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assistant manager Chris at store #3525 and employees at the tire and lube place...lied and made a fool of me and the purchase i had made... Being my tires...when i got a flat my warranty was never even heard of...worst experience ever..I do not wish that on anyone...told sorry they would do it for me ...then when brand new tire was plugged...and ready for me to take my keys and go they had a change of heart...and made me pay


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      Mar 18, 2013

    Serves you right for shopping at Walmart. Only selfish, anti American, Chinese slave loving vermin shop at Walmart. Next time get your tires from your local auto mechanic traitor.

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      Jun 25, 2013

    Walmart has trained liars in their automobile service department. Recently went to Walmart in Chardon, Ohio for an oil change - advertised at $16.95. Left my car at the service department, went back in 45 minutes (they told me it would take 1/2 hour to change the oil. When i got there the manager, Randy, of the auto department told me they couldn't change my oil because my car took 10W40 oil and neither did they have the filter for it - hmmm a 2002 Kia Sportage according to the fluid specs takes 5W30. I was furious, went to a local oil change place and they printed the specs out for me and also told me that they often go to Walmart to get filters should they run out. Of course, complaints got me nowhere - but an insulting $20 gift certificate.
    The store shelves are empty - haven't had many of the items I usually purchase there for several weeks. The store is FILTHY, especially in the diary section, sticky stuff on the floor for over a YEAR!!! They claim to carry gluten-free products NOT.

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