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My eyeglasses frame made by titanium was broken at sep 2008 while I cleaned lenses, which was bought from walmart in jan 2008. I asked them to replace it and they said that the frame warrenty had only 60 days. I complained it to them to make no sense because the previous frame I had had kept more than 3 years. If anyone knows the only 60 days warrenty of a frame who buys it at walmart? Even worse they suspected me to buy it there while they found my information from their system, i.. E. They found my info but they said that they didn't have my purchase record. I had bought it only once at walmart.

I doubt that the frame may had a fault from the beginning because people know titanum is very flexible as well as very strong I complained them to mention the such a short warrenty policy before I bought it and they said you didn't ask it. What on earth is it? Is it walmart customer care? It's not acceptable nor has common sense. I'll have further action to correct it.

Also eyeglass is very important to protect eyes. Malmart warrenty policy and attitude to customer should be changed.

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  •   Nov 15, 2008

    I am shocked, dismayed and appalled at the treatment I received from night support manager, Bob, this morning. On 10/21, I spent $55.79 in this store. When I got home I realized I was charged full price for tapenade, which was on the clearance rack with a few others (and yes, I did check the tags on the shelf). This morning, 11/2, I made a special trip this morning out of my way--ten miles x 2 = 20 miles--to return it. They had a female at their 'courtesy' desk, who took one look at my receipt and flatly announced, 'We don't do that before 7 am.' I asked for a manager and got Bob. I explained that the customer should not have to be inconvenienced any further when it is a store error. He kept pointing to a yellow sign that says, 'no refunds AFTER 10 pm.' The thing about that sign, though, is that it doesn't say what time they BEGIN doing refunds. I would think that would be up to the manager's discretion, ESPECIALLY since the policy they have posted on their corporate WEBSITE says, 'SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, Our goal is to satisfy our Customers... by Exchange, Refund, or Repair.'

    Since I had my receipt, and it clearly was way before 90 days, and it was THEIR EMPLOYEE WHO DID NOT PROPERLY REPROGRAM THEIR SYSTEM, clearly Bob fell down on the job!!! ESPECIALLY since he was trying to tell me the sign says 'not before 7, ' when anybody who can read at the first-grade level can see it does not say that at ALL; it says 'not after 10 pm.' I pointed out to Bob that there are other stores in the area that I can shop in, such as Winn-Dixie and Publix, and I don't mind paying more for the sake of getting decent customer care. I also pointed out that since it was 6:27, surely he could accommodate me, since I have to be at work at 7 am. Again, he refused to accommodate a loyal customer. As it happens, I am also in the customer care business (actually it's half sales and half customer care.) We have policies and procedures, too, but we also know when the sensible thing to do is to make an exception. I spend about $100 a week between this store and Sarno, and I know that's NOTHING to Wal-Mart. But it is SOMETHING to me. And I can just as well divvy it up between a couple of local produce markets, and buying my soy products at my Church's health food store (again, it costs more there, but the proceeds will go to a Christian school, so that's fine with me). Anything else I need can be readily ;purchased at Publix or Winn-Dixie. Bob won the battle, all right. Him and his little yellow wonder sign. Unfortunately he lost a customer. But like I said--Wal-Mart could care less, right?

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  •   Dec 01, 2008

    I went to a Wal-Mart store for tire service, as one of my tires had a blowout in the wall the size of a baseball. I often monitor the condition of my tires. While at the Wal-mart auto shop, I took a closer inspection also to the inside walls of my tires, and discovered a crack wearing in the walls of 2 other tires. This could have been from the intense summer heat in the parking lot, as my tires had plenty of tread remaining.

    I've always gotten good wear of tires in the 30 plus years I've been driving. I spoke with the woman who was writing the invoice, and the supervisor, who was supposed to ensure my exact specifications were completed as requested. I asked got specific clarity that they replace the cracked tires, along with the blowout, with new tires... and the new tires placed on the rear for safety.

    I also ask that they take the good rear tire and use it as a spare. After paying for the job and then going to my car, I inspected to ensure they'd done the job as I'd specified, which we had gone over very clearly. No they had not. The good tire from the rear was missing altogether. They had put a new tire on the front. The only spare tire I had in the trunk was the blown out tire with the hole in it's wall the size of a baseball.

    I was horrified. I was scheduled to go to Charleston SC for a followup appointment with orthopedics as I had a cast from having broken my wrist. I spoke with the staff and learned that they had taken the good tire from the rear and put in into a pile of tires inside the shop, nearly ripping me off of a perfectly good tire. I work hard to earn a living to make sure I have at least the necessities in life.

    To have a monster billionaire company like Wal-Mart literally try to rip me off was, to say the least, aggravating. Rather than even offer me a sincere apology and immediately initiate correction of the problem, the staff (except for the woman greeter, who had a half-way decent demeanor) acted like they were 'half-witted about what even a half-way prudent person would have done.

    I certainly let the supervisor know how I felt about the matter and their putting my safety in jeopardy; and that I had a life to attend to, rather than having spend double time there for such negligence. Inside I felt very annoyed but kept my cool, considering the circumstances. The supervisor whom I'd given the specific instructions to actually got a bit of an attitude, as though he was trying to turn it around on me somehow.

    Of course there was no way he could since he simply didn't ensure the job was done as we had very clearly agreed. I could have gotten stuck in a 60-mile stretch on US Highway 17 between Georgetown and Charleston, where there is nothing but woodsland. That could have cost me quite a bit since I would have had no replacement spare tire. If I'd had a flat tire, I'd had opened my trunk to find nothing but a blown out tire for a spare.

    In this case I asked to see the General Manager of the store. This situation was bad enough I felt it necessary to insist on speaking with the General Manager of the store. They finally got the job corrected. I don't think it even dawned on them to even verbalize an apology. They must be trained to never apologize to any customers, like it would be admitting guilt or something.

    I was certainly not interested in any type of civil action for their careless, or cheating 'mishap.' All I cared about was, when it comes to the tires on the vehicle I drive, I have to ensure they my care is as safe as possible. On top of this, I learned very shortly afterwards that the individual who did the job, had disconnected something in my electrical system, which ended up costing me a trip to my mechanic.

    Since my car is a Mercedes, repairs are considerably expensive. That's pretty sad. They tried ripping me off of my tires, and in the process incompetently didn't reconnect something they disconnected. I was not about to take my car back to Wal-Mart, and put it in their hands.

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  • Di
      Dec 04, 2008

    yes you are right .Wal mat is No smart

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  • Po
      Apr 29, 2009

    What do you expect going to WAL MART for car repair. You've got to be joking.

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  • Si
      May 14, 2009

    Now you've got the picture!! Once they get your money, the 'smiles' are gone--they couldn't care less whether you are satisfied or not...

    check out this site for lots that will further 'open your eyes' to the truth--

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  • De
      May 19, 2009

    Another negative comment about Walmart that I just don't believe. I do believe that there are those out there who just hate Walmart (probably someone associated with the unions who repeatedly are denied setting up business with Walmart's many employees). I have been shopping at Walmart forever and have yet to have even ONE remotely bad experience. And that goes for every one of my family members as well. And their return policies are above and beyond any other retailer. And their prices are spectacular!

    The next time you're in Walmart ask one of the workers how they like working there.

    Unions are not for everyone, and these people should just stop trying to give Walmart a bad rep. Unions are not needed when the management/ownership knows how to take care of their own.

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  • Mo
      May 25, 2009

    I am a walmart associate. And not one of my co-workers likes where they are working. We are treated very unfairly, and walmart knows there is nothing we can do. We cant complain, because the management team has a very swift retalitation policy against the worker, but not the other members of management. They do what they want when they want. They force people out all the time. And your right, we cant get unions representation, because they would shut the doors to any store that unionized, no matter how profitable the store is. Ask any associate why walmart doesnt cut their own meat anymore. Its because the meat cutters managed to unionize and then walmart decided that it was easier to IMPORT! their meat already cut then to let the meat cutters keep their UNIONIZED jobs. Ask an associate from Canada why they closed the most profitable store in Canada. Because they also managed to unionize, and within a two weeks they decided the store wasnt doing well enough to keep it open.
    Walmart is a bad employer, and people are screwed these days into having to keep their jobs, no matter what, because the economy is so bad. So I work and keep my head and shoulders down, and never make eye comatct with ANY member of my management team.

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  • Lc
      Jun 23, 2009

    Why on earth would you take a Mercedes to Wal-Mart? I'm surprised they didn't refuse to do it altogether. My mom has a Mercedes and her baby doesn't go ANYWHERE except and authorized Mercedes Authorized Dealer/Shop!

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  • Gr
      Jul 10, 2009

    Given the apparent intelligence of the person making this complaint (judging by their third grade language skills) this was probably all a misunderstanding that he/she was unable to understand.

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  • Br
      May 17, 2010

    store # 1137 / Manager is Estevan Rodriguez...lets just say up in the world this person became store manager is beyond me! she clearly can not manager a store, with no respect for customers at all...I was in the store to return an item on Sunday 05/16/10 around 2pm and stood in line for 45 min or longer, watched as (4) employees cleaned up a water spill, laughed back and fourth...Manager stood looking at them clean up the spill and there are at lest 20 customers in line for returns and only one person working returns??? so I asked if the manager could get someone else to help out in customer service? one employee told me, Oh I don't know where the manager is right now! I asked can't you page them to customer service?? was told no! another customer asked for the mananger and they were told the same story, after 15min went by another employee came out from the back of customer service and stood at the there, I asked she did she paged the manager and the manager replied, I'm right here around the counter at a register?? the whole time...was even the same register, I had asked to page the manager, did she move to help us ? NO! the employee behind the counter said I called someone to help you what more do you want, then began to get really ugly...the whole time the manager was around the corner hearing everything, two more customers asked for more help in this dept. still no answer!!! after waiting in line for over 45 min to and hour, I was finally up to the counter, when here comes someone to help!!! OMG...still not the manager and no I am sorry for you wait???? had the shoe been on the other foot, wonder how she would have felt... and for the manager to let an employee talk to customers that way, just goes to show you how much she cares about her customers!!! Walmart is just not the family store they claim to lest this location is not!!!

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