correctly. I called up 020-60008558 and service centre almost 10 times in last 2 months but it is not corrected yet. Once a junior engineer (with not having enough skills, as he was taking consultancy on phone with somebody else) came to my house but could not solve the problem.

    Few request number are as follows:
    Req# 3549 in June
    Req# 6037 on 4th July.
    I would really request everybody not to purchase any whirpool product.

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  • Sa
    sam Mar 31, 2009

    whirlpool has worst after sales service.

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non receipt of gifts

I have purchased washing machine H70 of Whirlpool India ltd. from their online shopping store "Online deals.com". As per the advertisement given on the online deals it was assured that the customers purchasing washing machine through online deals will be in given free gifts worth 1495 of Trendz dinner set and a scratch card including the bumper prize. I purchased the said washing machine and it was delivered to me on 22nd of October 2007 but without any gifts. After some days I approached the online deals through their telephone no as given by them and as well via E-mail . Firstly they did not respond to my calls and finally the no. was kept engaged. After further pursuation and lodging a complaint in the complaint box of the Whirlpool , an email was received by my wherein I was assured that the gifts will be delivered to me within 3-5 days. Besides the customer executive also talked on phone with me as well as with my wife, assuring that the gifts will be delivered. After some time, a letter along with a scratch card was sent to me wherein they intimated that all other gifts will be sent to you within days. But till date more than one and half month has elapsed and nothing of any sort has come from them except that of scratch card. I once again tried to call them on phone, but nobody responded on the phone. This is utter cheating of the customers by luring them to buy online and promising free gifts with the products. I want to bring this fact to the notice of all the people as well as to the concerned authorities in the whirlpool India ltd. so that I am given the due gifts that they promised to give with the products.

Hoping for early response

Rakesh Kaul

  • Pr
    Priyanka Dec 20, 2007

    Even i am facing the same problem i bought a fully automaic washing machine and within a year it went for repair minimum 5 times. Worst product with a quality brand.

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  • Al
    Alka Ranjan Dec 23, 2007

    Even I am fed up of irregular working of my whirlpool fully automatic washing machine, which I was purchase on 26 Nov 2005, but since Oct 2006 the machine is not working properly, almost after every wash it gives error and when I complain, the whirlpool engineer visit us and temporary remove the error but again when I us the machine it not work properly, If machine is working like this in their guaranty period then what will happen in future, no one is taking this matter seriously, Worst wroduct and company.

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  • Vi
    vikram singh Feb 11, 2008

    I purchased Whirlpool washing machine. But I am doing compalin for its water leakage for last 2 week. Nobody is coming to repair it. Incharge of this area used to say Door is locked without visiting home. I am very much frustrated after buying this product.

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  • Sh
    shubhendu Feb 25, 2008

    I have purchased a whirlpool washingmachine on 27/5/2006 having model no. 9855

    SERIAL NO. INB061700087 which have 2 years warrenty period but during this period i have to call the person for repearing the same defect for the seven times.


    4389 18/8/06

    5405 21/9/06

    9260 23/4/07

    1083 3/5/07

    2990 8/9/07

    2524 6/10/07

    9618 22/2/08

    So kindly take ur decision of replacing this piece within one week otherwise we will go to the consumer court...

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scam by a&e!!

Technician#0002295 Is sent to my home via "Whirlpool Co"[protected]), following a report by me that my...

washing machine of no use

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have purchased Whirlpool Model F/A W/M H-65 washing machine in the name of Gnana Guru Raja on 19/10/2006. Serial No. INB063502073, Model No. 7230, date of Mfg. 29 AUG 2006.

For the last 5 months there is serious problem in the machine and 10 times we had informed to the customer care no. [protected] and they have sent a technical person MR. Parmesh.

But the problems still not been rectified and the machine is not been used for the last 25 days.

The actual problem is under the machine there is a water leakage, the dryer is not working properly and there is a big noice when the machine is started washing.

We would like to bring to your notice that this is a very serious problem, either the problem has to be rectified permanently or the unit has to be replaced for new.

We were trying to reach the managers Mr. Jeyaraj and Mr. Lakshmanan - Bangalore,
but they are not at all anserwing the call, its always ringing.

I request you to kindly take action against the poor response and find a solution otherwise we also don't have a choice.

If there is no response from your end then we don't have a choice i will have to take a legal action nor go to the media.

Please understand the seriousnous and do the needful as early as possible.


Arjunan - [protected]

faulty washing machine!

We purchased a Whirlpool washing machine from Curry's with a warranty in case of faults within one year...

[Resolved] fridge door broken

We bought whirlpool 310 double door refrigerator in Jan 2007 and after buying it we observed that the fridge is not working. After some persuasion the technician came and said that there is no gas and it has to be refilled. I don't know how come the new fridge had this problem.

Recently (in november) one day my wife opened the fridge door (the main compartment door) and surprisingly the entire door came out. The hinges on which it was moving broke. I was shocked to see this as this is the first time i saw this kind of problem.

Now i want to get my fridge replaced but nobody is listening. i think the product is not up to the mark.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Whirlpool's response · Aug 19, 2013

    Hello Dheeraj. My name is Melanie and I am a representative with Whrilpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your refrigerator. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (ComplaintsBoard), your user ID name (dheeraj goyal), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to [email protected] We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.

  • Ra
    Radhika Vathsan Dec 24, 2007

    I have an identical problem! I was surprised such things happen! I bought the same 310 double door "Ice Magic" model in October 2006. Exactly after the one -year warranty expiration time, it stopped cooling, and some condenser had to be replaced. One month later, I opened the door and it came broken off: the metal hinge rod was broken!! After complaining repeatedly for oneweek the service mancame and replaced the hinge and we will wait for the next thing to go wrong in a month's time!!

    This product is definitely of very poor manufacturing quality!

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  • De
    deepika Feb 02, 2008

    Hi ,

    I am Deepika and i am having problem in my refregirator , the bottom beeding is gone and the color is Blue and it is 260 Lt please help me on this


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  • Sa
    samir k chakravorty Jan 29, 2009

    Regional Manager - Sales,
    Whirlpool of India Limited,

    Sub: Replacement of Broken Freezer Base – Iceberg Elite, (Purchase date 15 / 05 / 08)
    Ref: Complaints LK/C/05-08/19504 and LK 0109000962, dated 05 / 01 / 09

    D’ Sir,
    I wish to bring to your notice that:

    • Ice – scaling was observed at the freezer compartment floor corrugations last summer- AUG’ 2008 and reported to customer care.
    • Due to condensation, the coil behind becomes thickly frosted. It is presumed, during power failures, on melting, WATER, trickles from behind the back panel at the floor and settles of the corrugation channels of the freezer. This, freezes soon on resumption of power and operation of the fridge.
    • The service engineer upon examination had opened the back panel and comprehensively TAPED the base; behind the face-panel- Aug /Sep ’08 – This did not solve the problem.

    • However, this time exess cooling and broken freezer base has been reported, without a second look behind the panel. The engineer recollected the features of the problem and made a few verbal queries assuring us that the replacement of the broken part shall soon be made.

    I wonder why taping was resorted to as a makeshift / temporary service delivery at the first instance. Whirlpool definitely would not recommend clumsy service delivery to superficially pacify unknowledgeable consumers.

    • Several reminders have been made during the past month to your service call center, each time assurance is given that the redressal shall be made within the week / 24 Hrs. – but to no avail.

    I request you to please look into the matter so that whatever is needed to be done is complied soon so that I may have sufficient time to convince myself that the defect is rectified within the one year comprehensive guarantee period. Hope you’ll oblige.

    Thanking you,
    Yours truly,

    Samir Kumar Chakravorty.
    Kanpur – 28th Jan’09.

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  • Gu
    gurunath singrikonda Feb 11, 2011

    whirlpool refrigrator not working

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  • Ni
    Nilesh Gujar Aug 19, 2013

    We bought whirlpool 310 double door refrigerator in 2007, identical problem! my wife opened the fridge door (the main compartment door) and surprisingly the entire door came out. The hinges on which it was moving broke. Its been 20 days and service center does not know, when would be part be made avaliable, not they are ready to fix this...

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no demo, no installation, only assurances

Purchased machine from Digital Shoppie, Habsiguda, Hyderabad on 7th Nov. Assured demo and installation on 9th. No body turned up even after repeated requests to the Dealer and to the Company Service Centre(Nos. [protected] and [protected]). Talked to one Mahesh. Only assurances and no action. We were told not to install our own as that would make us ineligible for warranty benefits. We are trapped. Machine lying packed at our home.

Our Mobile No. is [protected].

cheating of consumers!

I bought a Whirlpool Washing Machine on 17.10.2007 through the company's online deals which promised to give free gifts, if the company's product was brought through online deals. I purchased the washing machine by using my credit card. The product was delivered to me on 22.10.2007 but without any free gifts. I brought this to the notice of the company as well as to the Online deals.com but no response was received from them.Even I called them by phone, but they never cared to give any response. By advertising on the net, they are just cheating the consumers.

  • Ra
    Ramesh Nov 21, 2007

    I think you are a very lucky person because at least you got your machine, but for me it is a nightmare. I had made the payment for the washing machine on 3-11-2007 and I am still waiting for the machine. I hope to be as lucky as you. The days are not far away when this Whirlpool company will be in dumps. I appeal to all to boycott this company's product.

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  • Su
    sudhir sharma Apr 30, 2008

    I bought whirlpool fridge 350 litrs symphony white ch .no. jc4441386 on fifth november 2004. With in one year its module goes defective and was replaced because it was under warranty.Now again the same module got defective. Now i have paid rupees 2503 and it is replased. Since i am an engineer and think the problem is with the poor quality of module and its components. There is no question of voltage fluctions. If we have to replace this module every year and spend so much money on this then i will ask all my friends not to buy this fridge. The service contract is too high.pl comments and look into the matter my mobile no is 9810751841 and permanent custmer identification no is 4783191. Thanks.

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  • Vi
    vipin mishra Nov 11, 2008

    duro max dead

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  • Vi
    vipin mishra Nov 30, 2008

    duro max system is not working last 20 days.
    dealer and salesman no responce.

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  • I had purchased a washing Machine from DASS ELECTRIC TRADING CO(P) LID, vide invoice Number 9998PSC dated 26-10-08.The person who came for installation fund the particular piece was not proper and I complaint with reference to complaint B040148 and B240424 they have replaced the same.But the second one also have some problem .Again i have registered complaint with the number B010524. usually whenever I complain either a ask through phone what is your problem or a sent a non qualified person just for name sake to satisfy the customer. Though I have informer to the Dass Agencies where I had purchased they also say we will inform to the concerned person and give a new registration number. Though I purchased the machine as my wife is not keeping good health. But now this make me and my wife very sick.Please solve this.

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  • Va
    varshaavhad Jul 27, 2009

    iI totally disagree with your view. As I bought from Dass Electric - Pune, my experience was totally delightful !!

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  • Va
    varshaavhad Jul 27, 2009


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  • Ni
    nikunj.sheth Mar 12, 2010


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fridge not working!

I made a very expensive mistake by buying a 400 lit double door refrigerator and from that time it was the end of my "Peace of Mind” which is your punchline!!Since July 2017 when the fridge was bought I have had to call the service centre t least 10 times. in this brief period the compressor has been changed, some other part has been changed twice , I have had to buy an AMC and also buy a stabilizer as I was advised by your technician that Whirlpool refrigerator does not function well without it!! Something unfortunately the salesperson did not inform at the time of selling this terrible product. It is surely the worst piece of machinery ever produced and I assure you it will not help your cause to have expensive film stars do a dance on TV to sell your products when your customers are going to tell as many people they can about how bad this product is. Anyway as on 1st Nov the fridge is not working again and in spite of logging the complaint early in the morning no one has bothered to show up till 3 p.m.I had also requested to speak to a senior person regarding this as I have already spent Rs.10000 on various and each time the fridge stops working I have to throw away all the stuff from the fridge! Can someone tell me who is going to pay? I think I should go to a consumer court.

  • Di
    Dilawar Singh May 04, 2007

    I purchased a fridge on 2 feb. Till date nobody has come for installation. I told them ,the dealer says nobody requires a refrigerator installation. Stay away from Whirlpool!

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  • As
    ASHU GUPTA Sep 11, 2007

    Purchased 340 lit whirlpool refrigerator 18 months back and since the delivery its balance points were not proper and inspite of several reminders and complaints regarding various malfunctioning specially door closing no one to attend the problem. AMC charges extra Rs. 3500/- also paid but no one to attend the problem saying spare is not coming from company.

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  • Ma
    Maud Hallin Dec 11, 2007

    Refrigerator bought at end of June is still on warranty, so I called for assistance. Interior of refer department and frozen section were filled with ice. First technician, who arrived around 7 pm for a 1-5 appointment diagnosed leak in sealer. Silicon caulked. Incorrect diagnosis. Called again, new service set up. Now diagnozed needed new sealer. Sealer ordered by technician. When it arrived I had to set up a third appointment. Now on November 30, when I called to remind the operator who sets up appointments, I was told I was not on the list for that day. New appointment for December 5 for 1-5 o'clock appointment. Received call at 3 pm stating technician would be there within an hour. Nobody had arrived by 7 pm. No more information. New set up for December 11. Call at 10 am. I had been assured because of earlier mess ups that I would be first in the morning, i.e. around 8 am - some of us customers believe we also have a life.

    New Technician arrives at 10.30 and states nothing wrong with sealer. Problem is defrost timer. Luckily he has a timer, and with my help we struggle through the instructions on how to connect replacement timer. He defrosts refrigerator, is courteous and intelligent, and knows his stuff. Not true with previous technician, who clearly needed a lot of training.

    How many hours have I had to wait, call to find out when I would receive service etc. By now about 25 hours of frustration. If this is the way of the future I will not buy any more American labeled appliances for my apartment buildings.

    The scheduling system for this company STINKS.

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  • Gs
    g.srinivasan May 25, 2008


    I had purchased Whirlpool Ice Berg on 15/5/2017.

    Since then due to several problems your co. has changed the fridge 3 times.

    On one side we thank you for 3 replacements but on the other we underwent terrible mental pressure.

    Now even the 3rd. fridge isnt working well, aprox. since last 30 days. The sensor was replaced then within a couple of days we were told that the thermostat needs to be replaced.But as of dt. no action taken.Sir we are LITTERALLY BEGGING to your service people but of no use.

    Whirlpool a co. of high stds. should it's customers be treated like this.

    I would be very happy if you could HELP us in this issue

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  • Sh
    Shobha Muralidharan May 29, 2008

    First and foremost, the call center will action the complaint only after 48 hrs of the same being registered! Inspite of informing them the nature of complaint the service person lands up 72 hrs later with out the spare. The complaint was registered on 10May and till date a simple control nob has not been replaced. The local service manager in Bangalore is not available and the acting mgr has barred all incoming calls! As informed by the service person, models keeping changing every year and we need to keep up with that trend. You mean to say that the spares for a product purchased in 2017 would not be available?

    I am unable to comprehend the companies attitude. Any suggestions?

    Hassled consumer.

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  • Ap
    Applicance Repairs Apr 29, 2009

    The cost for the service was very expensive, the technician was only at my home for 1/2 hour, it was only a clogged water line. No parts were used. Icalled to question the outragous charge and the owner of the company was very rude and would not reduce the charge.
    My advice.. Do not use this service.


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  • St
    Stanly Silveira Sep 30, 2009

    My Whirlpool refrigerator conked off on thursday 24th of September 2017. We made a complaint to the call centre and were assured that an engineer will come home the next day to check the fridge.

    The engineer did come home the next day. He checked the refrigerator and informed us that the compressor is blown and that the fan will need to be replaced and gas refilled.

    We were assured that this will be taken care off on the coming Monday inspite of it being Dasshera. On Monday, no one turned up.

    We informed the call centre and were assured that the complaint will be taken care off on Tuesday. No one turned up on Tuesday too.

    We called the Call centre and asked to speak to the manager. We were informed that it is against company policy to disclose the name of the manager. So we spoke to a supervisor by the name of Dharmesh who very confidently guarnateed, I repeat guarnateed, that the fridge will be repaired on Wednesday.

    We waited till late Wednesday, all the time calling the call centre to inform them that the engineer had not yet called up. Ultimately in desperation I called and asked to speak to Dharmesh. After making me hold the line for 10 minutes he comes online and LIES to me that the engineer is on his way. When we still did not recieve a call till around 7.30 PM I again called the CC and asked for Dharmesh. This time around I was informed that he had left the office.

    I asked to speak to the supervisor on the floor. I was informed that one Naina will be calling me.

    Today is Thursday, I still have a broken fridge with no engineers visit.

    As of today, not a single Whirlpool appliance will ever enter my house for the rest of my life.

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  • Ip
    I.Parvez Oct 19, 2009

    I bought a double door whirlpool refrigerator (ice-magic 310 litres)
    From a dealer in laxmi nagar, new delhi, in january 2017.

    It has a warranty on compressors, which is valid for 05 years.

    This january (2017), the compressor conked off, so they replaced with a new one (but charged me for gas filling & timer & relay)...in march, it again showed faulty functioning...in may whilpool enginners carried on a gas re-filling on my expense, but the fault could still not be completely rectified, as the cooling was not proper...in june they again suggested de-chocking of capillary tubes & a gas re-filling, which was done on my expense...!

    Now in september, the company carried the refrigerator to their workshop, for repeating the de-choking process & gas - refilling + a relay etc replacement (at my cost)...in the workshop they also discovered that the compressor was not fucntioning properly, so again a new compressor was also provided... all this on 22nd. september, 2017.

    ... the funcyioning is still not proper, and now the engineer says that the thermostat will require replacement...!!!

    That is the standard of products being dished out by whirlpool - use for 3-4 years (or till a problem does not crop up, then throw it off... and buy a new one, for sure)

    I. parvez
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    vishal a shah Jul 19, 2010

    My Whirlpool refrigerator conked off on thursday 24th of September 2017. We made a complaint to the call centre and were assured that an engineer will come home the next day to check the fridge.

    The engineer did come home the next day. He checked the refrigerator and informed us that the compressor is blown and that the fan will need to be replaced and gas refilled.

    We were assured that this will be taken care off on the coming Monday inspite of it being Dasshera. On Monday, no one turned up.

    We informed the call centre and were assured that the complaint will be taken care off on Tuesday. No one turned up on Tuesday too.

    We called the Call centre and asked to speak to the manager. We were informed that it is against company policy to disclose the name of the manager. So we spoke to a supervisor by the name of Dharmesh who very confidently guarnateed, I repeat guarnateed, that the fridge will be repaired on Wednesday.

    We waited till late Wednesday, all the time calling the call centre to inform them that the engineer had not yet called up. Ultimately in desperation I called and asked to speak to Dharmesh. After making me hold the line for 10 minutes he comes online and LIES to me that the engineer is on his way. When we still did not recieve a call till around 7.30 PM I again called the CC and asked for Dharmesh. This time around I was informed that he had left the office.

    I asked to speak to the supervisor on the floor. I was informed that one Naina will be calling me.

    Today is Thursday, I still have a broken fridge with no engineers visit.

    As of today, not a single Whirlpool appliance will ever enter my house for the rest of my life

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  • Bo
    boing1228 Jul 03, 2011

    Did they fix it for you? Did they tell you how much it would cost you beforehand? then you have no gripe. Everything is expensive nowadays. Look at a loaf of bread $4.00. Its nuts. But you never mentioned the quality of their service. That is after all what you hired them for isn't it? Do you negotiate the price of a car after you buy it and think you paid too much? never. And your complaint is based on the fact that this company didnt reduce their bill???
    Grow up.
    Do you negotiate your insurance bill, how about your mortgage? What do you do for a living?

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