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employee benefits

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Walgreens sent out their benefits update for May 2009. In big letters it said “Combining Good Business Practices with Caring for Our People”, which would lead you to believe they are going to improve employee benefits. Instead it was about how they are taking away employees retirement medical and prescription drug plans. This will not just affect people who have just started but many who have been with Walgreen’s for years. People who had been promised these benefits are now having them taken away. One of the comments in the paper was, “Our goal is to reallocate our money to provide benefits to the greatest number of individuals at Walgreens.” Does that mean the CEO, board members, and the upper levels or management?! Hey Walgreens for a business that promotes families you do a really bad job for your employees!!!
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A  29th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I am in complete agreement. This is just setting the stage for more changes to come. The plan is to have the most senior employees "retire" so the imediate cost of benefits is reduced. I have been employed for 17 years and I am very dissatisfied with the company I used to constantly praise. The way the company has treated is employees is totally contrary to it's core belief system. Just a recent example of there inappropiate decision making is the way they desided to announce reducing the assistant managers hours being cut. There mistake was eventually recognized, by a little know e-mail that admitted there mistake. Just wait Walgreens employee's the great company we once were is slowly breaking down. As for the management staff, be on the look out for more changes to come. Pharmacists should be observent as well, the new POWER system they are installing now means FEWER pharmacists necessary to run the every day operation. This is another example of core beliefs down the drain. For those who have been around for awhile do you remember, "Nobody waits, " well now they have desided to change that too. They surveyed and discovered that a waiting customers is a small portion of there buisness so now they believe the one pharmacist will be able to F4, fill, counsel, etc. without the help of additional staff. WELCOME TO WALGREENS!
N  2nd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
A little known email that admitted their mistake?? Who received this email and where is it? What specifically does it say?
N  4th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I think it was sent to the DM's and discussed between them and the store managers. I was told about it from a good friend, which was later confirmed by my store manager (independently). Apparently corporate knows that the way they handled things was a screw up! It makes me wonder about what exactly went on when Mr. Walgreens walked in and quit. Due to corporate's response to his sudden retirement, one get's the idea that he wasn't very happy about the way things were changing. Now they are trying to promote these changes to us (in good light). They must think we are idiots. How insulting! Welcome to Walgreens!!
A  5th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Walgreens -- all I can say is "Rewire for Growth" is the equavilant to "Rewire for FAILURE". Corporate is clueless and it is clear and I wonder what "Walgreens" family thinks of the tabacole of the "New Walgreens". Geez it use to the "Pharmacy America Trusts". They certainly cannot state that anymore. How many jobs have they outsourced to INDIA and the PHILLIPINES (or are going to = 800 American Jobs LEAVING). So I guess this is why the new slogan is "Theres AWAY". Which should further read "There's A Way - FAR AWAY from WALGREENS". So sad!
A  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
you have got to wonder if Wasson and the other powers that be could live off what we the at store level shmuck make...Think about it we are doing their suggestive sale their fundraising and what do we get in return??? a poor paying job, cut insurance that still fattens the higher ups pockets stress from the customers wondering why we can't remember all the coupons and sale since there are WAY TOO MANY. One item can be on three different sales and they must each have their tag. I wish for a month they could come to work as a store level and and NOT be known for being a higher up...and get the crap dished on them...then maybe they would re-consider some of their decisions...I know...the bottom line is GET THE MONEY...but geesh...It used to be a great company. But here of late...they seem awfully GREEDY.
A  14th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
so true
A  11th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I hate working for walgreens. This company does not care about the well being of anybody except themselves. The corporate portion of walgreens, along with some store managers only care about getting work done with the least amount of people (thanks for burning us out!), They want so much work done in a unrealistic amount of time and man power. Work the top bays!!, All bays in one shift by your self . This company better wake up or a lot of employees will be leaving when the economy gets better, oh, but thats probably what you want, apparently it only takes 3 people to run a store. GOOD LUCK!!! Welcome to Walgreens
N  30th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree with this. Walgreens was very selfish with benefits that were given to me while I worked as a third shift cashier making little more than min. wages. I slept in my car for 3 days so I would not miss work because the snow was so bad I could not get home and then back to work, and do you think management appricated me. NO!!! When I had 3 days of vacation due me management tried to steal it from me because they would not let me take the days I was owed and I even tried to ask for them on the days the manager Mr Slentz told me I had to take them. Then when I got really bad sick and had to be out of work and then my husband had a very bad accident(in the burn crital care unit for 8 days) management was worse. They implied that I was putting on (blood pressure was 220/144) and that my husband get hurt on purpose so I would have to be out of work. When I went to management and told them that my doctor told me that i needed to get off night shift before it killed me, it took 4 weeks for management to even try to move me to a different shift and still was going to make me work another 8 straight 10 hour nights and still made excuses that management could not find anyone to do my shift I had to let Walgreens have it because my health and life was more important than making them money!!!Really a family orinted business and concerned about the health of their employees...Talk about the new campain they have to make their employees healither...That is a lie and a joke.
A  21st of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Walgreen's is a big evil company owned by Mormons and doesn't care about people AT ALL. i will love the day that this company falls. my spouse is employed for this company as an ASM and they drag her to the point where she cant even function at home. I hate Walgreen's and she will be quitting soon. she is also apart of a class action lawsuit against this evil company because they constantly work their formally known EX-As past 44 hours without any compensation on a regular basis. she used to be proud of working for this company when "the Walgreen's family" actually owned it because the core values were uplifted and everyone was happy. now that he is dead and the Mormons own it, its all about a dollar and nothing else. The SMs and DMs are blood thirsty agents doing the dirty work (slave driving) for a falsely concerned corporate. Yeah, they have an anonymous employee hot-line but it doesn't do any good when they turn around and notify the person being complained on and tell them who did the complaining. This just sets a person up for retaliation. Ive never seen such evilness except in politics. I have one question Walgreen's. Why the hell are you forcing the topped out EX-As/ASMs out the door and keeping the SMs who really don't do a damn thing and make the most in the store? STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! my wife has never had performance issues in her entire Walgreen's career, now all of a sudden she does.what a way to do someone who used to bleed Walgreen's! OH wow, you may win the battle, but you you will never win the war. I am devoting my self to getting the word out about this company on every website that i can post on, every newspaper that will hear, and every contact i have (and i have millions). the only way to stop these people is to boycott them and force them out of the united states. it may have started as a decent company but its a hell bent sweat shop today. stay away from this company!!!

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