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Due to the recent tax increase on tobacco, loose tobacco (Top, Bugler, Drum, etc..) increased by just over $26 per pound. It doesn't take much math to calculate the increase for a 6 ounce can of tobacco. Yet when I went to the nearest WalMart to buy a can of Top tobacco, the price had gone from around $14 to over $36. That's at least a 22 dollar increase. The same is being done in the Brookshire Bros. chain of grocery stores in Texas. They have anticipated an increase in people who are willing to roll their own to save money, so they're raised the prices. I urge others to order from catalogs or order online. The businesses that I mentioned will not be getting my business any longer.

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      Jun 05, 2009

    I too went in to get a can of Bugler for my son stationed on Iraq. He had a friend get some from Louisana a month ago and it was only 12.oo + tax. When I asked for the price, the lady scanned it and it came to $39.16 with tax! I almost swore out loud. I asked why it was so high, and the response was, "Well, tobacco prices have gone up three times this year. Plus the new tax." I called my wife because she had spoken to my son, and asked her if he had meant the can or a pouch of it. She said the can. I told her how much it was, because he had ask us to send two cans, and she said to go ahead and get one. My wife talked to him again that night, and when she told him how much it was, he said to forget it, just take it back. So, today I went back to the store with the UNOPENED can, reciept in hand, and after waiting twenty minutes for the "enthustiastic" Wal-Mart employee behind the return counter, was then informed that I could not return it. I asked why and was told that it being a tobacco product, it could not be returned, and that there was a sign in the tobacco shop that stated that. I never saw any sign. I told her that I wanted to see a manager. That took another twenty minutes before the "enthustiastic" manager came strolling slowy to the front. She just looked at me, a glaze in her eyes, and said "Yes sir, what can I do for you." I told her that what I had told the other person, and that I wanted to return it. Well, I just got the same old song and dance, "Texas law says we can't take a tobacco product back once it is purchased and leaves the store." Well, needless to say, Wal-Mart has become even lower in my opinion, if that is possible, and I will not do any further business with them.

    Boycot Wal-Mart (The GREEDY SOB'S) Pass it on!

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