Walgreens / personal data information and customer service

In receiving of an electronic letter from your automated service as
"important notice", I have noticed that the clauses underlined and supported
in variation and changes of your company's policy seem quite unilateral.
In terms more explained, it is several times that I have noticed many exchanges
in your procedure of treating customer data and also in servicing customers
through your pharmacy and in where was noticeable also the lower quality offered of the product and the higher price then expected.
To continue, in expressing my concerns in detail, meds requested were of simple
matter and in fact consulting my insurance policy by contacting customer service,
It was confirmed to me that you pharmacists use the liberty to communicate directly with the prescribing medical facility and make arrangements that should not be considered either appropriate or legal, further the assistant of the medical facility illegitimately did exchange, not in type but in kind, the prescription forward him by physician forcing me in the end to collect from your pharmacy a medication
provided in tablets that was of equivalent ingredients but variant from what prescribed. At last, I was informed by New State Office that the medication in question, known commonly as amoxicillin and in a second time augmentin,
was no longer in circulation, in there same office offered me to file complaint against your business and in what still have not followed or reconsidered.
In consideration of my complaints, I hope your understanding will allow your
business to develop better Human Resources and provide a service that in future does not resolve in harming the public's health while defrauding.


Jul 28, 2018

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