To whom it may concern:

On Friday afternoon July 27, 2018 I approached the checkout counter and asked for a pack of cigarettes, after coming back with the item the person who was attending the register asked for my I.D., I am a 52 year old white male and I look like it. I politely told your employee my age and that I didn't feel it was necessary to show my I.D. as it was obvious that I was old enough to purchase cigarettes, at that point the young man grew slightly aggressive and said that he now not only needed to see my I.D. but needed for me to remove it from my wallet so he could scan it. At that I asked to speak with the manager. After waiting about 3-5 minutes a young lady wearing a walgreens vest with her name tag not visible approached, before I could even tell her what the issue was the employee at the register said that I wouldn't show I.D., now by this time I was feeling intimidated by the two employees, the lady who identified herself as a manager said I was holding up the line, but there was no one waiting at the checkout, then she said it was up to the cashier, who said to me that its not personal just give me your I.D. .
I was on my lunch break from work so I did take my I.D. out of my wallet and show him my date of birth, paid, took my receipt and left the store. However on my way back to work I considered how rudely I was treated and wanted to let you, Walgreens, as a company know that I have been loyal as a customer for over 10 years, if you check my address I live across the street from that store and have since 2009. I left your store that dear feeling shaken.
Thank you for your concern.
when i looked for my receipt it has the wrong date, this happened 7/27/18 at 1 :26 p.m. at the store in Ft. Lauderdale 1 W. Sunrise Blvd.

Jul 28, 2018

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