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credit card overdue fee

The only way to pay Walmart on-line is to submit the payment through My Check Free. However, when you select Walmart and request that My Check Free make a payment on a date pre-defined by I assume the Walmart Company, you get a late fee assigned to your account. This has happened at least 2 months in a row. When I questioned My Check Free about it, they have been in contact with Walmart officials regarding the problem and the late charges have been reversed. What I found out from My
Check Freewith the last late fee that was placed on my account is that Walmart places late fees on the day that it is due. I researched this on the Walmart web site and found out that payments paid after 5 pm on the due date will incure additional late fees. If this payment that I have set up several days in advance, that requests My Check Free to release the payment on the due date that Walmart has assigned, it should be received by Walmart prior to 5 pm. Is this some type of money making scam and has anyone else had the same problem?

  • La
    Laura Nov 22, 2008

    I have also had this problem. I pay most of my bills online but decided to just pay the Walmart card in the store to save me the hassle of dealing with it.

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  • Ez
    ezkaban Feb 23, 2010

    It is a scam. Walmart now has the capability to accept direct payments. I was not informed of this until I sent a letter and now spent my entire lunch hour on the phone arguing with Acct Mgr "Michael". According to him, when reading my MyCheckFree monthly statement I should have known to pay my bill at, although it does not state this.

    Better Business Bureau will be my next point of contact.

    I imagine most people will just pay the $15.00 fee and let Walmart get away with it. Easier to let it go than fight.

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  • Th
    thelma sehy Jan 04, 2011


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  • Co
    comcats Apr 17, 2012

    I have had the same problem with Walmart. I am on SSI disability and receive money on the 3 of the month and I pay all my bill electronically through my bank on that date. I opened an account with Walmart and my billing cycle was the 27th of the month. I paid my bill on the 3rd and was charged a $25.00 late fee. I called to complain and they refunded the late fee and the customer service rep assured me that the billing cycle would now be on the 6th of the month. I was told that it would take two months for this to be activated so I paid another minimum payment to insure that no more late fees would be added. This month I paid my bill and the electronic payment was received by Walmart on the 4th and I was charged another late fee because my new billing date was actually changed to the 3rd and not the 6th as was promised. Walmart are cheats and liars when it comes to their billing. They know how to screw you and they enjoy doing it. I am sick of Walmart and their billing shenanigans. They know what they are doing and they do it very well. Be ware of them when you get one of their cards. Just use your MasterCard. That is what I do now. I really now despise Walmart. I will never shop there again.

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waiting to long to get help not enough so called associates

Service is terrible except where you collect my money, there you always have enough people Don't like...

nasty store

The store in Shawnee is so nasty, we don't want to shop there, I could not believe the floors and the...

manager's ban together against me, did not report my work injury!!!

Manager's - mike, john, juan, the entire management team at store 2688, these men have me at lost for word'...

utterly appaling service - hazard to take your picture here

My experience with Walmart Pictureme studios has been the most appaling service I have ever received from any...

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vision center has a only 60 days warrenty for a frame

My eyeglasses frame made by titanum was broken at Sep 2008 while I cleaned lenses, which was bought from...

making extra pictures without permission

When I went to pick up the pictures of my daughter from the studio, they showed me an extra 4 sheets. They gave me the options of purchasing them for an extra $20.oo. I asked them what happened to the pictures if I didn't purchase them and they told me that they send them back to the company where they destroy them. I then asked if they could promise me that they would be destroyed. She joking laughed and said I would like to think that you could trust people. Well, personally I do NOT just trust other people that I don't know whom have pictures of my 9 month old daughter dressed up as Tinker Bell. Absolutely NOT!!! When I called the company to complain, all she could do was apoligize over and over. She then said that they have been making extra copies for a few years and apoligized again. Then asked me if I would ever go there again. I instantly replied no I wouldn't and she asked if there was anything else that she could help me with then. I find all this to be extremely rude and unanswered. I have never heard of a company making extra pictures WITHOUT my permission of MY child. I hope that no one ever go there to get pictures done, you never know where your childrens pictures may end up with them.

  • Ca
    Cannon Oct 29, 2008

    The extras that they print are an attempt at impulse sales. If you don't purchase them, they are shredded and thrown away at store level, not sent back to the company.

    Obviously you had a new person who was told the standard line.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Nov 02, 2008

    This company and all other companies make extra copies at all times. Any time you go into ANY professional portrait studio they own the copyright. You can not even make a copy with out the copy right or you could face a 10, 000.00 dollar fine and jail time.

    So next time you decided to buy professional portraits at any location remember you do not own them, you only bought copies of what the company now owens, a picute of your child.

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  • Am
    amanda Nov 29, 2008

    yes, all professional portrait companies produce extras- even companies that develop your film do this-- for sales! if you want to own your copywritten photos, take them yourself and have developed. but, that developer may still make copies and offer enlargements to you at some extra cost or deal of the day!

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  • Ap
    APhotographerWhoCares Dec 20, 2008

    I understand how you feel however, when you have portraits made at PictureMe or any other professional studio, the studio or freelance photographer OWNS those photos therefore they do not have to have the permission of the customer to print extras, use them for promotion, place them in a portfolio, etc. The extra prints are printed to try to encourage you to purchase more. If you do not purchase them they are destroyed. Our studios are required to hold them for up to 60 days fot auditing purposes and they must stay locked away for safe keeping. Hope this helps. :)

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  • At
    AtreiyuSwift Apr 21, 2009

    yeah they do make extras. It's a sales thing. Also they sometimes audit the photography skills of the photographer to make sure they're doing they're job correctly. They get destroyed later on. Don't worry -nobody- wants pictures of your kids. They wont end up in the wrong hands.

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customer service is non-existant

I bought a Walmart Visa money card for my grandson who was going away to college. I put $500 on the card to...

awful experience

Today I went to Walmart to get my baby enfamil. I get coupons in the mail for $5.00 off each can that I...

excessive service charges

I bought a Walmart prepaid Visa debit card for my daughter for $100 with a service charge of $8.94 attached to it on sept. 27, 2008. I called the service line to activate the card on the same day and arranged to have the card mailed directly to my my daughter. She had not received the card up to October 8, so I called to find out what was happening. they told me the card had been mailed on Sept. 29, but she would not receive it until Oct. 14, because the post offices would be closed on Monday. I find this hard to believe because I use the mail service all the time and it does not take that long for letters to be delivered. I do not believe they mailed the card out yet they charged me $2.00 to remind them to mail out the card. They also deducted $4.94 for monthly service charge and my child has still not received the card. So I am already out $15.88, while Walmart has been sitting on my $100 for nearly 3 weeks without providing a service. Given the other service charges that apply, this product is not worth it, even if you need something to teach your child how to use it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE BUY THIS PRODUCT IT IS NOT WORTH IT

  • Ta
    tammysnook3 Mar 07, 2009

    I bought a walmart prepaid visa money card, last month.It should still have $200 dollors on it but it only shows me to have $70.00 what's up with that?I am so angry that know one seems to know where it went.

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  • B1
    b1naryatr0phy Mar 18, 2009

    Wow talk about word manipulation. Okay lady, either your lying or an idiot. Because I've got the same card, when you purchase it you get a temporary card to use until the actual one with your name on it is mailed to you. Your temporary card works just the same as the mailed one. I used the temporary one all the time, pretty much every other day with no problem. So either stop being dumb, or stop being deceptive.

    btw: I LOVE this card, mainly because I'm so sick of dealing with the scamming banks.

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  • Su
    Susan, Kearney, Ne May 14, 2009

    I also had a bad experience with the Walmart prepaid card. My aunt bought me one for Christmas and It never worked. It had $20 on the card, but it cost her $28 to buy it with all the fees. I never saw a penny of the money on that card. I called into customer service to be charged $2 to talk to someone about the "invalid?" card, by this time the card balance was down to $5.44 because of all of the fees. I never got back any of the money!!! I had a very bad experience with this and will tell as many people as possible not to every WAIST their money on this. I could have just flushed it down the toilet and ended up with less stress.

    Susan from Kearney, Nebraska

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  • My
    myfait Jul 22, 2009

    OK, Let me get to my complaint first...I have had this card for almost a year and while it is pretty convenient, easy to load, cash checks, convenient to use...It is also very frustrating, at times. I have had multiple instances of being charged for something that I didn't authorize or had pending authorizations on my card that shouldn't be there. When I call the vendor, they release the funds or credit my back the charge; but for some reason, Walmart representative claims that it will take 10 to 21 days to release those funds for my use. As an unemployed, low income citizen this is extremely inconvenient to me. And yes, it makes me angry. I use this card to pay bills and to have even a little amount unavailable to me, well it's hurtful. I am considering taking legal action...and I suggest that those of you who have had trouble with the card do the same. No credit card company should get away with this. Vendors and creditors alike need to be accountable for their actions. After all, we, the consumer, are.
    okay, I understand how "b1naryatr0phy" gets her opinion, but i have to agree with both other posters. They are not liars or an need to understand that there are different type of cards at Walmart to purchase and that the fees are different on each card, which are not always well stated and the cashiers don't inform you of those charges. Also, when calling in to speak to a CSR, they did charge for talking to a representative. Hidden fees occur all the time. And we aren't always aware of them till and unless someone points them out. And the representatives aren't always as helpful as they should be...
    Thank you

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  • Jl
    jlewis50 Aug 26, 2014

    b1nary whoever I certainly agree with anyone and everyone who says the Walmart card is a scam, they are so if you got one and you love it then great for you BUT don't go saying everyone else is lying because we are not. I have never bought one of these before as i have credit cards as well as Debit cards with both my banks BUT i decided to get my 17 year old daughter one of these and it has been two weeks still no permanant card in the mail. So i called them and since she is a minor i thought i would talk to them but they said they will speak with her. So after asking her questions they then told her to use her change still on the card then she will just have to buy another card. Then they hung up. When she told me this i'm like what the heck? I bought this and they said just buy another without any explanation at all. I have tried calling them back and cannot get through, their phone system sucks. So that is our first time awful experience.Thank You very much oh and the reason i called them besides the card not coming yet was also because when we went to load 100 on the card earlier today it would not allow us to load on it.--First and LAST time for us.

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waste of space

There is this cashier at the Springfield Walmart who is a total waste of space. She always has a sour look on her face and is just nasty to everyone. She looks like she is being tortured and forced to work there! She is a HUGE girl with tattoos all over and it's just so trashy. I refuse to shop there anymore! I have never been treated so horribly. The last time I was there I was sickly sweet to her. When she gave me my receipt I said "Thank you very much" and she grunted. I can't believe it.

  • Bu
    Bubbles Mar 23, 2009

    That was just ONE employee. Report her to a manager so they get to the bottom of her bad attitude.
    Walmart is making more of their stores available and making more of them "super walmart" so u can get more of your groceries their. They are trying to get more people to shop their, not get less customers.
    This is the worst recession we've ever had in history-and u are complaining over something that's a lil' "trivial" during tough times. I think you need to choose your battles when you're trying to save a buck.

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  • Gy
    GypsyRoad Sep 17, 2009

    That is just too damn funny about you killing her with kindness and all. These people have more job security and yet they act like that. They need to take it out on the management and overthrow them. That's what they need to do. It's not the public's fault that those igmoes treat their employees so bad.

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  • Fu
    funnygirl Dec 12, 2009

    I think you passed judgment on this girl before she did a thing. She is huge and has tattoo's all over the place. You labeled her as trash. Yet you headed right for her checkout more than likely because it had less of a wait. Find another checkout to pay for your rabbit food and stop judging people. Regardless of what comes out of your mouth, your body language told her exactly what you thought of her.

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  • He
    HeyHeyHey1980 Sep 16, 2010

    Don't go back to that walmart. Go somewhere else. There are employees like this at all walmarts. When you say hi to them, they look like someone just took a dump on their shoes. I go to the self check out line or just not talk to them. They probably don't want anyone to talk to them, so just dont say anything to them. Some of them do grunt though when you say thanks. It like talking to a cavewoman but funnier. Just feel sorry for them, they work at the evil company that is walmart who treats their employess like crap. How do u expect them to act making minimum wage at a dead end job probably supporting a kid or three while only getting 20 to 30 hours a week.

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awful place

The manager at the riverdale nj wal-mart laughed in my face when i went back to tell her my daughters glasse...

terrible experience

I am a 21 year old single parent. A mother of a five year old boy. I stole something from your store and did...

mgmt decision

I have been buying my drinking water from the culligan water machine in this store for 3 years. There has been a problem with the company who services the machine in both keeping it in working order and in them supplying empty containers for the purchase of water. I have called them myself about the problem. Today I went in the store and the wire cage that holds the containers had been removed. I ask customer service why and they said the lady who is the new temporary mangager of the store had had it removed. They said the reason was that culligan needed to bring some containers and rather than have the company do it she just said get rid of it. I do not agree with this womans judgement and since I deend on the water would like very much if culligan could be given an ultimatum of keeping the machine in good condition and supplying containers or to get the machines out of all wallmart stores. I'm sure they would respond soon. thanksb75e8

bad experience

I went to get two tires put on my car. First, I needed a different tire size than was on the car because someone had put the wrong tire size on it before I got the car... Right away we needed a manager and to sign a waver just to get two tires put on!

Next, Mr. HillBilly auto service guy pulls the car in the bay and notices a transmission fluid drip. A drip about the size of a quarter that must have just started since I had not noticed it in my drive. Right away hillbilly guy started saying he can't work on the car and needed a manager again. Next they tell me because of the drip I could not get two tires...

I asked for the manager only to find the auto service center manager was not in that day. All In all, Mr.HillBilly service guy (Dave) did nothing but sit on his butt because all the bays were empty. Best Of All, I drove right to sears and had two tires put on without a problem!

Please Do the same!

  • Ca
    Cajundad May 09, 2010

    I just had my tires rotated and it took 4 hours and they told me it would only take 45 minutes. My store has gone down hill in the past 2 weeks. I guess the lawsuit is doing something to them.

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dishonest business

This is regarding Wal-Mart 5220 at Waters and Dale Mabry in Tampa, Florida. Recently I purchased an air...


This is regarding the walmart that is at 189 Route 46 West, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. The pharmacy department...

walmart exposed: the evil within

Media release For immediate release Walmart exposed The evil within New book by frederick a. Murphy...

walmart money card

This money card business is the biggest scam since the government grants. I say we all need to file a class action law suit. Why cant we contact anyone when we have questions? Why do we have to pay for the chessy info that you do get when you do finally get ahold of them? Why did I get hung up on before I got an answer from them? Scam thats why. This is BS and I'm not going to put up with it. I'll see you in court Walmart and Visa associates. I have to earn my money the old fashion way, you dont get to earn yours by ripping me off. In an economic fiasco like the times now, we cannot let this company or any other take advanyage of us like this. Lets fight back.

  • Ko
    kohlsmike Sep 13, 2009

    very vague

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  • Lr
    Lraul Mar 11, 2010

    Your complaint to Walmart or the company supplying the Walmart card. In the United states you tell them this.

    "I have read the terms of service and your computer states that I have money in my account, why can't I use it. If I do not receive my refund due to a fault on the card I will be contacting the FTC for a complaint."

    Within a day or two, I get a call from the company that maintains the card and states that i will get the money back, and I did.

    Complaints to companies must have a little teeth in them. They think they are the big dogs, but the government is the bigger dog. They company does not want to fight it with the FTC and agrees with the refund, and even repaid the $25 hold fee for my troubles.

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pharmacy employees

I have disc degeneration disease and right now I have 2 ruptured discs and 1 that is bulging. It presses on the nerves that lead down through my legs. I'm only 25 and they treat me as if im there just to get drugs. They are very rude to me and have tried to keep me from obtaining my refills the day I can get it filled. The medicine is the only thing that helps me move around without feeling the stabbing, numb and burning pain I have in my leg. They dont have to live with the pain, I wish I could give it to them.

  • St
    stealth Oct 01, 2008

    Sorry we have laws we must follow, or our licence that we went to school for 6 years will be torn up.

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  • Me
    MEandthatsALLyouneedtoknow Feb 15, 2009

    yet you never say how you act when you get to that counter LOL I bet you you try to get it to early or you ### and compain cause you want it right that sec but i wish you people chould step behinh that counter and see how you treat us then maybe you whould see why you get treated the way you do. Also on another note you dumb ###s act like we get paid so good and that we have such great benifits, well you dont work for walmart or you would know that even the pharmacy people get paid about the same as the man out side collecting ###in carts OUR INSURANCE SUCKS WE GET PAID LIKE 8 AN HOUR AND OUR HOURS GET CUT ALL THE TIME so feed your cry baby ###" I get treated so bad a walmart" to some one who give a ###in damn.

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  • He
    Helen Jones Mar 04, 2009

    The comments on this website make me want to shoot someone. Mainly the person commenting.

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  • Agrees with Helen & Justin...and as u can see these are wonderful wal mart employees...they choose to work there... and they complain... omg!I go to wal greens or Target cause they dont act trashy...and they wonder why there hours are cut... people dont put up with trash..I believe wally world hires nut jobs!

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  • Bo
    Bookwormfirst Oct 26, 2009

    "I believe wally world hires nut jobs!" I couldn't agree more. I've had the same problems with the Wal-Mart store in West Lancaster Ca. I've had more problems with that pharmacy than I can count. Go to Walgreen or Target. Much nicer and definitely more intelligent employees. More helpful too.

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  • Bo
    Bookwormfirst Oct 26, 2009

    I agree. I've had more problems with the West Lancaster Wal-mart than I can count. Go to Walgreen or Target. The employees seem to be more intelligent and nicer there.

    1 Votes
  • Do
    Donne Nov 16, 2009

    I live in KY and have the same thing, , hey.. if you are behind the counter WE are the reason you have a job.. and ANYWHERE you go.. if you treat a customer badly.. then you're history.. I'm personally looking into a las action suit against these people.. I have many storys to tell but here's the latest.. My mother had a prescription for 3 refills of 30 pills.. from the doctor.. when she gets them she is told they are highly addictive.. and that she can only get 15 AND pay for 15.. the pharmacist rewrote the prescription for 5 refills of 15.. she called the ins. company and got this straightened out.. 3 wks ago.. she called the doctor to have meds called in and the next day went to get them.. not there.. called for the next 6 days.. not there.. called the doctor... he had called them in that day.. when mom got the meds.. they were dated 6 days earlier... Yeah.. I think something needs to be done.

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