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I went to the Walgreens store on Van Buren and Estrella parkway in Goodyear, AZ 10/14/18 after leaving urgent care.
I had a sinus infection and needed to get the meds the doctor gave me.

The pharmacist or tech on duty was a real jerk.
When I approached the window, he was talking extremely LOUD! I have no voice because of the infection so I'm at a whisper. He asked for my name repeating if loud, asked my my dob repaeating it loud as well.
He then says loudly and with Attitude we having nothing here for you.
I said, oh, the doctor sent anything over, I live near by.

He says still loud, we have nothing for you. He then says, what are those little papers in your hand, could that be the prescription, I said no, he asked to see the papers that were my release papers.

He then says, your prescription is not here and he gives a address where it was sent.

I tried asking if I could call my doctor and have meds sent to the location I was at seeing I live so close.

He said no, but, heave a sit and we can see how to fix this.

I was in pain, tired and weak. My husband finally said let's go. The waiting room had 4 people waiting, it was Embarrassing and humiliating.

He should not be in customer service and definitely not working with sick people.

We come to get our meds to help us feel better, then you have this kid that has alittle authority and he abuses it.

He has the wrong job, we don't want to feel worst coming to Walgreens when we are sick.

Patience's, tenderness and comfort are needed. We are not at a ballgame concession stand.

I have slowed down on going to Walgreens and I'm warning all my friends to avoid this particular Walgreens, the worker that morning did not n Ed yo be working. He needs attitude adjustment
as well as a few classes in customer service and maybe a care giving class.

Thank hate for a elderly person to be verbally abused that way.

The worker was about 32, white, 6 feet, then built, blonde spike hair.

I was there with my husband early Sunday morning.
This store is on the corner of Estrella Park way and Van Buren in Goodyear, AZ

Oct 23, 2018

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